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Kahya A. (2013) Geochemical and Mineralogical Properties of Harzburgite and Dunite in Margı (NE Eskisehir) Area
Kahya A & Kuscu M

Kai H. (2006) Organic geochemistry of a potential precursor for petroleum generation: Devonian Liptobiolith in Luquan, southwestern China
Liu W, Lu X, Qin J, Zhiming L & Kai H
(2004) Organic Geochemistry of FanKou Super-Large Pb-Zn Deposit, North Guangdong, South China
Su J, Kai H & Kuang L
(2004) Characterization of Organic Matter Associated with Gold Mineralization of the Jinshan Gold Deposit, Jiangxi Province, South China
Kai H, Chensheng Y & Jianping Z

Kaiden H (2006) Did aqueous alteration reset radiometric ages of shergottites?
Misawa K, Kaiden H & Noguchi T

Kaiden Hiroshi (2016) Ages of Pre-Mare Magmatism Recorded in Zircons and Baddeleyites of Lunar Meteorite NWA 4485
Arai T, Misawa K, Tomiyama T, Niihara T, Yoshitake M, Yokoyama T, Kaiden H & Irving A
(2013) Influence of Surface Condition on Data Quality of U-Pb Zircon Dating
Takehara M, Horie K, Hokada T, Kaiden H & Kiyokawa S

Kaieda H (2003) CO2 Sequestration into Geothermal Fields: (1) The Capacity and Possibility
Ohsumi T, Yajima T, Kaieda H, Ito H, Ito Y & Kato K

Kaieda Hideshi (2009) Geochemical Monitoring of Calcite Precipitation during CO2 Injection into the Ogachi Hot Dry Rock Site
Ueda A, Kuroda Y, Sugiyama K, Ozawa A, Wakahama H, Mito S, Kaji Y & Kaieda H
(2007) Preliminary Geochemical Results on the CO2 Georeactor Sequestration Test at the Ogachi HDR Site
Ueda A, Yajima T, Satoh H, Ozawa A, Kaieda H, Ito H, Ohsumi T & Kato K

Kaifas D. (2012) Application of Iron Nanoparticles for Subsurface Remediation: Geochemical Interaction and Transfer
Kumar N, Kaifas D, Rose J, Labille J, Masion A, Doumenq P, Kvapil P & Bottero J-Y

Kaigorodova E. (2013) Raduzhnoe – Epithermal Breccia-Hosted Deposit (Northern Caucasus, Russia)
Kaigorodova E

Kaiho K. (2016) Deep-Sea Circulation Turnover Recognized in the Transition Period from the Warm Period to the Cool Period in the Cretaceous
Okawara S, Kaiho K & Ikehara M
(2009) Weak Photic-Zone Euxinia at the End of the Permian in Central Pelagic Panthalassa as Recorded in Marine Organic Carbon Isotopes
Takahashi S, Kaiho K, Oba M & Kakegawa T

Kaiho Y. (2016) Hydration of the Incoming Oceanic Plate Owing to the Bending-Related Faulting and its Regional Variation
Fujie G, Kodaira S, Kaiho Y, Sato T, Takahashi N, Yamashita M, Yamamoto Y & Takahashi T

Kaija J. (2019) Risk Management of As in the Agricultural Soils of Europe
Loukola-Ruskeeniemi K, Turkki A, Battaglia-Brunet F, Pinka J, Jordan I, Le Guedard M, Jones C, Elert M, Müller I, Tarvainen T, Hatakka T & Kaija J

Kaikkonen R. (2018) Origin of Volatile-Enriched Basalts of the Kverkfjöll Volcanic System, Iceland
Ranta E, Halldórsson S, Guðfinnsson G, Bali E, Nykänen V, Grönvold K & Kaikkonen R

Kainemi V. (2017) Microbial Bioenergetics along a Scots Pine Stand Age Gradient
Herrmann AM, Kainemi V, Rosling A, Urbina H, Boye K & Fransson P

Kaire M. (2017) Africa Initiative for Planetary and Space Sciences
Baratoux D, Chennaoui-Aoudjehane H, Gibson R, Lamali A, Reimold WU, Selorm Sapah M, Chabou C, Habarulema JB, Jessell MW, Mogessie A, Benkhaldoun Z, Nkhonjera E, Mukosi NC, Kaire M, Rochette P, Sickafoose A, Martínez-Frías J, Hofmann A, Folco L & Rossi AP

Kairoun S. (2014) Comparison of Arsenic Adsorption on Clays from Morocco
Bentahar Y, Hurel C, Draoui K, Kairoun S & Marmier N

Kaiser E. (2003) Anaerobic Oxidation of Methane in the Water Column of the Black Sea
Kaiser E, Schubert C & Wehrli B
(2002) Effects of Biogenic Substances on the Light-Induced Redox Cycling of Iron in Surface Waters
Kaiser E, Sulzberger B, Emmenegger L & Sigg L

Kaiser Jan (2019) Coupling ‘Lab-on-Chip’ Nitrate and Phosphate Sensors with Seagliders for Year Long Monitoring of the North Sea
Birchill A, Beaton A, Walk J, Pascal R, Mowlem M, Kaiser J, Hull T, Williams C & Palmer M
(2016) The 17O Excess of Stratospheric and Oceanic Nitrous Oxide
Kaiser J, Ridley AR, Laube J & Grefe I
(2015) Interannual Variations of Biological Net and Gross Production in the Atlantic Subtropical Gyres Inferred from Oxygen-To-Argon Ratios and Oxygen Triple Isotopes
Kaiser J & Robinson C
(2013) The Oxygen Isotope Excess Δ(17O) of Marine Nitrous Oxide
Grefe I & Kaiser J
(2013) The Stable Isotopic Composition of Carbon Monoxide from Greenland Firn Air Samples Collected at NEEM
Pathirana S, Martinerie P, Witrant E, Kaiser J, van der Veen C & Röckmann T
(2013) Triple Oxygen Isotope Composition of Photosynthetic Oxygen and Dissolved Oxygen at Saturation
van der Meer A & Kaiser J

Kaiser Jérôme (2019) Redox Conditions in the Black Sea during Eemian and Holocene Sapropel Formation
Wegwerth A, Eckert S, Dellwig O, Schnetger B, Severmann S, Weyer S, Brüske A, Kaiser J, Köster J, Arz HW & Brumsack H-J
(2016) Abrupt Temperature Changes and Environmental Dynamics in the Black Sea “Lake” during the Last Glacial
Wegwerth A, Kaiser J, Dellwig O, Shumilovskikh LS, Nowaczyk NR, Ganopolski A, Ménot G, Bard E, Lamy F & Arz HW
(2014) Biogeochemical Impacts of Volcanic Eruptions on Alkaline Lakes: A Case Study on Lake Van in Eastern Turkey
Olgun N, Çağatay N, Aksu A, Balkıs N, Kaiser J, Öveçoğlu L & Özcan M

Kaiser Karl (2007) An Integrated NMR and FTCIR Mass Spectroscopic Study to Characterize a New and Major Refractory Component of (Marine) Natural Organic Matter (NOM) at the Molecular Level, CRAM: Carboxyl-Rich Alicyclic Molecules
Hertkorn N, Benner R, Witt M, Frommberger M, Kaiser K, Schmitt-Kopplin P, Kettup A & Hedges J

Kaiser Klaus (2014) Hidden Lignin in Soils
Hernes P, Kaiser K, Dyda R & Cerli C
(2011) Incomplete Recovery of Mineral-Bound Lignin Phenols
Kaiser K, Hernes PJ, Dyda RY & Cerli C
(2011) Lignin Decomposition in Paddy Soils as Affected by Redox Conditions
Cerli C, Liu Q, Hanke A, Kaiser K & Kalbitz K
(2011) Controls on Lignin Degradation in a Temperate Deciduous Forest
Klotzbücher T, Kaiser K & Kalbitz K
(2010) Comparability of Commonly Used Methods to Study Lignin Degradation in Decomposing Foliar Litter
Klotzbücher T, Kaiser K, Filley T & Kalbitz K
(2001) Sorption-Desorption of Dissolved Organic Matter in Forest Soil
Kaiser K & Guggenberger G

Kaiser-Rohrmeier M. (2003) The Relationship between Late-Orogenic Extension and Hydrothermal Ore Formation – New Age Constraints from the Central Rhodopes, South Bulgaria
Kaiser-Rohrmeier M, von Quadt A, Handler R, Ovtcharova M & Heinrich C

Kaj L. (2015) Comparision of Pharmaceuticals and Surface Active Compounds Discharged to Sea in the Faroe Islands
Dam M, Huber S & Kaj L

Kajdas B. (2017) Variation of the Composition of Fly Ash from the Municipal Waste Thermal Treatment Plant
Kajdas B, Żaba T, Kasina M, Kowalski PR & Michalik M
(2013) Origin of Secondary REE Minerals in Grusified Karkonosze Granites, SW Poland
Kajdas B & Michalik M
(2011) Different Paths of Chemical Alteration during Grusification of Granites from S Poland
Kajdas B & Michalik M
(2009) Experimental Study of Slag Stability Under Different Geochemical Conditions
Kasina M, Michalik M & Kajdas B
(2009) Grus Origin in Karkonosze Granite
Kajdas B, Michalik M & Kasina M

Kaji K. (2018) Presolar Graphite: Insight into Redox Conditions in CO Nova Ejecta
Haenecour P, Howe JY, Zega TJ, Wallace P, Amari S, Floss C, Lodders K, Kaji K, Sunaoshi T & Muto A

Kaji Y. (2009) Geochemical Monitoring of Calcite Precipitation during CO2 Injection into the Ogachi Hot Dry Rock Site
Ueda A, Kuroda Y, Sugiyama K, Ozawa A, Wakahama H, Mito S, Kaji Y & Kaieda H

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