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Kagawa S. (2016) Phase Changes of Hydrogen and Deuterated Hydrates Induced by Guest Orientational Ordering
Hirai H, Kagawa S, Kadobayashi H, Hirao N, Ohishi Y, Yagi T & Yamamoto Y

Kagawa Y. (2008) Geochemical Mapping in Kobe Area, Southwest Japan: Elemental Behaviors and Controlling Factors
Tsuboi M, Imamura K, Kagawa Y, Okabe M, Okauchi K, Osaki S, Shibata H, Tanaka M, Togo Y & Yamamura H

Kageyama M. (2016) Simulating the Dust Cycle for Europe at the Last Glacial Maximum
Sima A, Rousseau D-D, Kageyama M, Balkanski Y, Antoine P, Cozic A, Zhu D, Bertran P, Lagroix F & Hatté C
(2013) Quantification of the Role of Orbital and Millennial Timescale Processes on δ18O and 17Δ Signals
Reutenauer C, Landais A, Woillez M-N, Risi C, Braconnot P, Blunier T, Mariotti V & Kageyama M

Kageyama S. (2014) Chemical and Isotopic Studies of Hot Springs in Toyama Prefecture, Japan for Geothermal Resources
Sasaki K, Ueda A, Nakamoto T, Kageyama S, Koseki T & Muraoka H

Kagi H. (2020) Multiple Halogen Components in Subcontinental Lithospheric Mantle
Sumino H, Niki S, Kobayashi M, Kagi H & Burgess R
(2020) Nitrogen Solubility in Bridgmanite Under Lower-Mantle Conditions
Fukuyama K, Kagi H, Inoue T, Kakizawa S, Shinmei T, Sano Y, Deligny C & Füri E
(2020) Pressure-Induced Oligomerization of Alanine at Room Temperature
Kagi H, Oda S, Fujimoto C & Mimura K
(2019) Inclusions of (Mg, Fe)SiO3 in Superdeep Diamonds – Former Bridgmanite?
Zedgenizov D, Kagi H, Ohtani E, Tsujimori T & Komatsu K
(2019) Deformation Features of Superdeep Diamonds
Ragozin A, Zedgenizov D, Kagi H, Kuper K & Shatsky V
(2019) Determination of the Noble Gas Partition Coefficients between Metal-Silicate Melts Under High-Pressure and High-Temperature Conditions
Tanaka T, Sumino H, Kishi S, Kuwahara H, Nomura R, Mibe K & Kagi H
(2019) Behavior of Light Elements in the Earth’s Evolution: In situ High Pressure and High Temperature Neutron Observations of Iron-Silicate-Water System
Iizuka-Oku R, Gotou H, Fukuyama K & Kagi H
(2019) Nitrogen Solubility in Stishovite Under High P-T: Formation of “Hidden” Nitrogen Reservoir in the Deep Mantle via Subducting Slabs
Fukuyama K, Kagi H, Inoue T, Kakizawa S, Shinmei T, Hishita S, Takahata N & Sano Y
(2019) Lattice Thermal Conductivity of Wadsleyite and Ringwoodite at the Mantle Transition Zone Pressures
Kimura S, Ohta K, Kawazoe T, Hirose K, Kagi H & Yagi T
(2019) Incorporation of Ba2+ into Calcite and Impurity-Induced Rotational Disorder at Room Temperature
Kagi H, Saito A, Komatsu K & Kawano J
(2019) Synthesis of U and Pb-Doped Calcite: A Novel Reference Material for in situ U–Pb Dating of Carbonates
Miyajima Y, Saito A, Kagi H, Yokoyama T, Hirata T, Roberts N & Horstwood M
(2018) Incorporation of Nitrogen into the Lower-Mantle Minerals Under High Pressure and High Temperature
Fukuyama K, Kagi H, Inoue T, Shinmei T, Kakizawa S, Takahata N & Sano Y
(2017) Reaction between Olivine and Nitrogen Fluids at High Pressure and High Temperature
Kagi H, Kubo T, Shinozaki A & Nacho A
(2017) Noble Gases in Diamond Hosted Fluid Inclusions: Sorting the Deep from the Dregs
Broadley M, Sumino H, Zedgenizov D & Kagi H
(2016) Mantle Origin of Natural Polycrystalline Diamond, Carbonado, Inferred from Inclusion Chemistry
Kagi H, Shiraishi N, Senda R, Suzuki K, Asano N & Ohfuji H
(2016) Influence of Pressure on Chemical Reaction of Napltahene
Shinozaki A, Mimura K, Nishida T, Inoue T & Kagi H
(2016) Oligopeptide Formation of Alanine Under High Pressure at 25℃
Fujimoto C, Shinozaki A, Mimura K, Nishida T, Gotou H, Komatsu K & Kagi H
(2016) Geochemistry Education in the Department of Chemistry, University of Tokyo
Kagi H
(2016) The Specific Features of Ca-Mineralogy of Inclusions in Sublithospheric Diamonds
Zedgenizov D, Ragozin A, Kagi H & Kalinina V
(2015) Mantle Process Inferred from Os Iaotopic Signatures and Micro Tectures in Carbonado Diamonds
Kagi H, Shiraishi N, Sumino H, Senda R, Suzuki K, Asano N & Ohfuji H
(2014) Growth Condition of Super-Deep Diamonds Inferred from Carbon Isotopic Compositions and Chemical Composition of Nano-Inclusions
Kagi H, Ishibashi H, Zedgenizov D, Shatsky V & Ragozin A
(2013) U–Pb Chronology and REE Geochemistry of Large Zircons in Estherville Mesosiderite
Haba M, Yamaguchi A, Kagi H, Nagao K & Hidaka H
(2012) Speciation Study of Copper in Stream Sediments and Soils
Ohta A & Kagi H
(2011) Evidence for Evolution of Growth Media in Superdeep Diamonds from Sao-Luis (Brasil)
Zedgenizov D, Ragozin A, Shatsky V, Kagi H, Odake S, Griffin W, Araujo D & Yuryeva O
(2011) Pressure-Induced Phase Transitions and H-D Isotope Effects in Portlandite
Iizuka R, Kagi H, Komatsu K, Yagi T & Nakano S
(2009) Oxidation State of Chromium in Ferropericlase Inclusions in Lower Mantle Diamonds Determined with micro-XANES Measurements
Odake S, Kagi H, Arakawa M, Ohta A & Harte B
(2009) Selectivity in Effects of Aspartic Acid on Steps in Calcite Dissolution
Yoshino T & Kagi H
(2009) Experimental Observations of H-bonding Symmetrization of δ-AlOOH
Kagi H, Ushijima D, Sano-Furukawa A, Komatsu K, Iizuka R, Nagai T & Nakano S
(2008) Near-Infrared Spectroscopic Determination of Salinity and Internal Pressure of Fluid Inclusions in Cuboid Diamonds
Kagi H
(2008) The Effect of Aspartic Acid on Dissolution of Calcite
Yoshino T & Kagi H
(2006) Coordination study of lanthanide and yttrium in aqueous nitrate solutions
Ohta A, Kagi H, Tsuno H & Nomura M
(2006) Hydrogen solubility in Al-rich stishovite and water transport to the lower mantle
Litasov K, Ohtani E, Kagi H, Lakshtanov D & Bass J
(2006) Trace elements in grain-boundary component in mantle xenoliths from Far Eastern Russia
Yamamoto J, Nakai S, Kaneoka I, Kagi H, Sato K, Prikhod'ko V & Arai S
(2004) Subduction-Related Metasomatic Signature in Noble Gases in Mantle Derived Xenoliths from Cheju Island, Korea
Sumino H, Kim K, Kagi H, Nagao K & Notsu K
(2003) Fossil Pressures of Fluid Inclusions in Mantle Xenoliths: Implications for Geobarometry of Mantle Minerals Using Micro Raman Spectroscopy
Yamamoto J, Kagi H, Kawakami Y, Kaneoka I, Lai Y & Prikhod’ko V
(2003) Spectroscopic Estimation of the Moho Depth from Residual Pressures of CO2 Fluid Inclusions
Kawakami Y, Kagi H, Yamamoto J & Zhao D
(2003) XAFS Study on Trace Amount of Ytterbium Ions Incorporated in Calcite and Aragonite
Tsuno H, Kagi H, Yoshida T, Takahashi Y, Ohta A & Akagi T
(2003) The Effect of Lanthanum Ion on Calcite Surfaces during Dissolution and Growth
Kamiya N, Kagi H, Tsuno H, Tsunomori F & Notsu K
(2003) Structural Change of REE Coprecipitated with Fe-Mn Oxyhydroxides
Ohta A, Tsuno H, Kagi H & Nomura M
(2003) Using Synchrotron-Based FT-Ir Microspectroscopy to Study the Spatial Distribution of Volatile Components in Natural Diamonds
Kagi H, Kawamoto T & Ikemoto Y
(2002) XAFS Characterization of La and Nd Coprecipitated with Mn Dioxide and Fe Oxyhydroxide
Ohta A, Tsuno H, Kagi H & Nomura M
(2002) Extremely Low 3He/4He Ratios Observed in Siberian Mantle Xenoliths
Yamamoto J, Kaneoka I, Nakai S, Kagi H, Prikhod'ko V & Arai S
(2000) Evidence for Ice VI as an Inclusion in Cuboid Diamonds from High P-T Near Infrared Spectroscopy
Kagi H, Lu R, Davidson P, Goncharov AF, Mao H & Hemley RJ
(2000) A New Method for the Determination of Ce(III) / Ce(IV) Ratios in Rocks; Application to Weathering, Sedimentary, and Diagenetic Processes
Takahashi Y, Shimizu H, Kagi H, Yoshida H, Usui A & Nomura M
(2000) Effects of Trace Lanthanum Ion on the Stability of Vaterite and Transformation from Vaterite to Calcite in an Aquatic System
Tsuno H, Kagi H & Akagi T

Kägi Ralf (2015) Sorption Behavior of As on Iron Phases at a Migrating Redox Front
Neidhardt H, Berg M, Frising A, Stengel C, Winkel L, Kägi R, Trang P, Lan V & Viet P

Kagi Robert Ian (2002) Subsurface Carbocation Processes Revealed by Detailed Study of the Aromatic UCM
Warton B, Grice K, Alexander R & Kagi RI

Kagoshima T (2020) Nitrogen Isotope Fractionation between Metallic Melt and Silicate Melt
Li Y, Shi L, Kagoshima T, Sano Y, Gao Z, Sheng Z, Liu Y & Fei Y

Kagoshima Takanori (2020) Groundwater Oxygen Anomaly Related to the 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake in Japan
Sano Y, Onda S, Kagoshima T, Miyajima T, Shibata T, Nakagawa C, Onoue T & Pinti D
(2020) Gas Geochemistry in Pohang, South Korea: Information on the Active Fault Distribution Near the EGS Site
Kim H, Lee H, Lee J, Lee HA, Woo NC, Lee Y-S, Kagoshima T, Takahata N & Sano Y
(2019) Two Kinds of Authigenic Xenotime Overgrowths in Response to an Early Paleozoic Tectonothermal Event in South China
Lan Z, Li X, Sano Y, Takahata N, Kagoshima T, Zhang S, Zhang G, Liao X, Tang X, Gu L & Mao Q
(2019) Variation of Helium Isotopic Compositions Around Mashu, Japan
Kagoshima T, Sano Y & Tanaka A
(2019) Helium Isotopes Reveal Continuous and Intensive Degassing in Kagoshima Bay, Japan
Escobar MT, Takahata N, Shirai K, Kagoshima T, Tanaka K, Obata H & Sano Y
(2018) Helium Isotopes in Lake Mashu, 2017
Kagoshima T, Sano Y & Tanaka A
(2018) Volatiles Degassing in Central Italy: From Subduction to Active Seismicity
Caracausi A, Chiaraluce L, Camarda M, DeGregorio S, Favara R, Kagoshima T & Sano Y
(2017) Groundwater Helium Anomaly Reflects Strain Change during the 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake in Southwest Japan
Sano Y, Takahata N, Kagoshima T, Shibata T, Onoue T & Zhao D
(2016) Halogen Fluxes at Mid-Ocean Ridges and Budget in Surface Environments
Kagoshima T, Ruzié-Hamilton L, Burgess R, Takahata N & Sano Y
(2016) Spatial and Temporal Variations of Helium and Carbon Isotopes at Ontake Volcano, Japan
Sano Y, Kagoshima T, Takahata N, Ishida A, Tomonaga Y, Roulleau E, Pinti D, Fischer T, Lan T, Nishio Y & Tsunogai U
(2015) High Spatial Resolution Cl Isotope Analyses of Apatites Using NanoSIMS
Kagoshima T, Takahata N, Ishida A & Sano Y
(2013) Sulfur and Halogen Fluxes at Mid-Ocean Ridges: Estimations Based on Gas Compositions in MORB Vesicles
Kagoshima T, Sano Y, Takahata N & Marty B
(2012) Estimation of S, F, Br and Cl Fluxes at Mid Ocean Ridges
Kagoshima T, Sano Y, Takahata N, Jung J, Amakawa H & Kumagai H

Kah Linda (2017) Deciphering the Carbonate Record of Mesoproterozoic Biospheric Oxygenation: Insights from Chromium and Uranium Isotopes
Gilleaudeau G, Frei R, Kaufman A, Luo G, Romaniello S, Zhang F, Klaebe R, Sahoo S, Kah L, Azmy K, Bartley J, Chernyavskiy P, Knoll A & Anbar A

Kah Linda C. (2015) Chromium Isotopes in Carbonates Constrain Mesoproterozoic Atmospheric pO2 Levels
Gilleaudeau GJ, Frei R, Kaufman AJ, Kah LC, Azmy K, Bartley JK & Knoll AH
(2015) The Chromium Isotopic Composition of an Early to Middle Ordovician Marine Carbonate Platform, Eastern Precordillera, San Juan, Argentina
D'Arcy J, Frei R, Gilleaudeau G, Peralta S, Kah L & Gaucher C
(2014) Trace Elements in Carbonates as Tracers of Earth’s O2 Evolution?
Liu X-M, Hazen R, Kah L & Sverjensky D
(2014) Challenges of Modeling the Marine Sulfur Cycle in Deep Time
Kah L
(2014) Trace Element Proxies for Oceanic and Atmospheric Chemical Evolution: Deep-Time, Data-Driven Discovery
Hazen RM, Liu X, Sverjensky DA, Downs RT, Golden J & Kah L
(2012) Mercury Isotopes in the Precambrian
Bergquist BA, Ghosh S, Ono S, Hazen RM, Sverjensky D, Papineau D, Kah LC & Joel B
(2010) Sulfur Cycling in an Early to Middle Ordovician Greenhouse Climate
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(2005) Using the Multiple Isotopes of Sulfur to Constrain Microbial Processes in the Proterozoic Ocean
Johnston D, Farquhar J, Wing B, Lyons T, Kah L, Strauss H & Canfield D
(2004) Carbonate-Associated Sulfate as a Paleoceanographic Proxy: An Update
Lyons T, Gill B, Shim M, Frank T, Hurtgen M, Saltzman M, Gellatly A & Kah L
(2002) Reduced Sulfate Concentrations in the Mesoproterozoic Ocean
Lyons T, Kah LC, Gellatly AM & Frank TD

Kah M. (2017) Transformation of Copper-Based Nano Materials in Soils
Laycock A, Gerstmann B, Tepe N, Kah M, Hofmann T & von der Kammer F
(2013) Evaluating Possible Risks and Benefits of Nanopesticides Application
Kah M, Beulke S, Tiede K & Hofmann T
(2011) Influence of Humic Acids on Pyrene Sorption by Carbon Nanotubes
Zhang X, Kah M & Hofmann T

Kaheni S. (2005) Genetic Model Formation of Bimetasomatic Skarns from Australia
Mazaheri SA & Kaheni S

Kahil K. (2016) Molecular-Functional Insights into Biomimetic Pathways
Kababya S, Gal A, Kahil K, Weiner S, Addadi L & Schmidt A

Kahit F.Z.

Kahl M. (2019) Constraining P-T-X-T Paths of Magma Storage and Migration in the Snæfellsnes Volcanic Belt (SVB), W-Iceland
Kahl M, Bali E, Guðfinnsson GH & Neave DA
(2013) Characterizing Magma Migration Dynamics beneath Mt. Etna Using Combined Kinetic and Thermodynamic (MELTS) Modelling
Kahl M, Chakraborty S, Costa F & Pompilio M
(2009) Tracing Magma Mixing Under Mt. Etna Using Combined Thermodynamic and Kinetic Modeling
Kahl M, Costa F & Chakraborty S
(2007) The 1991-1993 Eruption of Mt. Etna: Timescales and Nature of Magma Recharge and Mixing
Kahl M, Costa F & Chakraborty S

Kahl W-A. (2020) Crystal Surface Reactivity Analysis Across Scales: Combined Experimental and Numerical Insight
Fischer C, Kahl W-A, Yuan T, Bollermann T & Bach W
(2020) Microbially Mediated Alteration of Basaltic Tephra from Surtsey Volcano, Iceland
Türke A, Jørgensen S, Bach W, Kahl W-A & Hansen C
(2017) Upscaling of Dissolution Rate Contributors from the Atomic Scale to the Macroscopic Scale
Fischer C, Kurganskaya I, Kahl W-A, Bollermann T, Prüße F, Bach W & Luttge A
(2014) Low-Temperature Serpentinization Produces Abundant Hydrogen within the Temperature Limits of Life
Klein F, Bach W, Humphris SE, Kahl W-A, Jöns N, Moskowitz B & Berquó TS
(2013) Rocky Constraints on Catabolic Energy Supply in the Subseafloor
Bach W, Kahl W-A, Jöns N, Türke A & Plümper O
(2011) Polyphase Serpentinization History of Mariana Forearc Mantle: Observations on Ultramafic Clasts from ODP Leg 195, Site 1200
Kahl W-A, Jöns N, Bach W & Klein F

Kahle D. (2018) A Re-evaluation of Paleosol Elemental Proxies for Climate Through Cross-Validation and Machine Learning
Lukens W, Stinchcomb G, Nordt L, Driese S, Kahle D & Tubbs J

Kahle E. (2017) Continuous, High-Resolution Measurements of 17O Excess of H2O from Ice Cores
Steig E, Schauer A, Kahle E, White J, Vaughn B, Jones T, Morris V & Thayer A

Kahmen A. (2017) Hydrogen Isotopes Link Plant Waxes to Rapid Atmospheric Transfer and Deposition
Nelson DB, Ladd SN & Kahmen A
(2015) Constraining Source Water and Biosynthetic Hydrogen Isotope Effects in Leaf Waxes on a Continental Scale
Nelson D & Kahmen A
(2014) Biochemical Hydrogen Isotope Fractionation during N-Alkanes Biosynthesis in Higher Plants
Cormier M-A & Kahmen A
(2014) Ecophysiological Mechanisms that Determine the Leaf Wax N-Alkane δ2H Values of C3 and C4 Grasses
Gamarra B, Sachse D & Kahmen A
(2014) A Dual-Biomarker Approach to Quantitative Paleohydrology
Sachse D, Rach O & Kahmen A
(2014) Quantification of Relative Humidity and Isotopic Composition of Precipitation Using Combined δ2H and δ18O Analyses on Lipid and Sugar Biomarkers
Tuthorn M, Zech R, Ruppenthal M, Oelmann Y, Kahmen A, del Valle HF, Eglinton T & Zech M
(2014) Variable Concentration and δ2H Values of N-Alkanes in Different Organs of Grasses from Alpine and Temperate Grasslands
Gamarra B & Kahmen A
(2013) Towards Quantitative Paleohydrology: Reconstructing Changes in Relative Humidity from Lipid Biomarker δD Values
Sachse D, Rach O, Kahmen A, Wilkes H & Brauer A

Kahn B. (2012) Kinetics of Rb Isotope Equilibration in Savannah River Site Soils
Elliott WC, Krogstad E, Wampler JM, Kahn B, Kaplan D & Zaunbrecher L

Kahn R. (2011) Smoke Aerosol Emission Source Analysis from Satellite and Airborne Measurements
Ichoku C, Gatebe C & Kahn R
(2009) Aerosol Indirect Effects from Satellite: Skeptics vs. Optimists
Remer L, Kahn R & Koren I
(2009) Possibilities and Challenges in Using Satellite Aerosol Data for Surface Air Quality Studies
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Kahng S. (2020) Raman Spectroscopic Analysis of Precious Coral Mg-Calcite Geochemistry: Kinetic Effects and Natural Gradients
Conner K, Kahng S, Egan M & Sharma S
(2016) Geochemical Study on Precious Coral Skeletons: Effects of Biomineralization and Environmental Variation
Tanaka K, Ishida A, Takahata N, Dueñas L, Shirai K, Watanabe T, Kahng S & Sano Y

Kahou Z.S. (2019) First U-Pb LA-ICP-MS in situ Dating of Supergene Copper Mineralization: Case Study in Chuquicamata Mining District, Atacama Desert, Chile
Kahou ZS, Brichau S, Poujol M, Duchene S, Campos E, D'ABZAC F-X, Riquelme R & Carretier S

Kahru M. (2018) A Story of Decoupling: A Synthesis of Export Processes in the California Current Ecosystem
Kelly T, Kahru M, Kranz S, Georicke R & Stukel M

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