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Kah Linda (2017) Deciphering the Carbonate Record of Mesoproterozoic Biospheric Oxygenation: Insights from Chromium and Uranium Isotopes
Gilleaudeau G, Frei R, Kaufman A, Luo G, Romaniello S, Zhang F, Klaebe R, Sahoo S, Kah L, Azmy K, Bartley J, Chernyavskiy P, Knoll A & Anbar A

Kah Linda C. (2015) Chromium Isotopes in Carbonates Constrain Mesoproterozoic Atmospheric pO2 Levels
Gilleaudeau GJ, Frei R, Kaufman AJ, Kah LC, Azmy K, Bartley JK & Knoll AH
(2015) The Chromium Isotopic Composition of an Early to Middle Ordovician Marine Carbonate Platform, Eastern Precordillera, San Juan, Argentina
D'Arcy J, Frei R, Gilleaudeau G, Peralta S, Kah L & Gaucher C
(2014) Trace Elements in Carbonates as Tracers of Earth’s O2 Evolution?
Liu X-M, Hazen R, Kah L & Sverjensky D
(2014) Challenges of Modeling the Marine Sulfur Cycle in Deep Time
Kah L
(2014) Trace Element Proxies for Oceanic and Atmospheric Chemical Evolution: Deep-Time, Data-Driven Discovery
Hazen RM, Liu X, Sverjensky DA, Downs RT, Golden J & Kah L
(2012) Mercury Isotopes in the Precambrian
Bergquist BA, Ghosh S, Ono S, Hazen RM, Sverjensky D, Papineau D, Kah LC & Joel B
(2010) Sulfur Cycling in an Early to Middle Ordovician Greenhouse Climate
Thompson CK, Kah LC & Harrelson K
(2005) Using the Multiple Isotopes of Sulfur to Constrain Microbial Processes in the Proterozoic Ocean
Johnston D, Farquhar J, Wing B, Lyons T, Kah L, Strauss H & Canfield D
(2004) Carbonate-Associated Sulfate as a Paleoceanographic Proxy: An Update
Lyons T, Gill B, Shim M, Frank T, Hurtgen M, Saltzman M, Gellatly A & Kah L
(2002) Reduced Sulfate Concentrations in the Mesoproterozoic Ocean
Lyons T, Kah LC, Gellatly AM & Frank TD

Kah M. (2017) Transformation of Copper-Based Nano Materials in Soils
Laycock A, Gerstmann B, Tepe N, Kah M, Hofmann T & von der Kammer F
(2013) Evaluating Possible Risks and Benefits of Nanopesticides Application
Kah M, Beulke S, Tiede K & Hofmann T
(2011) Influence of Humic Acids on Pyrene Sorption by Carbon Nanotubes
Zhang X, Kah M & Hofmann T

Kaheni S. (2005) Genetic Model Formation of Bimetasomatic Skarns from Australia
Mazaheri SA & Kaheni S

Kahil K. (2016) Molecular-Functional Insights into Biomimetic Pathways
Kababya S, Gal A, Kahil K, Weiner S, Addadi L & Schmidt A

Kahl M. (2013) Characterizing Magma Migration Dynamics beneath Mt. Etna Using Combined Kinetic and Thermodynamic (MELTS) Modelling
Kahl M, Chakraborty S, Costa F & Pompilio M
(2009) Tracing Magma Mixing Under Mt. Etna Using Combined Thermodynamic and Kinetic Modeling
Kahl M, Costa F & Chakraborty S
(2007) The 1991-1993 Eruption of Mt. Etna: Timescales and Nature of Magma Recharge and Mixing
Kahl M, Costa F & Chakraborty S

Kahl W-A. (2017) Upscaling of Dissolution Rate Contributors from the Atomic Scale to the Macroscopic Scale
Fischer C, Kurganskaya I, Kahl W-A, Bollermann T, Prüße F, Bach W & Luttge A
(2014) Low-Temperature Serpentinization Produces Abundant Hydrogen within the Temperature Limits of Life
Klein F, Bach W, Humphris SE, Kahl W-A, Jöns N, Moskowitz B & Berquó TS
(2013) Rocky Constraints on Catabolic Energy Supply in the Subseafloor
Bach W, Kahl W-A, Jöns N, Türke A & Plümper O
(2011) Polyphase Serpentinization History of Mariana Forearc Mantle: Observations on Ultramafic Clasts from ODP Leg 195, Site 1200
Kahl W-A, Jöns N, Bach W & Klein F

Kahle D. (2018) A Re-evaluation of Paleosol Elemental Proxies for Climate Through Cross-Validation and Machine Learning
Lukens W, Stinchcomb G, Nordt L, Driese S, Kahle D & Tubbs J

Kahle E. (2017) Continuous, High-Resolution Measurements of 17O Excess of H2O from Ice Cores
Steig E, Schauer A, Kahle E, White J, Vaughn B, Jones T, Morris V & Thayer A

Kahmen A. (2017) Hydrogen Isotopes Link Plant Waxes to Rapid Atmospheric Transfer and Deposition
Nelson DB, Ladd SN & Kahmen A
(2015) Constraining Source Water and Biosynthetic Hydrogen Isotope Effects in Leaf Waxes on a Continental Scale
Nelson D & Kahmen A
(2014) Biochemical Hydrogen Isotope Fractionation during N-Alkanes Biosynthesis in Higher Plants
Cormier M-A & Kahmen A
(2014) Ecophysiological Mechanisms that Determine the Leaf Wax N-Alkane δ2H Values of C3 and C4 Grasses
Gamarra B, Sachse D & Kahmen A
(2014) A Dual-Biomarker Approach to Quantitative Paleohydrology
Sachse D, Rach O & Kahmen A
(2014) Quantification of Relative Humidity and Isotopic Composition of Precipitation Using Combined δ2H and δ18O Analyses on Lipid and Sugar Biomarkers
Tuthorn M, Zech R, Ruppenthal M, Oelmann Y, Kahmen A, del Valle HF, Eglinton T & Zech M
(2014) Variable Concentration and δ2H Values of N-Alkanes in Different Organs of Grasses from Alpine and Temperate Grasslands
Gamarra B & Kahmen A
(2013) Towards Quantitative Paleohydrology: Reconstructing Changes in Relative Humidity from Lipid Biomarker δD Values
Sachse D, Rach O, Kahmen A, Wilkes H & Brauer A

Kahn B. (2012) Kinetics of Rb Isotope Equilibration in Savannah River Site Soils
Elliott WC, Krogstad E, Wampler JM, Kahn B, Kaplan D & Zaunbrecher L

Kahn R. (2011) Smoke Aerosol Emission Source Analysis from Satellite and Airborne Measurements
Ichoku C, Gatebe C & Kahn R
(2009) Aerosol Indirect Effects from Satellite: Skeptics vs. Optimists
Remer L, Kahn R & Koren I
(2009) Possibilities and Challenges in Using Satellite Aerosol Data for Surface Air Quality Studies
Chin M, Yu H, Kahn R, Remer L, Diehl T, Prados A & Leptoukh G

Kahng S. (2016) Geochemical Study on Precious Coral Skeletons: Effects of Biomineralization and Environmental Variation
Tanaka K, Ishida A, Takahata N, Dueñas L, Shirai K, Watanabe T, Kahng S & Sano Y

Kahru M. (2018) A Story of Decoupling: A Synthesis of Export Processes in the California Current Ecosystem
Kelly T, Kahru M, Kranz S, Georicke R & Stukel M

Kahya A. (2013) Geochemical and Mineralogical Properties of Harzburgite and Dunite in Margı (NE Eskisehir) Area
Kahya A & Kuscu M

Kai H. (2006) Organic geochemistry of a potential precursor for petroleum generation: Devonian Liptobiolith in Luquan, southwestern China
Liu W, Lu X, Qin J, Zhiming L & Kai H
(2004) Organic Geochemistry of FanKou Super-Large Pb-Zn Deposit, North Guangdong, South China
Su J, Kai H & Kuang L
(2004) Characterization of Organic Matter Associated with Gold Mineralization of the Jinshan Gold Deposit, Jiangxi Province, South China
Kai H, Chensheng Y & Jianping Z

Kaiden H (2006) Did aqueous alteration reset radiometric ages of shergottites?
Misawa K, Kaiden H & Noguchi T

Kaiden Hiroshi (2016) Ages of Pre-Mare Magmatism Recorded in Zircons and Baddeleyites of Lunar Meteorite NWA 4485
Arai T, Misawa K, Tomiyama T, Niihara T, Yoshitake M, Yokoyama T, Kaiden H & Irving A
(2013) Influence of Surface Condition on Data Quality of U-Pb Zircon Dating
Takehara M, Horie K, Hokada T, Kaiden H & Kiyokawa S

Kaieda H (2003) CO2 Sequestration into Geothermal Fields: (1) The Capacity and Possibility
Ohsumi T, Yajima T, Kaieda H, Ito H, Ito Y & Kato K

Kaieda Hideshi (2009) Geochemical Monitoring of Calcite Precipitation during CO2 Injection into the Ogachi Hot Dry Rock Site
Ueda A, Kuroda Y, Sugiyama K, Ozawa A, Wakahama H, Mito S, Kaji Y & Kaieda H
(2007) Preliminary Geochemical Results on the CO2 Georeactor Sequestration Test at the Ogachi HDR Site
Ueda A, Yajima T, Satoh H, Ozawa A, Kaieda H, Ito H, Ohsumi T & Kato K

Kaifas D. (2012) Application of Iron Nanoparticles for Subsurface Remediation: Geochemical Interaction and Transfer
Kumar N, Kaifas D, Rose J, Labille J, Masion A, Doumenq P, Kvapil P & Bottero J-Y

Kaigorodova E. (2013) Raduzhnoe – Epithermal Breccia-Hosted Deposit (Northern Caucasus, Russia)
Kaigorodova E

Kaiho K. (2016) Deep-Sea Circulation Turnover Recognized in the Transition Period from the Warm Period to the Cool Period in the Cretaceous
Okawara S, Kaiho K & Ikehara M
(2009) Weak Photic-Zone Euxinia at the End of the Permian in Central Pelagic Panthalassa as Recorded in Marine Organic Carbon Isotopes
Takahashi S, Kaiho K, Oba M & Kakegawa T

Kaiho Y. (2016) Hydration of the Incoming Oceanic Plate Owing to the Bending-Related Faulting and its Regional Variation
Fujie G, Kodaira S, Kaiho Y, Sato T, Takahashi N, Yamashita M, Yamamoto Y & Takahashi T

Kaikkonen R. (2018) Origin of Volatile-Enriched Basalts of the Kverkfjöll Volcanic System, Iceland
Ranta E, Halldórsson S, Guðfinnsson G, Bali E, Nykänen V, Grönvold K & Kaikkonen R

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