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Kaczmarski J. (2018) An Experimental Study of the Early Stages of Calcium Phosphate Formation and the Role of Additives
Ruiz-Agudo E, Di Lorenzo F, Ruiz-Agudo C, Alvarez-Lloret P, Kaczmarski J, Burgos-Cara A & Rodriguez-Navarro C

Kaczorek D. (2011) Si Isotope Signatures in Soils by UV Femtosecond Laser Ablation
Steinhoefel G, Breuer J, von Blanckenburg F, Horn I, Kaczorek D & Sommer M

Kadambi J. (2002) Characterization of Microscale Flow Through Porous Media during Geologic Sequestration of CO2
Zerai B, Kadambi J & Saylor B

Kádár E. (2013) Bioavailability of Nanoparticulate Iron Derived from Atmospheric Mineral Dusts
Kadar E, Powell J & Shi Z
(2010) The Influence of Irradiation and Aging on Nano-Iron Versus its Bulk Analogue in Natural Seawater
Kádár E, Lead J, Mitov S, Widdicombe S & Readman JW

Kadayifçi H. (2009) Geochemical Characteristics of Podiform Chromite Ores from the Ultramafic Massif of Karadağ (Northeastern Ophiolitic Belt, Turkey)
Kadayifçi H & Kolayli H

Kaddour H. (2015) Formation and Stability of Model Membranes in Geochemical Environments
Dalai P, Estrada C, Kaddour H, Bass G & Sahai N
(2015) Potential Synergism and Mutualism in the Origins of Life: A One-Pot Experimental Approach to Non-Enzymatic RNA and Peptide Polymerization
Kaddour H, Dalai P, Estrada C & Sahai N

Kaden P. (2013) Impact of Increasing MoO3 Loading on Incorporation Properties of Multi-Component Borosilicate Glass
Kutzer A, Vitova T, Kvashnina K, Prüßmann T, Rothe J, Soballa E, Adam C, Kaden P, Denecke MA, Weisenburger S, Roth G & Geckeis H

Kadi K. (2013) Origin of the Neoproterozoic Zircon Inheritance in the Arabian Shield
Jeon H, Whitehouse M & Kadi K

Kadik A. (2011) Redox Conditions of Formation of Osmium-Rich Alloys from Dunite and Chromitite of the Guli Massif (Maimecha-Kotui Province, Russia)
Malitch K, Kadik A, Badanina I & Zharkova E
(2011) Role of Hydrogen and Oxygen Fugacity in Incorporation of Nitrogen in Reduced Magmas of the Early Earth’s Mantle
Kadik A & Litvin Y
(2007) Magmatic Transport of Nitrogen, Hydrogen and Carbon Constituents from Reduced Planetary Interiors
Kadik A & Litvin Y
(2004) Solubility of H and C in Reduced Melts at fO2’s in Area of the Fe Alloy Stability
Kadik A & Litvin Y
(2002) The Dissolution of Hydrogen and Carbon in the Reduced Silicate Melt
Kadik A, Pineau F, Litvin Y & Javoy M
(2000) Formation of Carbon and Hydrogen Species in Magmas at Low Oxygen Fugacity
Kadik A, Pineau F, Litvin Y, Jendrzejewski N, Martinez I & Javoy M
(2000) The Oxygen Budget of the Earth and the Oxidation State of the Archean Upper Mantle
Kadik A

Kadil'nikov P. (2017) Late Ediacarian Adakites from the Yenisey Ridge Orogen, Western Framing of the Siberian Craton: Petrology and Tectonic Setting
Vernikovskaya A, Vernikovsky V, Matushkin N, Kadil'nikov P & Romanova I

Kadilnikov P. (2016) Geochemistry, Petrogenesis and Tectonic Setting of Late Neoproterozoic Adakites and Gabbro-Anorthosites from Zimovey Massif (Southwestern Framing of the Siberian Craton)
Vernikovskaya A, Vernikovsky V, Kadilnikov P, Matushkin N & Romanova I

Kadimesetty H.S. (2014) Hydrocarbon Biodegradation and Bacterial Succession in Surface and Seafloor Pressure Incubations
Lincoln SA, Valladares Juárez AG, Schedler M, Kadimesetty HS, Müller R, Macalady JL & Freeman KH

Kading T. (2014) Using Thallium Isotopes to Trace Slab Fluxes in the Aleutian Arc
Nielsen S, Kading T, Blusztajn J, Plank T, Prytulak J & Yogodzinski G
(2012) Mercury Species and Thiols from GEOTRACES Cruises in the North and South Atlantic Ocean
Bowman K, Kading T, Swarr G, Lamborg C, Hammerschimdt C & Rijkenberg M

Kadioglu S. (2017) Displaying the Internal Structures of Midas Monument Remained via GPR and Determination their Petrographic and Mineralogical Properties via Confocal Raman Spectroscopy: Central Anatolia, Eskişehir, Turkey
Kadioglu S & Kadioglu YK
(2013) Determination the Step of Karst Formation Using GPR and Raman Spectroscopy Methods, South East Anatolia, Turkey
Kadioglu S & Kadioglu YK

Kadioğlu Y.K. (2017) Late Mesozoic Intrusives and their Nature in the Evolution of Eastern Europe: Strandja Massif, NW Turkey
Ulusoy E & Kadioglu YK
(2017) Type and Formation of Cancrinite within the Alkaline Intrusive Rocks: Özvatan (Kayseri)–Turkey
Deniz K, Kadioglu YK, Koralay T & Gullu B
(2017) Multispectroscopic Applications for the Determination of Serpentine Minerals from Different Geologic Environments (SW-Turkey)
Koralay T, Deniz K, Güllü B & Kadıoğlu YK
(2017) Nature of Mafic Intrusions in Central Anatolia, Turkey
Kadioglu YK, Deniz K, Koralay T & Gullu B
(2017) Displaying the Internal Structures of Midas Monument Remained via GPR and Determination their Petrographic and Mineralogical Properties via Confocal Raman Spectroscopy: Central Anatolia, Eskişehir, Turkey
Kadioglu S & Kadioglu YK
(2017) Petrogenetic Implications of Yörükkaracaören Sub-Volcanic Rocks (Eskişehir-Turkey)
Gullu B, Kadioglu YK, Deniz K & Koralay T
(2013) Petrology and Origin of Yozgat Intrusive Complex: Central Anatolia, Turkey
Akçe MA & Kadıoğlu YK
(2013) Petrology and Raman Characterization of Leucitites within the Ultrapotassic Rocks: Afyon, NW Turkey
Deniz K, Kadioglu YK, Koralay T, Gullu B, Akce MA & Kilic CO
(2013) Determination the Step of Karst Formation Using GPR and Raman Spectroscopy Methods, South East Anatolia, Turkey
Kadioglu S & Kadioglu YK
(2013) Origin of High-K Ignimbrite in the Miocene Volcanism Surrounding Uşak Region (Western Turkey): Rb-Sr, Sm-Nd Isotopic Evidence
Koralay T, Kadıoglu YK, Jiang SY, Deniz K & Güllü B
(2013) Geochemical Characteristic of Felsic Dykes within the Karakaya (Kaymaz) Granite Eskişehir, Turkey
Gullu B, Kadioglu YK, Zoroglu O, Koralay T, Deniz K & Kilic CO
(2013) Diamond Bearing Mantle Xenoliths in Alkaline Basalts: Karacadağ Volcano, South East Anatolia, Turkey
Kadioglu YK
(2011) Monitoring of Plagiogranite of the Yeşilova Ophiolite: Geochemistry and Confocal Raman Spectroscopy, Southwest Anatolia, Turkey
Koralay T & Kadioğlu YK
(2011) Geochronology of Cenozoic Intrusive Rocks of NW Anatolia: Topkaya-Eskişehir, TURKEY
Güllü B & Kadıoğlu YK
(2011) Differentiation of Ophiolitic and Nonophiolitic Gabbros Using Confocal Raman Spectroscopy: Central Anatolia Turkey
Kadioğlu YK, Koralay T, Zoroglu O, Gullu B, Akce MA, Deniz K & Yildirim B
(2011) Confocal Raman Spectroscopic Characteristic of Pseudoleucite in Alkaline Intrusive Rocks: Central Anatolia, Turkey
Deniz K & Kadioğlu YK
(2004) Integrated 3D Visualization of GPR Data and EM-61 Data
Kadioglu S & Daniels J
(2004) Petrogenesis of Tahir (Beypazari) Granitoids: Ankara- Turkey
Ugur M & Kadioglu Y
(2004) Nature of Beypazari Granitoids: Ankara – Turkey
Kadioglu Y
(2004) Silisified Calcalkaline Volcanic Rocks Indicator of Gold Occurrences: Western Anatolia – Turkey
Bayram A & Kadioglu Y
(2004) Petrological Features of an Ignimbrite Flow Unite: Incesu Ignimbrite Turkey
Koralay T & Kadioglu Y
(2004) Petrology of S-Type Granites and Gabbros of Yozgat Batholith: Central Anatolian Crystalline Complex
Akce M & Kadioglu Y
(2004) Nature of Listwaenite: Eskisehir (Yunusemre) Turkey
Recber A & Kadioglu Y
(2004) Amphiboles as an Indicator of Granite Genesis and their Enclaves: Oymaagac- Ankara/Turkey
Zoroglu O & Kadioglu Y

Kadir S. (2004) Mineralogical and Geochemical Characteristics of the Tirebolu (Giresun) Bentonite Deposits, NE Turkey
Abdioglu E, Arslan M, Kolayli H & Kadir S

Kadınkız G. (2013) Some Organic Geochemical Characteristics of Oil Shale Deposits in the Ereğli-Bor Basin, (Konya-Niğde), Central Turkey
Erdoğan MS, Korkmaz S, Kadınkız G & Kara-Gülbay R

Kadıoglu Y.K. (2015) Rb-Sr, Sm-Nd Isotopic Composition of Toygar Volcanics in Alaşehir Graben (Western Turkey)
Koralay T, Deniz K, Jiang S & Kadıoğlu YK
(2015) The Nature of the Early Cenozoic Alkaline Mafic Magmatism: Implications for Mantle Source
Deniz K, Kadioglu YK, Stuart FM, Ellam RM, Boyce AJ & Barfod D

Kadko D. (2017) Aerosol Deposition and Fractional Solubility of Trace Elements in the Remote Ocean
Buck C, Landing W, Aguilar-Islas A, Marsay C & Kadko D

Kadlag Y. (2017) Siderophile Volatile Element Fractionation in the Solar Nebula
Becker H, Kadlag Y & Wang Z
(2016) Origin of Cr Isotopic Variations in Physically Separated Components of the Unequilibrated Chondrites Allende and Murchison
Kadlag Y, Harbott A & Becker H
(2015) Origin of Siderophile Element Fractionations in Components of Unequilibrated Ordinary Chondrites
Kadlag Y & Becker H
(2013) HSE and S-Se-Te Fractionation in Components of Enstatite Chondrites
Kadlag Y & Becker H

Kadobayashi H. (2016) Phase Changes of Hydrogen and Deuterated Hydrates Induced by Guest Orientational Ordering
Hirai H, Kagawa S, Kadobayashi H, Hirao N, Ohishi Y, Yagi T & Yamamoto Y
(2016) Experimental Study on the Stability and Decomposition Mechanism of Methane Hydrate Under High Pressure and High Temperature
Kadobayashi H, Ohfuji H, Hirai H, Ohtake M & Yamamoto Y

Kadono T. (2016) Impact-Induced Winter Caused by Sulfuric Acid Aerosol Made from the K/Pg Bolide
Ohno S, Sakaiya T, Kadono T, Kurosawa K, Yabuta H, Shigemori K, Hironaka Y, Matsui T & Sugita S
(2014) Impact–driven Ocean Acidification as a Mechanism of K–Pg Mass Extinctions
Ohno S, Kadono T, Kurosawa K, Hamura T, Sakaiya T, Shigemori K, Hironaka Y, Sano T, Watari T, Otani K, Matsui T & Sugita S

Kadosaki G. (2007) Spatio-Temporal Variations of Winter CO2 and CH4 Fluxes along a Alaska Pipeline
Kim Y, Enomoto H, Kimura S & Kadosaki G

Kadosh D. (2006) Can high-resolution marine and land records resolve Atlantic vs. monsoonal system signals in the Eastern Mediterranean region?
Bar-Matthews M, Ayalon A, Almogi-Labin A, Schilman B & Kadosh D

Kadoshima K. (2016) Geophysical and Litho-Mineralogical Investigation on the Seafloor Massive Sulfides (SMSs) Mound
Lee S, Asakawa E, Sumi T, Kadoshima K, Kose M, Murakami F, Tsukahara H, Koizumi A, Koizumi Y, Ikeda M & Higashi M

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