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Kyle P. (2015) Redox Change Driven by Sulphur Degassing; A Review of Empirical Evidences
Moussallam Y, Oppenheimer C, Hartley M, Schipper CI, Scaillet B, Gaillard F & Kyle P
(2015) Sr-Nd-Pb-Hf Isotopes Reveal the Nature and Evolution of Mantle Upwelling at Ross Island, Antarctica
Phillips E, Sims K, Blichert-Toft J, Kyle P, Gaetani G, Wallace P & Rasmussen D
(2014) Magmatic Plumbing of Ross Island, Antarctica Uncovered by Melt Inclusions from CO2-rich Alkalic Magmas
Rasmussen D, Kyle P, Wallace P, Sims K, Phillips E & Gaetani G
(2012) Experimental Constraints on the Evolution of Alkaline Magmas from Ross Island, Antarctica: A Case for CO2-dominated Volcanism
Iacovino K, Oppenheimer C, Scaillet B & Kyle P
(2011) Erebus: A Laboratory Volcano in Antarctica
Oppenheimer C, Kyle P, Jones L, McIntosh W, Dunbar N, Ilanko T, Peters N, Moussallam Y, Iacovino K, Boichu M, Sawyer G, Tsanev V, Scaillet B, Pichavant M, Burgisser A, Alletti M & Molina I
(2011) Do 226Ra-230Th Isochrons Provide Realistic Crystallization Ages?
Sims KWW, Pichat S, Reagan M, Kyle P, Dunbar N & Blichert-Toft J
(2005) A HIMU Source in Metasomatised Continental Lithosphere
Panter K, Blusztajn J, Hart S, Finn C & Kyle P

Kyle R. (2013) U-Pb Dating of Carbonates and Fluorite: Prospects for Understanding Fluids from Deposition Through Burial
Rasbury T, Parrish R, Austin-Gidding W, Lanzirotti T, Tomascak P & Kyle R

Kylin H. (2007) HexachlorocycloheXANES Trace Pathways and Processes in the Canadian Archipelago
Bidleman T, Jantunen L, Kylin H, Helm P & Macdonald R

Kynde S. (2009) A Tool box for Characterising Chalk
Pasarín I, Kynde S, Sperling L, Balogh Z, Engstrøm F, Stipp S & Feidenhans´l R

Kynicky Jindřich (2011) The Largest Deposit of Strategic REE, Bayan Obo, Geological Situation and Environmental Hazards
Cihlarova H, Kynicky J, Cheng X, Song W, Chakhmouradian A & Reguir K
(2011) Wadi as Collectors of Drinking Water in the South Mongolia
Juřička D, Yondon M, Novotná J & Kynicky J
(2011) Study of Candidate Matrix-Matched Calibration Standards for Geological Applications by Nuclear and Laser Ablation Based Methods
Strunga V, Havránek V, Kučera J, Kanický V, Vaculovič T, Hrdlička A, Moravec Z, Všianský D, Pinkas J, Klíma M & Kynicky J
(2011) REE Deposits in China
Xu C, Kynicky J & Chakhmouradian A
(2011) Unusual Apatite Crystals and Pegmatites with Rare Earth Elements Tetrad Effect
Krejsek Š & Kynicky J
(2011) REE Mineralization of High Grade REE-Ba-Sr and REE-Mo Deposits in Mongolia and China
Kynicky J, Xu C, Chakhmouradian A, Reguir K, Cihlarova H & Brtnicky M

Kynický JINDŘICH (2018) Initial REE Enrichment and Evolution in Carbonatites: Evidence from Geochemistry and Melt Inclusions in Ulgii Khiid Carbonatites, Mongolia
Feng M, Song W, Xu C, Kynický J & Zhao C

Kyo M. (2016) Rapid Growth of Mineral Deposits at Artificial Seafloor Hydrothermal Vents
Nozaki T, Ishibashi J-I, Shimada K, Nagase T, Takaya Y, Kato Y, Kawagucci S, Watsuji T, Shibuya T, Yamada R, Saruhashi T, Kyo M & Takai K

Kyomen I. (2015) Chemical Characteristics of Heavy Metal Concentration of Riverbank Sediment by River Flow from the Hii River, Shimane Prefecture, Southwest Japan. – A Preliminary Study –
Kyomen I, Li W, Sakai T & Matsumoto I

Kyono A. (2016) Nanometer-Scale Observation of Bacteria-Mineral Interface by TEM-Eds
Tamura T & Kyono A
(2013) The Co-evolution of Fe-, Ti-Oxides and Other Microbially Induced Mineral Precipitates during the Diagenesis of Sandy Sediments
Bower D, Hummer D, Kyono A, Steele A & Armstrong J
(2011) Tracking the Evolution of Phase Changes in Ilmenites in Microbial Fossilization Experiments: Understanding the Role of Microbes in Diagenesis
Bower D, Kyono A & Steele A
(2011) Pressure-Induced Phase Transitions and Electron Spin State Changes of Iron Bearing Spinels
Yamanaka T, Kyono A, Kharlamova S, Struzhkin V, Mao H-K & Hemley R
(2007) Crystal Chemistry of Pumpellyite: Chromium Distribution between the Octaheral Sites
Nagashima M, Akasaka M, Kyono A, Makino K & Ikeda K

Kyouno Y. (2007) High-Grade Ag-Cu-Sn-In Mineralization in the Nishizawa-Ashio Area, Tochigi Prefecture, Central Japan
Shimizu M, Matsubara S, Shimizu M, Kyouno Y & Harada A

Kypritidou Z. (2017) Trace Metal(oid) Stabilization by Raw and Thermally Modified Geo-Materials as Soil Amendments
Argyraki A, Lampiri M, Kypritidou Z & Zotiadis V

Kyratsi T. (2017) Carbon Sequestration via Enhanced Weathering of Peridotites and Basalts in Seawater
Rigopoulos I, Harrison A, Delimitis A, Ioannou I, Efstathiou A, Kyratsi T & Oelkers E

Kyriakopoulos K. (2017) Extreme Isotope Fractionation of Hydrothermal Methane due to Oxidation Processes in Hot Springs of Central Greece
D'Alessandro W, Daskalopoulou K, Gagliano AL, Calabrese S, Fiebig J, Tassi F & Kyriakopoulos K
(2013) Mineral and Melt Inclusion Geochemistry of the Nea Kameni Dacites, Santorini, Greece
Rowe M, Ellis B & Kyriakopoulos K
(2007) Is Lichades the Northern End of the Hellenic Volcanic Arc? Clues from Helium Isotopic Composition in Gases
D'Alessandro W, Brusca L & Kyriakopoulos K

Kyrias M. (2010) Monitoring Dissolved Gases and Ions in Groundwater Using an in situ Sampling Technique
Kyrias M, Strattan D, Sanford R & Bethke C

Kyser Kurt (2015) Mo, Tl and U Isotopes in U-Ore Deposits: Proxies of Redox-Driven Formation Processes
Voinot A, Chipley D & Kyser K
(2013) Novel Applications of Geochemistry to Mineral Exploration and Remediation
Kyser K
(2013) High-Cr Minerals from the Matoush Uranium Deposit in the Otish Basin, Quebec, Canada
Alexandre P, Peterson R, Kyser K, Layton-Matthews D & Joy B
(2008) Trace Element and Stable Isotope Dispersion Halo Around a High Sulfidation Epithermal Au-Ag Deposit Emplaced in Quarzitic Sandstone: The Lagunas Norte Deposit, Northern Peru
Cerpa L, Bissig T & Kyser K
(2008) Variations in 238U/235U Ratios in Natural Uranium Ore Minerals from Sedimentary Basins
Kyser K, Chipley D, Vuletich A & Alexandre P
(2008) Argon Mobility in Biotites
Camacho A, Lee J, Ullrich T, Fitz Gerald J, Cooper M, Woodhead J, Kyser K, Zhao J, Creaser R & Heaman L
(2007) Global Ca-Isotope Signatures in post-Snowball Earth Cap-Carbonates
Silva-Tamayo JC, Nagler T, Villa IM, Kyser K, Sial A, Narbonne G, James N & da Silva Filho M
(2000) Microdiamonds from the Thirsty Lake (Akluilâk) Dyke, Northwest Territories, Canada
Chinn I, Kyser K & Viljoen F

Kyser Kurt (2016) Radionuclide Tracers of Processes in Uranium Deposits
Kyser K, Chipley D & Voinot A
(2016) Zinc Isotopes in Ferromanganese Crusts as Vectors to Base Metal Deposits
Spinks S, Uvarova Y, Kyser K & Chipley D

Kyser Kurt (2012) Adding Value to Exploration and the Mining Environment with Isotopes
Kyser K
(2012) Natural Variations of Uranium Isotopes in Uranium Ore Minerals
Uvarova Y, Kyser K, Lahd Geagea M & Chipley D
(2012) U Distribution and Speciation in Fe-Bearing Alteration Minerals at the McArthur River U-Deposit
Durocher J, Schindler M, Fayek M, Ng R, Kyser K & Jiricka D
(2012) Controls on Summer Deposition of Atmospheric Sulphate and Nitrogen in Alpine Valleys of the Southern Canadian Rocky Mountains
Wasiuta V, Lafreniere M, Kyser K, Norman A-L & Hastings M

Kyser T.K. (2004) 40Ar/39Ar Dating of Chlorite
Alexandre P & Kyser T
(2002) Neoproterozoic Glaciations in the Windermere Supergroup, Canada
Pierson-Wickmann A-C, Kyser TK, James N & Narbonne G
(2002) A New Method for U-Pb Isotopic Analyses of Uranium Oxide Minerals by SIMS
Fayek M, Riciputi LR & Kyser TK

Kyte F.T. (2002) Platinum Group Elements and Re in Marine Sediments Across the K-T Boundary: Constraints on Re-pge Transport in the Marine Environment
Lee C-TA, Wasserburg GJ & Kyte FT

Kyung D. (2016) Polymer Stabilized nZVI-Metal Nanoparticles for Enhanced Reductive Dechlorination of TCE
Macharla AK, Kyung D & Lee W

Kyzioł-Komosińska J. (2017) Sorption on Selected Samples of Chlorite – Bearing Rocks of South – Western Poland
Krzykawski T, Kyzioł-Komosińska J, Sawicka N & Fabiańska M

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