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Iizuka Yoshinori (2017) A 60-Years Record of Nitrogen and Oxygen Isotopic Compositions of Nitrate in High-Accumulation Dome Ice Core Collected at South East Greenland
Hattori S, Tsuruta A, Iizuka Y, Uemura R, Matoba S & Yoshida N
(2017) Calcium Speciation of Particles Trapped in Greenlandic Ice Core
Miyamoto C, Iizuka Y, Sakata K & Takahashi Y
(2016) Temperature and Accumulation Rate Reconstruction from the Ice Core in South-East Dome, Greenland
Furukawa R, Matoba S, Uemura R & Iizuka Y
(2016) Past Antholopogenic Aerozols Preserved in Ice Core of South-East Dome, Greenland
Iizuka Y, Ohno H & Matoba S
(2013) Chemical Compositions of Soluble Aerosols Around the Last Termination in the NEEM (Greenland) Ice Core
Oyabu I, Iizuka Y, Karlin T, Fukui M, Hondoh T, Leuenberge D, Fischer H, Schüpbach S, Gfeller G, Mulvaney R & Hansson M

Iizuka Yoshiyuki (2016) Application of Zr-in-Rutile Thermometry to a Moldanubian Garnet-Clinopyroxene Granulite
Usuki T, Iizuka Y, Hirajima T, Svojtka M & Jahn B-M
(2016) Petrogenesis of Antecryst-Bearing Mexican Arc Basalts: Insights into along-Arc Variations in Magma Ponding Depths, H2O Contents, and Surface Heat Flux
Zellmer G, Pistone M, Iizuka Y, Andrews B, Gomez-Tuena A, Straub S & Cottrell E

Iizuka Yoshiyuki (2014) Proterozoic Mantle Lithosphere beneath the Khanka Massif in Far East Russia: In situ Re-Os Evidence
Wang K-L, Prikhodko V, O’Reilly S, Griffin W, Pearson N, Kovach V, Iizuka Y & Chien Y-H
(2014) The Finding of a Titanite-Rich Zone in Omphacite Epidosite and its Geochemical Implication for Subduction-Zone Metamorphism
Xiao Y, Niu Y, Zhang H, Wang K-L, Iizuka Y, Lin J & Xu Y
(2012) Heterogeneous Mantle Sources of the Alkaline-Tholeiitic Intraplate Basalts from the Aleppo Plateau, NW Syria
Ma G, Malpas J, Suzuki K, Lo C-H, Wang K-L, Iizuku Y & Xenophontos C
(2012) The Role of Water in the Petrogenesis of Arc Magmas from SW Japan
Zellmer G, Sakamoto N, Iizuka Y, Miyoshi M, Tamura Y & Yurimoto H
(2009) A Study on the Origin of the Colored Bands in Keelunshan Andesite, Taiwan
Liu T-C, Chang J-Y & Iizuka Y
(2008) Melting Experiments of an Alkali Basalt from Kuanhsi Area, Taiwan, at Pressures up to 1 GPa
Liu TC, Chiu JS & Iizuka Y
(2008) Textures of Progressive Garnet Growth Recorded in Ti-Rich Metagabbros from the Southern Tongbai Mountains, Central China
Tsai C-H, Zhou H, Iizuka Y & Beane RJ
(2007) Petrological Characterization and Tectonic Implications of Multi-Stage Garnet Crystallization in Eclogitic Rocks from the Southern Tongbai Region
Tsai C-H, Zhou H & Iizuka Y
(2003) FeTi-Oxide in the Garnetite; An Experimental Constrain on the MORB+H2O System
Okamoto K & Iizuka Y

Iizuka Yoshiyuki (2015) Zircon Hf Isotopic Constraints on the Petrogenesis of the Dzirula Complex in Georgian Caucasus: The Existence of Arabian Micro-Continents
Chiu H-Y, Chung S-L, Shengelia DM, Javakhishvili Z, Okrostsvaridze A, Wu F-Y, Lee H-Y & Iizuka Y
(2015) The Peritectic Reaction of Olivine to Orthopyroxene in Natural Silicates
Zellmer GF, Sakamoto N, Matsuda N, Moebis A, Iizuka Y & Yurimoto H

Iizumi S. (2003) Sr and Nd Isotopic Signature of Late Cenozoic Alkali Basalts from Kibi-Sera and Northern Hyogo Areas in Chugoku District, Japan
Matsuno Y, Okano O, Anraku E, Iizumi S & Senoh M
(2003) Consideration to Petrogenesis of the Akaishi Lava, a Hydrous Low-K and –Mg Ultrabasic “Foidite” Lava from Northern Hyogo Prefecture, Japan
Okano O, Hino S, Iizumi S & Senoh M

Ijichi Y. (2017) Copper Isotope Fractionation during Adsorption onto Manganese Oxides
Ijichi Y, Ohno T & Sakata S

Ijiri A. (2018) Gas Hydrate Formation Assciated with Migration of Deep Sourced Fluid in the Krishna–Godavari Basin, Eastern Continental Margin of India
Ijiri A, Haraguchi S, Jiménez-Espejo F, Komai N, Suga H, Masataka M, Inagaki F & Yamada Y
(2017) Secondary Methanogenesis in Dormant Submarine Mud Volcano off Tanegashima Island, Japan
Ijiri A, Toki T, Agena K, Hoshino T, Hagino K, Hamada Y, Machiyama H, Ashi J & Inagaki F
(2016) Coordinated NanoSIMS and iMScope Analyses for Extraterrestrial Organics in Murchison Matrix
Ito M, Kebukawa Y, Ijiri A & Naraoka H
(2016) NanoSIMS Reveals Activity in Deepest Samples Ever Collected by Marine Scientific Drilling
Trembath-Reichert E, Morono Y, Ijiri A, Dawson K, Hinrichs K-U & Inagaki F
(2016) Online Oxygen Isotope Analysis of Biogenic Opal Using the Inductive High-Temperature Carbon Reduction Method with Continuous Flow Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry
Okazaki Y, Ijiri A & Yamane M
(2016) Limited Reduction of Ferrihydrite Encrusted by Goethite in Freshwater Sediment
Kikuchi S, Makita H, Konno U, Shiraishi F, Ijiri A, Takai K & Takahashi Y
(2016) Adsorbed Methane in a Miocene Methane-Seep Carbonate from Joetsu, Japan
Miyajima Y, Ijiri A & Murayama M
(2016) Origin of Biogenic Methane in the Nankai Submarine Mud Volcano Based on Methane Stable Isotopologues
Ijiri A, Wang D, Ono S & Inagaki F
(2016) Identifying 2 Km-Deep Methanogenic Community Members Using a Long-Term Bioreactor Cultivation
Imachi H, Tasumi E, Tu T-H, Ijiri A, Morono Y, Ishii S, Methé B, Takai K & Inagaki F
(2013) Biogeochemistry of the Deep Mud-Volcano Biosphere in the Kumano Forearc Basin of the Nankai Trough
Ijiri A, Inagaki F & Kubo Y
(2011) Biogeochemical Processes in Mud-Volcano Sediments from the Kumano Forearc Basin, Japan
Ijiri A, Toki T, Yamaguchi Y, Kawagucci S, Hattori S, Morono Y, Tsunogai U, Nakamura K, Takai K, Ashi J & Inagaki F
(2011) Behavior of Biological and Terrigenous Elements during the Late Cenozoic in the Bering Sea: Paleoceanographic Constraints of the IODP Exp. 323 Sediments by High Resolution Non-Destructive TATSCAN Scanning
Sakamoto T, Sakai S, Takahashi K, Mic AC, Asahi H, Ikehara M, Okada M, Ijiri A, Onodera J, Okazaki Y, Horikawa K, Seki O & Aoki K
(2008) Subseafloor Phase Separation and Fluid Migration Supports Calyptogena Colony in the Marginal Region of a Hydrothermal Field
Ishibashi J-I, Suzuki R, Hamasaki H, Yamanaka T, Chiba H, Ijiri A, Tsunogai U, Nakagawa S, Nunoura T & Takai K
(2003) Highly Isotopically Depleted Hydrocarbon Gases in Methane-Derived Carbonate of the Cretaceous Age
Ijiri A, Tsunogai U, Gamo T & Hikida Y

Ijiri Y. (2016) Numerical Simulation for the Long-Term Evolution of Freshwater-Seawater Interface
Kunimaru T, Saegusa H, Yagi K, Ono M, Ijiri Y, Horio A, Kurihara A & Ota K

Ikarashi M. (2014) Impact of Carbon Capture and Storage on the Methanogenic Activity and Pathway in a Petroleum Reservoir
Mayumi D, Dolfing J, Sakata S, Maeda H, Miyagawa Y, Ikarashi M, Tamaki H, Takeuchi M, Nakatsu C & Kamagata Y

Ikawa H. (2016) Understory CO2, Sensible Heat, and Latent Heat Fluxes in a Black Spruce Forest in Interior Alaska
Ikawa H, Nakai T, Busey R, Kim Y, Kobayashi H, Nagai S, Ueyama M, Saito K, Nagano H, Suzuki R & Hinzman L

Ikawa R. (2013) Groundwater Chemistry in 2012 in Miyagi Prefecture Including Tsunami Affected Area
Masuda H, Nakaya S, Ikawa R & Marui A

Ikawa S. (2016) Diamond Formation from Magnesite in the Presence of C-H-O Fluid Under High Pressure and Temperature
Ohfuji H, Ikawa S & Kimura T

Ikeda A. (2003) Dependence of 14C Ages on Carbon Fraction and Reservoir Effect for Archeological Materials
Nakamura T, Minami M, Oda H, Niu E, Ikeda A & Ohta T

Ikeda H. (2003) Migration and Fixation of Organic Carbon in Vegetation – Forest Soil System
Ikeda H, Kobayashi T, Nakaya K, Suzuki C & Yasuike S

Ikeda K. (2007) Crystal Chemistry of Pumpellyite: Chromium Distribution between the Octaheral Sites
Nagashima M, Akasaka M, Kyono A, Makino K & Ikeda K

Ikeda Makoto (2016) Geophysical and Litho-Mineralogical Investigation on the Seafloor Massive Sulfides (SMSs) Mound
Lee S, Asakawa E, Sumi T, Kadoshima K, Kose M, Murakami F, Tsukahara H, Koizumi A, Koizumi Y, Ikeda M & Higashi M
(2016) Undergratuate Fieldwork Course on Ecology and Earth Sciences at Mt. Akagi Caldera, Gunma, Japan: for Non-Science Majors
Minai Y, Maruhashi T, Ikeda M & Kawate S

Ikeda Masayuki (2016) Paleoenvironmental Reconstruction by Biomarker and Kerogen Analyses of Sediments Around the Triassic-Jurassic Boundary from North America
Tateshita Y, Sawada K & Ikeda M
(2011) Enhanced Chemical Weathering during Early Triassic in Response to the Collapse of Terrestrial Ecosystem after the End-Permian Mass Extinction
Ikeda M, Sakuma H, Tada R & Takahasi S

Ikeda R. (2016) Investigations of Several Inhibitors for Silica Scale Control in Sumikawa Geothermal Brine, Japan
Ikeda R, Ueda A, Ishizuka T & Ishimi K
(2015) Geochemical Behavior of Scale Components in Geothermal Fluids during Silica Precipitation at Sumikawa Geothermal Plant
Ikeda R, Ueda A & Nagai Y

Ikeda T. (2003) Progressive Reactions and P-T Conditions of the Ryoke Metamorphism, SW Japan: Implication for Thermobaric Structure beneath Continental Margin
Ikeda T
(2001) Spacing Law in Igneous Layering: A Similarity to Liesegang Rings
Nishiyama T & Ikeda T

Ikeda Y (2006) REE and Nd isotopic composition of martian crust
Shimoda G & Ikeda Y
(2004) Source Material of Naklite Magmas: Implications from Y000749
Shimoda G, Ikeda Y, Kita N, Morishita Y & Imae N
(2003) Evolution of Ureilites by 26Al Heating of the Parent Body
Kita N, Ikeda Y, Togashi S, Shimoda G, Morishita Y & Weisberg M
(2003) Magmatic Inclusions in Martian Meteorites
Ikeda Y
(2003) Genetic Relation between Nakhlites and Shergottites: Implications from REE Compositions of Martian Meteorites
Shimoda G, Ikeda Y, Kita N, Morishita Y & Imae N
(2001) Trace Element Abundance in Plagioclase from the DAG-319 Polymict Ureilite
Kita NT, Togashi S, Ikeda Y & Morishita Y

Ikeda Y. (2017) Distributions and Atmospheric Imput of Bioactive Trace Metals in the East China Sea
Nakaguchi Y, Ikeda Y, Oku N, Taniura R, Tsujisaka M, Zheng L, Minami T & Sohrin Y

Ikeda Yuka (2014) Contributions of Brown Carbon and Lensing Effect to Aerosol Light Absorption in the Nagoya Urban Area, Japan, during Summer and Winter
Nakayama T, Ikeda Y, Sawada Y, Setoguchi Y, Ogawa S, Kawana K, Mochida M & Matsumi Y

Ikeda-Ohno A.
(2010) Chemical Bonds and Formation Process of Actinide(IV) Oligomers and Colloids
Hennig C, Takao K, Takao S, Ikeda-Ohno A, Banerjee D, Weiss S, Zaenker H, Kraus W, Emmerling F & Scheinost A

Ikehara K (2003) Change of Bottom Water Condition in the Oyashio Region Since the Last Glacial Maximum, off Hokkaido, NW Pacific
Ikehara K, Ohkushi K & Shibahara A

Ikehara Ken (2016) Reconstruction of Late Holocene Flooding History by GDGT Proxies in Beppu Bay Sediments
Yamamoto M, Kuwae M, Irino T, Ikehara K & Takemura K
(2016) Duration of Sediment Supply from Various Source Rocks Deduced from Mineral Composition of the Sediment from the Beppu Bay, Southwetern Japan
Irino T, Ikehara K, Kuwae M, Takemura K & Yamamoto M
(2016) Evaluation for Provenances of Plant Fragments in Marine Sediments Deposited by Flood Using Biomarkers
Furota S, Sawada K, Nishida N & Ikehara K

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