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Iglakova A. (2013) Molecular and Micro Element Remote Analysis of Leaves of the Green Plants
Iglakova A, Klimkin A & Prokopiev V

Iglauer S.

Iglesias M. (2019) Resolving the Rapid Rate of Deglaciation over Termination II in Speleothem Records
Stoll H, Cacho I, Gasson E, Moreno A, Perez C, Cheng H, Edwards RL & Iglesias M
(2019) Trace Elements Deposition Mechanism Analyzed in a 1000 Year Stalagmite in the South of Spain
Campa-Bousoño C, Vadillo I, Pisonero J, Moreno A, Iglesias M, Cheng H, Lawrence Edwards R & Stoll H

Iglesias R.S. (2019) Progressive Silica Depletion during Experimental Serpentinization of Peridotite Mantle Xenoliths
Portella YM, Conceição RV, Siqueira TA, Cedeño DG & Iglesias RS
(2010) Experimental and Numerical Modeling of CO2-Water-Rock Interactions Aimed for Geological Storage in the Denver Basin
Iglesias R, Ketzer M, Sbrissa G, Maraschin A, Bressan L & Steel R
(2008) Experimental and Modeling Studies of CO2-Water-Rock Interactions in the Rio Bonito Saline Aquifer, Paraná Basin, Brazil
Iglesias RS, Ketzer JM, Einloft S, Dullius J, Ligabue R, Lima V & Silva D

Iglesias-Briones M.J. (2011) Why do Earthworms Synthesize ACC?
Diz P, Gil C, Mendez J, Iglesias-Briones MJ & Gago-Duport L

Iglseder C. (2010) U-Pb & O-Isotope Depth-Profiling Coupled with REE on Zircon: Evidence for Cycladic Anatexis
Senkowski C, Schneider DA, Iglseder C & Grasemann B

Ignacio G-C. (2014) Exploring the Ecology of Continental Deep-Subsurface Communities Through a Multi-Technique Approach
Puente-Sánchez F, Alejandro A-R, Yolanda B, Miriam G-V, Mercedes M-P, Ignacio G-C, Nuria R, Ricardo A, Kenneth T & Víctor P

Ignatiadis I. (2017) Redox Potential Measurements in a Claystone
Betelu S, Ignatiadis I & Tournassat C
(2012) Modeling the Dioctahedral Smectites CEC Variation Versus Structural Iron Reduction Level
Hadi J, Tournassat C, Ignatiadis I & Charlet L

Ignatiev A. (2015) Local FS-IR Laser – Fluorination CF-IRMS δ34S, δ33S Isotope Analyses of Sulfides
Ignatiev A & Velivetskaya T
(2015) Variations Δ17O of H2O2 Formed in Electrical Discharge with Water Vapor and Oxygen
Velivetskaya T, Ignatiev A, Yakovenko V & Budnitsky S
(2013) Method for Measurement of Argon Isotopes in Helium Flow for K/Ar Geochronology
Budnitskiy S, Ignatiev A & Velivetskaya T
(2013) Oxygen Isotopes as an Indicator of Corundums Origin
Yakovenko V, Vysotskiy S & Ignatiev A
(2011) W-Sn Ores of the Svetloye Deposit: Mode of Formation from Isotope, Fluid Inclusion and Modeling Studies
Sushchevskaya T, Bychkov A, Ignatiev A, Matveeva S, Popova J, Prisyagina N & Velivetskaya T
(2007) Method Measurement of Ar Isotopes in He Stream (Conflo) for K/Ar Geochronology
Ignatiev A, Velivetskaya T & Budnitskiy C
(2007) Open Tube Combustion Method of Organic Samples for Stable Carbon Isotope Analysis
Velivetskaya T, Ignatiev A & Kiyashko S
(2007) Oxygen Isotopic Zonality at the Iultin Sn-W Deposit (Chukotka, North-East of Russia)
Sushchevskaya T, Spasennykh M, Ignatiev A & Velivetskaya T

Ignatiuk D. (2019) Close Association of Aluminium and Nutrients in Glacial Meltwater
Stachnik L, Yde JC, Daly L, Niedzielski P, Hawkings J, Ignatiuk D & Sitek S

Ignatova A. (2017) Regional to Global-Scale Perspectives on Organic Carbon Burial in Continental Margin Sediments
Eglinton T, Bao R, Zhao M, Yu M, Ignatova A, McIntyre C, Haghipour N, van der Voort T & De Avelar S

Ignatyev K. (2016) Speciation and Bioavailability of Iron in Anthropogenic Aerosol Emissions
Davidson N, Tian Z, Ignatyev K, Pope F & Shi Z

Ignotti E. (2011) Modeling Local and Remote Impacts of Amazonian Biomass Burning Aerosols
Longo K, Freitas S, Rosario N, Siqueira R, Judith H, Madeleine G & Ignotti E

Igor T. (2011) <sup>3</sup>H–3He Isotopic Tracer for Age Estimating of the Ground Waters (Aquifers of the Khibiny Slopes, Kola Peninsula)
Gudkov A, Igor T & Ivanov S

Iguchi A. (2011) Effects of Thermal and Salinity Stresses on Growth of Aposymbiotic and Symbiotic Primary Polyps (Acropora Digitefera)
Inoue M, Shinmen K, Nakamura T, Iguchi A, Suzuki A, Kawahata H & Sakai K
(2009) Assessment of Increased CO2 on Growth and Variation of Trace Elements of the Coral Polyp Skeletons (Genus Acropora)
Inoue M, Suwa R, Iguchi A, Suzuki A, Kawahata H & Sakai K

Iguchi M. (2016) Repetitive Sulfur Dioxide Flux Measurements between and after the 2014 and 2015 Eruptions of Kuchinoerabujima Volcano, Japan
Mori T, Morita M, Iguchi M & (JMA) F
(2016) Source Parameter Sensitivity in Volcanic Ash Transport Models: A Case Study of the Sakurajima Volcano, Japan Using the WRF Model
Poulidis AP, Takemi T & Iguchi M

Igumentseva M. (2014) IR Fourier Spectroscopy of Water and H-Containing Defects in Quartz
Igumentсeva M
(2013) Veined Quartz of the Urals: Structure, Mineralogy
Igumentseva M & Anfilogov V

Igwe O. (2019) Geochemistry of Trace Elements and Microbial Assessment in Groundwater Contamination and Soils (South-Eastern Nigeria)
Osoagba-Chukwura UO & Igwe O

Ihinger P. (2009) Water Speciation in Anatolian Obsidian: Quenched Magmatic Water vs Low Temperature Hydration
Conde G, Ihinger P & Frahm E
(2009) Two-Stage Growth Evolution of Hydrothermal Quartz: Impurities Quantify the Story
Ihinger P, Kawatski D, Steltz D & Hervig R
(2008) Penetrative Convection in Earth’s Mantle: Reconciling Geophysical and Geochemical Perspectives on Mantle Structure and Evolution
Ihinger P
(2008) Anisotropic Diffusion in Crystals: Insights from Computer Simulations
Henke S, Ihinger P & Thomas P
(2005) Visual Simulation of Crystal Growth and Development of Sector Zoning in Hydrothermal Quartz
Prechel R, Chmielowiec J, Stevenson D & Ihinger P

Ihlen P.M. (2017) Using Bulk-Rock and Mineral Chemistry to Unravel the Origin of Fe-Ti-P Mineralizations in the 1.8 Ga Raftsund Monzosyenite, Lofoten, Northern Norway
Coint N, Keiding JJ & Ihlen PM

Ihlenfeld C. (2011) Microbially Enhanced Ore Weathering and Surface Anomaly Development
Leslie K, Ihlenfeld C, Oates C, Barr J & Fowle D
(2010) Neutrophilic, Fe(II)-Oxidizing Organism Isolated from 1.4 Km-Depth in Cu/Zn Mine, Canada
Leslie K, Oates C, Ihlenfeld C & Fowle D
(2006) Re-Os Geochronology of the Century Pb-Zn-Ag Deposit: Two Stage Genesis with Mantle Input Required
Keays R, Mcinnes B, Lambert D & Ihlenfeld C
(2002) Seasonal Trace Element and Isotope Variations in Freshwater Tufas: Potentials and Limitations for Climate Reconstruction
Ihlenfeld C, Maas R, Gagan M, Norman M & Henderson G
(2000) The Record of El Niño Events in Terrestrial Carbonates: Preliminary Results of a High-Resolution Isotope and Trace Element Study
Ihlenfeld C, Webb J, Maas R & Drysdale R

Ii H. (2018) D-Excess for Precipitation Sampled at between the Osaka Plain and the South Ikoma Mountains, Osaka Prefecture, Japan
Nishiwaki H & Ii H
(2018) New Index for Trace Element Concentration in Soil by Cicada Shell
Ii H
(2016) Estimation of Evaporation Rate and Temperature for Water Using Hydrogen and Oxygen Stable Isotopic Ratios
Ii H & Yamashita M
(2015) Influence of Metal Mine Waste Water on Zn and Fe Concentration of Seaweed in the Kanayama Bay, Japan
Ii H

Iida A. (2005) SR-Xrf Analyses of Trace Elements in Electrum from Several Epithermal Gold Deposits, Japan
Sakamoto T, Shimada N, Abe D, Nakamura T, Nozaki W, Shimada K & Iida A
(2003) Chemical Analysis of Individual Fluid Inclusion by Synchrotron X-Ray Fluorescence Microprobe
Hayashi K, Nagaseki H & Iida A

Iida H. (2016) Concise Method for Isotope Analysis of Oxygen in Phosphate: A New Inorganic Biomarker
Iida H, Yamaguchi KE & Wang X

Iida Y. (2003) Altitudal Change of Stream Water Quality in the Granite Watershed of Tsukuba Mountainous Area, Central Japan
Iida Y & Nakano T
(2002) Field Evidence for Abiotic Syntheses of Organic Matter in Hydrothermal Conditions
Sugisaki R, Iida Y, Murayama M & Mimura K

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