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Idemitsu K. (2016) Dissolution Kinetics of a Simplified Nuclear Waste Glass, ISG, in MgCl2 Solution
Inagaki Y, Matsumoto R, Idemitsu K & Arima T
(2016) Salinity Dependence of Apparent Diffusion Coefficients of Selenite, Selenate, Molybdate and Iodate in Compacted Bentnite
Idemitsu K, Hamada R, Ogawa Y, Okubo N, Inagaki Y & Arima T

Iden E. (2017) Sulfur Isotopic Composition of Pyroxenites from the Earth’s Mantle
Schmid FE, Iden E, Becker H & Wiechert U

Iden S. (2016) Eu(III) Reactive Transport Modeling: The “smart-Kd” Appraoch
Britz S, Noseck U, Durner W, Iden S, Zachmann D, Brendler V & Stockmann M
(2013) Organic Carbon and Trace Element Mobilization from a Biochar Amended Arable Soil: A Soil Column Study
Riedel T, Geilich J & Iden S

Ideta K. (2013) Immobilization of Boron in Groundwaters by Combination of MgO with Woodchips
Sasaki K, Qiu X, Takamori H, Moriyama S, Ideta K & Miyawaki J

Idiart A. (2015) Geochemical Evolution of Bentonite Clays within the First Alternative Buffer Material Test (ABM) – A Reactive Transport Modeling Study
Wallis I, Idiart A, Dohrmann R & Post V

Idiz Erdem (2012) Combining Spectroscopic, Isotope and Modeling Techniques to Reveal the Fate of Sulphur in Petroleum System Studies
Peters H, Podlaha O, Glemser C, Stasiuk L & Idiz E

Idiz Erdem (2015) Phanerozoic Trends in Seawater Nitrogen Isotope Composition from Geoporphyrins
Henkes G, Shen J, Naafs D, Idiz E, Shen Y, Wankel S & Pearson A

Idiz Erdem (2017) Sediment Cadmium Isotopes as a Proxy for Nutrient Dynamics during Oceanic Anoxic Event 2 (Late Cretacous)
Sweere T, Dickson A, Jenkyns H, Ruhl M, van den Boorn S, Porcelli D, Henderson G & Idiz E
(2017) Effect of Thermal Alteration on the Preservation of Molybdenum- and Zinc-Isotope Palaeoproxies in Organic-Rich Sediments
Dickson A, Idiz E, van den Boorn S, Sweere T, Ruhl M, Porcelli D, Henderson G, Jenkyns H & Hesselbo S

Idiz Erdem (2019) The Influence of Thermal Maturity on the Concentrations and Isotope Ratios of Transition Metals in Organic-Rich Sedimentary Rocks
Dickson A, Idiz E, Porcelli D & van den Boorn S
(2019) Limited Molybdenum Isotope Change in the Oceans Associated with Oceanic Anoxic Event 2
Dickson A, Jenkyns H, Porcelli D, Idiz E, Sweere T, Murphy M, Ruhl M, Eldrett J & van den Boorn S

Idiz Erdem F. (2018) Environmental and Organic-Matter Characterisation of the Toarcian Lacustrine Da’anzhai Member, Sichuan Basin, China
Xu W, Weijers JWH, Idiz EF, Ruhl M, Gorbanenko O, Tegelaar EW, Jenkyns HC, Riding JB & Hesselbo SP
(2018) Isotopic Constraints on the Molybdenum Cycle in the Late Cretaceous
Dickson A, Sweere T, Ruhl M, Murphy M, Jenkyns H, Idiz E, Porcelli D, Henderson G, van den Boorn S & Eldrett J
(2016) Lacustrine Expansion and Carbon Drawdown during the Early Toarcian Oceanic Anoxic Event
Xu W, Ruhl M, Jenkyns HC, Hesselbo SP, Riding JB, Selby D, Naafs BDA, Weijers JWH, Pancost RD, Tegelaar EW & Idiz EF

Idleman B. (2007) Age of HP Metamorphism from the Escambray Massif, Cuba
Krebs M, Stanek KP, Scherer E, Maresch WV, Grafe F, Idleman B & Rodionov N

Idrus A. (2011) The Cause of High Nb/Ta in K-Rich Lavas from the Sunda Arc System
Barth AR, Kirchenbaur M, König S, Schuth S, Luguet A, Idrus A & Münker C
(2011) Platinum Group Minerals (PGM) in Chromite Lode Deposits from the Sulawesi Ophiolite Belt
Zaccarini F, Idrus A, Garuti G, Thalhammer O & Meyer M
(2011) Characteristics of the Ruwai Base Metal-Ag Skarn in Tertiary Middle Kalimantan Volcanic Arc, Indonesia
Idrus A, Meyer M, Sindern S, Setidjaji LD & Warmada IW

Iefuji H. (2003) Accumulation of Co by Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Ohnuki T, Kozai N, Ozaki T, Yoshida T, Francis A & Iefuji H

Ievlev A. (2020) The Effect of Microstructure on Replacement Reactions – The Example of Limestone Replacement by Fluorite and Dolomite
Weber J, Cheshire MC, DiStefano V, Littrell K, Ilavsky J, Bleuel M, Bozell J, Ievlev A, Stack AG & Anovitz L
(2019) Effect of Microstructure and Chemical Reactivity of the Replacement of Limestone by Fluorite
Weber J, Cheshire MC, Distefano V, Litrell KC, Ilavsky I, Bleuel M, Bozell JK, Ievlev A, Stack AG & Anovitz LA
(2018) Initial Stages of Hydrated Layer Formation: An in situ Dissolution Study of the International Simple Glass
Eskelsen J, Chiu M, Ievlev A, Leonard D & Pierce E

Iezzi G. (2020) Deep Sea Explosive Eruptions may be not so Different from Subaerial Eruptions
Iezzi G, Lanzafame G, Mancini L, Behrens H, Tamburrino S, Vallefuoco M, Passaro S, Signanini P & Ventura G
(2018) Enhanced Radon Emissions from Volcanic Rocks Exposed to High-Temperature Conditions: Implications for the Geochemical Survey and Public Health in Densely Populated Volcanic Areas
Scarlato P, Mollo S, Tuccimei P, Galli G, Iezzi G & Soligo M
(2015) Glass Stability of Silicate Glasses with Sub-Alkaline Compositions
Misiti V, Elbrecht A, Davis M, Iezzi G, Vetere F, Cavallo A & Mollo S
(2015) The Roles of Decompression Rate and Volatiles (H2O+Cl±CO2±S) on Crystallization in Basaltic Magma
Fiege A, Vetere F, Iezzi G, Simon A & Holtz F
(2013) Glass Forming Ability of Sub-Alkaline Silicate Melts
Misiti V, Vetere F, Iezzi G, Behrens H, Holtz F, Ventura G, Cavallo A, Dietrich M & Mollo S
(2013) The Partitioning of Trace Elements between Clinopyroxene and Trachybasaltic Melt during Rapid Cooling
Scarlato P, Mollo S, Blundy J, Iezzi G & Langone A
(2013) Textural Evolution of a Basaltic Melt in Function of Cooling Rate
Giuliani L, Cauti F, Iezzi G, Vetere F, Poe B, Cavallo A, Misiti V, Ventura G, Mollo S & Behrens H
(2013) Syn to Post-Eruptive Crystallization of Phenocrysts in Pahoehoe “Cicirara” Lavas from Mount Etna Volcano (Italy)
Lanzafame G, Mollo S, Iezzi G, Ferlito C & Ventura G

Ifandi E. (2019) Occurrence of Rare Phosphides in Ophiolitic Chromitites from Greece and Russia
Zaccarini F, Ifandi E, Sideridis A, Tsikouras B, Grammatikopoulos T, Garuti G, Pushkarev E, Bindi L, Mauro D & Stanley C

Iftikhar U. (2017) Citric Acid Enhanced Phytoextraction of Nickel (Ni) by Improving Antioxidantsand Metal Uptake in Alternanthera Bettzickiana
Iftikhar U

Iftimie R. (2010) Spectroscopic, Structural and Electronic Properties of Acid Dissociation Intermediates in Water
Iftimie R, Thomas V, Buin A & Ayotte P

Igami Y. (2019) In situ Experiments of Aqueous Alteration of Amorhous Silicates in the System MgO-SiO2
Igami Y, Tsuchiyama A, Yamazaki T & Kimura Y
(2016) Mullitization from Sillimanite by Synchrotron X-Ray Diffraction Experiment and TEM Observation
Igami Y, Ohi S & Miyake A
(2016) Estimation of Intracrystalline Distribution Coefficient of Mg-Fe Ions in Olivine Using S/TEM
Miyake A, Toh S, Fukunaga K, Kuribayashi T & Igami Y
(2016) 3D Shapes of Olivine Negative Crystals in Equilibrated Ordinary Chondrites: Estimation of Equilibrium Form
Nakamura R, Tsuchiyama A, Miyake A, Takigawa A, Igami Y, Ohi S, Uesugi K, Takeuchi A & Nakano T

Igarachi Y. (2016) Atmospheric Dispersion and Ground Deposition Induced by the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Accident
Mathieu A, Quérel A, Saunier O, Kajino M, Sekiyama T, Korsakissok I, Perillat R, Quélo D, Adachi K, Maki T, Igarachi Y & Didier D

Igarashi C. (2008) Geochemical Behavior of Rare Earth Elements during Chemical and Physical Weathering of Granitic Rocks, Southwestern Japan
Shikazono N, Igarashi C & Yokomizo K
(2006) Differences of the sound producing sand from a feature of geological background
Igarashi C & Shikazono N
(2005) The Composition and Characteristics of Sound Producing Sand in Miyagi Prefecture, Japan
Shikazono N & Igarashi C
(2003) Correlations of Major and Minor Elements in Sound Producing Sand and Silent Beach Sand in Japan Summarized by Principal Component Analysis (PCA)
Igarashi C & Shikazono N
(2002) Comosition of Sound Producing Sand in Japan
Igarashi C & Shikazono N

Igarashi G. (2003) Variation in Concentrations of Gases Dissolved in Groundwater at Toyohashi Station in Tokai Area, Japan and Neighboring Seismic Activity
Koizumi N, Takahashi M, Kitagawa Y, Yamauchi T & Igarashi G
(2003) Tidal Variations of Gas Composition in Groundwater
Tsunomori F, Kawai K & Igarashi G

Igarashi Y (2003) Long-Range Transport of Enhanced Carbon Monoxide in Winter Season at the Summit of Mt. Fuji, Japan
Sawa Y, Matsueda H, Taguchi S, Tsutsumi Y, Igarashi Y & Sekiyama T

Igarashi Yaeko (2016) Variations in Terrestrial Plant Biomarker Compositions in a Sediment Core of IODP Site U1423 over the Last 4 Ma: Paleovegetation and Transport of Terrigenous Matter
Aoyagi C, Sawada K, Furota S, Irino T & Igarashi Y

Igarashi Yasuhito (2020) Estimation of Uranium Sources in Environmental Samples Using the Isotopic Ratio Determination
Shikimori J, Ohno T, Fukami Y & Igarashi Y
(2016) Daily Changes of 90Sr/137Cs Activity Ratio in the Atmosphere after the FDNPP Accident
Zhang Z, Ninomiya K, Yamaguchi Y, Saito T, Kita K, Tsuruta H, Igarashi Y & Shinohara A
(2016) Overview of the Radioactive Particles in the Fukushima Accident
Satou Y, Sueki K, Sasa K, Nakai I, Abe Y, Iizawa Y, Ono T, Adachi K & Igarashi Y
(2016) Fukushima: Lessons Learned on Wet Deposition from a Combined Analysis of Radiation Dose Rate and Volume Activity Measurements of 137Cesium
Quérel A, Quélo D, Roustan Y, Mathieu A, Kajino M, Sekiyama T, Adachi K, Didier D, Igarashi Y & Maki T
(2016) Re-suspension Processes of Radioactive Cs Emitted by the FNDPP Accident in Summer and Autumn – Possibility of Biosphere-Atmosphere Circulation of Radioactive Cs
Kita K, Kinase T, Demizu H, Igarashi Y, Adachi K, Kajino M, Yamada K, Toyoda S, Yoshida N, Ninomiya K, Shinohara A, Okochi H, Ishizuka M, Maki T, Abe Y, Nakai I, Furukawa J & Onda Y
(2016) Long-Term Assessment of Airborne Radio-Cesium after the Fukushima Nuclear Accident: Re-suspension from Soil and Vegetation
Kajino M, Ishizuka M, Igarashi Y, Kita K, Yoshikawa C & Inatsu M
(2016) Are Biological Aerosols Involved in Resuspension Processes of Fukushima radioCs?: Preliminary Observations
Igarashi Y, Maki T, Kita K, Takenaka C & Kinase T

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