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Izon Gareth (2018) (Re)defining the Structure of the Great Oxidation Event
Izon G, Ono S, Beukes N & Summons R

Izon Gareth (2019) An Oxygenation Event or The Oxygenation Event? Prejuices, Perspectives and Possibilities
Izon G, Ono S, Beukes N & Summons R
(2019) Tungsten Stable Isotopes as a Redox-Proxy for the Evolution of the Anoxic Archean Ocean
Roué L, Kurzweil F, Münker C, Wille M, Izon G & Schoenberg R
(2019) Extremely 34S-Rich Organic Sulfur in Cryogenian Mn Ore Deposit
Cai C, Sun P, Liu D, Luo G, Izon G, Peng Y & Hu Y

Izon Gareth (2020) Organic Matter δ34S Lighter Than the Pyrite in Cryogenian Datangpo Fm
Cai C, Sun P, Liu D, Luo G, Izon G & Xu C

Izoret L. (2019) Crystal Field Concept Implementation in Material Sciences: Some Coloured Cases from Cement and Concrete Industry
Izoret L

Izquierdo M. (2019) Kinetics of Tc-99 in Aerobic Soils: A 2.5 yr Experimental Study
Izquierdo M, Bailey EH, Crout NMJ, Young SD & Shaw G

Izraeli E.S. (2004) Brine and Carbonatitic Melts in a Diamond from Diavik– Implications for Mantle Fluid Evolution
Klein-BenDavid O, Wirth R, Izraeli E, Hauri E & Navon O
(2004) Diamond-Forming Fluids
Navon O, Klein-BenDavid O & Izraeli E
(2002) Volatile-Rich Brine and Melt in Canadian Diamonds
Klein-BenDavid O, Izraeli ES & Navon O

Izu Y. (2019) A Novel Selenite-Reducing System in the Dissimilatory Metal-Reducing Bacterium Geobacter sulfurreducens
Mihara H, Jahan MI, Jinno M, Shimamoto N, Ishido Y, Juengwiwattanakitti P, Izu Y & Tobe R

Izumi H. (2003) ATEM as a Tool for the Study of High Pressure Mineralogy
Fujino K, Sasaki Y, Komori T, Ogawa H & Izumi H

Izumi K. (2020) Climate Forcing on Millennial, Orbital and Million Year Scales: A Case Study from the Toarcian Oceanic Anoxic Event
Kemp D, Izumi K, Chen W, Jin S & Fraser W
(2019) Rapid and Long-Lasting Increase in Global Weathering during the Early Toarcian Oceanic Anoxic Event
Kemp D, Selby D & Izumi K
(2016) Environmental Responses to Carbon Release during the Toarcian Oceanic Anoxic Event: Insights from the Panthalassa Ocean Margin
Kemp D & Izumi K

Izzo C. (2017) Calibration of Marine Ca and Sr Isotope Proxies Against ‘salinity’ in Fresh-To-Hypersaline Coastal Lagoon-Estuarine Settings of South Australia
Shao Y, Farkas J, Holmden C, Mosley L, Kell-Duivestain I, Izzo C, Reis-Santos P, Tyler J, Haynes D, Tibby J & Gillanders B

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