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Galindo C. (2014) Studying α-Al2O3-Eu-fulvic Acid Interactions by Means of ESI-FTMS
Fleury G, Galindo C, Del Nero M, Courson O & Barillon R
(2014) Molecular Scale Study of the Sorptive Fractionation of a Fulvic Acid by Means of ESI-FTMS
Del Nero M, Galindo C, Fleury G & Courson O
(2012) U(VI)-organic Phosphate Complex Formation Studied by ESI-FTMS
Galindo C, Del Nero M, Courson O & Georg S
(2012) Monitoring Dynamics of Species and Adsorption Reactions at the Corundum-Oxalate-Solution Interface by in situ ATR-FTIR
Del Nero M, Galindo C, Bucher G & Barillon R
(2010) Surface Precipitation at the Al2O3 / Uranyl Phosphate Solution Interface
Del Nero M, Galindo C & Barillon R
(2009) Spectroscopic Studies of Uranyl Sorption in PO4 / α-Al2O3 Systems
Del Nero M, Galindo C, Halter E & Madé B

Galindo V. (2016) Role of Sea Ice Biogeochemistry in Air-Ice-Ocean Exchange of Climatically Important Gases (CO2 and DMS) in the Arctic: Preliminary Results of Coupled Sea Ice-Ocean Physical-Biogeochemical Model Simulations
Hayashida H, Mortenson E, Monahan A, Steiner N, Blais M, Gale M, Galindo V, Gosselin M, Gourdal M, Hu X, Levasseur M & Mundy CJ

Galindo-Uribarri A. (2011) Pushing the Limits of AMS Measurements of Cosmogenic Radioisotopes in Natural Systems
Janzen M & Galindo-Uribarri A

Galindo, Jr C. (2009) Cycling of Fe by Siderophilic Cyanobacteria: Implications for an Early Biosphere
Brown I, Thomas-Keprta K, Sarkisova S, Fischer C, Luttge A, Arvidson R, Shen G, Bryant D, Galindo, Jr C, Garrison D, Clarke W & McKay D

Galiova M. (2011) Phlogopite/Matrix, Cpx/Matrix and Cpx/Phlogopite Trace Element Partitioning in True Lamprophyres
Krmíčková M, Krmíček L, Kanický V, Vaculovič T & Galiová M
(2011) Interaction of Se(IV)/Se(VI) Species with Granitic Rock: Understanding of Retention Processes
Videnska K, Havlova V, Galiova M & Havranek V

Galkova O. (2011) Element Behavior in Technogenic Systems and Methods of Mine Waste Treatment
Bogush A, Lazareva E, Voronin V, Galkova O & Ishuk N
(2009) Application of Natural and Modified Materials for Waste Treatment
Bogush A, Voronin V, Galkova O & Ishuk N

Gall H. (2015) Genesis of Mafic-Intermediate Lavas at Hasandag Stratovolcano, Central Anatolia
Gall H, Furman T, Kurkcuoglu B & Hanan B

Gall L. (2012) Tracing Processes in the Deep Mantle by Nickel Stable Isotopes
Gall L, Williams H & Halliday AN
(2011) Geochemistry of Nickel Isotopes in Ferromanganese Crusts
Gall L, Williams H, Siebert C & Halliday A

Gall Q. (2008) In situ U-Pb Dating of Diagenetic Apatite and Xenotime: Paleofluid Flow History within the Thelon, Athabasca and Hornby Bay Basins
Davis W, Rainbird R, Gall Q & Jefferson C

Gallagher C. (2018) The Timing and Mechanisms of S Release during the 2014–15 Holuhraun and 1783–84 CE Laki Flood Basalt Eruptions, Iceland. A Chalcophile Isotope Perspective
Gallagher C, Burton K, Savage P, Nowell G, Thordarson T & Houghton B
(2015) Fingerprinting the Source of Sulphur Saturation in Flood Basalt Eruptions
Gallagher C, Burton K, Thordarson T, Vye-Brown C & Brown R

Gallagher G. (2018) Protein-Level Proteorhodopsin Expression Patterns in Aquatic Microbes
Gallagher G & Waldbauer J
(2015) Mechanisms of Cryospheric Life: Protein Dynamics, Thermodynamics, and Electron Transfer in Psychrophilic Hydrocarbonoclastic Marine Bacteria
Magyar J, Asous N, Benzik E, Chou J, Dalchand N, Gallagher G & Salerno G

Gallagher Kerry (2017) Bayesian Thermal History Modelling of Detrital Thermochronometric Data
Gallagher K, Parra M, Echeverri S & Patiño AM
(2017) Helium Trapping in Apatite Damage: Insights from Overly Dispersed (U-Th-Sm)/He Dates
Recanati A, Gautheron C, Barbarnd J, Missenard Y, Gallagher K & Pinna R
(2017) Strategies for Joint Inversion of Apatite Fission Track and (U-Th) Data: Application of Fragment and Radiation Damage Models
Wildman M, Gallagher K & Gautheron C
(2011) Fractionation of Li and Mg Isotopes in Mantle Derived Materials- Promise, Perils and Progress
Elliott T, Pogge von Strandmann P, Lai YJ, Kasemann S, Ionov D, Takazawa E, Marschall H, Gallagher K & Dohmen R
(2007) Diffusively Driven Li Isotope Fractionation
Elliott T, Pogge van Strandmann P, Gallagher K, Kasemann S & Sims K
(2006) Putting the data to work - strategies for modelling multiple samples in multiple dimensions
Gallagher K, Stephenson J, Holmes C & Brown R
(2006) A new approach to mixture modelling for geochronology
Gallagher K, Jasra A, Stephens D & Holmes C
(2002) Quantifying Denudation Rates with Vertical Relief Fission Track Profiles
Raab MJ, Brown RW & Gallagher K
(2000) Actinide-Helium Thermochronology; Progress and Promise
Barfod DN, Stuart FM, Persano C, Botor D & Gallagher K

Gallagher Kimberley L. (2012) Microbialite Formation in Two Hypersaline Lakes (Bahamas): Insights into Organomineralization
Dupraz C, Fowler A, Glunk C, Braissant O, Gallagher KL, Stork NJ & Visscher PT

Gallagher L. (2012) Sulfate Reduction and Methanogenesis in Coal Microcosms
Glossner A, Gallagher L, Landkamer L, Figueroa L, Munakata-Marr J & Mandernack K
(2010) Microbial Methanogenesis from a Consortium Enriched from the Powder River Basin, WY
Glossner A, Gallagher L, Landkamer L, Figueroa L, Munakata-Marr J & Mandernack K

Gallagher Martin (2009) Novel Findings in the Reactive Halogens in the Marine Boundary Layer (RHaMBLe) Project
McFiggans G, Ball S, Carpenter L, Gallagher M, Heard D & Plane J

Gallagher Meabh (2017) Probing PM2.5 Sources with Laser Ablation: A Case Study of Traffic Emissions in Dublin City, Ireland
Gallagher M, McNabola A, Kamber B, Gill L, Ghosh B & Alam MS
(2015) The Neoarchaean Surface Sulphur Cycle: New Solutions to Non-Zero Intercept Δ33S – δ34S Arrays
Gallagher M, Whitehouse M & Kamber B
(2013) Evaluating the Role of Microscopic Pyrite for Budgets of Vital Metals in Precambrian Carbonate
Gallagher M & Kamber BS

Gallagher Morgan (2014) Molecular (Proxy) Estimates of Changes in Soil Organic Matter Stability with Changes in Atmospheric CO2 Concentrations
Hockaday W, Gallagher M, Masiello C, Polley W, Iversen C & Norby R
(2010) Elevated Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Alters Soil Biochemical Stocks
Hockaday W, Gallagher M, Masiello C, Baldock J, Iversen C & Norby R
(2007) Organic Carbon Oxidation State: A New Proxy for the Earth's C and O Cycles
Masiello C, Hockaday W & Gallagher M

Gallagher S. (2017) Indian Ocean Circulation Changes over the Middle Pleistocene Transition
Petrick B, Auer G, De Vleeschouwer D, Christensen B, Reuning L, Martinez-Garcia A, Gallagher S, Fulthorpe C, Bogas K & Haug G

Gallagher T. (2018) Toward Non-Destructive, Semi-Continuous Monitoring of Calcite Precipitation/Dissolution in Soils
Gallagher T, Friedmann E & Breecker D
(2015) Positive Feedback Drives Carbon Release from Soils to Atmopshere during Paleocene/Eocene Warming
Cotton J, Sheldon N, Hren M & Gallagher T
(2014) Terrestrial Life and Environmental Heterogeneity within the Late-Mesoproterozoic Nonesuch Shale
Gallagher T & Sheldon N
(2013) Clumped Isotope Thermometry of Neoproterozoic Cap Carbonates from Northwest and Southeast China
Gallagher T, Sheldon N & Xiao S
(2013) Anoxygenic Cyanobacterial Mats in Middle Island Sinkhole, Lake Huron: An Analogue of the Precambrian
Dick G, Kinsman-Costello L, Sheldon N, Biddanda B, Marcus D, Voorhies A, Snider M & Gallagher T

Gallagher V. (2017) Extending the Utility of Multidynamic MC-Tims by Optimal Use of Redundant Data
Ickert R, Mahajan R, Carter J, Gallagher V, Kelley A & Mark D

Galland B. (2008) Sampling an Active Continental Paleo-Margin: A LA-ICP-MS U-Pb Zircon Study from the Adrar des Iforas (Mali)
Bruguier O, Bosch D, Caby R, Galland B & Hammor D
(2008) Accessory Minerals as Petrogenetic Tracers: Insights from in situ Analyses
Bosch D, Garrido C, Bruguier O, Dhuime B, Bodinier J-L & Galland B

Gallardo L. (2009) Emissions from South American M-Cities
Gallardo L

Gallardo M. (2004) Phase Transitions in Lawsonite and KDP-Type Ferroelectrics: Comparisons of Proton Ordering Mechanisms
Hayward S, Gallardo M & Carpenter M

Gallardo R. (2011) Effect of Soil Sand on 13C CP-Mas NMR Spectra Quality
Yanardag IH, Faz Cano A, Munoz Garcia MA & Gallardo R

Gallas A-M. (2014) Lithium Isotope in Micas: An Isotopic Tool for the Classification of Granitic Pegmatites?
Deveaud S, Millot R, Gallas A-M & Robert M

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