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Galceran J. (2010) Disposable Sensors for [Zn2+], [Cd2+] and [Pb2+] Determination in Natural Samples
Parat C, Authier L, Aguilar D, Companys E, Galceran J & Potin-Gautier M
(2010) Does the Chelex Resin in DGT Devices Really act as a Perfect Planar Sink for Metals? Kinetic Limitations of DGT Measurements
Levy J, Zhang H, Davison W, Puy J & Galceran J
(2010) Obtaining in situ Kinetic and Speciation Information for Trace Metal Complexes in Freshwater
Zhang H, Davison B, Warnken K, Galceran J & Puy J

Galdanes K. (2017) Pulmonary Inflammatory Responses to Acute Meteorite Dust Exposures – Implications for Human Space Exploration
Harrington A, McCubbin F, Kaur J, Smirnov A, Galdanes K, Schoonen M, Chen L-C, Tsirka S & Gordon T

Galdenzi S. (2007) Sulfur Isotope Geochemistry of Sulfidic Springwaters at Marche Region, Central Italy
Maruoka T, Galdenzi S & Matsuda J-I

Galdi S. (2017) Sugar-Influenced Diffusion and Interaction Dynamics at the Fluid-Mineral Interface in Clay Nanopores: Computational and Spectroscopic Investigations
Kelch S, Galdi S & Aristilde L
(2016) Influence of Sugar Molecules on Water Dynamics and Interactions in Clay Nanopores
Galdi S, Aoki T & Aristilde L

Gale Allison (2015) What Controls Extents of MORB Differentiation?
Langmuir C & Gale A
(2014) The Global Systematics of Ocean Ridge Basalts and their Origin
Gale A, Langmuir C & Dalton C
(2011) Estimating Mantle Temperature from a Global Comparison of Seismic Models and the Petrology of Mid-Ocean-Ridge Basalts
Dalton C, Gale A & Langmuir C

Gale Andrew S. (2011) Nd-Isotope Evolution in the Cretaceous Gault and Chalk Seas (Albian–Maastrichtian)
Zheng X, Jenkyns H, Henderson G, Ward D & Gale A
(2007) Surface Water Freshening and High-Latitude River Discharge in the Eocene North Sea
Voigt S, Zacke A, Joachimski M & Gale AS

Gale Andy (2013) A History of Inhibition: Thresholds and Echinoderm Mg/Ca
Rickaby R, Vickers M, Jenkyns H, Gale A, Bots P & Shaw S

Galé C. (2013) Magmatic Processes Revealed by Heterogeneous Crystal Populations in a Lamprophyre System
Ubide T, Galé C, Larrea P, Arranz E, Lago M & Wijbrans JR
(2013) New Sr-Nd-Pb Isotopic Data on Graciosa Island Lavas (Azores)
Larrea P, Widom E, Galé C, Ubide T, Lago M & França Z
(2012) Enriched Mantle Source for the Cretaceous Alkaline Lamprophyres from the Catalonian Coastal Ranges (NE Spain)
Ubide T, Gale C, Arranz E, Lago M, Larrea P, Tierz P & Sanz T

Gale Julia F. W. (2012) Opening-Mode Fracturing and Cementation during Hydrocarbon Generation in Mudrocks: An Example from the Barnett Shale, West Texas
Fall A, Gale JFW, Eichhubl P, Ali WA, Laubach SE & Bodnar RJ

Gale Julian (2018) Nanoscale Processes for Calcium Carbonate Formation: Insights from Computer Simulation
De La Pierre M, Reischl B, Schuitemaker A, Koziara K, Demichelis R, Raiteri P, Rohl A, Stack A, Gebauer D & Gale J
(2018) An Investigation of Calcium Phosphate Prenucleation Clusters
Garcia N, Demichellis R, Raiteri P & Gale J
(2018) Simulation of Mineral-Fluid Interfaces and their Influence on Surface Binding
Garcia N, De La Pierre M, Demichelis R, Raiteri P, Stack A & Gale J

Gale Julian D. (2018) Adsorption of Organic Molecules on Calcite in Water
Schuitemaker A, Koziara K, De La Pierre M, Demichelis R, Raiteri P & Gale JD
(2017) Calcium Carbonate Growth and Dissolution: Building an Atomistic Picture via Computer Simulation
De La Pierre M, Raiteri P, Reischl B, Stack A & Gale J
(2017) Modelling Calcium Phosphate Pre-Nucleation Events
Demichelis R, Garcia N, Raiteri P, Gale JD, Innocenti Malini R, Freeman CL & Harding JH
(2017) Molecular Simulations of CO2 in Aqueous Solutions at Calcite Surfaces
Silvestri A, Budi A, Ataman E, Andersson MP, Stipp SLS, Gale JD & Raiteri P
(2016) Computational Insight on the Existence of CaCO3 Prenucleation Clusters
Raiteri P, Schuitemaker A, Demichelis R & Gale J
(2016) Probing the Role of Water Dynamics in Calcium Carbonate Crystal Growth Using Classical Molecular Dynamics
De La Pierre M, Raiteri P & Gale JD
(2016) Probing Reactivity at the Calcite-Water Interface Using Computer Simulation
De La Pierre M, Raiteri P, Schuitemaker A, Demichelis R & Gale J
(2015) The Initial Steps in the Precipitation of Calcium Phosphate Minerals
Innocenti Malini R, Harding J, Freeman C, Hall S, Demichelis R, Raiteri P, Sommerdijk N & Gale J
(2015) Computational Investigation of the Crystallization of Calcium Oxalate
Zhao W, Demichelis R, Raiteri P, Gale JD, Jones F & Sharma N
(2015) Exploring the Microscopic Structure of Minerals Through ab Initio Vibrational Spectroscopy
De La Pierre M, Demichelis R, Raiteri P, D'Arco P, Carteret C, Dovesi R & Gale J
(2015) Early and Late Stages of CaCO3 Growth from Aqueous Solution
Raiteri P, De La Pierre M, Demichelis R & Gale J
(2014) Vibrational Spectroscopy of Biominerals: Combining Computer Models and Experiments to Understand Structural Features
Demichelis R, De La Pierre M, Raiteri P, Gale JD, Wehrmeister U & Jacob DE
(2014) Exploring the Generality of Stable Pre-Nucleation Species for Alkaline Earth Carbonates
Raiteri P, Demichelis R, Gale J, Kellermeier M & Gebauer D
(2013) Liquid-Liquid Separation at the Onset of CaCO3 Formation
Wallace A, Hedges L, Fernandez-Martinez A, Raiteri P, Whitelam S, Waychunas G, Gale J, Banfield J & De Yoreo J
(2013) The Multiple Structures of Vaterite
Demichelis R, Raiteri P & Gale JD
(2013) Computer Simulations of Carbonates in Water
Raiteri P, Demichelis R & Gale J
(2013) The Effect of Chemical Evolution in 137CsCl on Radionuclide Leaching
Zhang F, Marks N, Gale J, Kang Q, Uberuaga B, Stanek C & Henson N
(2012) Epitaxial Garnet-Muscovite Interfaces: Molecular Modelling
Moore SJ, Wright K, Gale JD & Carlson WD
(2012) Simulation of Non-Classical Crystallization of Carbonate Minerals
Gale J, Demichelis R, Raiteri P, Quigley D & Gebauer D
(2012) Calcite Growth from the Molecular Scale
Stack A, Bracco J, Raiteri P, Gale J & Grantham M
(2012) Computing the Thermodynamics and Reactivity of Carbonates from Solid State to Speciation
Gale J, Demichelis R, Raiteri P, Quigley D, Gebauer D, Stack A, Dovesi R, Vinograd V & Winkler B
(2012) Derivation of an Accurate Force-Field for the Simulation of Carbonates
Raiteri P, Demichelis R & Gale J
(2011) Structure and Relative Stability of Hydrous and Anhydrous Ca-Mg Carbonates from First-Principle Calculations
Demichelis R, Raiteri P & Gale JD
(2011) Nucleation of Amorphous Calcium Carbonate: A Combined Theoretical and Experimental Perspective
Demichelis R, Raiteri P, Gale J, Gebauer D & Quigley D
(2010) The Structure of Hydronium Alunite: A First Principles Study
Wright K, Gale J & Hudson-Edwards K
(2010) Atomistic Simulation of Metal-Carbonate Cluster Formation
Wallace A, Raiteri P, Gale J, DeYoreo J & Banfield J
(2010) Towards Accurate Modeling of the Growth and Nucleation of Carbonates
Raiteri P, Gale J, Quigley D & Rodger M
(2009) Understanding the Fundamental Mechanisms of CaCO3 in Water
Raiteri P, Spagnoli D & Gale J
(2008) Mechanisms of Cd, Cu and Zn Uptake in Jarosite Surfaces: A Computer Simulation Study
Hudson-Edwards K, Wright K & Gale J
(2007) The Role of Solvent in the Kinetics of Barite Nucleation
Piana S, Jones F & Gale J
(2006) An efficient technique for calculating solvation effects on surface structures and energetics
Rohl A & Gale J
(2004) Computer Modelling of Hydrogen Defects in Spinels
Blanchard M, Wright K & Gale J
(2004) Self-Consistent Interatomic Potentials for Oxides: A Key to Solid Solution Modelling
Vinograd V, Winkler B, Putnis A, Hålenius U & Gale J

Gale M. (2016) Role of Sea Ice Biogeochemistry in Air-Ice-Ocean Exchange of Climatically Important Gases (CO2 and DMS) in the Arctic: Preliminary Results of Coupled Sea Ice-Ocean Physical-Biogeochemical Model Simulations
Hayashida H, Mortenson E, Monahan A, Steiner N, Blais M, Gale M, Galindo V, Gosselin M, Gourdal M, Hu X, Levasseur M & Mundy CJ

Galeazzo T. (2017) Modeling the Pathways of Generation of O-Mif in Tropospheric Sulfates
Galeazzo T, Bekki S & Martin E

Galeczka I. (2017) Rapid Siderite Mineralisation of Carbon during CO2-water-Basaltic Glass Experiments at 50℃
Clark DE, Gislason S, Galecka I & Wolff-Boenisch D
(2017) Reaction Path Modelling of the in situ Mineralisation of CO2 at the CarbFix Site in SW-Iceland
Snæbjörnsdóttir SÓ, Gislason SR, Galeczka IM & Oelkers EH
(2017) Pollution from the 2014/15 Bárðarbunga Eruption Monitored by Snow Cores from Vatnajökull Glacier, Iceland
Galeczka I, Eiriksdottir ES, Pálsson F, Oelkers E, Lutz S, Benning LG, Stefánsson A, Gunnarsson Robin J, Ólafsdóttir R, Jónasdóttir EB & Gislason SR
(2016) Environmental Pressure from the 2014-15 Eruption of the Bardarbunga Volcano, Iceland
Gislason S, Eiriksdottir E, Galeczka I, Stefánsdóttir G, Pfeffer M, Barsotti S, Johannsson T, Bali E, Sigmarsson O, Stefansson A, Keller N, Sigurdsson A & Gudmundsson M
(2015) The Very First Reactions in the Carbon and Sulphur Cycles during the 2014/15 Holuhraun Volcanic Eruption, Iceland
Galeczka I, Sigurdsson G, Eiriksdottir E & Gislason S
(2015) Environmental Pressure from the 2014–15 Eruption of Bárðarbunga Volcano, Iceland
Gislason S, Stefansdottir G, Pfeffer M, Barsotti S, Jóhannsson T, Galeczka I, Bali E, Sigmarsson O, Stefansson A, Keller N, Sigurdsson A, Bergsson B, Galle B, Jacobo V, Arellano S, Aiuppa A, Eiriksdottir E, Jakobsson S, Gunnarsson H & Gudmundsson M
(2011) Experimental Studies on CO2 Sequestration in Basaltic Rocks with a Plug Flow Reactor
Galeczka I, Wolff-Boenisch D & Gislason S

Galenas M. (2010) Clues to the Formation of the Terrestrial Planets from Highly Siderophile Elements
Walker R, Puchtel I, Day J, Galenas M & Brandon A

Galeotti S. (2011) Methane and the PETM: All Good Things Must Come to An End?
Pagani M, DeConto R, Galeotti S & Beerling D

Galer S.J.G. (2018) Importance of Cadmium Sulphides for Cd Cycling in the Oxygen Deficient Zone of the Angola Basin
Guinoiseau D, Galer SJG, Abouchami W & Frank M
(2018) Glacial Northward Shifts of the South Westerlies Altered Dust Sources to the Atlantic Southern Ocean
Pichat S, Lodyga O, Galer SJG, Alfredo M-G & Haug GH
(2017) Controls on Upper Ocean Cd Isotope Fractionation
Xie RC, Janssen DJ, Abouchami W, Galer SJG, Rijkenberg MJA, Cullen JT, de Baar HJW, De Jong J & Andreae MO
(2017) Barite Control on the Southern Ocean Barium Isotopic Signature
Galer S, Abouchami W, Middag R & de Baar H
(2017) Effect of CdS Precipitation on the Partitioning of Cd Isotopes
Guinoiseau D & Galer SJG
(2017) Tracing Dust Sources in the Atlantic Southern Ocean during the Last 160 ka
Lodyga O, Pichat S, Martínez-García A & Galer S
(2017) A Novel Stable Cadmium Isotope Record of the Great Oxygenation Event
Abouchami W, Busigny V, Philippot P, Cheng C & Galer S
(2017) Cd Isotope Fractionation between Phases in Cambrian Black Shales: a Case Study from the Niutitang Formation, Southwest China
Hohl SV, Galer SJG, Liu Q, We i H & Jiang S-Y
(2016) What Controls the Fractionation of Cd Isotopes in Marine Carbonates? Case Studies from the Neoproterozoic Strata on Yangtze Platform, South China
Hohl S, Galer S, Jiang S-Y & Becker H
(2015) Cadmium Isotope Distribution along a Northeast-Southwest Transect in the Tropical Atlantic Ocean
Xie RC, Galer SJG, Abouchami W, Frank M & Ehlert C
(2015) Chromium Isotope Behaviour during Microbial Reduction Activities
Zhang Q, Amor K, Porcelli D, Thompson I & Galer S
(2015) Chromium Isotopes in Arctic Ocean Water
Amor K, Porcelli D, Andersson P & Galer S
(2015) Cadmium and Lead Isotopes in High Temperature Hydrothermal Vents on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge
Abouchami W, Koschinsky A, Haßler K & Galer S
(2015) Combined δ88/86Sr and 87Sr/86Sr in Bones and Teeth: A Toolbox for Diet and Habitat Reconstruction
Tütken T, Held P, Herrmann S & Galer S
(2015) Lawsonite Blueschists in Recycled Mélange Involved in K-Rich Orogenic Magmatism
Wang Y, Prelević D, Foley S, Buhre S & Galer S
(2015) Radiogenic Sr, Nd and Pb Isotopes in Deflatable Soil Phases from North Africa
Singh S, Galer S, Kandler K, Abouchami W, Jotter R & Andreae M
(2015) Long-Term Response of African Dust Inputs to the Tropical Atlantic to Climate
Wei R, Galer S & Abouchami W
(2015) Cd Isotopic Variations in Ediacaran Carbonate Rocks from South China; Biogenic or Abiogenic Isotope Fractionation?
Hohl SV, Galer SJG & Becker H
(2014) The Radiogenic Isotope Signature of Aeolian Dust over Barbados
Kumar A, Abouchami W, Galer S, Prospero J & Andreae M
(2014) Global Oceanic Cadmium Isotope Distribution
Galer S, Abouchami W, Xie R, Janssen D, Rijkenberg M, Gerringa L, Cullen J & de Baar H
(2014) Cadmium Isotopes along the Line-P Transect in the Northeast Subarctic Pacific
Janssen DJ, Cullen JT, Abouchami W, Galer SJG & de Baar HJW
(2013) Can Saharan Dust Explain Extensive Clay Deposits in the Amazon Basin? Radiogenic Isotopes as Tracers of Transatlantic Transport
Andreae MO, Abouchami W, Näthe K, Kumar A, Galer S, Jochum KP, Williams E, Horbe AMC, Rosa J & Harrison G
(2013) Interactions of Dissolved CO2 with Cadmium Isotopes in the Southern Ocean
de Baar H, van Heuven S, Middag R, Neven I, Klunder M, van Ooijen J, Xue Z, Abouchami W, Rehkamper M & Galer S
(2013) Consumption-Regeneration Cycle of Micronutrients and their Isotopes in Seawater
Galer S & Abouchami W
(2013) Isotopic Characterization of Winter Time Aeolian Dust over Cape Verde
Kumar A, Abouchami W, Galer S, Fomba K & Andreae M
(2013) Isotopes in Vertebrate Bioapatite: Proxies for Climate, pCO2 and Diet
Tütken T, Held P & Galer SJG
(2011) Cadmium Isotopes in the Western North Atlantic – GEOTRACES Cruise PE319
Powell C, Abouchami W, Galer S, Andreae M, de Jong J, Gerringa L & de Baar H
(2011) Cadmium Isotopes in Banded Iron Formations and Early Life in the Precambrian Ocean
Abouchami W, Mezger K, Galer S & Frei R
(2011) Calcium Isotopes in Human Urine Under Simulated Microgravity Conditions
Heuser A, Frings-Meuthen P, Rittweger J & Galer S
(2011) Assessing Calcium Isotopes as a Dietary Proxy for Terrestrial Vertebrates
Broska J, Tütken T, Galer SJG, Held P & Alt KW
(2011) Stable Sr Isotopes in Seawater
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(2011) Chromium Isotopes in the World’s Oceans: Potential Tracers of Redox Environments
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(2010) In Search of a Common Reference Material for Cadmium Isotope Studies
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(2007) Seasonal Element and Sr Isotope Ratio Variations in Late Miocene Corals from Crete, Eastern Mediterranean
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(2007) The Double-Spike Cookbook
Galer S
(2007) Natural Mass-Dependent Cd Isotopic Variations Determined by TIMS
Schmitt A-D, Galer S & Abouchami W
(2004) Mass Bias Correction Laws Suitable for MC-ICP-MS Measurement
Galer S & Abouchami W
(2004) Deconvolving the Pb Isotope Signal of Marine Sediments
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(2003) Scales of Mantle Heterogeneity and Melting
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(2002) New Perspectives on the Crust-Mantle Invariant Ratio Mass Balance
Galer SJG
(2002) Anatomy of the Hawaiian Plume: Heterogeneity on Many Scales
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(2000) The Geochemical Evolution of Hawaiian Magmatism Since the Mesozoic: Evidence from Lavas from the Emperor Seamounts
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(2000) Lead Isotopic Evidence for Multiple Components in the Hawaiian Plume
Abouchami W, Hofmann A & Galer S
(2000) Pb Isotopic Evidence for Coherent Mantle Domains beneath the East Pacific Rise
Galer SJG, Abouchami W & Macdougall JD

Galera Monge T. (2011) Microbial Populations of Clay Formations and their Interactions with Uranium
López Fernández M, Fernández Sanfrancisco O, Martinéz García M, Ranea Robles P, Galera Monge T, Moreno García A & Merroun M

Galfetti T. (2008) Tracing Magmatic Sources of Ash Beds in the Late Permian to Middle Triassic Nanpanjiang Basin (South China): Insights from Hf Isotopes on Zircons from Volcanic Ash Beds
Ovtcharova M, Bucher H, Galfetti T, Schaltegger U, Brayard A, Goudemand N & Stracke A

Galić A. (2017) Pyrite Geochemistry as a Recorder of Early Biosphere Processes
Mason P, Roerdink D, Galic A & Whitehouse M
(2015) Paleoarchaean Sulfur Cycling as Revealed by Multiple Sulfur Isotopes, Barberton Greenstone Belt, South Africa
Schier K, Montinaro A, Brandt M, Strauss H, Galic A, Mason P & Rammensee P
(2015) 3.2Ga Pyrite Multi-Isotope Signatures Record a Range of Redox Processes (Formation Mechanisms) and a Heterogenous Elemental Sulfur Source
Galic A, Mason P, Wolthers M, Whitehouse M & Vroon P
(2015) Geochemistry of a Palaeoarchean Shallow Shelf Environment: Unravelling Sediment Provenance, Alteration History and Redox Tracers
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Montinaro A, Strauss H, Mason P & Galić A

Galili N. (2017) The Geologic History of Seawater δ18O from Marine Fe Oxides
Galili N, Yam R, Shemesh A & Halevy I

Galimberti D. (2017) SFG Spectroscopy of Silica/water Interfaces by DFT-Md Simulations
Pezzotti S, Galimberti D & Gaigeot M-P
(2017) Water at Silica/ and Alumina/Liquid Water Interfaces Investigated by DFT-Md Simulations: Structure & SFG Vibrational Signatures Revealed
Pezzotti S, Galimberti D, Pfeiffer-Laplaud M, Potier L, Cimas A & Gaigeot M-P

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Xu G, Hannah J, Stein H, Galimberti RF & Nali M

Galimov E. (2014) Development of an Oxidation Solid Electrolyte Micro-Reactor for δ34S Analysis of Nonvolatile Organic Substances by CF-IRMS
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(2013) Biogenic or Abiogenic Hydrocarbon Source of Melekes Depression
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(2008) Isotope and Mineralogical Study of Diamonds from Northwestern Russia
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(2008) Anthropogenic Radionuclides Distribution Pattern in the Kara Sea: Biogeochemistry Facets
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(2008) Finite Speed of Mantle Homogenization and Hf-W Assessments of the Earth's Core Age
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(2008) Evolution of Planet-Satellite System due to Accumulation of Dispersed Material from Protoplanet Cloud
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(2007) Hf-W and U-Pb Ages of the Earth Core Formation: A Solution of the Paradox
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(2006) Time and geodynamic constraints on the formation and evolution of the Early Earth’s crust
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(2005) Geochemical Constraints and Dynamic Simulation of the Origin of the Earth-Moon System
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(2004) Isotope Organic Geochemistry
Galimov E
(2002) ATP is a Key Molecule of Prebiotic Evolution
Galimov E

Galindez J.M. (2011) Continuum Model for Diffusive Transport in the Electrical Double Layer and Clay Interlamellæ
Galindez JM, Steefel C & Maeder U

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