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Gaillou Éloïse (2018) In situ Analysis of Inclusions in Diamonds from Collections
Daver L, Bureau H, Gaillou É, Ferraris C, Boulliard J-C, Cartigny P & Pinti D

Gain S.E.M. (2017) CH4 Interaction with Basalt Magma: Super-Reducing Conditions beneath Mt Carmel, Israel
Griffin WL, Gain SEM, Huang J, Toledo V & O'Reilly SY

Gaines D. (2010) Hydrogeophysical Quantification of Plume-Scale Flow Architecture and Recharge Processes
Hubbard S, Watson D, Baker G, Chen J, Kowalsky M, Gasperikova E, Gaines D, Smith M & Brooks S

Gaines E. (2017) First Measurements of Magnesium Isotopic Compositions of Two Modern Bahamian Island Lake Stromatolites
Griffith E, Li Z, Gaines E, Wronkiewicz D, Paul V, Fan M & Fantle M

Gaines R. (2017) Redox State of the Marine Nitrogen Cycle and Evolution of Eukaryotes during Late Neoproterozoic
Prokopenko M, Gaines R, Corcetti F, Loyd S, Zielinski D, Cordova A, Sigman D & Berelson W
(2013) Evidence for Elevated Iron Flux to the Early Phanerozoic Ocean
Gaines R, Havranek R, Metcalfe K & Peters S
(2013) An Abrupt Change in the Nitrogen Cycle and Redox Conditions of Surface Environments in Ediacaran-Cambrian as Recorded in Carbonate Associated Nitrate (CAN)
Prokopenko M, Corsetti F, Gaines R, Loyd S, Kaufman J & Berelson W
(2013) Oxygen Minimum-Zone-Like Conditions from the Early Cambrian of Chengjiang, South China
Hammarlund E, Gaines R, Qi C & Canfield D
(2011) Potential for Widespread Microbial Liberation of Structurally-Coordinated Iron from Common Clay Minerals in Marine Sediments
Gaines R, Trang J, Scott S, Crane E, Prokopenko M & Berelson W

Gainey S. (2018) Interpreting Observations of Amorphous and Poorly Crystalline Materials on Mars: A Combined Field, Laboratory, and Modeling Approach
Hausrath E, Ralston SJ, Bamisile T, Luu N, Rampe E, Peretyazhko T & Gainey S
(2012) Gas Clathrate Hydrate Thermodynamics and Kinetics: Limits on Near-Surface Volatile Fluxes for Cold Terrestrial Planetary Systems Through Deep Time
Elwood Madden M, Root M, Gainey S & Leeman J

Gainsforth Z. (2014) Nano-FTIR Studies of a Cometary Dust Grain and Murchison Meteorite
Dominguez G, McLeod A, Gainsforth Z, Keilmann F, Westphal A, Thiemens M & Basov DN
(2008) STXM Analysis of NASA Stardust Returned Samples in Low-Density Silica Aerogel
Butterworth A, Tyliszczak T, Westphal A, Frank D, Gainsforth Z & Ogliore R

Gainville R. (2004) Zn Isotopic Composition of Fumarolic Gases from Merapi Volcano (Indonesia), Preliminary Results
Nonell A, Toutain J, Polve M, Munoz M, Viers J, Sortino F, Gainville R & Dupre B
(2004) New Insights on Metal Biogeochemistry in Tropical Environment: The Role of Vegetation in Metal Cycles at a Small Watershed Scale
Oliva P, Viers J, Dupre B, Gainville R, Ndam J & Freydier R

Gaither T. (2015) Thermochemical Diversity of Zircon Crystallizing from the Youngest Toba Tuff, Indonesia
Reid M, Gaither T & Vazquez J

Gajdesechova Z. (2017) Inductively Coupled Plasma Time-Of-Flight Mass Spectrometry (ICP-Tofms) as a New Monitoring Tool for Nanoparticles and Trace Metals in the Environment
Tanner M, Borovinskaya O, Bussweiler Y, Gajdesechova Z, Raab A, Krupp E & Feldmann J

Gajendra N. (2018) Endospore Distribution in the Nankai Trough Deep Biosphere – Insights from IODP Expedition 370
Viehweger B, Gajendra N, Wörmer L, Heuer V & Hinrichs K-U
(2016) Assessing Abundance and Relevance of Bacterial Endospores in the Marine Subsurface
Wörmer L, Hoshino T, Viehweger B, Meador T, Gajendra N, Stern B, Inagaki F & Hinrichs K-U

Gajos N. (2014) Assessing Stable Isotope Fractionations during Differentiation Through Spatial Sampling
Lundstrom C, Zambardi T, Gajos N, Huggett N, Kehoe K & Perfit M
(2013) Experimental Constraints on Fe Isotope Fractionation in Fluid-Melt-Oxide-Sulfide Assemblages
Bilenker L, Simon A, Lundstrom C, Gajos N & Zajacz Z
(2012) Non-Traditional Isotope Variations in the Cordillera del Paine Pluton
Gajos N, Lundstrom C & Michael P
(2011) Production of the Cordillera del Paine Igneous Complex by Thermal Migration Zone Refinining
Lundstrom C, Gajos N & Michael P

Gajurel A (2000) Erosion Processes and Fluxes in the Central Himalaya from Geochemical Constraints
France-Lanord C, Galy A, Gajurel A, Derry L, Evans M, Hurtrez J, Riotte J, Pierson-Wickmann A & Rose E

Gajurel Ananta (2019) Organic and Inorganic Long-Term Carbon Budget of Himalayan Erosion after the 2015 Gorkha Earthquake
Märki L, Lupker M, Gajurel A, Haghipour N, France-Lanord C, Lavé J, Morin G, Gallen S & Eglinton T
(2013) Balancing Chemical and Physical Erosion in the Ganga Basin
France-Lanord C, Galy V, Gajurel A, Lavé J, Lupker M & Morin G
(2012) Geochemical Composition of Erosion Products in Central Nepal: Contraints on Landslide and Soil Erosion Processes
Morin GP, France-Lanord C, Lupker M, Gallo F, Lave J & Gajurel AP
(2012) Origin and Fluxes of Dissolved Sulphate in the Himalayan System: Evaluation and Implication
France-Lanord C, Gajurel A, Galy V, Lupker M & Morin G

Gal A. (2016) Molecular-Functional Insights into Biomimetic Pathways
Kababya S, Gal A, Kahil K, Weiner S, Addadi L & Schmidt A
(2015) Crystal Growth Mechanisms in Biomineralization: Solution Mediated Growth Versus Amorphous Precursor Nanoparticle-Mediated Accretion
Gal A, Weiner S & Addadi L
(2015) Experimental Evidence for a Spinodal Region in the Phase Diagram of Calcium Carbonate
Zou Z, Habraken W, Bertinetti L, Politi Y, Vidavski N, Gal A, Weiner S, Addadi L & Fratzl P
(2015) Imaging Intracellular Calcium Accumulation in Coccolithophores Using Cryo-X-Ray Tomography
Gal A, Faivre D & Scheffel A

Gal J-K. (2016) Comparison of Organic Temperature Proxies (UK’37, LDI) in the East Sea (Sea of Japan)
Gal J-K, Kim J-H, Lee D-H, Kang SJ, Hwang J & Shin K-H
(2016) Impact of the Fish Farming on Sedimentary Organic Matter Composion in Lake Soyang (South Korea)
Kang SJ, Kim J-H, Gal J-K, Lee DH & Shin K-H
(2016) Active Methane Cycling Studied by Molecular Biomarkers and Stable Isotope in the Sediment of Sakhalin Continental Slope
Lee D-H, Jin Y-K, Minami H, Hachikubo A, Gal J-K, Choi B & Shin K-H
(2015) Impacts of the Soyang Dam on Sedimentary Organic Matter Composition in its Reservoir (South Korea)
Kang S-J, Kim J-H, Damste´ JSS, Gal J-K, Lee D, Kim B & Shin K-H
(2015) Applicability of the Long Chain Diol Index in the East Sea (Sea of Japan)
Gal J-K, Kang S-J, Lee DH, Kim J-H & Shin K-H
(2013) Origin and Distribution of Sedimentary Organic Matter in Yellow Sea and Northern East China Sea Studied with Carbon and Nitrogen Stable Isotopes and Radiocarbon
Yoon S-H, Gal J-G, Yi H-I & Shin K-H

Galaasen E. (2012) Rapid Reductions in North Atlantic Deep Water during the Last Interglacial Period and their Relationship to Greenland Ice Sheet Variability
Ninnemann U, Galaasen E, Irvali N, Kleiven H, Rosenthal Y & Kissel C

Galachyants Y. (2015) Diversity of Microbial Communities and Degradation of Diatoms in the Deepwater Sediments of Lake Baikal
Kurilkina M, Zakharova Y, Galachyants Y, Bashenkhaeva M, Petrova D & Likhoshway Y

Galán E. (2009) Evaluation of Labile Metal Pools in Soils from a Highly Industrialised Wetland Area of Southwestern Spain by Single and Sequential Extraction Methods
Barba-Brioso C, Fernández-Caliani JC, Miras A & Galán E
(2005) Geochemistry, Mineralogy and Micropaleontology of Sediments from El Meleh Lagoon, Tunisia
Prudencio I, Gonzalez I, Dias I, Galan E, Ruiz F, Duplay J, Gueddari F & Ahmed R

Galán G (2004) Partial Melting and Metasomatism in the Subcontinental Lithospheric Mantle of NE Spain
Galán G

Galán Gumer (2019) Contrasting Appinite and Vaugnerite Suites and Related Granitoids from NW Iberian Massif. Insight into Mantle and Crustal Sources
Galán G, Gallastegui G, Cuesta A, Corretgé LG & Suárez O
(2015) Evolution of Lithospheric Mantle in NE Spain: Insight from Deformation Fabrics and Geochemistry of Mantle Xenoliths
Fernández-Roig M, Galán G, Pin C, Devidal J-L, Mariani E, Oliveras V, Martínez F & Grégoire M
(2015) Textural and Geochemical Record of Interaction between Enriched Mantle Magmas and Crustal Components in the Montnegre Mafic Complex (Catalan Costal Ranges)
Galán G, Enrique P, Butjosa L, Pin C & Devidal J-L
(2013) Microstructures and Geochemistry in the Subcontinental Lithospheric Mantle of NE Spain
Fernández-Roig M, Galán G, Oliveras V, Pin C, Grégoire M & Devidal J-L

Galand P. (2012) Transformation of Marine Wood-Falls into Anoxic-Sulfidic Environments: Voltammetric Time Series and Kinetic Modeling
Yucel M, Contreira L, Galand P, Fagervold S & Le Bris N

Galankina O. (2011) Abnormal (Y+REE)-enriched Zircon from the Pegmatite Dike (Gridino, the Belomorian Province, Fennoscandian Shield)
Skublov S, Galankina O & Simakin S

Galant Y. (2016) Magmatic Aspects of Oil Gas Bearing
Galant Y

Galante D. (2018) Assessing New Biogenicity Criteria of Microfossils with a Novel 3D Imaging Approach
Maldanis L, Hickman-Lewis K, Westall F, Bertrand L, Berenguer F, Gueriau P & Galante D

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