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Gagnon M-D-N. (2008) Distribution of Ni-Fe Alloys in the Serpentinized Harzburgites of the Jeffrey Mine, Asbestos, Québec
Gagnon M-D-N & Normand C

Gago R. (2015) Geochemical Behaviour of Amorphous Iron Oxides Occurring in Copper Mining Environments
Antelo J, Fiol S, Otero A, Baleeiro A, Luaces D, Gago R & Arce F

Gago-Duport L. (2013) Kinetic of H2O2 Generation and Decay during Pyrite Water Reactions
Gil Lozano C, Fernandez-Dávila A, Losa Adams E, Gonzalez Fairen A & Gago-Duport L
(2013) Basalt Weathering on Mars: Insights from Li-Isotope Fractionation Models
Losa Adams E, Gil Lozano C, Diz P, Gago Duport L, Fernandez.Dávila A & Gonzalez Fairen A
(2013) Abiotic O2 Availability on an Early Alkaline Ocean Through Halogen-Induced Superoxide Species
Gago-Duport L, Fernandez Bastero S, Gil Lozano C, Losa-Adams E, Fernandez.Dávila A & Gonzalez Fairen A
(2011) Kinetics of Free Radical Formation at Mineral-Water Interfaces
Gil Lozano C, Fernández Davila A, González Fairén A & Gago Duport L
(2011) Why do Earthworms Synthesize ACC?
Diz P, Gil C, Mendez J, Iglesias-Briones MJ & Gago-Duport L
(2007) Passivating Layer Formation during Glauconite Dissolution: Implications for Mineral Sequestration of CO2
Fernandez-Bastero S & Gago-Duport L
(2007) Oxygen Gas-Phase Formation in Iron Chemical Gardens
Gago-duport L & Fernandez-Bastero S
(2004) 3D-Mineral Distribution during the Early Diagenesis in Shallow Marine Sediments from XRD-Rietveld Analysis
Garcia Diez T, Fernandez-Bastero S & Gago-Duport L
(2004) Induced Structural and Compositional Modifications on Glauconite from Dissolution Experiments
Santos A, Fernandez-Bastero S, Garcia T & Gago-Duport L
(2004) Sponge-Like Hosted Mineralization on Silica Gardens: Implications for Natural Systems
Fernandez-Bastero S, Garcia Diez T, Santos A & Gago-Duport L
(2002) XRD-Rietveld and RMC Analysis of the Aging Process in Glauconites
Fernandez-Bastero S, Gago-Duport L, Garcia T, Velo A, Villar MP & Santos A
(2002) Geochemical Self-Organization of Mixed Siliciclastic-Carbonate Sediments in Estuarine-Like Systems
García T, Gago-Duport L, Fernández-Bastero S, Velo A, Santos A & De la Rosa-Fox N
(2002) Numerical Modelling of Competitive Nucleation Pathways
Velo A, Fernandez-Bastero S, Garcia T, Vilas F, Santos A & Gago-Duport L
(2000) Glauconite Nucleation in Silica Tubular Microstructures from Low-Temperature Solution Experiments
Gago-Duport L, Fernandez-Bastero S, Pimentel F, Villar P, Santos A, Serra C & Vilas F

Gaherty J.B. (2018) Towards Assessing the Causes of Volcanic Diversity at the Arc Scale
Till CB, Kent AJR, Abers GA, Janiszewski HA, Gaherty JB & Pitcher BW

Gahlan H.
(2017) The Late Neoproterozoic Dahanib Mafic-Ultramafic Intrusion, South Eastern Desert, Egypt: Is it an Alaskan-Type or a Layered Intrusion?
Azer M, Gahlan H, Asimow P & Al-Kahtany K

Gai H. (2014) Secular Variations in Organic and Inorganic Carbon Isotope of the Mesoproterozoic (1.7–1.3 Ga) Sedimentary Successions on the North China Craton
Wang C, Zhang Z, Wang M, Li Y, Huang S, Wang J, Zhang X, Gai H & Xiong X
(2013) Biomarker Evidence for the Neoproterozoic Marine Redox Condition in South China
Wang C, Xiong X, Gai H, Liu Y, Li B, Zhou X & Xue B
(2012) The Co-evolution of Prokaryotes-Eukaryotes and Ocean Chemistry on the North China Craton during Mesoproterozoic (1.6 – 1.3 Ga)
Wang C, Wang M, Xu J, Li Y, Yu Y, Bai J, Dong T, Wang J, Huang S, Zhang X, Wang L, Xiong X & Gai H
(2011) 13α(n-alkyl)-Tricyclic Terpanes: A Series of Biomarkers for the Unique Microbial Mat Ecosystem in the Middle Mesoproterozoic (1.45~1.30Gyr) North China Sea
Wang C, Wang M, Xu J, Li Y, Yu Y, Bai J, Dong T, Zhang X, Xiong X & Gai H

Gai Y. (2016) Muti-Stage Metamorphic Evolution of the North Qinling Belt: Constraints from Petrology and Zircon U-Pb Study on Zhaigen and Songshugou Retrograde Eclogites
Liao X, Liu L, Gai Y & Chen D

Gaidies F. (2019) Secondary Chemical Zoning of Partially Resorbed Garnet
Asenbaum R, Petrishcheva E, Racek M, Lexa O, Gaidies F & Abart R
(2012) Toward a Quantitative Model of Metamorphic Nucleation
Gaidies F

Gaidos E. (2016) Dating the Earth-Like Reservoir Formation in the Solar Nebula with Enstatite Chondrite
Yin Q-Z, Gaidos E, Sanborn M & Li S
(2010) Effects of Silicate Melt Migration on the Differentiation of Planetesimals
Moskovitz N & Gaidos E

Gaiero D. (2018) Is the Argentinean Loess a Primary Dust Source in the Southern Hemisphere?
Gili S, Gaiero D, Mattielli N, Torre G, Goldstein S, Chemale F & Koester E
(2012) PARAD: Peat Bog Records of Atmospheric Dust Fluxes – Holocene Palaeoenvironmental and Paleoclimatic Implications for South America
De Vleeschouwer F, Vanneste H, Bertrand S, Coronato A, Gaiero D & Le Roux G

Gaigeot M-P. (2017) SFG Spectroscopy of Silica/water Interfaces by DFT-Md Simulations
Pezzotti S, Galimberti D & Gaigeot M-P
(2017) Water at Silica/ and Alumina/Liquid Water Interfaces Investigated by DFT-Md Simulations: Structure & SFG Vibrational Signatures Revealed
Pezzotti S, Galimberti D, Pfeiffer-Laplaud M, Potier L, Cimas A & Gaigeot M-P
(2016) Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Catalytic Alumina Oxide/Water Interfaces
Cimas A, Gaigeot M-P, Potier L & Kalai C
(2016) Electrolytes at the (0001) Alpha-Quartz/Water Interface Investigated by DFT-Md Simulations
Pfeiffer-Laplaud M & Gaigeot M-P

Gail H-P. (2015) Modelling the Thermal Evolution of Chondritic Asteroids and Comparison to Geochronological Data
Henke S, Fischer C, Gail H-P, Trieloff M & Schwarz WH

Gailer J. (2012) Chronic Toxicity of Metals/Metalloids in Mammals is Mediated by their Effect on Se-Metabolism
Gailer J, George G & Pickering I

Gailhanou H. (2014) A Selection of Thermodynamic Properties for Zeolites: Application to the Cement/Clay Interactions
Blanc P, Vieillard P, Gaboreau S, Gailhanou H, Claret F, Made B & Giffaut E
(2013) Thermodynamics of Hydration of MX80 Smectite Derived from Hydration Isotherms
Gailhanou H, Blanc P, Lassin A, Vieillard P, Denoyel R, Bloch E, Made B & Giffaut E
(2007) H/D Isotopic Interpretation of Hydration Isotherms
Lassin A, Gailhanou H, Richard T & Azaroual M

Gailhanou M. (2019) MapX – An in situ Mapping X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer for Planetary Science
Walroth R, Blake D, Sarrazin P, Marchis F, Gailhanou M & Thompson K

Gaillard B. (2019) High-Resolution 87/86Sr Analyses in Freshwater Mussels: Time-Series and Cartography Using Femto-Laser MC-ICP-MS
Lazareth CE, Pecheyran C, Berail S, Santos RV, Freitas CEC, Gaillard B & Pouilly M

Gaillard C. (2005) Interaction of U(VI) with Birnessite: A Solution Chemistry and EXAFS Study
Rihs S, Gaillard C & Manceau A

Gaillard F. (2019) REE-Rich Carbonatites Immiscible with Phonolitic Magma
Nabyl Z, Massuyeau M, Gaillard F, Tuduri J, Iacono-Marziano G, Rogerie G, Le Trong E, Di Carlo I, Melleton J & Bailly L
(2019) The Effects of F, Cl, P and H2O on the Immiscibility and Rare Metals Partitionning between Carbonate and Phonolite Melts
Gaillard F, Nabyl Z, Tuduri J, Di Carlo I, Melleton J & Bailly L
(2017) Experimental Determination of Sulfide Melt – Silicate Melt Partitioning of Metals at Crustal Conditions Relevant to the Formation of Magmatic Sulfide Ore Deposits
Ferraina C, Iacono-Marziano G, Brenan J, Gaillard F, Jego S & Sizaret S
(2017) Experimental Simulation of Rare Metal Enrichments during the Fractionation of Alkaline Magma
Nabyl Z, Gaillard F, Bailly L, Melleton J, Tuduri J & Iacono-Marziano G
(2017) Investigating the Effect of Pressure on the Sulfide-Sulfate Transition in Silicate Melts: Implications for the Behaviour of Chalcophile Elements and Redox State of Magma Sources
Jego S, Maussang E, Iacono Marziano G, Gaillard F & Morizet Y
(2016) Upper Mantle Melting and the Lithosphere-Asthenosphere Boundary
Richard G, Massuyeau M & Gaillard F
(2015) Depletion and Accumulation of CO2-rich Melts in the Convecting Asthenosphere
Richard G & Gaillard F
(2015) Redox Change Driven by Sulphur Degassing; A Review of Empirical Evidences
Moussallam Y, Oppenheimer C, Hartley M, Schipper CI, Scaillet B, Gaillard F & Kyle P
(2015) Upward Transport of S, Cu and Au in Magmas by Flotation of Sulphide Melt on Vapour Bubbles
Mungall J, Brenan J, Godel B, Barnes S & Gaillard F
(2015) Unconventional H2O-CO2 Solubility and Molecular Structure of Kimberlite Melts
Gaillard F, Moussallam Y, Morizet Y & Florian P
(2015) Modelling the Composition of H2O-CO2-rich Incipient Melts in the Upper Mantle
Massuyeau M, Gardés E, Morizet Y & Gaillard F
(2015) Theme 17: Melts, Glasses and Magmas
Gaillard F
(2015) Formation of Massive Sulfides by Magma-Sediment Interactions: The Noril’sk-Talnakh Case-Study
Iacono-Marziano G, Gaillard F, Ferraina C & Arndt N
(2013) A Multi-Component Model for the Partial Melting in Presence of CO2 and H2O in the Mantle
Massuyeau M, Morizet Y & Gaillard F
(2012) Chemical Interpretation of Mantle Electrical Heterogeneities in MORB Source Regions
Tarits P, Sifre D, Grigne C, Massuyeau M, Hashim L & Gaillard F
(2012) The Igneous Contribution to Atmosphere Chemistry
Gaillard F & Scaillet B
(2011) Strongly Reduced Gases Emitted during Flood Magmatism and their Environmental Consequences
Iacono-Marziano G, Gaillard F, Scaillet B, Marecal V, Pirre M, Polozov A & Arndt N
(2011) The Deep Carbon Cycle Confronted to Mantle Electrical Conductivities
Hammouda T, Gaillard F, Guillot B, Tarits P, Sator N, Micoulaut M & Hautot S
(2011) H2O-CO2 Solubility in Mafic Melts
Morizet Y, Iacono-Marziano G & Gaillard F
(2011) Volcanic Gases and Redox Biogeochemistry at the Archean-Proterozoic Transition
Gaillard F, Scaillet B & Arndt N

Gaillard J-F. (2015) Effect of Organic Ligands and Cell Metabolism on Hg(II) Sorption and Coordination to E. coli
Thomas S & Gaillard J-F
(2014) Bacterial Biouptake and Cell-Mediated Ligand-Exchange of Hg(II) Complexed with Organic Ligands
Thomas S, Tong T & Gaillard J-F
(2012) High-Throughput Analysis of Eco-Toxicity of Nano-TiO2 to Model Bacteria Under Simulated Environmental Conditions
Tong T, Binh CTT, Kelly J, Gaillard J-F & Gray K
(2012) Probing the Effects of Organic Ligands on Mercury Biouptake
Thomas S, Tong T, Ji I & Gaillard J-F
(2009) Bioavailability of Hg in Presence of Anthropogenic Ligands
Dahl A, Sanseverino J & Gaillard J-F
(2002) Trace Metals and Fe-Mn Cycling
Gaillard J-F, Taillefert M, Lienemann C-P & Perret D
(2002) Reactive Transport Modeling of Trace Metals in Stratified Water Columns
Taillefert M & Gaillard J-F
(2002) Correlating Bioavailability with Metal Toxicity Using a Suite of Analytical Techniques
Dahl A, Lalande M, Jackson B, Gaillard J-F & Stahl D

Gaillardet Jérôme (2019) How Far Back in Time do River Sediments Integrate the Effects of Weathering?
Bouchez J, Cogez A, Cai H, Ke Y, Chetelat B, Calmels D, Chen J & Gaillardet J
(2019) Isotopic Composition of Boron Adsorbed on Amorphous Silica
Saldi G, Louvat P, Schott J & Gaillardet J
(2019) Reconstitution of the Isotopic Composition of Boron in Seawater over Geological Times
Buisson M, Louvat P, Rollion-Bard C, Bouchez J, Horita J & Gaillardet J
(2019) The Pandora's box of Reverse Weathering Reactions: Clues from Li and Si Isotopes in a Paleo-Delta
Zhang X, Gaillardet J, Barrier L & Bouchez J
(2019) Black Shale Weathering in Mackenzie Basin: Constraints from Barium Isotopes
Charbonnier Q, Bouchez J & Gaillardet J
(2019) C-Q Relationships Viewed by High Frequency Temporal Monitoring of Rivers
Gaillardet J, Floury P, Bouchez J, Gayer E, Blanchouin A, Tallec G & Ansart P
(2019) Enhanced Chemical Weathering by Subsurface Flow Below Knickpoints
Le Traon C, Gaillardet J, Ma L, de Dreuzy J-R, Davy P, Sak P & Le Borgne T

Gaillardet Jerome (2018) The Use of Boron Isotopes to Explore Critical Zone Processes
Gaillardet J & Lemarchand D
(2018) Quantifying Weathering Rind Formation Rates by in situ Measurements of U-Series Disequilibria with Laser Ablation (LA) MC-ICPMS
Ma L, Dosseto A, Gaillardet J, Sak P & Brantley S
(2018) Recycling as a Controlling Factor of the CO2-Climate-Weathering Feedback
Gaillardet J & Bouchez J
(2018) Barium Stable Isotopes as a Fingerprint of Biological Uptake and Release: The Case of Amazon Basin
Charbonnier Q, Bouchez J, Gaillardet J & Dellinger M
(2017) Erosion and Weathering Drive Net CO2 Drawdown in the Mackenzie River Basin over Geological Time
Horan K, Hilton R, Dellinger M, Galy V, Gaillardet J, Tipper E, Selby D, Ottley C & Burton K
(2017) Erosion Drives Carbon Dioxide Emissions by Weathering of Rock-Derived Organic Carbon
Hilton R, Dellinger M, Horan K, Soulet G, Ogric M, West AJ & Gaillardet J
(2017) Sulfur Isotopes in Rivers: Insights into Global Pyrite Oxidation and the Modern Sulfur Cycle
Burke A, Adkins J, Gaillardet J, Holmes RM, McClelland J, Paris G, Peucker-Ehrenbrink B, Spencer R & Voss B
(2017) Carbonate Weathering Does Matter!
Gaillardet J & Calmels D
(2017) Temperature and CO2 Dependency of Global Carbonate Weathering Fluxes
Romero Mujalli G, Hartmann J, Goddéris Y, Börker J, Gaillardet J & Calmels D
(2017) Carbonate Weathering Processes: Controls and Rates
Calmels D, Bouchez J, Gaillardet J & Tipper E
(2017) Silicon Isotopic Reequilibration during Amorphous Silica Precipitation and Implications for Critical Zone Processes
Fernandez N, Gaillardet J & Druhan J
(2017) New Insights for Concentration-Discharge Relationships: High Frequency of Stream Water Chemistry
Floury P, Gaillardet J, Bouchez J, Gayer E & Tallec G
(2017) Geochemical Characteristics of New Spring Water Occurred after the Kumamoto Earthquake
Hosono T, Hashimoto M, Hartmann J, Louvat P, Bouchez J, Gaillardet J, Washington K, West J, Okumura A, Ide K, Sato T & Takahashi H
(2017) Boron Isotopes in Rivers from Volcanic Islands: A Weathering Proxy?
Louvat P & Gaillardet J
(2017) Changes in Mn Oxidation State and U Immobility in Weathering Rinds
Sak P, Ma L, Gaillardet J, Herndon E & Brantley S
(2017) River Geochemistry: Opportunities and Challenges
Gaillardet J, Floury P, Gayer E, Bouchez J, Tallec G, Blanchouin A & Ansart P
(2017) Combining Uranium and Boron Isotope Ratios to Trace Anthropogenic Salinity Inputs to the Rio Grande River in Southwest USA
Ma L, Garcia S, Nyachoti S, Louvat P & Gaillardet J
(2017) The Dissolved δ 137Ba Signal of Continental Weathering
Charbonnier Q, Bouchez J, Gaillardet J, Paris G, Guinoiseau D & Benedetti M
(2017) Controls on the Mackenzie River Sediment Geochemistry
Dellinger M, Gaillardet J, Hilton RG, Galy V, Bouchez J, Tipper E & Calmels D
(2017) The Transient Response of Chemical Weathering to Hydrology: Insights from River Dissolved Trace Element Concentrations and Li Isotopes
Kuessner M, Bouchez J, Lajeunesse E, Didon-Lescot J-F, Grard N, Domergue J-M & Gaillardet J
(2017) Silicon Isotopes in Large River Sediments: Imprint of Modern-Day Weathering vs. Continental Recycling
Zhang X, Pringle E, Dellinger M, Bouchez J, Gaillardet J & Moynier F
(2016) The Global Riverine Li Budget to the Ocean
Gaillardet J, Henchiri S, Bouchez J, Dellinger M, Louvat P & Raymond PA
(2016) Behaviour of Boron Isotopes in the Streams and Springs of AsO Caldera, Kyushu, Japan
Louvat P, Hartmann J, Hosono T, Kiyoshi I, Bouchez J & Gaillardet J
(2016) Nycthemeral Variations of River Chemistry Revealed by in situ High Frequency Measurements
Floury P, Gaillardet J, Tallec G, Ansart P & Blanchouin A
(2016) Germanium Stable Isotopes (δ74Ge) in Weathering: Is There Potential for Paleo-Weathering Reconstruction?
Baronas JJ, Hammond DE, Rouxel O, West AJ, Torres M, Opfergelt S, Burton K, James R, Pogge von Strandmann P, Monteverde D, Gaillardet J, Bouchez J & Galy V
(2016) Shale Weathering Turning Mountains into CO2 Sources
Bouchez J, Gaillardet J, Maurice L, Calmels D & Dellinger M
(2016) Tracing Salinity Sources in the Semi-Arid Rio Grande River with a Multi-Isotope Tracer (U, S, B, and Sr) Approach
Ma L, Garcia S, Nyachoti S, Szynkiewicz A, McIntosh J & Gaillardet J
(2016) U-Series and Sr Isotope Ratios in Soils from Basse-Terre Island, French Guadeloupe: Insights for Rapid Soil Formation in a Tropical Volcanic Setting
Pereyra Y, Ma L, Sak P, Gaillardet J, Buss H & Brantley S
(2016) Cosmogenic Nuclides, River Geochemistry, and Lanforms Reconstruction Methods Comparison to Study the Coopling between Chemical Weahering and Mechanical Erosion in a Steep Reunion Island Basins
Gayer E, Louvat P, Bouchez J, Michon L, Gaillardet J, Sy A & Havas R
(2015) Denudation and Weathering Rates from Meteoric 10Be/9Be Ratios in the Amazon Basin
Wittmann H, von Blanckenburg F, Dannhaus N, Bouchez J, Gaillardet J, Guyot J-L, Maurice L, Llacer-Roig H, Filizola N & Christl M
(2015) Large Variations of Lithium Isotopic Compositions in the Congo River System Trace Two Contrasted Weathering Regimes on a Flat Continental Setting
Henchiri S, Gaillardet J, Dellinger M, Bouchez J & Spencer R
(2015) Importance of Atmospheric Inputs on Biogeochemical Cycles in a Tropical Andesitic Watershed (Guadeloupe): Insight from Li-Sr-Nd Isotopes
Clergue C, Dellinger M, Cogez A, Buss HL, Gaillardet J, Benedetti M & Dessert C
(2015) Rates and Trends In in situ Chemical Weathering In a Tropical Soil, Basse Terre Island, Guadeloupe
Murphy M, Sak P, Ma L, Gaillardet J, Daniel C & Brantley S
(2015) Quantifying Weathering Rates along a Precipitation Gradient on Basse-Terre Island, French Guadeloupe: Insights from U-Series Isotopes in Weathering Rinds
Ma L, Engel J, Sak P, Gaillardet J, Ren M & Brantley S
(2015) Isotopic Constraints on Riverine Sulfur Sources: A Global Perspective
Burke A, Adkins J, Gaillardet J, Paris G, Peucker-Ehrenbrink B, Voss B, Spencer R, Holmes RM & McClelland J
(2015) Is the Earth Surface Denudation Operating at Steady State?
Bouchez J, Dellinger M, Gaillardet J, Louvat P & Gayer É
(2015) The Importance of Sedimentary Cannibalism for Global Weathering
Gaillardet J, Bouchez J, Louvat P, Dellinger M, Calmels D & Hilton R
(2015) Boron Isotopes Fractionation Demonstrate Dominant Biological Control on Dissolved Fluxes at Tropical Watershed (Mule Hole, India)
Noireaux J, Riotte J, Braun J-J, Sekhar M, Mohan Kumar MS & Gaillardet J
(2015) Chemical Mass Budgets at the Brie Critical Zone Observatory, France
Floury P, Gaillardet J, Tallec G & Ansart P
(2015) IsoNose – Isotopic Tools as Novel Sensors of Earth Surfaces Resources – A New Marie Curie Initial Training Network
von Blanckenburg F, Bouchez J, Bouman C, Gaillardet J, Gorbushina A, James R, Kamber B, Oelkers E, Tesmer M & Ashton J
(2015) Multi-Isotope Tracers of Human Impact on Anthropophile Elements in River Systems
Chen J, Gaillardet J, Busigny V, Bouchez J, Louvat P & Wang Y
(2014) Widespread Export of Permafrost-Derived Organic Carbon by the Mackenzie River: A Carbon Dioxide Sink Rather Than Source?
Hilton R, Galy V, Dellinger M, Gaillardet J, Bryant C, ORegan M & Grocke D
(2013) Back to Basics: Boron Isotopic Fractionation in Synthetic Calcite and Aragonite
Noireaux J, Mavromatis V, Schott J, Gaillardet J, Montouillout V, Louvat P & Neuville D
(2013) Lithium Isotopic Composition of the Dissolved Load in the Amazon River Basin
Dellinger M, Gaillardet J, Bouchez J, Calmels D, Louvat P, Gorge C & Maurice L
(2013) Dynamic of Organic Carbon in Small Volcanic Mountainous Tropical Watersheds (Guadeloupe, FWI)
Dessert C, Llloret E, Benedetti M, Lajeunesse E, Crispi O & Gaillardet J
(2013) Mg Isotopes: Insights into Weathering in a Tropical Volcaniclastic Regolith
Chapela Lara M, Buss HL, Pogge von Strandmann PAE, Dessert C & Gaillardet J
(2013) Li and Sr Constraints on Biogeochemical Processes in a Tropical Andesitic Watershed
Clergue C, Dessert C, Buss H, Dellinger M, Crispi O, Rousteau A, Gaillardet J & Benedetti M
(2013) Constraining the Modern Riverine Sulfur Isotopic Budget
Burke A, Adkins J, Gaillardet J, Holmes M, McClelland J, Peucker-Ehrenbrink B, Robinson L & Voss B
(2013) Evolution of Anthropogenic Contamination in the Seine River (France) over the Last 15 Years Revealed by Boron Isotope Ratios
Louvat P, Guinoiseau D, Paris G, Chen J-B, Chetelat B & Gaillardet J
(2013) Iron Isotopes in the Suspended Load of the Seine River (France): Natural Versus Anthropogenic Sources
Chen J-B, Busigny V, Gaillardet J & Louvat P
(2013) Large River Floodplains: Weathering Without Erosion?
Bouchez J, Lupker M, Gaillardet J, France-Lanord C, Louvat P & Maurice L
(2013) Li Isotopes: The Ideal Weathering Tracer?
Gaillardet J, Dellinger M, Bouchez J, Clerque C, Louvat P, Dessert C & Gorge C
(2012) Boron Incorporation in Synthetic Calcite and Aragonite Revealed by B Isotopes and 11B MAS NMR
Noireaux J, Mavromatis V, Gaillardet J, Schott J, Louvat P & Montouillout V
(2012) Evidence of Ocean Acidification Viewed by Boron Isotopes and B/Ca in Scleractinian Corals
Douville E, Gonzalez-Roubaud C, Louvat P, Gaillardet J, Cabioch G, Montagna P, Frank N & Gehlen M
(2012) The Fractionation of Lithium Isotopes during Continental Weathering: Clues from the Amazon and Mackenzie Rivers
Dellinger M, Gaillardet J, Galy V, Louvat P, Birck J-L & Bouchez J
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