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Gaffney A.M. (2008) What We are Learning About the Moon from Lunar Meteorites
Gaffney A & Borg L
(2003) High 3He/4He Detected in Kimberlites from Southern West Greenland
Tachibana Y, Kaneoka I, Gaffney A & Upton B
(2002) Chemical Complexity of the Kea Component Preserved in West Maui Lavas
Gaffney AM, Nelson BK & Blichert-Toft J

Gaft M. (2014) Fluorine as Seen by ChemCam in Gale Crater-Mars
Forni O, Gaft M, Toplis M, Clegg SM, Gasnault O, Maurice S, Sautter V & Wiens RC
(2007) Photoluminescence Recovery Upon Annealing of Fergusonite
Ruschel K, Nasdala L, Gaft M, Schnier C & Schlüter J

Gafurova D. (2017) Pore Space Formation Experimental Study in Result of Oil Shale Thermal Heating
Gafurova D, Korost D, Kalmykov A & Kalmykov G

Gagan M.K. (2013) The Modern Hydrogeochemistry of Small Pools in Corchia Cave, Italy: Implications for Palaeoclimate Reconstruction
Drysdale R, Zanchetta G, Baneschi I, Couchoud I, Daeron M, Hellstrom J, Paul B, Gagan M, Greig A, Isola I, Regattieri E & Guidi M
(2012) Vegetation Collapse on Flores 69, 000 Years Ago: A Consequence of the Toba Super-Eruption, or a Volcanic Disaster Closer to Home?
Scroxton N, Gagan MK, Williams IS, Hellstrom JC, Cheng H, Ayliffe LK, Dunbar GB, Hantoro WS, Rifai H & Suwargadi BW
(2011) Coral Records of Ocean Acidification and Physiological Processes in the Southern Great Barrier Reef
Kang JO, McCulloch M, Eggins S, Gagan M & Mortimer G
(2008) Speleothem Reconstructions of Palaeomonsoon Dynamics from Flores, Indonesia over the Last 24 kyr
Bretherton S, Gagan M, Ayliffe L, Zhao J-X, Griffiths M, Drysdale R & Hantoro W
(2008) The Indian Ocean Dipole and Great Earthquake Cycle: Long-Term Perspectives for Improved Prediction
Gagan M, Abram N, Hantoro W, Natawidjaja D & Sieh K
(2006) Long-term anthropogenic change in South Australian gulfs recorded by the faviid coral Plesiastrea versipora
Burgess S, McCulloch M, Gagan M & Ward T
(2006) Mg/Ca, Stable Isotopes and an Important paleo-Salintiy Record from the Indo-Pacific Warm Pool
Opdyke B, Edwards J, Bostock H, Lea D, Spero H, Gagan M & Fifield K
(2006) Coral records of the 1990s in the tropical northwest Pacific: ENSO, mass coral bleaching, and global warming.
Suzuki A, Gagan MK, Kan H, Siringan F, Yoneda M & Kawahata H
(2006) C-O-Sr isotopic record of monsoon climate during 10-20 ka in a stalagmite from central-west China
Zhou H-Y, Zhao J-X, Feng Y-X, Gagan MK & Yan J
(2006) High-resolution paleoclimate of the MIS 11 interglacial (423-360 ka) using geochemical proxies in giant Tridacna clams
Ayling BF, Chappell J, McCulloch MT, Gagan MK & Elliot M
(2002) Geochemical Expressions of Early Marine Diagenesis in Corals – Implications for Paleoceanographic Reconstructions
Mueller A & Gagan MK
(2002) Coral Reconstruction of Abrupt Tropical Cooling 8000 Years ago
Gagan M, Ayliffe L, Scott-Gagan H, Hantoro W & McCulloch M
(2002) Seasonal Trace Element and Isotope Variations in Freshwater Tufas: Potentials and Limitations for Climate Reconstruction
Ihlenfeld C, Maas R, Gagan M, Norman M & Henderson G

Gage D. (2000) New Insights into Ancient Proteins from Traditional and Novel Mass Spectrometric Approaches
Schall M, Ostrom P, Leykam J, Gandhi H, McNulty T & Gage D

Gagell C. (2013) Microorganisms in Flooded Underground Uranium Mines of East Germany
Gagell C & Arnold T

Gagen E. (2018) Surface Mediated Bacteria-Mineral Interactions: Mineral Dissolution and Re-precipitation
Southam G, Gagen E, Levett A, Bostelmann H, Shuster J, Long P, McCutcheon J & Vasconcelos P
(2017) Deciphering Sulfur Cycling, Porewater Geochemistry and Carbonate Mineralogy in Modern Dolomitic Sediments
Morgan B, Wilson SA, Johnston SG, Gagen EJ, Burton ED & Southam G
(2017) Potential of Weathering-Derived Efflorescences in Meteorites for Preserving Biofilms, Fossils and Organics
Tait A, Wilson S, Gagen E, Holman A, Tomkins A, Grice K & Southam G
(2016) Trace Metal Distribution in Iron Manganese Oxyhydroxide Crusts from a Tasmantid Seamount
Gagen E, Monteiro H, Nothdurft L, Rintoul L, Paterson D, Vasconcelos P & Southam G
(2016) Evidence of Biogeochemical Processes in Iron Duricrust Formation
Levett A, Gagen E, Shuster J & Southam G
(2016) Iron Biogeochemical Cycling in Ferruginous Duricrust (Canga)
Paz A, Gagen E & Southam G
(2016) Effect of Bituminous Coal on Methanogenesis
Raudsepp M, Gagen E, Tyson G, Golding S & Southam G
(2016) The Importance of Iron Duricrust Formation to Brazilian Iron Ore Production
Southam G, Gagen E, Levett A, Monteiro H, Paz A & Vasconcelos P
(2015) Meteorites as Potential Microbial Habitats on the Surface of Mars
Tait AW, Gagen EJ, Wilson SA, Tomkins AG & Southam G

Gagen M. (2013) Asian Monsoon Circulation Strength Inferred from Multicentury Tree-Ring Stable Isotope Chronologies from Southeast Asia
Anchukaitis K, Gagen M, Martin-Benito D, Buckley B, Ummenhofer C & LeGrande A

Gaggero L. (2013) U-Pb Geochronology and Geochemistry of the Granulite-Amphibolite Complex in the Asinara Island (Italy)
Gaggero L, Oggiano G, Casini L & Tiepolo M

Gagliano A. (2017) Extreme Isotope Fractionation of Hydrothermal Methane due to Oxidation Processes in Hot Springs of Central Greece
D'Alessandro W, Daskalopoulou K, Gagliano AL, Calabrese S, Fiebig J, Tassi F & Kyriakopoulos K
(2013) Seawater Trace Metals in Acidified Condition: An Accumulation Study in the Blue Mussel Mytilus galloprovincialis off Vulcano Island Submarine Vents (Italy)
Boatta F, D'Alessandro W, Gagliano A, Federico C, Calabrese S, Liotta M, Milazzo M & Parello F
(2013) Investigation of the Methanotrophic Activity in the Soils of a Geothermal Site of Pantelleria Island (Italy)
Gagliano AL, D'Alessandro W, Quatrini P & Parello F

Gagliardi L. (2017) Thin Film Model of Crystal Growth and Dissolution
Gagliardi L, Kohler F, Dysthe DK & Pierre-Louis O

Gagliardini E. (2015) ID21 a Synchrotron Multi-Modal Platform for Micro-Spectroscopic Analyses in Earth, Environmental and Geo-Sciences
Castillo-Michel H, Cotte M, Salome M, Fayard B, Hesse B, Rivard C, Bugnazet D, De Nolf W, Gagliardini E, Berruyer G & Susini J

Gagne S. (2012) Review of Environmental Multi-Tracer Sensitivity to Groundwater Discharge in River
Lefebvre K, Barbecot F, Larocque M, Ghaleb B, Helie J-F, Noret A & Gagne S

Gagnevin D. (2011) Causes and Consequences of Zn, Fe and S Isotope Fractionation in a Large Hydrothermal System: The Navan Orebody, Ireland
Gagnevin D, Boyce A, Barrie C, Menuge J & Blakeman R
(2011) Minor Elements in Layered Sphalerite Record Fluid Origin in the Giant Navan Zn-Pb Orebody, Ireland
Gagnevin D, Menuge JF, Kronz A, Barrie CD & Boyce AJ
(2008) Zircon as Proxy of Magma Differentiation and Mixing in the Tuscan Magmatic Province (Italy)
Gagnevin D, Daly JS, Whitehouse M, Horstwood M & Kronz A
(2007) Zircon Growth and Resorption in an Incrementally Filled Granite Pluton: Insights from in situ U-Pb, Trace Element and Hf Isotopic Analyses
Daly S, Gagnevin D & Whitehouse M
(2007) Zircon as a Magma Mixing Proxy: Textural, Chemical and Isotopic Evidence from a Young Plutonic System
Gagnevin D, Daly S & Whitehouse M
(2006) Insights Into Magma Evolution in Capraia Volcano (Italy) From Plagioclase Chemical and Isotopic Zonation.
Gagnevin D, Daly JS, Waight TE, Poli G & Conticelli S
(2002) Microchemical Investigation of K-Feldspar Megacrysts: Clues to Magma Dynamics in a Plutonic Environment
Gagnevin D, Daly JS & Poli G

Gagnidze N.
(2017) Felsitic Magmatism and Th-Bi Mineralization in the Greater Caucaus Kakheti Region, Georgia
Gagnidze N & Okrostsvaridze A
(2016) Magmatism and Mineral Occurrences of the Eastern Greater Caucasus, Georgian Segment
Gagnidze N, Okrostsvaridze A, Aqimidze K & Chung S-L
(2015) Gondvanian Relicts in the Processes of the Caucasus Collisional Orogen Continental Crust Formation
Okrostsvaridze A, Lee Y-H & Gagnidze N
(2014) Petrology and Ore Mineralization Processes of the Eastern Greater Caucasus Georgian Segment
Gagnidze N, Akimidze K & Okrostsvaridze A
(2014) Petrology of the Sakeni Intrusive and Sakeni Goldfield Genesis (Greater Caucasus, Georgia)
Okrostsvaridze A, Bluashvili D & Gagnidze N
(2013) Ore Mineralization Processes in the Greater Caucasus Kakheti Segment, Georgia
Okrostsvaridze A, Aqimidze K & Gagnidze N

Gagnon Alex (2018) The Martian Critical Zone: Concept and Experimental Example
Perdrial N, Armfield J, Reeder G, Gagnon A, Rampe E & Perdrial J

Gagnon Alexander (2017) Quantitative Decomposition of the Biogeochemical “Heartbeat” of a French Polynesian Atoll
Bolden I, Gagnon A & Sachs J
(2017) Sub-Micron Heterogeneity In Biominerals: What Is the Role of Organic-Mineral Interactions?
Gagnon A
(2017) Calcium Carbonate Nucleation Rates Manipulated by Organic Templates as Indicators of Coral’s Sensitivity to Ocean Acidification
Wolfshorndl M, Anderson D & Gagnon A
(2017) Controls on Cold-Water Coral Mineralization Through Manipulation of Separate Carbonate Chemistry Parameters in Culture
Gothmann A, Miner M & Gagnon A
(2015) The Atomic-Scale Chemistry of a Calcite Bio-Mineral Interface
Branson O, Spero H, Perea D, Winters M, Bonnin E, Zhu Z & Gagnon A
(2014) Deciphering Amorphous Calcium Carbonate Crystallization Pathway Using Stable Isotope Labels
Giuffre A, Gagnon A & Dove P
(2014) Mechanisms Driving Sub-Micron Proxy Heterogeneity in Biominerals: Lessons from Planktic Foraminifera
Gagnon A, Giuffre A, Russell A, Spero H, Zhu Z & Perea D
(2014) Systematic Sub-Micron Na/Ca Banding in Cultured Planktic Foraminifera
Bonnin E, Kogut M, Zhu Z, Spero H, Hönisch B, Russell A & Gagnon A
(2012) Biomineralization in Corals and the Hunt for New Tracers of the Past Ocean
Adkins J & Gagnon A
(2012) Me/Ca Proxies and Foram Biomineralization: The Role of Cation Transport
Gagnon A, DeYoreo J, DePaolo D, Spero H, Russell A & Giuffre A
(2012) The Influence of Mineralization Pathway on Composition and Isotope Signatures in Calcite
Dove P, Giuffre A, Han N, De Yoreo J & Gagnon A
(2011) Calcium Isotopes during Coral Biomineralization
Gagnon A, DePaolo D, Adkins J & De Yoreo J
(2008) Analysis of Mg, Sr, and Ba in Deep Sea Corals Using SIMS and ICP-MS
Gabitov R, Gagnon A, Adkins J & Eiler J
(2007) Phosphorus, Barium and Boron in the Deep-Sea Coral Desmophyllum dianthus: Preliminary Calibrations
Anagnostou E, Sherrell R, Adkins J & Gagnon A
(2007) Sr/Ca as a Proxy for Temperature in the Deep-Sea Coral Desmophyllum dianthus
Gagnon A, Adkins J & Fernandez D

Gagnon C. (2018) The Effects of Chemomechanical Processes on Limestone Weathering
Cheshire M, Anovitz L, Prisk T, Emmanuel S, Weber J, Brantley S, Bleuel M, Ilavsky J, Mildner D & Gagnon C

Gagnon J.e. (2015) Pyrite Compositions from Contrasting Styles of Syenite-Hosted Au at the Young-Davidson and Thunder Creek Deposits, Abitibi Belt, Canada
Linnen RL, Campbell R, Martin RD, Layne GD, Wing B, Gagnon JE, Lin S & Zhang J

Gagnon Joel (2018) An Olivine-Melt Thermometer Based on DNi, with no Dependence on H2O in the Melt: New Experimental Evidence
Pu X, Lange R, Moore G, Touran J & Gagnon J
(2016) Oxide Mineralogy as a Record of Postmagmatic Processes in the Eastern Gabbro, Coldwell Complex, NW Ontario: Significance of Textures
Brzozowski M, Samson I, Gagnon J, Good D & Linnen R
(2015) Cu and Fe Diffusion in Rhyolitic Melts during Chalcocite “Dissolution”
Ni P, Zhang Y, Simon A & Gagnon J
(2008) The Marathon Cu-Pge Deposit, Ontario: Insights from Sulphide Chemistry and Textures
Samson I, Fryer B & Gagnon J
(2005) A Simple Technique for Preparing Matrix- and Concentration-Matched Standards for LA-ICPMS Analysis?
Fryer B & Gagnon J
(2005) Quantitative Major, Minor & Trace Element Analysis of Minerals by LA-ICPMS Without an Internal Standard
Gagnon J, Fryer B, Williams-Jones A & Samson I
(2005) High Resolution LA-ICP-MS Analyses of PGMs and Sulphides, Marathon Pd-Cu Deposit, Ontario
Samson I, Fryer B, Gagnon J & Donnelly CL
(2005) Partitioning and Vapour Transport of Pt at Magmatic Conditions
Blaine F, Linnen R, Holtz F, Gagnon J & Bruegmann G

Gagnon K. (2008) Copper Requirements and Uptake by Plankton in the sub-Arctic NE Pacific Ocean
Semeniuk D, Cullen J, Gagnon K, Ruth T & Maldonado M

Gagnon M-D-N. (2008) Distribution of Ni-Fe Alloys in the Serpentinized Harzburgites of the Jeffrey Mine, Asbestos, Québec
Gagnon M-D-N & Normand C

Gago R. (2015) Geochemical Behaviour of Amorphous Iron Oxides Occurring in Copper Mining Environments
Antelo J, Fiol S, Otero A, Baleeiro A, Luaces D, Gago R & Arce F

Gago-Duport L. (2013) Kinetic of H2O2 Generation and Decay during Pyrite Water Reactions
Gil Lozano C, Fernandez-Dávila A, Losa Adams E, Gonzalez Fairen A & Gago-Duport L
(2013) Basalt Weathering on Mars: Insights from Li-Isotope Fractionation Models
Losa Adams E, Gil Lozano C, Diz P, Gago Duport L, Fernandez.Dávila A & Gonzalez Fairen A
(2013) Abiotic O2 Availability on an Early Alkaline Ocean Through Halogen-Induced Superoxide Species
Gago-Duport L, Fernandez Bastero S, Gil Lozano C, Losa-Adams E, Fernandez.Dávila A & Gonzalez Fairen A
(2011) Kinetics of Free Radical Formation at Mineral-Water Interfaces
Gil Lozano C, Fernández Davila A, González Fairén A & Gago Duport L
(2011) Why do Earthworms Synthesize ACC?
Diz P, Gil C, Mendez J, Iglesias-Briones MJ & Gago-Duport L
(2007) Passivating Layer Formation during Glauconite Dissolution: Implications for Mineral Sequestration of CO2
Fernandez-Bastero S & Gago-Duport L
(2007) Oxygen Gas-Phase Formation in Iron Chemical Gardens
Gago-duport L & Fernandez-Bastero S
(2004) 3D-Mineral Distribution during the Early Diagenesis in Shallow Marine Sediments from XRD-Rietveld Analysis
Garcia Diez T, Fernandez-Bastero S & Gago-Duport L
(2004) Induced Structural and Compositional Modifications on Glauconite from Dissolution Experiments
Santos A, Fernandez-Bastero S, Garcia T & Gago-Duport L
(2004) Sponge-Like Hosted Mineralization on Silica Gardens: Implications for Natural Systems
Fernandez-Bastero S, Garcia Diez T, Santos A & Gago-Duport L
(2002) XRD-Rietveld and RMC Analysis of the Aging Process in Glauconites
Fernandez-Bastero S, Gago-Duport L, Garcia T, Velo A, Villar MP & Santos A
(2002) Geochemical Self-Organization of Mixed Siliciclastic-Carbonate Sediments in Estuarine-Like Systems
García T, Gago-Duport L, Fernández-Bastero S, Velo A, Santos A & De la Rosa-Fox N
(2002) Numerical Modelling of Competitive Nucleation Pathways
Velo A, Fernandez-Bastero S, Garcia T, Vilas F, Santos A & Gago-Duport L
(2000) Glauconite Nucleation in Silica Tubular Microstructures from Low-Temperature Solution Experiments
Gago-Duport L, Fernandez-Bastero S, Pimentel F, Villar P, Santos A, Serra C & Vilas F

Gaherty J.B. (2018) Towards Assessing the Causes of Volcanic Diversity at the Arc Scale
Till CB, Kent AJR, Abers GA, Janiszewski HA, Gaherty JB & Pitcher BW

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