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Gabrielsen R.H. (2011) ID-TIMS as a Tool for Terrane Provenance Studies in Polyorogenic Complexes: A Case from the SW-Norwegian Caledonides
Roffeis C, Corfu F & Gabrielsen RH

Gächter R. (2002) Nutrient Retention Ponds in Agriculture – Load and Efficiency
Reinhardt M, Müller B, Stierli R & Gächter R
(2002) No Effect of Hypolimnetic Aeration on the P Cycling of Lake Sempach a Re-evaluation of a Well-Accepted Concept
Gächter R & Müller B

Gadalia A. (2017) Weathered Profiles in Tropical Volcanic Islands by Combined Geochemical and Geophysical Approaches
Rad S, Deparis J, Gadalia A, Chabaux F & Allègre CJ

Gadd G.M. (2012) Transformation of Lead into Pyromorphite by Fungi
Rhee YJ, Hillier S & Gadd GM
(2009) Uranium Stability in Near-Surface Environments: Lessons from the Study of Depleted Uranium Munitions
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(2008) Geochemical and Microbial Controls of the Decomposition and Dispersion of Depleted Uranium in the Environment: Experimental Studies
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(2004) Metal and Metalloid Immobilization by Sulfate-Reducing Bacteria Biofilms
Gadd G, White C & Hockin S
(2002) Fungal Influence on Mineral Dissolution and Metal Mobility: Mechanisms and Biogeochemical Relevance
Gadd GM

Gaddis L.R. (2016) Constraints on the Depth of Origin of Impact Basin Rings and the Composition of the Lunar Crust Using the Kaguya Multiband Imager
Lemelin M, Lucey PG, Gaddis LR, Miljković K & Ohtake M

Gaddis S.J. (2001) Origin of the Serpent Mound Cryptoexplosion Structure, South-Central Ohio: XRD and Re-Os Isotope Evidence
Gaddis SJ, Angerman CE, Widom E & Hughes J

Gade B. (2001) Significance of Primary and Secondary Minerals in Hazardous Waste Landfills
Gade B & Heindl A

Gade M. (2004) Microbial Sulfate Reduction and Methanogenesis in the Archean Ocean
Habicht K, Gade M, Thamdrup B, Berg P & Canfield D

Gade W. (2005) Does Surface Acidity of Ferric (Oxy)hydroxides Affect Reactivity Towards H2S ?
Peiffer S & Gade W

Gadgil A. (2013) Structure of Fe(III) Precipitates Formed by Fe(0) Electrolysis in the Presence of Groundwater Ions
van Genuchten C, Amrose S, Gadgil A & Peña J
(2011) Characterization of Fe(0) Electro-Coagulation Reaction Products Using Synchrotron-Based Techniques
van Genuchten C, Peña J, Addy S, Sposito G & Gadgil A

Gadi R. (2009) Study on District Level Emission of Carbonaceous Aerosol from Biofuels Used in Rural Sector as Energy over Indo Gangetic Plain
Mandal T, Saud T, Saxena M, Bhatnagar R, Singh D, Gadi R, Gautam R, Sharma S, Mukherjee A & Datta A

Gadish S. (2002) Low-Temperature Reactive Transport of Fe-Mg-Si Bearing Solutions in Sedimentary Carbonate Host-Rock
Gadish S, Matthews A & Ilani S

Gadol Hayley J (2018) Influence of Iron (Hydr)oxide Mineralogy on Soil-Sedimentary Methanogenesis
Gadol HJ & Kocar BD
(2018) Examining Coupled Mineralogical-Redox Controls on Chromium Cycling in Soils and Sediments
Chen M, Gadol H & Kocar B

Gadol Hayley J. (2014) Trace Element Partitioning between Iron Oxides and Aqueous Solutions: Evidence for Recrystallization
Catalano JG, Becker KG, Flynn ED, Frierdich AJ, Gadol HJ & Hinkle MAG

Gadot E.J. (2016) Petrogenesis of Dunite Xenoliths from Mt. Pinatubo, Philippines
Gadot EJ, Morishita T, Arai S, Payot B & Mizukami T

Gadow S. (2015) Measuring Aqueous-Phase Browning in Evaporating Droplets: Aldehyde – Amine Reactions and Cloud Processing
De Haan D, Zauscher M & Gadow S

Gaede O. (2011) “WEERTMAN” Cracks: A Possible Mechanism for Near Sonic Speed Diamond Extraction from the Earth´s Mantle
Sommer H, Regenauer-Lieb K, Gaede O, Jung H & Gasharova B
(2009) Weertman Cracks and the Near Sonic Extraction of Diamonds from the Earth’s Mantle (UNESCO IGCP 557)
Sommer H, Regenauer-Lieb K & Gaede O

Gaeggeler K. (2009) On the Formation of Organic Acids during the Photooxidation of α-Pinene and Trimethylbenzene
Dommen J, Gaeggeler K, Praplan A, Kalberer M, Metzger A, Hellen H, Prevot A & Baltensperger U

Gael L.R. (2012) Tracing Anthropogenic Hg Deposition in Peat Bogs with Hg Stable Isotopes
Heimburger L-E, Enrico M, Gael LR & Sonke J

Gaelli M. (2014) Provenance Identification and Hydration Depth Profiling of Obsidian via Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS)
Robinsky R, Gaelli M & Tan P

Gaertner M. (2007) MC-ICP-MS Measurements with d-Dihen Direct Injection Nebulization
Louvat P, Bouchez J, Paris G & Gaertner M

Gaeta D. (2018) The Chicago Water Isotope Spectrometer (ChiWIS)
Singer C, Clouser B, Sarkozy L, Gaeta D & Moyer E
(2018) In situ Measurements of Vapor-Phase HDO/H2O Isotopic Ratio in the Asian Summer Monsoon
Clouser B, Singer C, Gaeta D, Sarkozy L, StratoClim T & Moyer E

Gaeta M. (2016) The Coarse-Grained, High-Mg Basaltic Enclaves of Capo Marargiu (Sardinia, Italy): Constrains on the Differentiation of Arc Magmas
Tecchiato V, Gaeta M, Mollo S & Scarlato P
(2015) High Porphyritic Calcalkaline Basalts from the Cenozoic Capo Marargiu Volcanic District (Sardinia, Italy)
Tecchiato V, Gaeta M, Mollo S, Perinelli C & Scarlato P
(2015) The Control of Water on the Crystallization of Magmas at Mt. Etna Volcano (Sicily, Italy)
De Cristofaro S, Perinelli C, Gaeta M, Mollo S, Palladino D, Armienti P & Scarlato P
(2012) Towards a New Clinopyroxene Geothermometer for Alkaline, Differentiated Magmas
Masotta M, Mollo S, Freda C, Gaeta M & Moore G
(2012) Ultrapotassic Lava Flows from Colli Albani Volcanic District (Central Italy) Give Insights into the Crystallization of Magmatic Calcite in Effusive Rocks
Gozzi F, Gaeta M, Freda C, Mollo S, Di Rocco T, Marra F, Dallai L & Pack A
(2011) Catching a Collapsing Solidification Front Through Thermal Gradient Experiments
Masotta M, Freda C & Gaeta M
(2004) Oxygen Isotope Geochemistry of Pyroclastic Clinopyroxene Monitors crustal-CO2 Contributions to Roman-Type Ultrapotassic Magmas
Dallai L, Gaeta M & Freda C

Gatti E, Bucholz C, Guan Y, Zhang Y, Gaetani G & Eiler J

Gaetani Glenn A (2017) Volatile Content of 4-Vesta: Evidence from Unequilibrated Eucrites
Sarafian A, Nielsen S, Marschall H, Gaetani G, Hauri E, Righter K & Berger E
(2017) Determining Magma Ascent Rates from Diffusive D/H Fractionation in Olivine-Hosted Melt Inclusions
Gaetani G, Bucholz C, Le Roux V, Klein F, Wallace P, Sims K & Ghiorso M
(2017) X-Ray Microtomography-Based Reconstruction of Total CO2 in Olivine-Hosted Melt Inclusions
Gaetani G, Le Roux V, Klein F, Moore L, Bodnar R & Maclennan J
(2015) Arc Magma Genesis from Melting of Mélange Diapirs
Cruz-Uribe AM, Marschall HR, Gaetani GA & Grozeva N
(2015) No Oxygen Added: The Influence of Temperature on Oxygen Fugacity in the Sub-Arc Mantle
Gaetani G
(2015) Sr-Nd-Pb-Hf Isotopes Reveal the Nature and Evolution of Mantle Upwelling at Ross Island, Antarctica
Phillips E, Sims K, Blichert-Toft J, Kyle P, Gaetani G, Wallace P & Rasmussen D
(2014) Volatile Records in Olivine-Hosted Melt Inclusions: What Can We Actually Learn from Them?
Bucholz C, Gaetani G, Behn M, Shimizu N, Newville M & Monteleone B
(2014) A Quantitative Model for Interpreting Fe3+/ΣFe Heterogeneity in Basalts
Gaetani G
(2014) Magmatic Plumbing of Ross Island, Antarctica Uncovered by Melt Inclusions from CO2-rich Alkalic Magmas
Rasmussen D, Kyle P, Wallace P, Sims K, Phillips E & Gaetani G
(2014) Diffusion-Driven Li Isotope Fractionation in Cpx: Anisotropy and the Influence of ƒO2
Liu Y-H, Gaetani G, Marschall H & Dohmen R
(2013) Geochemical Windows on Coral Calcification: Cellular Mechanisms and Impacts of Climate Change
Cohen A, DeCarlo T, Gaetani G & Holcomb M
(2013) 3D Fluid Distribution in Subducted Slabs: New Constraints on H2O Cycling
Le Roux V, Gaetani G, Slaugenwhite J & Miller K
(2013) Reading the Melt Inclusion Record of Pre-Eruptive Magmatic Volatiles
Gaetani G, Bucholz C, Rose-Koga E, Shimizu N, Koga K & Monteleone B
(2012) Clumped and Magnesium Isotopes in Corals: A Comparison with Traditional Paleothermometers
Saenger C, Thiagarajan N, Felis T, Lough J, Holcomb M, Gaetani G, Cohen A, Affek H & Wang Z
(2012) Phase Equilibrium Constraints on the Genesis of Wehrlite Cumulates at Mid-Ocean Ridges and the Origin of the Clinopyroxene Paradox
Gaetani G & Maclennan J
(2011) Post-Entrapment Changes to H2O and CO2 in Olivine-Hosted Melt Inclusions
Gaetani G, O'Leary J & Shimizu N
(2008) The Influence of Aluminum on the Partitioning of Water between Clinopyroxene and Basaltic Melt
O'Leary J, Gaetani G & Hauri E
(2006) Mineral/melt partitioning of U and Th during partial melting of garnet pyroxenite
Elkins LJ, Gaetani GA & Sims KWW
(2006) The impact of crystal growth rate on element ratios in aragonite: an experimental approach to understanding vital effects
Gabitov RI, Cohen AL, Gaetani GA, Holcomb M & Watson EB
(2006) Calculating paleotemperatures from the elemental composition of coral skeleton: A new approach to old proxies
Gaetani G & Cohen A
(2006) Experimental study of Ni and Mn partitioning between olivine and siliceous melt: implications for high Ni-olivines in Hawaiian lavas
Wang Z, Gaetani G & Hart S
(2006) Compositional variability in the cold-water coral Lophelia pertusa is driven by temperature and aragonite precipitation “efficiency'
Cohen A & Gaetani G
(2006) New calculations for water storage in the upper mantle, and implications for mantle melting.
Green T, Hauri E, Gaetani G & Adam J
(2004) Partitioning of H2O between Mantle Minerals and Silicate Melts
Hauri E, Gaetani G & Green T
(2004) Experimental Investigation of the Partitioning of Mg2+, Ca2+, Sr2+, and Ba2+ between Aragonite and Seawater at 5 to 45℃
Gaetani G & Cohen A
(2002) Diffusive Reequilibration of CaO in Olivine-Hosted Melt Inclusions
Gaetani G, Cherniak D & Watson B
(2001) The Influence of Melt Structure on Trace Element Partitioning during Peridotite Partial Melting beneath Mid-Ocean Ridges at 1.5 GPa
Gaetani GA & Watson EB
(2001) A Polythermal Quartz and Coesite Saturation Surface to 5 GPa and the Partial Molar Volume of SiO2 in Silicate Liquids
Gaetani GA & Asimow PD
(2001) Core Formation Under Dynamic Conditions: Physical Processes and Geochemical Signatures
Rushmer T, Gaetani G, Jones JH & Sparks J

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