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Gur Dvir (2015) Organisms Manipulate Light: Guanine Crystal Multilayer Arrays
Gur D, Weiner S & Addadi L

Guralnik B. (2018) Cosmogenic 3He-10Be-14C Dating Quantifies Alpine Climate Response to Global Warming
Guralnik B, Tremblay M, Phillips M, Gribenski N, Valla P, Hippe K & Shuster DL
(2017) Towards a Physical Kinetic Model for Feldspar OSL-Thermochronometry
Guralnik B, Jain M, Brown N, King G, Lambert R, Chen R & McKeever S

Gurbadam E-O. (2018) Geochemistry and Geochronology of Porphyry Deposits in Edrene Range, South West Mongolia
Jargalan S, Enkhjargal B, Gurbadam E-O, Yasuhito O & Xiaofeng L

Gurban I. (2012) Access to the Largest Geosphere Laboratory in the World – The Aespoe Hard Rock Laboratory
Laaksoharju M & Gurban I

Gure A. (2020) Insight on (Per)chlorate Production, Degradation and Transport: Relevance to Mars
Gure A, Sorenson T, Dewey J, Eggleston C & Parkinson B
(2019) Photoelectrochemical Generation of Perchlorate and Chlorate: Semiconducting Minerals and Mars
Gure A, Sorenson T, Dewey J, Kraus T, Eggleston C & Parkinson B
(2018) Photoelectrochemical Generation of Perchlorate on Mars: A Photostationary State
Gure A, Sorenson T, Dewey J, Kraus T, Eggleston C & Parkinson B
(2018) Perchlorate on Mars: Hematite and Ilmenite as Photocatalysts
Eggleston C, Sorenson T, Parkinson B, Gure A & Dewey J

Guren M.G. (2019) Molecular Dynamics Simulations of the Hydration Force and Transport Properties of a Water Film during Reaction-Induced Fracturing
Guren MG, Zheng X, Jamtveit B, Hafreager A, Sveinsson H, Malthe-Sørenssen A & Renard F

Gurenko A. (2019) Low-SiO2 Melt Inclusions in Olivine Originate by Dehydration of Initially H2O-Rich Island-Arc Melts
Mironov N, Portnyagin M, Botcharnikov R, Gurenko A, Almeev R, Luft C & Holtz F
(2019) CO2-flush, Volatile with Subduction Flavor, and Plumbing System Architecture at a Continental Rift Segment
Bonnet R, France L, Jannot S, Schiano P, Gurenko A, Baudouin C, Devidal J-L & Caumon M-C
(2019) Oxygen Isotopes in Olivine from Primitive Icelandic Tholeiites Reveal Crust-Magma Interaction
Gurenko A & Sigurdsson I
(2018) Deep Mantle H2O Recycling at 3.3 Ga?
Sobolev A, Asafov E, Gurenko A, Arndt N, Batanova V, Portnyagin M, Garbe-Schönberg D, Krasheninnikov S, Wilson A & Byerly G
(2018) Lithium and Boron Concentrations and Isotopes of the Lunar Volcanic Glasses
Saal A, Chaussidon M, Gurenko A & Rutherford M
(2017) Water in the 2.7 Ga Belingwe Komatiite Magma Inferred from the Melt Inclusions in Olivine
Asafov E, Sobolev A, Gurenko A, Arndt N, Batanova V, Portnyagin M, Garbe-Schonberg D & Krasheninnikov S
(2017) Origin of Volatiles Emitted by Plinian Basaltic Eruptions of the Chikurachki Volcano, Kurile Arc, Russia
Gurenko A, Belousov A, Kamenetsky V & Zelenski M
(2017) Characterization of Volatile Contents in Primitive Magmas of an Active Carbonatitic Volcanic Complex (Oldoinyo Lengai, Tanzania)
Mourey A, France L, Laporte D & Gurenko A
(2017) Making Earth’s Continental Crust from Serpentinite and Basalt
Borisova A, Zagrtdenov N, Toplis M, Bohrson W, Nedelec A, Safonov O, Pokrovski G, Ceuleneer G, Melnik O, Bychkov A, Gurenko A, Shcheka S, Terehin A, Polukeev V, Varlamov D, Gouy S & De Parseval P
(2017) Primitive Melts and Mantle Sources of the Cameroon Volcanic Line Based on Melt Inclusion Geochemistry
van der Zwan FM, Hansteen TH, Suh CE, Gurenko AA, Ngwa CN, Devey CW & Garbe-Schönberg D
(2016) Evidence for Neoarchean Hydrous Deep-Mantle Reservoir Provided by Abitibi Komatiites
Sobolev A, Asafov E, Gurenko A, Arndt N, Batanova V, Portnyagin M, Garbe-Schoenberg D & Krasheninnikov S
(2016) Reconstructing the O Isotope Composition of Precambrian Oceans
Tartese R, Chaussidon M, Gurenko A, Delarue F & Robert F
(2016) A Hydrous Mantle Reservoir in the Paleoarchean?
Asafov E, Sobolev A, Gurenko A, Batanova V, Portnyagin M, Garbe-Schönberg D, Krasheninnikov S, Wilson A & Byerly G
(2015) Oxygen Isotopes in the Gorgona Komatiites: Confirmation of Magmatic Origin of H2O
Gurenko A, Kamenetsky V & Kerr A
(2015) Elevated H2O and Cl Contents in Komatiite Melts from Abitibi and Belingwe
Asafov E, Sobolev A, Gurenko A, Arndt N & Batanova V
(2015) O Isotope Analysis of Kerogen by Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry
Tartèse R, Chaussidon M, Gurenko A & Robert F
(2015) Recovering Initial CO2 Content of Island-Arc Magmas from Experimental Homogenization of Melt Inclusions in Olivine at High H2O Pressure
Mironov N, Portnyagin M, Botcharnikov R, Gurenko A, Hoernle K & Holtz F
(2014) Basaltic Cannibalism in Iceland
Feineman M, LaFemina P, Brounce M, Cappos M & Gurenko A
(2013) Evidence for Chondritic Lunar Water and Nitrogen Trapped in Apollo 17 Volcanic Glasses
Füri E, Marty B, Deloule E & Gurenko A
(2013) Magmas Going Through Icelandic Crustal Filter
Bindeman I, Gurenko A & Sobolev A
(2013) Magmatic Digestion of the Crust and the Origin of Silicic Magmas in Iceland: Insights from Partially Melted Crustal Xenoliths
Gurenko A, Bindeman I & Sigurdsson I
(2009) B Isotope Composition of Gorgona Komatiites: Do Melt Inclusions Support a Subduction-Related Origin?
Gurenko A, Kamenetsky V, Sobolev A & Kerr A
(2009) Subduction-Related B and H Isotope Fractionations Across the Mariana Arc – Consequences for Recycling
Shaw A, Hauri E, Stern R, Hawkins J & Gurenko A
(2007) Oxygen Isotope Heterogeneity and Disequilibria of Olivine Phenocrysts in Large Volume Basalts: Case of Iceland
Bindeman I, Gurenko A, Sigmarsson O & Chaussidon M
(2006) Petrology and geochemistry of East-African kamafugites: constraints from inclusions in minerals
Gurenko A & Sobolev A
(2004) Magma Chamber Processes Recorded in Gabbro Xenoliths from Midfell (SW Iceland)
Gurenko A & Sobolev A
(2002) SIMS Study of 11B/10B in Immiscible Borosilicate Glasses
Gurenko A, Veksler I, Thomas R, Meixner A, Dorfman A & Dingwell D

Gurevich V. (2002) Experimental Determination of the Standard Thermodynamic Properties of Solid Phases in the Au-Ag-S System
Baranova N, Osadchii E, Gurevich V, Tagirov B, Zotov A & Schott J

Gurielidze M. (2019) Uptake of K, Cs and Rb and their Influence on Accumulation and Reduction Capacity of Cr(VI) by Highly Resistant Arthrobacter Species
Rcheulishvili O, Rcheulishvili A, Ginturi E, Tugushi L, Metreveli N, Holman H-Y, Gurielidze M & Lomidze L

Gurioli L. (2020) Rheological Change and Degassing during a Trachytic Vulcanian Eruption at Kilian Volcano, Chaîne des Puys, France
Colombier M, Burgisser A, Cáceres F, Druitt T, Gurioli L, Hess K-U, Müller D, Shea T & Dingwell D
(2011) Conduit-Scale to Localized Degassing in Ascending Magmas: Insights from Cl Measurements in Vesuvius 79AD Pumice
Gurioli L, Shea T, Hellebrand E & Hammer J

Gurney J. (2007) Platinum-Group Elements in Mantle Xenoliths from the Kaapvaal Craton
Maier W, McDonald I, Peltonen P, Barnes S-J, Gurney J & Hatton C
(2004) Mantle Modification and Diamond Genesis during Continental Accretion
Garden B, Shirey S, Carlson R, Schmitz M, Richardson S & Gurney J
(2004) Major Element Trends in Zoned Peridotitic Garnets from Newlands and Bobbejaan Kimberlites, RSA
Ivanic T, Harte B, Hill P & Gurney J

Gurney-Smith H. (2019) InFORMing Perceived Risks from Fukushima Through Scientific Engagement from Data Collection to Social Media
Cullen J, Kellogg J, Buesseler K, Chen J, Cooke M, Frank E, Gurney-Smith H, Mercier J-F, Velazquez S, Smith J & Trudel M

Gurnis M. (2013) Hidden Hotspot Track beneath Eastern United States
Helmberger D, Chu R, Leng W & Gurnis M
(2009) Review of Large Low Shear Velocity Provinces in the Lower Mantle
Helmberger D, Sun D, Liu L, Tan E & Gurnis M

Gurov E. (2009) Organic Geochemistry of the Crater-Fill Sediments from Boltysh Impact Crater, Ukraine
Watson J, Gilmour I, Kelley S, Jolley D & Gurov E

Gurrieri J. (2008) An Empirical Method for Estimating Instream Pre-Mining pH and Dissolved Cu Concentration in Catchments with Acidic Drainage and Ferricrete
Nimick D, Gurrieri J & Furniss G

Gurrieri S. (2013) Continuous Soil CO2 Flux Measurements in a Fumarole Field of Mt Etna
De Gregorio S, Camarda M, Cappuzzo S & Gurrieri S
(2013) Carbon Isotopic Composition and Flux Variations of CO2 Emitted from the Soil of Mt Etna
Camarda M, De Gregorio S, Favara R, Grassa F & Gurrieri S

Gürsu S. (2017) Nd, Pb and Hf Isotope Provenance of Glacial Granitic Pebbles in Late Ordovician Diamictites of the Taurides, S Turkey
Gürsu S, Möller A, Mueller PA, Köksal S, Kamenov G & Göncüoğlu MC

Gürtler S. (2013) Sorption of Uranium and Neptunium onto Diorite from Äspö HRL
Schmeide K, Gürtler S, Müller K, Steudtner R, Joseph C, Bok F & Brendler V

Gurugnanam B. (2020) Major Ion Chemistry and Groundwater Quality Assessment for Drinking and Irrigation Purpose in Parts of Noyyal Basin, Tamil Nadu, India
Karung Phaisonreng K & Gurugnanam B

Gurumurthy G.P. (2017) Geochemical Behaviour and Marine Flux of Barium in the Eastern Coast of the Arabian Sea
Gurumurthy GP, Tripti M, Riotte J & Djouraev I
(2017) Source Apportionment of Particulate and Dissolved Carbon in the Humid Mountainous Tropical Rivers Through Stable Carbon Isotope Approach
Tripti M, Gurumurthy G, Lambs L, Riotte J & Moussa I
(2016) Nonconservative Behaviour of Dissolved Mo in Tropical Estuaries, Westcoast of India
Gurumurthy GP, Tripti M, Prakyath R, Riotte J & Balakrishna K
(2014) Biogeochemistry of Dissolved and Particulate Trace Elements in a Tropical Estuary, Southwestern India
Tripti M, Balakrishna K, Gurumurthy G, Audry S, Riotte J, Braun J-J & Chadaga M
(2014) Particulate Metal Geochemistry of Nethravati Estuary, Southwest Coast of India
Gurumurthy G, Udaya Shankara H, Balakrishna K, Tripti M, Riotte J, Audry S & Braun J-J
(2014) Use of Sr Isotopes as a Tool to Decipher the Soil Weathering Processes in a Tropical River Catchment, Southwestern India
Balakrishna K, Gurumurthy GP, Tripti M, Riotte J, Audry S, Braun JJ & Udayashankar HN

Gurung D. (2016) Mathematical Modeling of MICP in Meter-Scale 2-D Transient Reactive Transport Experiments
Nassar M, Gurung D, Bastani M, Gomez M, Graddy C, DeJong J, Nelson D & Ginn T

Gury J. (2010) Combined Titration, EXAFS and Molecular Dynamics Modeling Study of Cu(II) Ions Sorbed on the Model Biopolymer Xanthane
Spadini L, Causse B, Mazeau K, Sarret G, Gury J, Martins J, Heyraud A, Geremia R & Delolme C

Guseva N. (2017) Acceptance of Ore Audit Technologies (OAT) by Education
Knauf V, Knauf O & Guseva N
(2017) The Upper Limit of Gold Recovery
Guseva N, Knauf V & Knauf O
(2013) Role of Bacillus mucilaginosus at Silicon Biogeochemical Cycle in a System “Soil – Plant”
Vaishlya O, Amyago D & Guseva N
(2009) Unusial Platinum Group Element (PGE) Mineralisation in the Peripheral Parts of Monchegorsk Layered Massif (MLM)
Knauf V, Guseva N & Ivanchenko V
(2008) REE Distribution in Zircons from Lamproites in Panozero Complex of Sanukitoids (Karelia, NW Russia)
Skublov S, Lobach-Zhuchenko S, Guseva N, Gembitckaya I & Tolmacheva E
(2007) Study of Native Metals and Alloys in Natural Deposits and Soils: A Contribution to the Understanding of the Influence of Natural and Industrial Objects on the Environment
Knauf O, Guseva N & Esipova I

Gusmini B. (2015) Doubly Charged Argide Ion Interferences in the ICPMS
Hattendorf B, Gusmini B, Dorta L, Houk S, Reiher M & Günther D

Guss D.M. (2002) A Carbon Budget for Canadian Shield Lakes
Hesslein R, Guss DM, Schindler EU & Kasian SEM

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