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Guo S. (2017) Magnesium and Iron Isotopic Compositions of Subduction-Zone Fluids
Huang J, Guo S & Huang F
(2011) Nb/Ta Fractionation Resulted by Fluid-Rock Interaction in Subducted Oceanic Crust
Ye K, Guo S, Chen Y & Liu J
(2011) Apatite from Eclogite and Veins from Sulu-Dabie Eclogite-Bearing Belt
Liu J, Zhang L, Ye K, Chen Y & Guo S
(2011) Metasomatic Pyroxenites and Peridotites in the Mantle Wedge: Tracing the High Nb/Ta Reservoir
Chen Y, Ye K, Guo S & Liu J
(2010) Dissolution of Minerals into Ultrahigh-Pressure (UHP) Fluid and Element Mobilization during Small-Scale UHP Fluid–rock Interaction
Ye K, Guo S, Chen Y & Liu J

Guo Tan (2009) MnO2-mediated Transformation of the Antimicrobial Sulfamethazine
Gao J, Guo T, Hedman C & Pedersen J

Guo Tieying (2010) Sm-Nd Dating of Whole Rock and Mineral Separates from Dangqiong Gabbro, Yarlung–Tsangpo Suture
Zhou S, Mo X, Qiu R, Zhao Z, Zhang S, Guo T & Qiu L

Guo Ting (2010) Quantitative Assessment of the Bioavailability and Toxicity of Nanometal Particles in Aquatic Environments: New Methodologies
Luoma S, Croteau M-N, Dybowska A, Misra S, Guo T, Rainbow P & Valsami-Jones E

Guo Tonglou (2008) Mesozoic Intra-Continental Progressive Evolution in Middle-Upper Yangtze Region of China: Evidence from Thermochronology and Balanced Cross-Section
Mei L, Guo T, Tang J & Shen C

Guo Wang (2020) Oil-Source Rock Correlation of Reservoir Bitumen in Deeply Buried Reservoir of Ordos Basin, China
Guo W, Chen G & Li Y

Guo Wei (2019) The Application of Graptolites in Shale Gas Sweet Spots Optimization
Zhang Q, Liang F, Guo W & Pang Z
(2018) The Geochemical Behaviour of Trace Metals along the Belgian Coasts: What can We Learn from the Use of DGT?
Gaulier C, Superville P-J, Guo W, Baeyens W, Billon G & Gao Y
(2017) Noble Gas Signatures Preserved in Podiform Chromitites from Luobusa and Kangjinla, Tibet
Guo W, He H, Hilton D & Zheng Y
(2017) The Geochemical Behaviour of Trace Metals in the Water Column of the Belgian Coastal Zone
Gaulier C, Superville P-J, Guo W, Baeyens W, Billon G & Gao Y

Guo Weidong (2020) Linking Microbial Population Succession and DOM Molecular Transformation in Synechococcus-Derived Organic Matter Addition Incubations
Wang Y, Xie R, Chen Q, Cai R, He C, Guo W, Shi Q, Jiao N & Zheng Q
(2018) Hydrological and Biogeochemical Regulations of Production, Storage and Exchange of DOM in the South China Sea and West Phillipine Sea
Guo W, Wang C, Li Y, Stubbins A & Song G

Guo Weifu (2019) High-Precision Analysis of ∆48 and ∆47: Resolving Temperature from the Kinetic Information Recorded in Carbonates
Fiebig J, Bajnai D, Löffler N, Methner K, Krsnik E, Mulch A, Prud'homme C & Guo W
(2018) Rapid Microbial-Methane Deglaciation of the Marinoan Snowball Earth
Brand U, Blamey N, Shaver K, Guo W, Jiang G, Parnell J & Buhl D
(2018) Partitioning Environmental Controls on Benthic Foraminifera Elemental Composition: Implications for Paleo-Temperature Reconstruction
Guo W, Oppo D, Huang K-F & Yu J
(2017) The Role of Reversibility and S Intermediates in the S Metabolism
Farquhar J, Leavitt W, Guo W, Eldridge D & Bojanova D
(2017) Quantifying Controls on Coral Calcifying Fluid pH: Implications for Paleo-pH Reconstruction
Guo W
(2016) Serpentinization and its Implications for Subseafloor Habitability and Microbial Dispersal
Klein F, Orsi W, Schubotz F, Schwarzenbach E, Guo W & Humphris S
(2014) Kinetic Enrichments in Δ47 in High-Ph Surface Carbonates
Falk ES, Guo W, Kelemen PB & Mervine EM
(2013) Enzymatic Contraints on the Global S Cycle: The Fractionation Factors of Dsr
Leavitt W, Pereira I, Bradley A, Guo W & Johnston D
(2012) 13C-18O Bonds in Dissovled Inorganic Carbon: Toward a Better Understanding of Clumped Isotope Thermometer in Biogenic Carbonates
Guo W, Kim S-T, Yuan J, Farquhar J & Passey B
(2011) High Mass Resolution Gas-Source Mass Spectrometry
Young E, Rumble D, Freedman P, Schauble E & Guo W
(2010) Temperature Dependence of 13C-18O Clumping in Synthetic Aragonite: Laboratory Calibration
Kim S-T, Guo W, Coplen TB, Farquhar J & Eiler JM
(2010) Sulfur Isotope Fractionation during Broadband Low Pressure SO2 UV Photolysis: Testing SO2 Self-Shielding Hypothesis in the Laboratory
Guo W, Fogel M, Oduro H, Farquhar J & Rumble D
(2009) A 'Clumped-Isotope' Study of Stratospheric CO<sub>2</sub> Reveals a New Atmospheric Process
Yeung LY, Affek HP, Hoag KJ, Guo W, Wiegel AA, Okumura M, Boering KA & Eiler JM
(2009) The Nitrogen and Oxygen Isotope Composition of Nitrate in the Environment: The Systematics of Biological Nitrate Reduction
Granger J, Karsh K, Guo W, Sigman D & Kritee K
(2009) Clumped Isotope Calibration of Modern Deep Sea Corals and Implications for Vital Effects
Thiagarajan N, Guo W, Adkins J & Eiler J
(2008) Carbonate 'Clumped Isotope' Thermometry: A Status Report
Eiler J, Affek H, Daeron M, Ferry J, Guo W, Huntington K, Thiagarajan N & Tripati A
(2008) High-Precision Isotopic Analysis: Lessons from 'Clumped Isotope' Geochemistry
Eiler J, Guo W, Huntington K & Passey B
(2008) Absolute Speleo-Thermometry, Using Clumped Isotope Measurements to Correct for Kinetic Isotope Fractionations Induced by CO2 Degassing
Daëron M, Guo W, Eiler J, Genty D, Wainer K, Affek H, Vonhof H & Blamart D
(2008) 13C-18O Bonds in Dissolved Inorganic Carbon: Implications for Carbonate Clumped Isotope Thermometry
Guo W, Daeron M, Niles P, Genty D, Kim S-T, Vonhof H, Affek H, Blamart D, Wainer K & Eiler J
(2008) ‘Clumped Isotopes’ in Speleothem Carbonate and Atmospheric CO2 – Is There a Kinetic Isotope Effect?
Affek H, Guo W, Daëron M & Eiler JM

Guo Wenwen (2012) Strains of Clostridium sp. Induce Formation of Carbonate Minerals
Li F, Guo W & Wang J

Guo X (2006) Geochemistry and zircon SHRIMP dating on the Late Paleozoic volcanic rocks in west Tianshan Mountains (Central Asia, Xinjiang)
Zhu Y, Guo X, Zhang L & Song B
(2005) Mantle Input Event in Southeastern China at Late Jurassic: Evidence from High &#61541;Nd Granitoids
Chen J & Guo X

Guo Xianghui (2018) Ocean Acidification and Hypoxia in the Pearl River Estuary, China
Guo X, Guo L, Wang L, Huang T, Su J & Li Y
(2015) Using 224Ra/228Th Disequilibrium to Quantify Benthic Fluxes of Dissolved Inorganic Carbon and Nutrients into the Pearl River Estuary
Cai P, Shi X, Hong Q, Li Q, Guo X & Dai M

Guo Xiangyi (2018) Study on Geogas Prospecting Experiment in the Semi-Arid Desert Steppe
Ye R & Guo X

Guo Xiaofeng (2020) Thermodynamics of CeSiO₄
Strzelecki A, Kreigsman K, Bourgeois C, Estevenon P, Goncharov V, Wei N, Szenknect S, Mesbah A, Wu D, Ewing R, Dacheux N & Guo X
(2020) Thermochemistry of UC and UN
Guo X, Vitaliy G, Kriegsman K, White J & Xu H
(2020) Synchrotron X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopic Investigation of Uranyl-Chloride Aqueous Solutions at Hydrothermal Conditions
Baker J, Akram N, Dhakal D, Mayanovic R, Guo X, Zhang X, Kelley M, Batista E, Yang P, Boukhalfa H, Migdissov A, Roback R, Sun C-J & Xu H
(2019) Uranyl-Chloride Speciation at Hydrothermal Conditions
Xu H, Mayanovic R, Dhakal D, Baker J, Guo X, Kelley M, Yang P, Batista E, Sun C, Boukhalfa H, Migdisov A & Roback R
(2019) Structural, Interfacial, and Energetic Evolutions for Defect-Fluorite Gd2Zr2O7 Ceramics Under He Irradiation
Huang Z, Qi J, Lu T, Guo X & Wu D
(2019) Probing the Formation and Alteration of Lanthanide Phosphates
Guo X, Zhang Y, Kemal R, Dhakal D, Mesbah A, Szenknect S, Clavier N, Xu H, Mayanovic R, Liu L & Dacheux N
(2018) Energetics of Uranium Silicides
Chung C-K, Guo X, White J, Nelson A, Boukhalfa H, Roback R, Xu H & Navrotsky A
(2018) Structural and Energetic Landscapes of Uranothorite Solid Solutions
Guo X, Mesbah A, Szenknect S, Clavier N, Xu H, Espinosa-Faller F, Navrotsky A, Ewing R & Dacheux N
(2018) The Solubility and Speciation of Thorium in Chloride-Bearing Aqueous Solutions at Elevated Temperatures
Nisbet H, Migdisov A, Xu H, Williams-Jones A, van Hinsberg V, Guo X, Boukhalfa H & Roback R
(2017) Structures and Stability of U-Bearing Phases for Nuclear Energy Applications
Xu H & Guo X
(2016) Thermal Behavior of Polyhalite: A Mineral Relevant to Salt Repository
Xu H, Guo X & Bai J
(2014) Thermochemistry of Metastudtite and Amorphous UO3
Guo X, Ushakov S, Navrotsky A, Labs S, Curtius H & Bosbach D
(2014) Confinement of Organic Molecules in Nanoporous Minerals
Wu D, Sun H, Guo X & Navrotsky A

Guo Xiaoru (2016) Study on Environmental Behavior of Typical Nanomaterials Based on Hollow Fiber Flow Field-Flow Fractionation
Tan Z, Guo X, Yin Y, Moon MH, Liu J & Jiang G

Guo Xiaowei (2020) Reevaluating the Age and Tectonic Implication of the Karamay Ophiolitic Mélange, Northwest China
Wang Q, Su B, Xu Y, Guo X & Xu N

Guo Xinyue (2014) Microscopic Observation and Geochemical Characteristics of Suspended Particulate Matter in Water Source of Beijing, China
Ji H, Tang L, Li C, Guo X & Liu S

Guo Xinzhuan (2015) The Migration of Carbonate Melt in Mantle
Wang C, Zhang J, Zhang Y, Guo X, Jin Z & Wang Y
(2013) P-V-T Equation of State for ε-Iron up to 80 GPa and 1900 K Using the Kawai-type High Pressure Apparatus
Yamazaki D, Ito E, Yoshino T, Yoneda A, Guo X, Zhang B, Sun W, Shimojuku A, Tsujino N, Kunimoto T, Higo Y & Funakoshi K-I

Guo Xiurong (2008) Characteristics and Evolution of Geothermal Field in the Bozhong Sub-Basin, Bohaiwan Basin, China
Zhang C, Xie X, Guo X & Du X

Guo Xuan (2015) Electrical Conductivity of Rhyolitic Melts with up to 8 wt% H2O
Ni H, Guo X & Zhang L
(2012) The Density, Thermal Expansion and Compressibility of FeO in Model Basalts (An-Di-Hd) and a Lunar Basalt: Fe2+ in 6-Fold Coordination
Lange R, Guo X, Liu Q & Ai Y
(2011) Experimental Compressibility of Molten Hedenbergite at High Pressure
Agee C, Barnett G, Waller C, Asimow P, Guo X & Lange R

Guo Xuan (2017) Laboratory Measurement of Electrical Conductivity on Hydrous Andesitic Melts
Guo X, Li B, Ni H & Mao Z

Guo Xuan (2019) Electrical Conductivity of Peraluminous Granitic Melt with Implications for Melting in the Tibetan Crust
Guo X, Zhang L, Su X, Mao Z, Gao X-Y, Yang X & Ni H

Guo Xuehui (2020) Air Quality Impacts of the 2018 Kīlauea Eruption
Golston L, Pan D, Guo X, Li N, Wang R, Tao L, McSpiritt J, Yates E & Zondlo M

Guo Xueru (2020) A Comparative Study of the Adsorption Efficiency of Adsorption Materials for Wastewater Containing Strontium and Cesium
Zuo R, Du C, Wang J & Guo X
(2016) Spatial Variation and Hydrogeochemical Behavior of the Shallow High-Fluorine Groundwater
Guo X, Zuo R & Wang J

Guo Xuesong (2014) Light Absorbing Properties of Diesel Exhaust Particles Measured by a Three-Wavelength Photoacoustic Spectrometer
Guo X, Nakayama T, Yamada H, Inomata S, Tonokura K & Matsumi Y

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