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Guo Jinming (2020) Diagenesis of Benthic Foraminifera: Fluid Penetration and Isotopic Exchange Visualized with NanoSIMS
Cisneros-Lazaro D, Adams A, Guo J, Baumgartner L, Bernard S, Daval D, Baronnet A, Grauby O, Vennemann T, Stolarski J & Meibom A

Guo Jiye (2020) Reconciling Chemical Weathering Rates Across Scales: Insights from U-Series Isotopes in Volcanic Weathering Clasts from Basse-Terre Island (Guadeloupe)
Ma L, Guo J, Pereyra Y, Engel J, Gaillardet J & Sak P
(2014) Quantifying the Signature of the Industrial Revolution from Pb, Cd and Zn Isotopes in the Susquehanna Shale Hills Critical Zone Observatory
Ma L, Guo J, Herndon E, Jin L, Sanchez D & Brantley S

Guo Junfeng (2013) The Characteristics of Metamorphic Basement for the Bogda Late Paleozoic Rift Through, Eastern Tianshan Mountains, China
Guo J & Li Y

Guo Laodong (2016) Characterization of Dissolved and Colloidal Organic Matter in Lake Michigan Using Flow Field-Flow Fractionation Coupled with Fluorescence EEMs
Guo L & Zhou Z
(2014) Variations in Dissolved and Particulate Carbohydrate Species Across the River-Lake Interface in Southwest Lake Michigan
Lin P & Guo L
(2014) Distribution and Chemical Speciation of Phosphorus in Surface Sediments of the Central Pacific Ocean
Ni J, Guo L, Lin P, Zhen Y & Yao X
(2014) Colloidal Size Partitioning in Estuarine and Coastal Waters as Characterized by Flow Field-Flow Fractionation Coupled with Fluorescence Detector
Zhou Z & Guo L
(2010) Partitioning and Transformation of Phosphorus between Dissolved, Colloidal and Particulate Phases in the Bay of Saint Louis
Guo L & Lin P
(2010) Variations in Composition and Size of Dissolved and Colloidal Organic Matter in the Bay of St. Louis Estuary
Zhou Z & Guo L
(2010) Nanoscale Colloidal Iron-Binding Organic Matter in Marine Waters
Stolpe B, Guo L & Shiller A
(2008) Geochemical Signatures are Driven by Seasonal Flow Regimes in the Chena River Near Fairbanks, Alaska
Douglas T, Blum J, Keller K, Guo L & Cai Y
(2002) Thorium and Protactinium Sorption on Silica and Carbonate
Gueguen C & Guo L

Guo Lei (2020) Granitoid Source and Orogen Types
Wang T, Wang X, Tong Y, Huang H, Wang C, Zhang J, Guo L, Li S & Zhang L
(2019) A Comparison of Isotopes of Granitoids between the Central Asian Orogenic Belt and Qinling-Dabie Orogen and Implications for Understanding of Accretionary to Collisional Orogeny
Wang T, Wang X, Tong Y, Huang H, Li S, Zhang J & Guo L
(2011) Redefine Bulunkuole Group in Eastern Pamirs Syntaxis and its Signification – From the Evidence of LA-ICP-MS Isotope Dating of Detrital Zircon
Xiao P-X, Gao X-F, Kang L, Dong Z-C, Guo L & Xi R-G
(2011) Geochronology and Geochemistry of Hongqilapu Granite in Eastern Pamirs, China
Kang L, Xiao P-X, Gao X-F, Xi R-G, Dong Z-C & Guo L

Guo Li (2019) Spherulitic CaCO3 from Lacustrine Sediments (Bathgate, Scotland) and its Formation Mechanism
Wu S, Blake J, Guo L & Zhou W

Guo Liang (2016) Episodic Proterozoic Granitoid Magmatism in Lhasa Terrane, South Tibet: Implications for the Early Evolution of Lhasa Terrane
Xu W, Zhang H, Guo L & Luo B
(2016) Implications for the Lower Crustal Evoluiton in the West Qinling Orogen, Central China from Geochemical and Isotopic Compositions of Early Mesozoic Magmatic Rocks
Luo B, Zhang H, Yang H, Xu W & Guo L
(2011) The Impact of Aerosols on Radiation and Climate
Highwood E, Ryder C, Guo L, Northway M, Chalmers N, Morgan W, McMeeking G, Stuber N & Ferraro A
(2010) U-Pb Zircon Ages and Hf Isotopic Compositions of the Magmatic and Metamorphic Rocks from Nyingchi Group in Eastern Himalayan Syntaxis and their Geological Implications
Guo L, Zhang H, Xu W & Shi Z

Guo Liang (2017) Coexistence of Early Paleozoic Low-Ca and high-Ca Boninites from the Central Qilian Block, Northwest China: Constraints on Petrogenesis and Implication for Oceanic Subduction and Back-Arc Basin Development
Gao Z, Zhang H-F, Yang H, Luo B-J, Guo L, Xu W-C & Pan F-B

Guo Liang (2018) Petrogenesis Linkage Among the Mesozoic High Mg Andesites, Garnet-Bearing Dacites and Porphyries, Rhyolites and Leucogranites from West Qinling, Central China
Luo B, Zhang H, Xu W, Yang H, Guo L, Pan F, Zhang L, Gao Z & Tao L
(2018) Eocene Subduction Erosion and Crustal Relamination in the Gangdese Belt, South Tibet
Guo L & Zhang H-F

Guo Lianjie (2016) Employment of the Generalized Adsorption Model for the Prediction of Solid-Water Distribution of Cesium in the River-Estaury-Ocean System
Fan Q, Nie L, Qin H, Guo L, Takahashi Y, Wu H & Wu W

Guo Liguo (2018) Ocean Acidification and Hypoxia in the Pearl River Estuary, China
Guo X, Guo L, Wang L, Huang T, Su J & Li Y
(2009) Kinetic Modelling of Gas Generation and Methane Carbon Isotope Fractionation during the Cracking of Aromatic Hydrocarbons
Tian H, Xiao X, Guo L & Zhu Y

Guo Lishuang (2019) Petrogenesis of Early to Middle Jurassic Granitoid Rocks from the Gangdese Belt, Southern Tibet: Implications for Early History of the Neo-Tethys
Guo L

Guo Liu (2014) The Dupal Peak Isotopic Characteristics of Paleo-Asian Mantle Domains
Liu X, Guo L, Castillo P, Xiao W, Xu J, Shi Y & Xiong B

Guo Longlong (2014) Zircon U-Pb Age and Hf Isotope Constraints on the Precamprian Crustal Evolution of the Ordos Block, North China Craton
Zhang C, Sun Y, Diwu C, Guo L & Luo J

Guo Luanjing (2016) Geochemical Compositional Simulations of CO2 Sequestration in Fractured Sandstone Formation
Guo L & Deo M
(2012) Mineral Precipitation between Solutions Flowing in Parallel
Redden G, Fox D, Henriksen J, Guo L, Huang H & Fujita Y
(2010) Reactive Transport Modeling of Ureolytic Calcite Precipitation Using a Parallel, Fully Coupled Approach
Huang H, Guo L, Gaston D, Xu Z, Redden G, Fox D & Fujita Y
(2010) Dynamics of Mineral Precipitation in Mixing Zones in Porous Media
Redden G, Fox D, Gebrehiwet T, Huang H, Guo L & Fujita Y

Guo Min (2019) Laboratory Experiment to Study Solute Transport in Coastal Environments
Guo M, Wan J & Huang S
(2013) Analysis of Characteristics on Different Components of Hydrocarbons in Organo-Clay Complexes
Guo M, Cai J, Lei T & Ding F

Guo Minli (2019) Dissolved Phosphate Photo-Released during Sediment Resuspension in Shallow Lakes
Liu G, Li X & Guo M

Guo P. (2019) Silicate and Carbonatite Melt Metasomatism in the Lithospheric Mantle beneath Northeast China: Constraints from Mantle Xenoliths in Cenozoic Basalt
Xu W-L, Guo P & Ionov DA
(2017) Age and Evolution of the Lithospheric Mantle beneath the Khanka Massif: Geochemical and Re–Os Isotopic Evidence from Sviyagino Mantle Xenoliths
Guo P, Xu W-L & Wang C-G
(2016) Geochronology and Geochemistry of Neoproterozoic to Early-Paleozoic Intrusive Rocks in the Erguna Massif, NE China: Implications for the Tectonic Evolution and Affinity of the Erguna Massif
Zhao S, Xu W-L, Tang J, Li Y & Guo P

Guo Qiang (2008) The Effect of Oxygen Fugacity and Melt Composition on As-Sb Fluid-Melt Partitioning in the granite-H2O System at 800℃ and 200 MPa
Guo Q & Linnen R

Guo Qing Jun (2018) Oxygen Isotope Composition of Inorganic Phosphate of Typical Black Soils in China
Tian LY & Guo QJ

Guo Qingjun (2016) Tracing Sources and Migration Process of Lake Sediments by Using Carbon and Nitrogen Isotopes-- a Case Study of Beijing
Guo Q, Wang C, Peters M, Liu C, Hu J, Zhu G & Wei R
(2016) Fractionation of Stable Cadmium Isotopes in the Cadmium Tolerant Ricinus communis and Hyperaccumulator Solanum Nigrum
Wei R, Guo Q, Liu C, Wen H, Yang J, Hu J, Tian L, Han X & Kong J
(2016) Distribution Characteristic and Sources Apportionment of Polycyclic Aromatic hydrocarbons(PAHs) in the Songhua River Drainage Basin, Northeast China
Hu J, Zhao Z, Lang Y, Guo Q, Yang J & Song G
(2015) Substantial Pollution of Drinking and River Water in Beijing, China: Serious Threat for Public Health and Local Ecology
Peters M, Guo Q, Strauss H & Zhu G
(2014) Behaviour of Stable Carbon and Sulfur Isotopes in Soils of a Karst Region
Lang Y-C, Tian L-Y, Liu C-Q, Ding H, Guo QJ, Zhao Z-Q & Liu T-Z
(2014) REE Abundances in Ediacaran to Early Cambrian Phosphate Deposits, Yangtze Platform (South China) by LA-ICPMS
Hippler D, Klügel A, Guo Q & Franz G
(2013) REE and Trace Element Patterns Across the Ediacaran-Cambrian Transition, South China
Guo Q, Deng Y, Strauss H, Hippler D, Franz G & Zhu G
(2013) Tracing the Sources of Sulfur in Beijing Rain Water with Stable Isotopes
Zhu G, Guo Q, Strauss H & Peters M
(2013) Multi-Proxy Study of Shallow- and Deep-Water Doushantuo Carbonates, Yangtze Platform, South China
Hohl S, Becker H, Herzlieb S, Guo Q & Gamper A
(2013) Geochemical and Multiple Sulfur Isotope Study on Tap and River Water Quality in the Beijing Urban Area
Peters M, Guo Q, Strauss H & Zhu G
(2009) Sulphide Sulphur and Carbonate Carbon Isotopic Evolution of the Cambrian Series 2 and 3, South China
Guo Q, Strauss H, Liu C, Zhao Y, Yang X & Pen J
(2009) δ15N Chemostratigraphy of Ediacaran-Cambrian Sections of South China
Cremonese L, Struck U, Shields G, Ling H, Guo Q & Och L
(2007) The Sulphur Isotopic Evolution of Late Neoarchean and Early Paleoproterozoic Seawater
Guo Q, Strauss H, Schröder S & Gutzmer J
(2002) Isotopic Investigation of the Sulphur and Carbon Cycles in Sedimentary Rocks from the Yangtze Platform, Southern China
Goldberg T, Guo Q-J, Liu C, Steiner M & Strauss H

Guo Qingjun (2017) Status, Source and Ecological Risk Assessment of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) in Soils from Tibet Plateau, China
Hu J, Li J, Zhu Z, Liu X, Guo Q, Wei R, Tian L, Han X, Kong J, Yang X, Li X, Zhou W & Song G
(2017) Environmental Assessment Using Multiple Stable Isotopes and Heavy Metals in a Chinese Coal Mining Area
Guo Q, Peters M, Strauss H, Han X, Hu J, Bai Y, Kong J & Wang Y
(2017) Multiple Sulfur Isotopes of Sulfate in Beijing PM2.5
Han X, Guo Q, Strauss H, Liu C, Hu J, Kong J & Wang Y
(2017) Decoupling of the Sulphur Cycle between the Water Column and Sediments of a Seasonally Stratified Freshwater Lake
Findlay A, Boyko V, Guo Q & Kamyshny A

Guo Qingjun (2019) Spatial Variation and Isotopic Behaviour of Zn in Soil from a Typical Polluted Farmland in Karst Area, South China
Kong J & Guo Q

Guo Rui (2020) Lithium Isotope Fractionation in Aqueous Glass Dissolution
Goût T, Misra S, Tipper E, Bohlin M, Guo R & Farnan I

Guo Ruibo (2019) The Biomarkers Comparison of Bitumen and Expelled Oil of Lacustrine Marlstone Determined by Hydrous Pyrolysis: Application to the Migration of Tight Oil Reservoir
Guo R, Zhang J, Tang X & Zhao P

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