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Gyawali B.R. (2017) Late Quaternary Chronology of the Lower Bengal Fan (IODP Expedition 354) – Paleoclimate Implications
Weber ME, Dekens PS, Reilly BS, Lantzsch H, Selkin PA, Das SK, Williams T, Martos YM, Adhikari RR, Gyawali BR, Jia G, Fox L, Ge J, Manoj MC, Savian J & Meynadier L

Gygax B. (2010) The "Bio" in Biominerals – Identification of Proteins Associated to Microbially Produced Selenium Particles
Lenz M, Kolvenbach B, Gygax B, Moes S & Corvini P

Gygax S. (2016) Response of Mercury Biomethylation to Flooding and Manure Addition in a Polluted Agricultural Floodplain
Mestrot A, Gygax S & Wilcke W

Gyngard F. (2018) Lifetimes of Interstellar Dust from New Exposure Ages of Large Presolar SiC Grains
Heck P, Greer J, Koeoep L, Trappitsch R, Gyngard F, Davis A, Avila J, Busemann H, Colin M & Wieler R

Gyollai I. (2015) Mineral and Chemostratigraphy of Toarcian Grey Shale (Úrkút, Hungary)
Polgári M, Hein JR, Bíró L, Gyollai I, Németh T, Fekete J, Pál-Molnár E & Vigh T
(2013) Coherent Pyroxene-Akimotoite Phase Transformation in NWA 5011 Shocked Chondrite
Pál-Molnár E, Nagy S, Fintor K, Gyollai I & Bendő Z

Gyore D. (2017) Using Noble Gas Isotopes to Constrain the Source of CO2 in the Vaca Muerta Shale in the Neuquén Basin (Argentina)
Gyore D, Pujol M, Gilfillan S, Stuart F & Estrada S
(2015) Noble Gas Isotopes in Injected CO2 as a Tracer in the Cranfield Enhanced Oil Recovery Field (MS, USA)
Gyore D, Stuart F, Gilfillan S & Waldron S
(2015) Tracing the Migration and Fate of CO2 in Natural and CO2-EOR Fields Using Noble Gases
Gilfillan S, Gyore D, Stuart F & Haszeldine S

Gypens N. (2007) Influence of Model Aggregation on the Parameterization of Biogeochemical Reaction Kinetics in Ecosystem Models
Regnier P, Arndt S, Lacroix G, Gypens N & Lancelot C

Gysel M. (2011) Cloud Condensation Nuclei Concentrations and Actual Supersaturations in Real Clouds
Baltensperger U, Jurányi Z, Emanuel H, Gysel M, Bukowiecki N & Weingartner E
(2009) Hygroscopicity of Tropospheric Aerosols: One Year of Measurements at Jungfraujoch (3580 m asl.)
Kammermann L, Gysel M, Weingartner E & Baltensperger U
(2009) Effects of Relative Humidity on Aerosol Light Scattering
Zieger P, Schmidhauser R, Weingartner E, Gysel M, Ström J & Baltensperger U
(2009) Water Uptake of Clay and Desert Dust Aerosol Particles at Sub- and Supersaturated Water Vapor Conditions
Herich H, Tritscher T, Wiacek A, Gysel M, Weingartner E, Lohmann U, Baltensperger U & Cziczo DJ
(2009) Smogchamber Investigations of Primary and Secondary Organic Aerosol from Combustion Sources
DeCarlo P, Chirico R, Heringa M, Tritscher T, Gysel M, Weingartner E, Prevot A & Baltensperger U

Gysi Alexander (2017) The MINES Thermodynamic Database for Simulating the Chemistry of Complex Crustal Fluid-Rock Systems
Gysi A
(2015) Experiments and Numerical Modeling of Hydrothermal REE Ore Forming Processes in the Crust
Gysi A, Williams-Jones A & Harlov D
(2012) Fluid-Rock Interaction in the Strange Lake Peralkaline Granitic Pluton, Canada: Implications for REE/HFSE Mobility
Gysi A & Williams-Jones A
(2011) CO2 Sequestration and Hydrothermal Basalt Alteration at 40-250℃
Gysi A & Stefánsson A
(2010) H2S and CO2 Sequestration in Geothermal Systems
Stefansson A, Arnorsson S, Gunnarsson I, Gysi A, Kaasalainen H & Gunnlaugsson E
(2009) CO2-water-Basalt Interaction: Geochemical Modelling and Experiments
Gysi A & Stefánsson A
(2008) CO2-basalt Interaction – Numerical Simulation and Experimental Study
Stefansson A & Gysi A

Gysi Alexander P (2018) The Hydrothermal Solubility of monazite-(Ce) and xenotime-(Y)
Gysi A, Harlov D & Miron G
(2018) Characterization of Detrital Xenotime-(Y) from the Goias Tin Province, Brazil
Costa-Filho D, Botelho NF & Gysi AP
(2018) Geochemistry of the Kansanshi Cu-Au Deposit, Zambia
MacIntyre T, Gysi A & Hitzman M
(2018) Hydrothermal Evolution of Au-Bearing Pyrite Veins and their Association to Base Metal Veins in the Central City District, CO, USA
Alford L, Gysi A, Monecke T, Pfaff K & Hurtig N
(2018) Rare Earth Element Partitioning in Calcite as a Vector of Hydrothermal Processes in Mineral Deposits
Perry E & Gysi A
(2018) The Thermodynamic Stability of Monazite for Vectoring the Hydrothermal Mobility of REE in Ore Deposits
Van Hoozen C & Gysi A

Gyӧre D. (2017) Assessing Geochemical Tools to Resolve Origin and Trace Migration of Unconventional Gas in the U.K
McKavney R, Gilfillan S, Gyӧre D & Stuart F

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