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Fahrni S. (2009) Proof of Biogenic Origin of Marine Aerosol by 13C and 14C Analysis
Ceburnis D, O'Dowd CD, Garbaras A, Remeikis V, Rinaldi M, Szidat S, Fahrni S, Prevot ASH, Perron N, Wacker L & Leinert S

Fahrni Simon (2009) Fossil and Non-Fossil Sources of Carbonaceous Aerosols from 14C
Szidat S, Fahrni S, Perron N, Prevot ASH, Ruff M, Wacker L & Baltensperger U

Fahy J. (2014) Nonpoint Source Pathways of Salinity, Se and B in the Pariette Draw Watershed, Utah, USA: Impact of Climate and Land Use
Morrison J, Tuttle M & Fahy J

Faid A. (2015) Assessment of Groundwater Quality to Estimate its Suitability for Different Uses in Siwa Oasis, Egypt
Ismail E & Faid A

Faiia A. (2018) S Isotope Fractionations in Volcanic Aqueous Systems on Earth and Mars
Szynkiewicz A, Goff F, Vaniman D, Faiia A & Pribil M
(2018) Understanding the Mechanism of Sulfate Formation via Metal Catalyzers on Mars Using Iceland as a Terrestrial Analog
Ende J, Szynkiewicz A & Faiia A

Fain Xavier (2010) Efficient Bromine-Induced Mercury Oxidation Observed Under Temperate Conditions at the Dead Sea
Obrist D, Peleg M, Fain X, Matveev V, Tas E, Asaf D & Luria M

Faïn Xavier (2013) Continuous Carbon Monoxide Measurements along the NEEM-2011-S1 Ice Core: In situ Production and Potential for Atmospheric Reconstruction
Faïn X, Chappellaz J, Rhodes R, Stowasser C, Blunier T, McConnell J, Brook E, Legrand M, Desbois T & Romanini D

Faina P. (2018) Millennial-Scale Controls on Monsoon Precipitation in Madagascar during the Deglaciation
Scroxton N, Burns S, McGee D, Hardt B, Godfrey L, Ranivoharimanana L & Faina P

Fairbairn L. (2019) Decoupling the Effects of Soil Moisture and Oxygen on Soil Carbon Dioxide Fluxes
Fairbairn L, Rezanezhad F, Parsons C, Macrae M & Van Cappellen P

Fairbrother H. (2018) Quantity and Form of Natural and Engineered TiO2 Present in Outdoor Concrete Weathering Experiments
Challis K, Lankone R, Fairbrother H, Kennedy A & Ranville J

Fairchild G. (2012) Modeling the Impact of Variable pH and Dissolved Salt Concentrations on Metal Ion Transport Observed in Field Experiments
Kent D, Kohler M, Curtis G, Fairchild G & LeBlanc D

Fairchild Ian (2017) Carbonate Clumped Isotope Temperatures from the Onset of the Cryogenian
Mackey T, Bergmann K & Fairchild I
(2016) Svalbard Marinoan and Sturtian Glacial Suites Marked by Contrasting Sulfate Multi-Isotope Compositions
Bao H, Fairchild I & Wynn P

Fairchild Ian John (2013) Colloidal Metals in Stalagmites: Potential for Palaeohydrology
Hartland A, Fairchild IJ, Muller W & Dominguez-Villar D
(2013) Seasonal Distinction of Hydrological Variability in Speleothem Calcite
Wynn PM, Fairchild IJ, Spotl C, Hartland A, Mattey D, Cotte M & Fayard B
(2012) Timing the Evolution of Seawater Chemistry during the Neoproterozoic: Case Study of the Svalbard Succession
Bonnand P, Parkinson I, Fairchild I, McMillan E, Condon D & Halverson G
(2011) Chromium Isotopes as an Indicator of Redox Conditions in the Cryogenian Shallow Oceans
Bonnand P, Parkinson I, James R & Fairchild I
(2009) Seasonal Microclimate Control on Calcite Fabrics, Stable Isotopes and Trace Elements in Modern Speleothem from St. Michaels Cave, Gibraltar
Mattey D, Fairchild I & Atkinson T
(2009) S Cycling and Capture: Robust Records in Speleothems, Trees and Snowball Lakes
Fairchild I
(2009) Colloids in Karstic Percolation Waters: Implications for the Interpretation of Trace Element Variations in Speleothems
Hartland A, Fairchild I & Lead J
(2009) Redox State of the Neoproterozoic Oceans: Insights from the REE and Cr Isotopes
Bonnand P, Parkinson IJ, James RH, Fairchild IJ & Rogers NW
(2008) Extraordinary Neoproterozoic Conditions Implicated by Sulfate of Extraordinary Oxygen Isotopic Compositions
Bao H, Fairchild I, Spoetl C & Wynn P
(2007) High Resolution Ion Microprobe Analysis of Sulphur Isotopes in Speleothem Carbonate
Wynn P, Fairchild I, Baker A, Frisia S, Borsato A, Miorandi R, Spotl C & Craven J
(2006) Annual-scale chemical cyclicity in speleothems
Fairchild I
(2006) Geochemistry of terrestrial carbonates forming within an alleged Snowball Earth glaciation
Fairchild I, Wynn P, Spoetl C, Bickle M & Chapman H
(2006) Atmospheric Forcing Of Sulphate in Speleothem Carbonate
Wynn P, Fairchild IJ, Baker A, Frisia S, Borsato A & Miorandi R
(2006) Sub-monthly to daily trace element distribution in annually laminated stalagmite mapped by synchrotron micro X-ray fluorescence
Borsato A, Frisia S, Fairchild IJ, Somogyi A & Susini J
(2006) Environment-sensitive trace element concentration in speleothems as detected by synchrotron µ-XRF
Frisia S, Borsato A, Somogyi A, Fairchild IJ & Susini J
(2005) Record of the Weathering Timescale in Himalayan Rivers
Pomies C, Bickle M, Tipper ET, Chapman H, Fairchild I & Harris N
(2004) Sulphate in Speleothems Records Atmospheric Sulphate Variability
Frisia S, Borsato A, Susini J & Fairchild I
(2004) Environmental Controls on Annual Carbonate Deposition for Stalagmites from Brown’s Folly Mine, Wiltshire, England
Baldini J, McDermott F & Fairchild I
(2002) Combined Modelling of Hydrological and Hydrochemical Dripwater Data to Deduce Karstic Plumbing
Fairchild IJ, Tuckwell GW, Baker A & Tooth AF
(2002) Weathering Reactions within a Basaltic Glacial Outwash Plain
Robinson Z, Fairchild I, Spiro B & Russell A
(2002) Modelling of Carbonate and Silicate Inputs to the Riverine Dissolved Load
Bickle MJ, Bunbury J, Chapman H, Harris N, Fairchild I & Ahmad T
(2000) U Isotope Systematics in Four European Stalagmites: New Insights and Implications for Palaeoclimatic Reconstruction
Huang Y, McDermott F, Hawkesworh CJ & Fairchild IJ
(2000) Multi-Element Trace Element Proxies in Speleothems
Fairchild IJ, Baker A & Huang Y
(2000) Experiments to Investigate the Contribution of Silicate Weathering to the Dissolution of Himalayan Rocks
Bunbury J, Bickle M, Ahmad T, Fairchild I, Harris N & Chapman H
(2000) Re-assessing the Carbonate Contribution to High Himalayan Dissolved Load
West AJ, Bickle MJ, Bunbury JM & Fairchild IJ

Fairchild T.R. (2015) Stratigraphic Importance of the Lowest Ediacaran Tubestone-Microbialite Association in the Paraguay Fold Belt (Brazil)
Romero GR, Sanchez EAM, Morais LPC, Boggiani PC & Fairchild TR

Fairclough S. (2019) Imaging Nitrate-Dependent Fe(II) Oxidation by a Newly Isolated As(III)-oxidising Bacterium
Lopez-Adams R, Fairclough S, Zhao F, Moore K, Lloyd J & Lyon I

Fairen A. (2016) Mineralogical and Geochemical Trends in a Fluviolacustrine Sequence in Gale Crater, Mars
Rampe E, Ming D, Morris R, Blake D, Vaniman D, Bristow T, Chipera S, Yen A, Grotzinger J, Farmer J, Des Marais D, Morrison S, Gellert R, Achilles C, Downs R, Treiman A, Craig P, Fendrich K & Fairen A
(2016) Constraining Hesperian Martian PCO2 from Mineral Analysis at Gale Crater
Bristow T, Haberle R, Blake D, Vaniman D, Grotzinger J, Siebach K, Des Marias D, Rampe E, Eigenbrode J, Sutter B, Fairén A, Mischna M & Vasavada A

Fairgray M. (2018) The Use of Redox Pairs to Model Bioreactor Processes in the Treatment of Acid Mine Drainage
Fairgray M, Webster-Brown J, Pope J & Trumm D

Fairhead J. (2014) Long-Term Carbon Stabilization in African Dark Earth Soils
Plante A, Beaupré S, Solomon D, Lehmann J & Fairhead J

Fairley J (2005) Field Evidence for Unstable Thermal-Convective Transport in a Fault Controlled Geothermal System
Fairley J, Hinds J & Zakrajsek JR

Fairley Jerry (2013) Radon Activity Around Active Faults in a Geothermal Environment
Davidson J, Gravley D, Nicol A & Fairley J

Fairmaid A. (2009) Noble Gas and Halogen Evidence for the Origin of Mineralising Fluids in Orogenic Gold Deposits: An Example from the Ballarat East Deposit, Australia
Fairmaid A, Kendrick M & Phillips D

Faisova R. (2020) The Role of Uranium Speciation in its Isotopic Fractionation
Bernier-Latmani R, Brown A, Pan Z, Faisova R, Sato A, Roebbert Y, Vitova T, Mazzanti M, Abe M & Weyer S

Faith J.T. (2018) U-Th Burial Dating of Ostrich Eggshell Beyond the 14C Limit
Niespolo EM, Sharp WD, Fylstra ND, Avery G, Blegen N, Faith JT, Henshilwood CS, Klein R, Van Niekerk K, Weisz DG & Tryon CA
(2017) Patterns of Secondary U in Ostrich Eggshell: Application to U-Th Dating of Quaternary Terrestrial Strata
Niespolo E, Sharp W, Fylstra N, Tryon C, Weisz D, Faith JT, Henshilwood C, Lewis J, Mackay A, Steele T & Van Niekerk K
(2014) U-Series Dating of Ostrich Eggshells
Sharp WD, Fylstra ND, Faith JT, Peppe DJ & Tryon CA
(2013) Causes of Late Pleistocene Lake Victoria Water Level Change, Derived from Clumped Isotopes in Land Snails and Fresh Water Molluscs
Zaarur S, Affek HP, Tryon C, Peppe D & Faith JT

Faithful J. (2014) Potassium Isotope Geochemistry and Magmatic Processes
Morgan L, Higgins J, Davidheiser-Kroll B, Lloyd N, Faithfull J & Ellam R
(2006) Using Sr/Nd isotopic ratios to determine sediment sources in the Burdekin Falls Dam, Queensland, Australia.
Cooper M, Shields G, Faithful J & Zhao J

Faithfull J. (2017) Fingerprinting the Temperature and Fluid Source of Fracture-Filling Calcite in Geothermal Systems Using Clumped Isotopes
MacDonald J, Milicich S, Davies A, Holdsworth C, Newton M, Williamson S, Faithfull J, McNamara D & John C
(2015) Upper Mantle Sulphides as ‘Time Capsules’ for Critical Metals
Hughes H, McDonald I, Bybee G, Kinnaird J, Faithfull J & Upton B
(2015) Formation of Exceptional Secondary Mineralisation in SW Scotland during the Onset of Northern Hemisphere Glaciation Revealed by (U+Th)/21Ne Dating
Stuart F & Faithful J

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