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Fuzzi S. (2013) Primary and Secondary Biomass Burning Aerosols Determined by Factor Analysis of H-Nmr Spectra
Paglione M, Decesari S, Giulianelli L, Tagliavini E, Hillamo R, Carbone S, Saarikoski S, Swietlicki E, Fuzzi S & Facchini MC
(2013) Regional Scale OA Oxidation Observed over the Po Valley Basin (Italy), at Mt. Cimone (2165 M Asl)
Rinaldi M, Gilardoni S, Decesari S, Fuzzi S, Cristofanelli P, Bonasoni P, Ferrari S, Poluzzi V & Facchini MC
(2011) Marine Aerosol Oxalic Acid from In-Cloud Oxidation of Glyoxal
Rinaldi M, Decesary S, Fuzzi S, Ceburnis D, O'Dowd C, Sciare J, Burrows J, Ervens B & Facchini MC
(2009) Marine Organic Aerosol: Characterization by Proton Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (1H NMR)
Rinaldi M, Decesari S, Finessi E, Carbone C, Mircea M, Fuzzi S, Ceburnis D, O'Dowd C & Facchini MC

Fyfe D (2006) Elemental sulfur dynamics in coastal lowland acid sulfate soil landscapes
Bush R, Burton E, Sullivan L & Fyfe D

Fyfe Diane (2007) Sulfide Oxidation, Acidification and Deoxgenation by Reaction of Resuspended Sulfidic Benthic Sediments
Fyfe D, Bush R, Burton E & Sullivan L

Fyfe F. (2015) The Build up to a Large Explosive Eruption 14, 000 Years ago at Popocatépetl Volcano (Mexico)
Fyfe F, Mangler M, Prytulak J, Delgado-Granados H & Petrone CM

Fyfe W. (2014) Evolution of the Auriferous Cachimbo Shear Zone, Transbrasiliano Lineament, Central Brazil: Mineral Chemistry and Microstructures
Mesquita MJ, Hartmann L, Fyfe W, Picanço J & Gomes M
(2000) Biogeochemical Processes Governing the Stable Carbon-Isotope Compositions of CH4 and CO2 in Freshwater Wetlands
Hornibrook E, Longstaffe F & Fyfe W

Fylstra Nicholas (2017) Patterns of Secondary U in Ostrich Eggshell: Application to U-Th Dating of Quaternary Terrestrial Strata
Niespolo E, Sharp W, Fylstra N, Tryon C, Weisz D, Faith JT, Henshilwood C, Lewis J, Mackay A, Steele T & Van Niekerk K

Fylstra Nicholas D. (2018) U-Th Burial Dating of Ostrich Eggshell Beyond the 14C Limit
Niespolo EM, Sharp WD, Fylstra ND, Avery G, Blegen N, Faith JT, Henshilwood CS, Klein R, Van Niekerk K, Weisz DG & Tryon CA

Fylstra Nick D. (2014) U-Series Dating of Ostrich Eggshells
Sharp WD, Fylstra ND, Faith JT, Peppe DJ & Tryon CA

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