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Evans Jane (2009) Evidence for Long-Term Averaging of 87Sr/86Sr in Bovine Enamel Using TIMS and LA-MC-ICP-MS
Montgomery J, Evans J & Horstwood M
(2009) Isotope Domain Mapping of 87Sr/86Sr Biosphere Variation, UK
Evans J, Montgomery J & Wildman G
(2002) Dating Diagenetic Monazite in Mudrocks: Constraining the Oil Window?
Evans JA, Evans J, Zalasiewicz J, Fletcher I, Rasmussen B & Pearce N
(2002) Dating Diagenetic Monazite in Mudrocks: Constraining the Oil Window?
Evans JA, Evans J, Zalasiewicz J, Fletcher I, Rasmussen B & Pearce N
(2002) Reconstructing Anglo-Saxon Immigration and Residential Mobility from O-, Sr- and Pb-Isotope Analysis
Budd P, Montgomery J, Evans J, Chenery C & Powlesland D
(2000) Sr and Pb Isotopes for Tracking Human Historical and Ancient Migrations
Montgomery J, Evans J & Budd P

Evans Jodie (2002) Calibration of the Production Rate of 36Cl from Potassium
Fifield K, Evans J & Stone J

Evans John (2007) Probing the Organic-Mineral Interface (OMI) at the Molecular-Level in Model Biominerals
Metzler R, Evans J, Zhou D, Beniash E, Wilt F, Abrecht M, Coppersmith S & Gilbert P

Evans Katy (2019) Caught in the Act: Incipient Metal Extraction during Melting of Metasomatically Oxidised Mantle
Tomkins A, Rielli A, Nebel O, Brugger J, Etschmann B, Evans K, Vasilyev P, Wykes J & Paterson D
(2018) Submicron-Scale Variation of Metals in Colloform Pyrite Revealed by NanoSIMS
Wu Y-F, Li J-W, Evans K & Fougerouse D
(2017) Atom Probe Study of Carbonate-Silicate Melts Immiscibility and Implication to REE Distrubution
Vasilyev P, Fougerouse D, Reddy S, Saxey D, Rickard W, Evans K & Yaxley G
(2016) In situ Isotopic Analysis of Sulfides in High-Pressure Serpentinites
Crossley R, Evans K, Jeon H, Kilburn M, Roberts M & Reddy S
(2016) The Role of Carbonaceous Material in Gold Deposition in Metasediment-Hosted Orogenic Gold Deposits
Hu S, Evans K, Craw D, Rempel K & Grice K
(2016) Preservation of Framboidal Pyrite and its Role in Trace Element Transfer in Subduction Zones
Hayes S, Evans K & Reddy S
(2016) Effects of Geodynamic Setting on the Redox State of Fluids Released by Subducted Mantle Lithosphere
Evans K, Reddy S, Tomkins A & Crossley R

Evans Katy A. (2015) An in situ Investigation of Chalcophile and Siderophile Element Cycling in Subduction Zones: Insights from High-Pressure Ultramafic Rocks from Alpine Corsica
Crossley R, Evans K, Evans N & McDonald B
(2015) The Effect of Subduction on the Sulfur, Carbon, and Redox Budget of Lithospheric Mantle
Evans K & Powell R
(2014) Element Mobility during Serpentinization
Mothersole F, Evans K & Frost R
(2014) Fe Isotopes in Serpentinites: A Positive Fe Isotopic Reservoir in the Oceanic Crust
Scott SR, Sims KWW, Frost BR, Kelemen PB, Evans KA & Schwarzenbach EM
(2014) Combined Sulfur, Carbon and Redox Budget Constraints on Genetic Models for Clastic-Dominated Base-Metal Sulfide Deposits: Examples from the Here’s Your Chance Pb-Zn Deposit, Australia
Dick J, Evans K, Holman A, Leach D & Grice K
(2014) Organic Geochemistry of the Paleoproterozoic ‘Here’s Your Chance’ Pb/Zn/Ag Deposit
Holman A, Grice K, Jaraula C, Evans K, Greenwood P, Schimmelmann A, Brocks J, Böttcher M, Walshe J & Yeats C
(2014) Biogeochemical Influences on Uranium Speciation in the Mulga Rock Sedimentary Uranium Ore Deposit, Western Australia
Cumberland S, Jaraula C, Grice K, Douglas G, Evans K, McCuaig C, Schwark L, Curtain R, Rubanov S, de Jonge M, Howard D & Moreau J
(2014) Organic Matter Distal to Macraes Gold Deposit, New Zealand
Hu S, Evans K, Rempel K, Craw D, Grice K & Dick J
(2013) Sources of Sulfur and Sulfur Preservation in Subducted Rocks: An in situ Sulfur Isotope Study
Evans K, Tomkins A & Cliff J
(2012) Organic Geochemical Insights into the Formation of the Here's Your Chance Lead-Zinc-Silver Deposit
Holman A, Grice K, Jaraula C, Dick J, Schimmelmann A & Evans K
(2012) Thermodynamic Properties of Aqueous Phenanthrene and Isomers of Methylphenanthrene at High Temperature
Dick J, Evans K, Holman A, Jaraula C & Grice K
(2011) The Relationship between Subduction Zone Redox Budget and Arc Magma Fertility
Evans K & Tomkins A
(2011) Serpentine and Brucite Intergrowths: Effects on δ11B
Mothersole F, Evans K & Cliff J
(2011) What can Equilibrium Thermodynamics Tell us About Metasomatic Alteration?
Evans K
(2010) Thermodynamics of Fluid-Rock Interactions with a Metamorphic Petrology Point of View: Example with H2O – CO2 – NaCl Mixtures
Bickle MJ, Dubacq B & Evans K
(2009) New Internally Consistent Data and Activity Composition Models for S-Bearing Phases, and Application to Thermodynamic Modelling of Mafic Greenschist Facies Rocks from the St. Ives Gold Camp, Western Australia
Evans K & Powell R
(2008) A Preliminary Investigation of Chlorine XANES in Silicate Melts
Evans K, Mavrogenes J, O'Neill H, Keller N & Jang L-Y
(2007) Synchrotron Studies of RbBr-Bearing Solutions ±CO2 in Synthetic Fluid Inclusions
Evans K & Mavrogenes J
(2006) Redox budget: an extensive variable for quantification of redox processes
Evans K
(2006) Improvements in thermodynamic models of hydrothermal fluids through better configurational entropy terms.
Evans K & Powell R
(2005) The Thermodynamics of Mixing in Saline and Mixed Solvent Solutions at Elevated Temperature and Pressure: A Framework for Geological Phase Equilibria Calculations
Evans K & Powell R
(2004) Rate Controls on Chemical Weathering Under Unsaturated Flow
Evans K & Banwart S
(2000) Controls on Iron/Sulphur Ratios on Spoil Heaps and in Mineworkings
Evans K & Banwart S

Evans Larry (2010) In situ Instrumentation for Sub-Surface Planetary Geochemistry
Bodnarik J, Evans L, Floyd S, Lim L, McClanahan T, Namkung M, Parsons A, Schweitzer J, Starr R & Trombka J
(2004) Petrology and Geochemistry of Mantle Xenoliths from Santiago, Cape Verde Islands
Evans L, Downes H, Wall F & Day S

Evans Leigh (2016) Helium Isotope Variations along Southern California Fault Zones
Lupton J, Lilley M, Boles J & Evans L

Evans M (2000) Erosion Processes and Fluxes in the Central Himalaya from Geochemical Constraints
France-Lanord C, Galy A, Gajurel A, Derry L, Evans M, Hurtrez J, Riotte J, Pierson-Wickmann A & Rose E

Evans M S (2006) Mass-independent fractionation of Hg isotopes by biological processes
Jackson TA, Whittle DM, Evans MS & Muir DCG

Evans Mark (2012) Structural Controls on Fluid Evolution in the Devonian Marcellus Shale during Deformation of the Central Appalachians
Evans M
(2012) Integrated 3D Multimodal CARS Microscopy, Raman Spectroscopy, and Microthermometry of Gas-Rich Inclusions in the Marcellus Shale-Gas System
Burruss R, Evans M, Slepkov A, Pegoraro A & Stolow A

Evans Mat (2011) Aerosol Mass Spectrometer Constraint on the Global Secondary Organic Aerosol Budget
Spracklen D, Jimenez J, Carslaw K, Worsnop D, Evans M, Mann G, Zhang Q, Canagaratna M, Allan J, Coe H, Mcfiggans G, Rap A & Forster P

Evans Mathew (2015) Biogeochemistry of Reactive Halogens and the Omnipresence of Iodine
Carpenter L, Andrews S, Hackenberg S, Sherwen T, Evans M, Allan J, McFiggans G, Boxe C & Saiz-Lopez A

Evans Matthew (2002) Tracing Hydrothermal and Metamorphic Fluxes of CO2 and Solutes from the Central Himalaya
Derry LA, Evans M & France-Lanord C

Evans Michael (2019) Indo-Pacific Influences on Tree-Ring Stable Isotopes in Vietnam
Anchukaitis K, Evans M & LeGrande A
(2008) High Resolution Tropical Isotope Dendroclimatology: Prospects and Challenges
Anchukaitis K & Evans M

Evans N (2006) (U-Th)/He Thermochronometry of Supergene Base Metal Ores and Implications for Namibian Paleoclimate
Evans N, Boni M, McInnes B & McDonald B

Evans N J (2006) Emplacement, uplift and exhumation histories of Tibetan porphyry Cu-Mo-Au deposits
Xu J-F, McInnes BIA, Evans NJ & Griffin WL

Evans Nicholas (2017) Triple Oxygen and Hydrogen Isotope Analysis of Gypsum Hydration Water from the Evaporites of the Messinian Salinity Crisis
Hodell D, Evans N, Gázquez F, Bauska T, Chapman H & McKenzie J
(2017) Coupled Measurement of Ca and Sr Isotopes in Evaporites from the Sorbas Basin, SE Spain
Evans N, Mailes J, Bauska T, Gázquez F, Chapman H, Bradbury H, Turchyn S & Hodell D

Evans Nick (2015) 17O-Excess and Deuterium-Excess in Gypsum Hydration Water
Gazquez F, Evans N, Mather I, Herwartz D, Staubwasser M & Hodell D

Evans Noreen (2019) Far-reaching Ediacaran-Cambrian Hydrothermal Alteration of the São Francisco Craton – Evidence from Zircon U-Pb SHRIMP, Trace Elements, Lu-Hf and δ18O
Rosière CA, Silveira-Braga F, Santos JOS, Rolim V, Roberts M, Evans N & Hagemann S
(2019) Mesozoic–Cenozoic Thermal Evolution of SE China in Response to Flat-Slab Subduction at the proto-Western Pacific Margin
Tao N, Li Z-X, Danisik M & Evans N
(2019) Trace Element Heterogeneities at Twin Boundaries: A Combined Atom Probe Tomography and Transmission Electron Microscopy Study
Verberne R, Reddy S, Saxey D, Fougerouse D, Rickard W, Quadir Z, Evans N & Clark C
(2019) Emergence of Continents Above Sea-Level Influences Composition of Sediment Melts
Liebmann J, Spencer C, Kirkland C, Bucholz C, He X, Tang L, Santosh M, Xia X, Martin L & Evans N

Evans Noreen (2015) Integration of Electron, Laser and Ion Microprobe Techniques to Create an Open Source Digital Mineral Library of Western Australia
McInnes B, Brown A, Evans N, McNaughton N & Wingate M
(2015) A Multi-System Geochronology of Cenozoic Tuffs in the Western Pannonian Basin with Implications for Interpretation of (U-Th)/He Data
Danišík M, Fodor L, Dunkl I, Gerdes A, Csizmeg J, Hámor-Vidó M, McDonald B & Evans N
(2015) An in situ Investigation of Chalcophile and Siderophile Element Cycling in Subduction Zones: Insights from High-Pressure Ultramafic Rocks from Alpine Corsica
Crossley R, Evans K, Evans N & McDonald B
(2015) Cooling and Mineralisation History of Karakartal Porphyry System, Erzincan, Turkey
Gümrük O, Akçay M, Aslan N, McINNES B, Evans N & Jourdan F
(2015) Laser Ablation in situ (U-Th-Sm)/He and U-Pb Double Dating of Apatite
Danišík M, McDonald B, Evans N, McInnes B, Kirkland C & Becker T
(2013) Testing Accuracy of Combined Zircon (238U/230Th) and (U-Th)/He Dating Against Radiocarbon Dating
Danisik M, Shane P, Schmitt A, Hogg A, Santos G, Evans N, Storm S, Fifield K, Lindsay J & Alloway B
(2013) RESOChron: ELA-Icp-He-Ms Instrument for in situ U-Th-Pb-He Geothermochronology
McInnes B, Evans N, Shelley M, McDonald B, Gibbs D, Norris A, Roberts E, Gabay C & Patterson D
(2013) In situ RESOchron Helium Dating: Progress, Pitfalls and Prospects
Evans N, McInnes B, McDonald B, Vermeesch P, Shelley M & Marillo Sialer E
(2013) Abiogenic Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis of Methane at the Baogutu Reduced Porphyry Cu Deposit, Western Junggar, NW-China
Cao M, Qin K, Li G, Evans NJ & Jin L
(2012) Testing Efficacy of Zircon (238U/230Th) + (U-Th)/He and Radiocarbon Dating Methods on the New Zealand Late Quaternary Tephras
Danisik M, Shane P, Schmitt A, Hogg A, Santos G, Evans N, Storm S, Fifield K & Lindsay J
(2012) A Tertiary Record of Australian Plate Motion from Ages of Diamondiferous Alkalic Intrusions
McInnes B, Evans N, Jourdan F, McDonald B, Gorter J, Mayers C & Wilde S
(2011) Post-Depositional Thermal History of the 4364–3060Ma Zircon-Bearing Metasandstones of the Illaara and Maynard Hills Granite Greenstone Belts, Western Australia
Thern E, Jourdan F, Evans N, McDonald B, Danisik M, Frew A & Nelson D
(2010) U-Th-Pb-He Double-Dating of Zircon from the Diamondiferous Ellendale Lamproite Pipe, Western Australia
McInnes B, Evans N, McDonald B, Thern E & Corbett D
(2010) Tectonothermal History of the Black Forest (Germany): A Triple Dating Approach on a Single Apatite Sample
Danisik M, Pfaff K, Evans N, Manoloukos C, Staude S, McDonald B & Markl G
(2008) Double Dating of Zircon via SHRIMP U/Pb and (U-Th)/He Methods
McInnes B, Evans N, McDonald B & Jakimowicz J
(2002) Developments in Fluorite (U-Th)/He Thermochronology
Evans N, Wilson N, Cline J, McInnes B & Byrne J

Evans Noreen (2016) Visualizing He Distribution in Zircon by Laser Ablation Noble Gas Mass-Spectrometry: Implications for (U-Th)/He Geochronology and Thermochronology
Danišík M, McInnes B, McDonald B, Kirkland C, Evans N & Becker T
(2016) In situ 190Pt-4He Dating of Platinum Mineralization
Yakubovich O, Danišík M, Mochalov A, McDonald B, Sluzhenikin S, Evans N & Mclnnes B

Evans Noreen (2018) Re-Os Isotope and Trace Elements Study of Black Shales and Nodular Pyrites Associated with Massive Sulphides in the Nimbus VHMS System, Western Australia
Barrote V, Tessalina S, McNaughton N, Evans N & McDonald B

Evans Noreen (2017) Mapping Helium Distribution in Zircon
Danišík M, Evans N, McInnes B, Kirkland C, McDonald B & Becker T
(2017) Petrogenetic Indicators in Titanite: Using the Trace Element Signature to Constrain Polygenetic Titanite Growth and Garnet Growth
Scibiorski E, Kirkland C, Kemp T, Tohver E & Evans N
(2017) Rutile Geochemistry in Ore Systems – Considerations for Metal Exploration
Porter JK, Evans NJ, McDonald B, Talavera C, McNaughton NJ, Kirkland CL, Jourdan F & McInnes BI
(2017) Formation and Reactivation of the Pamir-Tian Shan Suture: Insights from Apatite Triple Dating
Jepson G, Glorie S, Konopelko D, Gillespie J, Danisik M, Evans N & Collins A

Evans Noreen J. (2018) Zircon Evidence for Eclogite Facies Metamorphism at 3.9 Ga
Cavosie AJ, Spencer C, Evans NJ, McDonald B, Reddy SM, Wilde SA, Talavera C, Cameron EM, Valley JW, Fournelle J & Ushikubo T

Evans O. (2019) ENKI: A Framework for Building, Maintaining and Using Chemical Thermodynamic and Fluid Dynamical Models
Ghiorso M, Wolf A, Spiegelman M, Adams J, Evans O, Tweed L & Wilson C

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