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Dachs J. (2017) The Anthropocene’s Fingerprint as Reflected by the Occurrence and Fluxes of Organic Pollutants in the Global Oceans
Dachs J, González-Gaya B, Castro-Jiménez J, Fernández-Pinos M-C, Casal P, Pizarro C, Morales L, Pizarro M, Vila-Costa M, Abad E, Piña B & Jiménez B
(2007) Gas-Particle Partitioning, Atmospheric Deposition and Long Range Transport of Persistent Organic Pollutants over the Oceans
Dachs J, Del Vento S, Berrojalbiz N & Valle M-C
(2002) Organic Contaminants in Lakes: Atmospheric Exchange and Linkage to the Trophic Status of Lakes
Eisenreich S, Dachs J, Baker J & Jeremiason J

Däcker E. (2017) Bolin Centre Climate Festival 2017
Stockmann G, Burström A, Jonsell K, Däcker E, Skelton A & Kirchner N

Daczko N. (2012) Igneous and Metamorphic Garnet-Clinopyroxene Assemblages in Eclogite and Granulite, New Zealand: Major and REE Characteristics
Clarke G, Daczko N & Miescher D

Dadachova E. (2010) Electrochemical Exploration of Mechanisms for Radioprotection and Enhanced Microbial Growth in Radiation Fields
Turick C, Ekechukwu A, Milliken C, Beam D, Casadevall A & Dadachova E

Dadakis J. (2017) Mechanisms of Arsenic Mobilization during Managed Aquifer Recharge Using Highly Purified Wastewater
Fakhreddine S, Dadakis J & Fendorf S
(2014) Influence of Calcium and Magnesium on Arsenic Sorption to Phyllosilicate Clays
Fakhreddine S, Dittmar J, Phipps D, Dadakis J & Fendorf S

Dadayakkarage N.S.W. (2015) Zircon Internal Textures and Monazite Dating of Metamorphic Rocks of SWG, Sri Lanka
Dadayakkarage NSW & Akasaka M

Dadd K. (2006) A high-Nb OIB-like mafic province in northwestern NSW, Australia
Dadd K

Dadou I. (2013) Temporal Evolution of the Oxygen Depletion in the Bottom Water of the Lower St. Lawrence Estuary: From 1930 to 2100
Lefort S, Dadou I, Gilbert D, Bopp L, Mucci A, Gratton Y & Resplandy L
(2012) The Lower St. Lawrence Estuary: A Suitable Analogue for OMZs?
Lefort S, Gratton Y, Mucci A, Gilbert D & Dadou I

Daehlmann A. (2005) Molecular Fingerprinting of Methanogens in Eastern Mediterranean Sea Mud Volcanoes
Kormas K, Meziti A, Daehlmann A & de Lange G

Daehn R. (2013) Fe(II) Uptake Mechanisms on Montmorillonite Clay Minerals. A Multidisciplinary Approach
Soltermann D, Marques M, Baeyens B, Bradbury M & Daehn R
(2012) X-Ray Microspectroscopic Investigations of Ni(II) Uptake by Argillaceous Rocks of the Boda Claystone Formation in Hungary
Daehn R, Osa¡n J, Breitner D, Saja I, Marques M, Baeyens B & Toeroek S
(2012) Sorption of Lanthanides and Trivalent Actinides on Montmorillonite in the Presence and Absence of Carbonate
Marques Fernandes M, Baeyens B, Daehn R, Stumpf T & Bradbury M
(2012) Investigations of Fe(II) Sorption onto Montmorillonite. A Wet Chemistry and XAS Study
Soltermann D, Marques Fernandes M, Daehn R, Baeyens B & Bradbury M
(2002) Surface Reactivity of Clay Nanoparticles as Studied by Polarized EXAFS
Daehn R, Daehn R, Scheidegger AM, Manceau A, Baeyens B & Bradbury M
(2002) Surface Reactivity of Clay Nanoparticles as Studied by Polarized EXAFS
Daehn R, Daehn R, Scheidegger AM, Manceau A, Baeyens B & Bradbury M

Daehnke K. (2017) Long-Term Impacts of a Manganese Nodule Mining Experiment on Sediment and Pore Water Geochemistry
Paul S, Koschinsky A, Gaye B & Daehnke K

Daemen L. (2011) Structure and Stability of Nickel Hydroxide at High T-P Conditions
Xu H, Hickmott D, Zhang J, Zhao Y, Vogel S & Daemen L

Daems M. (2009) In situ Conditioning and Stabilisation of Dredging and Mineral Sludge
Van Roy S, Accoe F, Dejonghe W, Daems M, Ryngaert A, Diels L, Cichocka D, Springael D, Barbetti L, Van Impe P, Van Staeyen G, Meesschaert B, Duerinckx L, Vandekeybus J, Pieters A, Ide G, Seffelaar H, Pensaert S, Geeraert M, Ramdas R, Carpels B, Heylen A, Van Goylen E, Berteloot M & Dubois M

Daëron M. (2017) High Precision Measurements of Δ17O in CO2 Using VCOF CRDS
Stoltmann T, Casado M, Landais A, Kassi S & Daëron M
(2017) Precise Comparison of Clumped Isotopes in Synthetic Carbonates and Natural, Slow-Growing Calcite
Daëron M, Blamart D, Drysdale R & Coplen T
(2017) Clumped Isotopes in Foraminifer Shells Versus Inorganic Carbonates: Testing for Species and Size Effects
Peral M, Daëron M, Blamart D & Bassinot F

Daeron Mathieu (2013) The Modern Hydrogeochemistry of Small Pools in Corchia Cave, Italy: Implications for Palaeoclimate Reconstruction
Drysdale R, Zanchetta G, Baneschi I, Couchoud I, Daeron M, Hellstrom J, Paul B, Gagan M, Greig A, Isola I, Regattieri E & Guidi M

Daëron Mathieu (2012) The Clumped Isotope Geothermometer in Soil and Paleosol Carbonate
Quade J, Eiler J, Daeron M & Breecker D
(2009) ‘Clumped Isotope’ Thermometry for High-Temperature Problems
Eiler JM, Bonifacie M & Daeron M
(2008) Carbonate 'Clumped Isotope' Thermometry: A Status Report
Eiler J, Affek H, Daeron M, Ferry J, Guo W, Huntington K, Thiagarajan N & Tripati A
(2008) Absolute Speleo-Thermometry, Using Clumped Isotope Measurements to Correct for Kinetic Isotope Fractionations Induced by CO2 Degassing
Daëron M, Guo W, Eiler J, Genty D, Wainer K, Affek H, Vonhof H & Blamart D
(2008) 13C-18O Bonds in Dissolved Inorganic Carbon: Implications for Carbonate Clumped Isotope Thermometry
Guo W, Daeron M, Niles P, Genty D, Kim S-T, Vonhof H, Affek H, Blamart D, Wainer K & Eiler J
(2008) ‘Clumped Isotopes’ in Speleothem Carbonate and Atmospheric CO2 – Is There a Kinetic Isotope Effect?
Affek H, Guo W, Daëron M & Eiler JM

Daewel U. (2014) Radium Isotopes as a Tracer of Sediment-Water Column Exchange in the North Sea
Burt W, Thomas H, Pätsch J, Omar A, Schrum C, Daewel U, Brenner H & de Baar H

Dafflon Baptiste (2015) Noninvasive Characterization of Biogeochemical Hotspots Using Induced Polarization Imaging
Wainwright H, Flores-Orozco A, Bücker M, Dafflon B, Chen J, Hubbard S & Williams K

Dafflon Baptiste (2012) Monitoring Microbially Induced Calcite Precipitation in the Subsurface
Fujita Y, Gebrehiwet T, Henriksen J, Taylor J, Dafflon B, Hubbard S & Smith R

Daftsis E. (2015) New Insights into the Mineral Chemistry of Au-Bearing pyrite/As-Pyrite/arsenopyrite Concentrate from Olympias Deposit, Kassandra Mines (Chalkidiki, Greece)
Godelitsas A, Tzamos E, Filippidis A, Sokaras D, Wenk T-C, Griego G, Papadopoulos A, Stoulos S, Gamaletsos P, Mertzimekis T, Daftsis E & Dimitriadis D

Dag S. (2007) Environmental Pollution Originated from Open Dumping of Solid Waste in the Cities of Eastern Black Sea
Ersoy H, Firat Ersoy A, Dag S & Berkün M

Dag Kristian D.K.D. (2005) Travertine Formation and Other Pattern Forming Processes on Sloping Surfaces
Jamtveit B, Hammer O, Mark B, Simon D, Dag D & Jens F
(2005) Travertine Terrace Growth Dynamics
Hammer Ø & Dag Kristian DKD

Dagan G. (2015) Aerosol Effect on Warm Clouds within the Limits of the Thermodynamic Conditions
Altaratz O, Koren I & Dagan G

Dagnelie Romain (2016) Which Phase Drives Adsorption of Organic Acids on Sedimentary Rocks?
Rasamimanana S, Dagnelie R & Lefèvre G

Dagnelie Romain V. H. (2015) Interest of Large Scale Experiments to Strengthen Upscaling Approach
Dagnelie RVH & Giffaut E

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