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Dziadkowiec J. (2017) Interactions between Reactive CaCO3 Surfaces in Aqueous Solutions – Surface Forces Apparatus Measurements
Dziadkowiec J, Javadi S, Bratvold JE, Nilsen O & Røyne A

Dziejowski J.E. (2011) The Effect of Sodium Fluoride on Soil Microbial Activity during Organic Matter Decomposition – A Calorimetric Approach
Dziejowski JE

Dzierzanowski P. (2013) Potential New Minerals Ba<sub>3</sub>(VO4)<sub>2</sub> And Hexagonal BaAl2Si2O8 from Rocks of the Hatrurim Formation
Galuskina I, Vapnik Y, Prusik K, Dzierżanowski P, Murashko M & Galuskin E
(2013) Oldhamite CaS and Potentially New Mineral CaCu<sub>2</sub>S<sub>2</sub> From Pyrometamorphic Rock of the Hatrurim Formation
Galuskin E, Galuskina I, Vapnik Y, Murashko M, Prusik K & Dzierżanowski P
(2013) Natural BaCa<sub>6</sub>[(SiO4)(PO4)](PO4)<sub>2</sub>F with a New Modular Structure Type
Gfeller F, Galuskin E, Galuskina I, Armbruster T, Vapnik Y, Wlodyka R, Dzierżanowski P & Murashko M
(2010) Monazite Dating of Precambrian Metamorphic Events in the Western East European Craton (Lithuania)
Skridlaite G, Baginski B & Dzierzanowski P

Dziewit L. (2014) Molecular Markers for Detection and Phylogenetic Analysis of Methanogenic Consortia
Romaniuk K, Dziewit L & Drewniak L

Dziewonski A. (2009) Geochemical and Geophysical Constraints on the Nature of Mantle Convection
Mukhopadhyay S, Gonnermann H, O'Connell R, Dziewonski A & Van der Hilst R

Dziggel A. (2017) Exhumation of Deep Crustal Granulites during Neoarchean Terrane Accretion, SW Greenland
Dziggel A, Kokfelt TF, Kolb J, Kisters AFM & Reifenroether R
(2015) Tourmaline Boron Isotope Evidence for Multiple Fluid Sources in Silicified Oceanic Crust of the Barberton Greenstone Belt, South Africa
Farber K, Dziggel A, Trumbull RB & Wiedenbeck M
(2015) Metamorphic Evolution of Relict Eclogite-Facies Rocks in the Nagssugtoqidian Orogen, South East Greenland
Müller S, Dziggel A & Kolb J
(2007) Controls on Major and Trace Element Zoning in Hydrothermal Garnet
Dziggel A, Wulff K, Kolb J & Meyer FM

Dzik E. (2018) Experimental Thermochemistry of Neptunium Compounds
Zhang L, Dzik E, Perry S, Hickam S, Sigmon G, Szymanowski J, Navrotsky A & Burns P

Dzikowski T. (2008) Origin of a Carbonate-Hosted Gem Corundum Occurrence in Southeastern, British Columbia
Dzikowski T, Dipple G & Groat L

Dziony W. (2009) In situ Iron Isotope Analysis in Fe-Ti Oxides from IODP Hole 1256D (East Pacific Rise)
Dziony W, Koepke J, Horn I, Steinhöfel G & Holtz F
(2009) Experimental Phase Relation in Lamprophyric Magmas from Agardag Dike Complex, Russia
Kalugin V, Almeev R, Botcharnikov R, Holtz F & Dziony W
(2007) Low-Ca Pyroxene Relics in Drilled Basalts from EPR Crust (IODP Site 1256D)
Dziony W, Koepke J & Holtz F
(2007) In situ Fe Isotope Measurements in Gabbros and Basalts from the Ocean Crust
Koepke J, Steinhoefel G, Schuessler J, Horn I, Dziony W & Botcharnikov R

Dziurowicz M. (2016) 220Rn Emanations from Selected Metamict Minerals
Dziurowicz M & Malczewski D
(2016) 222Rn Emanations from Selected Metamict Minerals
Malczewski D & Dziurowicz M

Dzombak D. (2017) Selective Solid Phase Extraction of Rare Earth Elements from Aqueous Solutions
Callura J, Perkins K, Noack C, Washburn N, Dzombak D & Karamalidis A

Dzombak David (2012) Surface Complexation Models and their Practical Application
Dzombak D

Dzombak David (2013) Dissolution of Arsenic and Iron from Reservoir and Cap-Rocks of Geologic Carbon Dioxide Storage Sites
Parthasarathy H, Lopano C, Hakala A, Dzombak D & Karamalidis A
(2013) Dissolution of Arsenopyrite Under Geologic Carbon Storage Conditions
Parthasarathy H, Dzombak D & Karamalidis A

Dzombak David A. (2016) Selective Adsorption of Rare Earth Elements from Geothermal Brines
Callura JC, Noack CW, Perkins K, Washburn NR, Dzombak DA & Karamalidis AK

Dzombak R. (2018) Constraining Climatic Controls on Soil Iron Content
Dzombak R & Sheldon N

Dzurko M. (2008) A Novel Technique for Species-Specific Hg Isotope Ratio Measurements Using Hg-Thiourea Complex Ion Chromatography
Dzurko M & Hintelmann H

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