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Atkinson H. (2018) The Development of a System for the Analysis of Hydrogen Isotopes in Methane
Atkinson H & Welsh S
(2017) Improvements in Sensitivity in IRMS Measurements
Atkinson H, Dennis P, Welsh S & Moseley S

Atkinson M. (2011) Collection and Measurements of Reservoir Fluids Properties – ‘Today and Tomorrow’
Stankiewicz A, O'Keefe M, Mostowfi F, Ratulowski J, Atkinson M & Sharma S

Atkinson T C (2006) High resolution climate records from stable isotopes and trace metals in mollusc shells from Gibraltar
Ferguson J, Fa DA, Atkinson TC, Barton RNE, Ditchfield P, Henderson GM & Finlayson JC

Atkinson Tim (2019) Exploring Seasonal and Lithological Controls on Lithium Isotopes during Weathering
Wilson D, Pogge von Strandmann P, Tarbuck G, White J, Atkinson T & Hopley P
(2014) Speleothem Archives of Gibraltar Caves: Their Record of Environment and Regional Climate over Multiple Ice Age Cycles
Mattey D, Ainsworth M, Atkinson T, Durell R, Grassineau N, Hoffmann D, Latin J-P & Lowry D
(2009) Seasonal Microclimate Control on Calcite Fabrics, Stable Isotopes and Trace Elements in Modern Speleothem from St. Michaels Cave, Gibraltar
Mattey D, Fairchild I & Atkinson T

Atkinson W. (2018) Role of Minerals in Organic Carbon Retention in the Soil Critical Zone
Myneni S, Atkinson W, Sleighter R, Hatcher P & Regier T

Atlas E. (2013) Salt Lakes of Western Australia – Emissions of Natural Volatile Organic Compounds
Sattler T, Krause T, Schöler HF, Kamilli K, Held A, Zetsch C, Ofner J, Junkermann W & Atlas E
(2009) How Much Biogenic SOA Is Present In The Northeastern U.S.?
de Gouw J, Warneke C, Montzka S, Brioude J, Holloway J, Parrish D, Fehsenfeld F, Atlas E, Weber R & Flocke F
(2002) The Deuterium Anomaly in Stratospheric Molecular Hydrogen
Rahn T, Eiler J, McCarthy M, Boering K, Atlas E & Schauffler S

Atlas R. (2011) The Exxon Valdez, BP MC 252, and Other Oil Spills: What We Learned About Petroleum Biodegradation and Bioremediation
Atlas R

Atlas Z.D. (2017) Evidence of Diffusion Driven Coronae Formation during Pan-African Orogeny in Dolerite Dykes from Southern Granulite Terrain (SGT)
Banerjee M, Banerjee A, Solanki BK, Dutta U, Bhui U, Anand R, Sengupta P, Mukhopadhyay D & Atlas ZD
(2015) Discrimination of Subduction Components with B and Be Systematics in the Aeolian Island Arc, Italy
Zamboni D, Gazel E, Cannatelli C, Atlas ZD, Lucchi F, De Vivo B & Ryan JG

Atlaskna K. (2011) Aerosol Optical Properties and Direct Radiative Effect over India Based on Satellite Remote Sensing Measurements
Sundström A-M, Kolmonen P, Sogacheva L, Hannukainen M, Atlaskna K & de Leeuw G

Atnafu B.A.

Atreya S.K. (2015) In situ Measurement of Atmospheric Kr and Xe Isotopes on Mars
Conrad PG, Malespin CA, Franz HB, Trainer MG, Wong MH, Atreya SK, Pepin RO, Schwenzer SP, Jones J, Owen T & Mahaffy PR

Atrian-Blasco E. (2020) Zinc Isotope Study of Neurotoxic Peptide Aggregation
Poitrasson F, Sabater L, Henry M, Atrian-Blasco E, Sonke JE, Viers J & Hureau C
(2019) Zinc Isotope Investigations into Neuropeptide Aggregation
Poitrasson F, Sabater L, Henry M, Atrian-Blasco E, Sonke JE, Viers J & Hureau C

Atroschenko F. (2013) Low Thermal Northern Dvina Iodine Water Field: Hystory of Prospection and Perspectives of Development
Kharkhordin I, Atroschenko F & Nazima V

Atsuta S. (2015) A Dissolution Test for Understanding Water-Rock Interaction in Waste Rock Muck Under Rain Events
Urakoshi T, Ohta T, Kawagoe T, Atsuta S, Sun Y & Nakano Y

Attal M. (2020) Water Isotopes and Weathering Fluxes from Catchments in the Zambales Ophiolite Region, Luzon, Philippines
Ibarra D, Domingo J, Meyer N, Mix H, Tolentino P, Attal M & David C
(2011) Solute Compositions and Fluid Residence Times along an Erosional Gradient, Middle Fork of the Feather River, CA
Kouba C, Maher K, Mayer K, Yoo K, Weinman B, Mudd S & Attal M

Attanayake C. (2014) Sorption Mechanisms of Arsenic within Aquifer Sediments, and Bioaccumulation of As in Rice from West Bengal, India
Datta S, Krehel A, Bednar A, Hettiarachchi G, Rahman MM, Sankar MS, Attanayake C & Johannesson K

Attanayake N. (2004) Modeling Solid Solutions with Pseudo Components in a Diffusive System Using a Reactive Transport Model: Application to Plagioclase
Attanayake N, Baumgartner L & Wallner H

Attard K.M. (2020) Decoupled Fermentation and Respiration in Permeable Sediments – A Dihydrogen Conundrum
Nauer PA, Kessler AJ, Hutchinson T, Attard KM, Glud RN, Greening C & Cook PLM

Attaya R.

Atteck C. (2009) Constraints on Hydrothermal Fluid Fluxes from Tl Geochemistry
Coggon R, Rehkämper M, Atteck C & Teagle D

Atteia O. (2016) Identification of the Mechanism for Fluoride and Phosphate Release during Managed Aquifer Recharge
Schafer D, Donn M, Atteia O & Prommer H
(2015) Assessing the Impacts of Chemical and Physical Heterogeneity on Water Quality Evolution during ASR
Deng H, Descourvieres C, Seibert S, Harris B, Atteia O, Siade A & Prommer H
(2015) Modelling a Field Experiment of Enhanced Dissolution of Chlorinated Solvents
Atteia O & Prommer H
(2013) Physical and Geochemical Processes during Groundwater Replenishment with Highly Treated Wastewater
Seibert S, Prommer H, Siade A & Atteia O
(2012) Geochemical Characterization of Mineralized Groundwaters in the Aquitaine Basin (SW France): Lateral and Vertical Variability of the Eocene Formations, Hydrodynamic and Geochemical Processes of Acquisition of the Mineralization
Malcuit E, Negrel P, Petelet-Giraud E, Atteia O, Franchesci M & Dupuy A
(2009) Validating Geochemical Models with Isotopic Data
Atteia O & Franceschi M

Attia S. (2019) The Volcanic Record of Central Sierra Nevada Mesozoic Arc Flare-Ups and Secular Evolution of the Lithosphere
Attia S, Cottle J & Paterson S

Attinger S. (2017) Catchment Nitrate Leaching and Transport Modeling Benefitting from Grid-Based mHM-Nitrate Model and High-Frequency Sensor Monitoring
Yang X, Jomaa S, Samaniego L, Attinger S, Fleckenstein J, Zink M & Rode M

Attridge J. (2016) Microbial Transformation of Aquatic DOM in Freshwater Systems
Fox B, Thorn R, Anesio A, Attridge J, Cox T & Reynolds D

Attwood A. (2014) UV Broadband Aerosol Extinction Measurements during the Southern Oxidant and Aerosol Study (SOAS)
Attwood A, Washenfelder R, Subramanian R, Saha P, Khlystov A, Nguyen TK, Brock C, Petters M, Suda S, Carlton A & Brown S

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