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Astudillo Pascual M. (2019) Phosphorus Sequestration in Sediments Populated by Cable Bacteria in the Seasonally Hypoxic Gulf of Finland
Hermans M, Astudillo Pascual M, Behrends T, Lenstra WK, Conley DJ & Slomp CP

Atak-Küçük A. (2015) Petrology of the Neotetyan Ophiolitic Basalts and Dykes (Çorum-Turkey): New Insights
Atak-Küçük A & Toksoy-Köksal F

Atal S. (2010) Role of Major Ion Geochemistry in Delineating Polluted Parts in Southern Granitic Aquifer System, Andhra Pradesh, India
Atal S, Négrel P, Pauwels H & Ahmed S

Ataman E. (2017) Molecular Simulations of CO2 in Aqueous Solutions at Calcite Surfaces
Silvestri A, Budi A, Ataman E, Andersson MP, Stipp SLS, Gale JD & Raiteri P
(2015) Adsorption of Organic Molecules on Calcite {10.4}: The Big Picture
Ataman E, Andersson M, Ceccato M, Bovet N & Stipp SLS

Atamanchuck D. (2015) The Breathing of the Labrador Sea
Wallace D, Atamanchuck D, Siddall G, Myers P, Send U, Koertzinger A & Karstensen J

Atanasova Petya (2011) Mineralogy, Geochemistry and Age of Greisen Mineralization in the Li-Rb-Cs-Sn-W Deposit Zinnwald, Erzgebirge, Germany
Seifert T, Atanasova P, Gutzmer J & Pfänder J

Atanasova Petya (2015) Challenges and Solutions on the Major and Trace Element Analysis of Eudialyte Group Minerals with the Electron Microprobe
Krause J, Atanasova P, Möckel R, Osbahr I, Rudolph M & Gutzmer J
(2015) Distinguishing Magmatic and Metamorphic Processes in the Norra Kärr Alkaline Complex, Southern Sweden
Atanasova P, Marks M, Krause J, Markl G & Gutzmer J

Atanassova R. (2009) Calcite Cleavage Surface Reactivity in Sulphate-Rich Waters
Atanassova R, Cama J, Soler JM, Ayora C & Casanova I

Atarashi-Andoh M. (2005) The Development of <+>129<$>I/<+>127<$>I Ratios in Scottish Sea Water
Schnabel C, Olive V, Atarashi-Andoh M, Dougans A, Ellam R, Freeman S, Maden C, Stocker M, Synal H & Wacker L
(2005) <+>129<$>I/<+>127<$>I Ratios in Surface Waters of the English Lake District
Atarashi-Andoh M, Schnabel C, Cook G, Dougans A, Ellam R, Freeman S, MacKenzie A, Maden C, Olive V & Sheng X

Atayan L. (2019) Neoproterozoic-Early Cambrian, Late Paleozoic and Late Jurassic Granitoid Magmatism on the Northern Margin of Gondwana, Tsaghkunyats Anticlinorium of Lesser Caucasus, Central-Northern Armenia
Galoyan G, Chung S-L, Melkonyan R, Lee Y-H, Atayan L, Khorenyan R, Grigoryan A & Avagyan N
(2017) Middle to Late Jurassic Island-Arc Magmatism from the Somkheto-Karabagh Zone, Lesser Caucasus
Galoyan G, Atayan L, Melkonyan R, Khorenyan R, Chung S-L, Lee Y-H & Amiraghyan S

Atchley S. (2012) Using Bulk Paleosol Organic Matter to Reconstruct the Carbon Isotopic Composition of the Atmosphere
Dworkin S, Nordt L & Atchley S

Atef B.K. (2016) Sedimentologic Study and Reservoir Characterization of the Aptian Carbonate Platform in Fkirine Area. Implications for Hydrocarbon Exploration
Ahmed K, Atef BK, Mohamed Riadh C, Bjarte L & Mohamed S

Ateh K.I. (2016) Biogeochemical Formation of Secondary Gold Particles: Implications for Gold Dispersion
Shuster J, Ateh KI, Márquez-Zavalía MF, Suh CE, Reith F & Southam G

Atekwana Eliot (2013) Geophysical Evidence for Iron Mineral Transformation in a Petroleum Contaminated Aquifer
Ford B, Atekwana E, Abdel Aal G & Atekwana E

Atekwana Estella (2017) Multi-Year Analysis of the Microbiome of an Aged Subsurface Petroleum Spill
Rossbach S, Beaver C, Kasper H & Atekwana E
(2013) Coupling Magnetic and Molecular Techniques to Study Microbial-Mediated Iron and Carbon Cycling
Atekwana E, Rossbach S, Beaver C, Mewafy F & Slater L
(2013) Geophysical Evidence for Iron Mineral Transformation in a Petroleum Contaminated Aquifer
Ford B, Atekwana E, Abdel Aal G & Atekwana E
(2010) Biogeophysics: Advancing Biogeosciences Research Through New Frontiers in Geophysics
Atekwana E & Slater L
(2001) Microenvironments Associated with Alkali-Silica Reaction (ASR) in Concrete
Guthrie GD, Atekwana E & Carey JW

Athari S.F. (2007) Geochemistry and Petrogenesis of the Tamuteh Leucogranites in SW Saqqez, Northwestern Iran
Sepahi AA, Athari SF & Moazzen M

Athena Science Team (2010) Potentially Habitable Ancient Environments in Gusev Crater, Mars
Des Marais D & Athena Science Team 

Atherton N. (2015) Imaging 99Tc Bioreduction in Sediment Columns
Thorpe C, Lloyd J, Law G, Williams H, Atherton N & Morris K

Athokpam K.

Athon M. (2014) Hydroxamate Siderophores in Soil Mineral-Organic Matter Matrix Responsible for Binding 239,240Pu in the Far-Field of the Savannah River Site, USA
Xu C, Zhang S, Ho Y-F, Athon M, Johnston I, Schwehr KA, Kaplan DI, Didonato N, Hatcher PG & Santschi PH
(2013) Plutonium Immobilization and Re-mobilization by Soil Mineral-Organic Matter Matrix Compounds in the Far-Field of the Savannah River Site (SRS), USA
Xu C, Athon M, Ho Y-F, Schwehr KA, Kaplan DI, Roberts KA, Dinato N, Hatcher PG & Santschi PH

Atienza N. (2020) Trace Element Mapping in Pyrite Framboids by Atom Probe Tomography
Atienza N, Gregory D, Taylor S, Perea D, Owens J & Lyons T
(2020) Is Pyrite an Important Sink for Mo? Evidence from XAFS, TEM and APT Analyses of Pyrite
Gregory D, Chappaz A, Atienza N, Taylor S, Perea D, Kovarik L & Lyons T

Atkins A. (2017) Biogeochemical Controls on the Bioavailability of Ni in Seawater
Peacock C, Atkins A, Mayanna S & Shaw S
(2015) Coupled Cycling of Mn and Micronutrients in Marine Sediments
Peacock C, Atkins A & Shaw S
(2014) Transformation of Ni-Rich Birnessite Nanoparticles: Implications for the Fate of Bioessential Ni
Atkins A, Peacock C & Shaw S
(2013) Post Depositional Transformation of Ni-Rich Birnessite
Atkins A, Peacock C & Shaw S
(2012) Neptunium Biogeochemistry and the Manganese Cycle
Law G, Thorpe C, Shaw S, Atkins A, Peacock C, Livens F, LLoyd J, Denecke M, Dardenne K & Morris K

Atkins D. (2005) Baseline Water Quality at the Yanacocha Mine, Peru
Maest A, LeJeune K, Lipton J, Cacela D & Atkins D

Atkins S. (2015) Importance of Mineralogy and Mineral Properties on the Dynamics, Structure and Evolution of Earth’s Deep Mantle
Tackley P, Nakagawa T, Atkins S & Trampert J

Atkinson A. (2014) Use of Fluorescence in Conjunction with Radon Activity to Monitor Groundwater-Surface Water Interactions in a System Under Stress
Rutlidge H, Andersen M, Rau G, Cuthbert M, Graham P, Unland N, Hofmann H, Gilfeddder B, Atkinson A, Cartwright I, Halloran L & Baker A

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