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Ashcroft H. (2015) An Experimental Study of Partial Melting and Fractional Crystallization on the HED Parent Body
Ashcroft H & Wood B
(2013) Composition and Interior Structure of the HED Parent Body
Ashcroft H, Wood B & Wade J

Ashfaque K.N. (2011) The Hydrogeochemistry of Pond and Rice Field Recharge: Implications for the Arsenic Contaminated Aquifers in Bangladesh
Neumann RB, Ashfaque KN, Polizzotto ML, Badruzzaman ABM, Ali MA & Harvey CF

Ashford O. (2019) Correlating the Biogeochemistry and Microbial Ecology of a Cold Methane Seep in the Costa Rica Pacific Margin
Mullin S, Dawson K, Chadwick G, Yu H, Metcalfe K, Goffredi S, Ashford O, Levin L, Rouse G, Cordes E, Roman C & Orphan V

Ashi J.
(2017) Secondary Methanogenesis in Dormant Submarine Mud Volcano off Tanegashima Island, Japan
Ijiri A, Toki T, Agena K, Hoshino T, Hagino K, Hamada Y, Machiyama H, Ashi J & Inagaki F
(2015) Fluid Emission along the Nankai Trough: Insights from Noble Gases in the Sediment Pore Water
Tomonaga Y, Ashi J, Takahata N, Yagasaki K, Toyoda S & Sano Y
(2011) Biogeochemical Processes in Mud-Volcano Sediments from the Kumano Forearc Basin, Japan
Ijiri A, Toki T, Yamaguchi Y, Kawagucci S, Hattori S, Morono Y, Tsunogai U, Nakamura K, Takai K, Ashi J & Inagaki F

Ashida K.

Ashima A.S. (2020) Basalts with Back-Arc MORB Affinity from the South Andaman Ophiolite Belt, India
Salim SA & Ashima AS

Ashkan S. (2000) Constraints on the Paleoenvironement Interpretation of Steranes from Ancient Sediments
Fleck S, Michels R, Faure P, Schlepp L, Elie M, Ashkan S & Landais P

Ashley A. (2020) Depletion, Metasomatism and Water Distribution in the Oceanic Lithospheric Mantle
Bizimis M, Ashley A, Beunon H, Patterson S, Doucet L, Peslier A & Nadine M
(2018) Water Systematics in the Samoan Lithosphere
Ashley A, Bizimis M, Peslier A, Jackson M & Konter J

Ashley D. (2020) Cr Speciation & Isotope Composition in Seawater
Ashley D, Roger F & Crowe S

Ashley G.M. (2014) Molecular and Isotopic Constraints on Early Human Land-Use at Olduvai Gorge
Magill C, Ashley G & Freeman K
(2011) Reconstructing Ancient Landscapes: Molecular Insights to Spatial Patterns in Ecosystems and Water
Magill CR, Ashley GM & Freeman KH
(2001) Evaluating the Effect of Initial Isotopic Disequilibrium on U-Pb Ages of Quaternary Sedimentary Carbonates from Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania
Cole JM, Rasbury ET, Hanson GN & Ashley GM

Ashley J. (2010) Surface Alteration of Fe-Ni Meteorites Analyzed by the Opportunity Mars Exploration Rover
Johnson J, Ashley J, Bell Iii J, Farrand W, Fleischer I, Jolliff B, Herkenhoff K & Yen A

Ashley Kilian (2017) Deuterium as a Quantitative Tracer of Enhanced Microbial Coalbed Methane Production
Ashley K, Davis K, Martini A, Fields M & McIntosh J

Ashley Kyle (2018) Peak Pressure-Temperature Conditions and Timing of Subduction of the Cycladic Blueschist Unit on Syros, Greece
Kotowski A, Behr W, Ashley K, Mixon E, Stockli D & Bodnar B
(2017) High-Resolution Raman Spectroscopy of Apatite along the F-Oh, F-Cl, and Cl-Oh Binary Joins
Ashley K, Harlov D, Hughes J, Rakovan J, Balhouse B, Steele-MacInnis M & Bodnar R
(2017) Quartz-in-Epidote Barometery: An Experimental Assessment
Cisneros M, Ashley K & Bodnar R
(2016) Inverted Temperature Fields: Peak Metamorphic and Deformational Temperatures Across the Lesser Himalayan Sequence
Grujic D, Ashley KT, Coble MA, Coutand I, Kellett DA & Whynot N
(2013) Improved Crustal PTtD Evolution Constraints Using TitaniQ Thermobarometry
Ashley K, Law R, Stahr D, Thomas J, Caddick M, Spear F & Webb L
(2013) Probing Quartz for P-T-D Paths
Webb L, Dyess P, Ashley K, Spear F & Thomas J
(2012) P-T-D Histories and Reequilibration of Ti in Quartz: Using the TitaniQ Thermobarometer in Poly-Deformed Tectonic Terranes
Ashley K, Webb L, Spear F & Thomas J
(2012) Tectonic Implications of Short Metamorphic Episodes
Spear F, Ashley K, Webb L & Thomas J

Ashley P.M. (2020) Ultramafic Rock Carbonation between 40° and 255° C
Oskierski HC, Kluge T, Beinlich A & Ashley PM

Ashly M. (2019) Coral Reef Calcification Estimates at One Tree Island, Great Barrier Reef: Evidence for Ecosystem Recovery
Davis K, Ashly M, Kelaher B, Shaw E & Santos I

Ashok C. (2019) Evidence for Magma Mixing and Mingling Processes in a Granitic Pluton: An Example from Sirsilla Granite Pluton, Southern India
Ashok C, Babu E & Ratnakar J

Ashok M. (2000) Ar/Ar Single Crystal White Mica Ages for Himalayan Erosion, Exhumation and Provenance Studies
White N, Pringle M, Garzanti E, Najman Y, Bickle M, Friend P, Ashok M & Burbank D

Ashraf F. (2019) Light Absorption and Fluorescence of Organic Aerosol Components
Lim H-J, Park J-H, Babar ZB & Ashraf F

Ashton H S (2005) What Earthworms get up to in Soil
Hodson M, Andre J, Ashton HS, Arnold RE, Carpenter D, Currie M, Lapied E & Nahmani JY

Ashton Heather (2007) Impact of Earthworms on Metal Mobility and Availability
Parry S, Ashton H & Hodson ME

Ashton John (2018) Paleoenvironmental Conditions during Sulfide Deposition in the Lower Upper Dark Limestone Overlying the Navan Irish-Type Zn-Pb Deposit, Ireland
Yesares L, Menuge J, Blakeman R & Ashton J

Ashton John H. (2017) Geobotanical Prospecting Around the Navan Zn-Pb Deposit, Ireland: Developing Geochemical Vectors for Mineral Exploration
Mavric D, Ashton JH, McClenaghan SH & Kamber BS
(2015) Geochemical Indicators in Higher Plants as an Exploration Tool
Mavrić D, Ashton JH, McClenaghan SH & Kamber B
(2015) IsoNose – Isotopic Tools as Novel Sensors of Earth Surfaces Resources – A New Marie Curie Initial Training Network
von Blanckenburg F, Bouchez J, Bouman C, Gaillardet J, Gorbushina A, James R, Kamber B, Oelkers E, Tesmer M & Ashton J

Ashwal L.D. (2015) Trachyte Petrogenesis
Ashwal LD
(2013) Pyroxene Megacrysts in Anorthosites: Revealing Continental Crust-Forming Processes at Moho Depths
Bybee G, Ashwal L & Shirey S
(2009) An Andean-Type Arc on the Western Margin of Rodinia – Evidence from Neoproterozoic Ultramafic Rocks in the Andriamena Region, Madagascar
Bybee G, Ashwal L & Wilson A
(2004) Crustal Processing: The Finnmarkian Orogen Reassessed
Corfu F, Fernando R, Torsvik T, Andersen T, Ramsay D & Ashwal L
(2004) The Seiland Igneous Province: Provenance and Geodynamic Significance
Roberts R, Corfu F, Ashwal L, Thorsvik T & Ramsay D
(2004) Can We Rely on Tectonic Discrimination of Granitoids Using Geochemistry? An Example from the Seychelles
Ashwal L
(2004) Sm-Nd Isotopic Evidence for Mineral Disequilibrium from the Merensky Pegmatoid, Bushveld Complex, South Africa
Prevec S, Ashwal L & Mkaza M

Asimow Paul (2020) Towards Phase Field Models for the Kinetics of Change during Mantle Melting
Grose C & Asimow P

Asimow Paul D. (2020) Neon Isotopes Indicate that Baffin Island and Iceland Lavas Share a Common Origin
Horton F, Kurz M, Curtice J, Asimow P & Farley K
(2020) Revisiting Namibian Magmatism with Rhyolite-Melts and the Magma Chamber Simulator
Antoshechkina P, Riches A, Popov A & Asimow P
(2020) A Simple Volume and Energy-Dependent Form for the Grüneisen Parameter of Silicate Liquids
Asimow PD & Zhou Y
(2020) Structural and Isotopic Reordering in Magnesite: Insights from Heating Experiments
Bhattacharjee S, Ryb U, Eiler JM & Asimow PD
(2019) Giant Impacts Stochastically Change the Internal Pressures of Terrestrial Planets
Lock S, Stewart S, Chidester B & Asimow P
(2019) Ca. 650 Ma Mafic-Ultramafic Dike Swarms in South China
Zhao J-H & Asimow PD
(2019) Experimental Constraints on Oceanic Carbonatite Formation in Alkaline Silicate Melt Systems
Weidendorfer D, Asimow PD & Zajacz Z
(2018) Did Earth’s First Supercontinent Form the Inner Core?
Mitchell R, Cox G, O'Rourke J, Li Z-X, Spencer C, Kirscher U, Zhang N, Murphy JB, Nordsvan A & Asimow P
(2018) Evidence of Anomalous Pacific- Antarctic Ridge Volcanism during the Penultimate Glacial Termination
McCart S, Mudahy A, Lund D, Asimow P & Lewis M
(2017) The Equation of State of Silicate Melts at Lower Mantle Pressure
Asimow P
(2017) The Late Neoproterozoic Dahanib Mafic-Ultramafic Intrusion, South Eastern Desert, Egypt: Is it an Alaskan-Type or a Layered Intrusion?
Azer M, Gahlan H, Asimow P & Al-Kahtany K
(2017) Anomalous Magmatism at 40 S on the Pacific Antarctic Ridge during the Penultimate Deglaciation
Lund D, Asimow P, Farley K & Lewis M
(2017) Phosphorus-Rich Pyroxene in Mantle Xenoliths
Baziotis I, Asimow P, Klemme S, Berndt J, Xydous S, Mavrogonatos K & Flemetakis S
(2016) Highly CO2-supersaturated Melts in the Carpathian-Pannonian Lithosphere
Creon L, Rouchon V, Delpech G, Szabo C, Asimow PD, Antoschechkina PM, Ghiorso MS & Guyot F
(2016) Ab Initio Study of the Structure and Stability of High-Pressure Iron-Bearing Dolomite
Asimow P & Solomatova N
(2015) Seconds after Impact: Insights into the Thermal History of Tektites
Stolper E, Macris C, Badro J, Asimow P, Zhang Y & Eiler J
(2015) Petrologic Insights from Graphical Analysis of Two-Component Systems
Asimow PD, Antoshechkina PM & Stolper EM
(2015) Mantle CO2 Fluxes to the Pannonian Lithosphere Inferred from Mantle Xenolith Investigation
Creon L, Delpech G, Rouchon V, Szabo C, Asimow PD, Antoshechkina PM, Ghiorso MS & Guyot F
(2015) Improved Thermodynamic Model Calibration with Bayesian Methods
Antoshechkina P, Wolf A, Hamecher E, Asimow P & Ghiorso M
(2015) Enhanced Hydrothermal Activity along the East Pacific Rise during the Last Two Glacial Terminations
Lund D, Asimow P & Farley K
(2014) Dating Mars with ID-Kard: Further Advances for a Future Mission
Cartwright J, Farley K, Hurowitz J, Asimow P, Simcic J, Madzunkov S & Papanastassiou D
(2014) Multi-Component Diffusion between Felsic and More Silicic Melts from Tektites and Experiments
Macris C, Badro J, Asimow P, Stolper E & Eiler J
(2014) Linking the Internal Structure and Volume of Silicate Melts to their Thermodynamic Properties
Harvey J-P & Asimow P
(2014) Enhanced Hydrothermal Sedimentation along the East Pacific Rise from 25 to 5 kyr BP
Lund D & Asimow P
(2014) Coordinated Hard Sphere Mixture (CHaSM): A Simplified Predictive Model for Melts in the Deep Mantle with Application to MgO
Wolf AS, Asimow PD & Stevenson DJ
(2014) Towards a Universal Model of the Liquid Phase: How to Have it all
Asimow PD, Harvey J-P & Wolf AS
(2013) High- to Low-Pressure Features of Compound Xenoliths: Implications from Fe-Ti-Ca Metasomatism and Glass Formation
Baziotis I, Asimow P, Ntaflos T, Koroneos A & Poli G
(2013) Thermodynamics of Melts from Shock Wave Experiments and a Simplified Speciation Model
Asimow PD, Thomas CW & Wolf AS
(2012) Equation of State for CaO-FeO-Mgo-Al2O3-SiO2 Melts and Evolution of a Whole-Mantle Magma Ocean
Asimow P, Thomas C, Agee C, Liu Q & Lange R
(2012) A General Quasi-Chemical Solution Model for Ordered Many-Component Systems
Wolf A, Asimow P & Caracas R
(2011) The Melting Curve of MgO from Shock Temperature Experiments
Asimow PD & Fat'yanov OV
(2011) Experimental Compressibility of Molten Hedenbergite at High Pressure
Agee C, Barnett G, Waller C, Asimow P, Guo X & Lange R
(2011) Melting Conditions with PRIMELT: Examples and Future Work
Gazel E, Herzberg C & Asimow P
(2009) Melt-Rock Interactions during the Early Stages of Rapid Exhumation of a Deeply Subducted Continental Slab
Zeng L, Asimow P, Eiler J, Chen J & Chen F
(2009) Probing the Conditions of Mantle Melting with Iron Isotopes
Dauphas N, Craddock P, Asimow P, Bennett V, Nutman A & Ohnenstetter D
(2008) H2O and Cl in Basalts from Lau Back-Arc Basin
Michael P, Bézos A, Langmuir C, Escrig S, Matzen A & Asimow P
(2008) Thermodynamic Phase Relations of the MgO-FeO-SiO2 System in the Lower Mantle
Wolf AS, Asimow PD & Caracas R
(2007) Magmatism and the Evolution of the Earth's Interior
Asimow P
(2007) Heterogeneity in Mid-Ocean Ridge Sources
Asimow P
(2006) Heterogeneity in Mid-ocean Ridge Sources
Asimow P
(2006) Elemental Budget and Rheology of the Oceanic Lithosphere
Workman R, Boettcher M & Asimow P
(2005) On the Sharpness of the Perovskite/post-Perovskite Transition in the Earth‚s Mantle
Akber-Knutson S, Steinle-Neumann G & Asimow P
(2005) Thermodynamics of the Lowermost Mantle
Sun D, Ahrens TJ & Asimow PD
(2005) Melt Thermodynamics and Divalent Element Partitioning between Anorthite and CMAS Liquids
Miller S, Asimow P & Burnett D
(2005) Effect of Water on Magma and Crustal Density: Highly Fractionated Lavas in the Lau Basin and Other Wet Spreading Centers
Asimow P, Langmuir C & Science Party KM
(2004) Petrology of the Lowermost Mantle
Asimow P, Sun D, Akins J, Luo S & Ahrens T
(2003) Experimental Evidence Concerning the Pressure Dependence of He Diffusion and Fission-Track Annealing Kinetics in Apatite
Donelick R, Farley K, Asimow P & O’Sullivan P
(2003) The F. W. Clarke Medal Lecture: Systematics of Water Partitioning in Damp Mantle Melting Models
Asimow P
(2003) Thermodynamic Modelling of Melting in Chemically Heterogenous Mixtures of Peridotite and Pyroxenite
Smith P, Asimow P & Stolper E
(2002) Melt Migration vs. Isentropic Decompression Melting, More or Less
Asimow PD
(2002) Oxygen-Isotope Evidence for Altered Oceanic Crust in the Atlantic MORB Source
Cooper K, Eiler J & Asimow P
(2001) A Polythermal Quartz and Coesite Saturation Surface to 5 GPa and the Partial Molar Volume of SiO2 in Silicate Liquids
Gaetani GA & Asimow PD
(2000) Modeling Hydrous Melt Production and Fractionation at Mid-Ocean Ridges: Application to the Azores Region
Asimow P

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