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Auque Luis (2015) Modelling the Behavior of Natural U and Ra in Forsmark, Sweden
Krall L, Trezzi G, Garcia-Orellana J, Andersson P, Tullborg E-L, Auque L & Porcelli D

Auqué Luis F. (2017) Distribution Coefficient of Uranium in Aragonitic Travertines at Fitero Thermal Springs (Spain)
Blasco M, Auqué LF & Gimeno MJ

Auqué Luis Francisco (2011) Evaluation of Thermodynamic Data and Activity Coefficient Models for the Geochemical Modeling of CO2 Storage Systems
Gimeno MJ, Acero P, Gutierrez V, Auque LF, Asta MP & Gomez J
(2009) The Alhama-Jaraba System as a Natural Analogue for CO2-Geological Sequestration
Acero P, Auqué LF, Gimeno MJ & Gómez JB

Aurélie V-C. (2018) Microbial Alteration of Limestone from Monuments Exposed to an Urban Area
Balland-Bolou-Bi C, Saheb M, Vanessa A, Noureddine B, Abbad-Andaloussi S, Alexandre L, Aurélie V-C & Anne C

Auro M.E. (2017) What the Flux? Isotopic Constraints on the Marine Barium Budget
Horner T, Auro M, Paytan A & Nielsen S
(2017) The Barium Isotopic Composition of the Global Groundwater Flux
Bitterwolf K, Horner T, Auro M, Peucker-Ehrenbrink B & Paytan A
(2014) Seawater Th Isotopes in the U. S. North Atlantic GEOTRACES Transect: Sources, Sinks and Cycling
Huang K-F, Robinson LF, Auro ME, Anderson RF, Hayes CT, Fleisher MQ, Edwards RL, Cheng H, Lu Y & Moran SB
(2013) Water Mass Mixing in the Drake Passage during the Last 40 kyrs
Struve T, van de Flierdt T, Robinson LF, Burke A, Crocket KC, Lambelet M & Auro M
(2012) Size-Fractionated Particle Mass and Composition during the U.S. GEOTRACES North Atlantic Zonal Transect
Lam PJ, Auro ME & Ohnemus DC
(2012) Sources, Sinks and Cycling of Seawater 232Th in the North and South Atlantic Basins
Robinson LF, Huang K-F, Auro ME, Anderson RF, Hayes CT, Fleischer MQ, Cheng H, Edwards RL, Moran SB & Saito M
(2011) Efficient Analysis of Seawater Thorium and Protactinium
Auro M, Robinson L, Anderson R, Fleisher M & Saito M
(2010) Boron Isotopes in Southern Ocean Deep Sea Corals
Robinson LF, Hoenisch B & Auro ME
(2009) The Distribution of 231Pa and 230Th in Paired Water Column and Surface Sediment Samples
Bradtmiller L, Robinson L, McManus J, Auro M & Bostock H
(2009) Measurement of 232Th, 230Th and 231Pa in Modern and Fossil Deep-Sea Corals
Robinson LF, McManus JF, Auro ME & van de Flierdt T

Ausin B. (2017) An Additional Wrinkle in the Elderfield Proxy Development Curve
Ausin B, Magill C, Wenk P, Haug G, McItyre C, Haghipour N, Hodell D & Eglinton T

Ausset P. (2016) Si Isotopes to Investigate Mechanisms and Kinetics of Glass Alteration
Verney-Carron A, Sessegolo L, Saheb M, Ausset P, Losno R, Mangin D & Valle N

Austad T. (2009) "Smart Water" as Wettability Modifier in Carbonate and Sandstone: A Discussion of Similarities in Chemical Mechanism
Austad T

Austin L. (2016) Erosional Transport of Organic Matter after the Rim Fire, Yosemite National Park
Abney R, Hockaday W, Kuhn T, Austin L, Sherrin A & Berhe AA

Austin M. (2018) An Exceptional Record of Early- to Mid-Paleozoic Redox Change from the Road River Group, Yukon, Canada
Sperling E, Strauss J, Tiffani F, Austin M, Sabrina T, Joseph M, Stephanie P-T, Liam B, Stockey R, Devon C, Noah P, David L, Lenz A & Melchin M

Austin P. (2017) Model-Based Identification of Physical and Geochemical Controls of Uranium in situ Leaching
Sun J, Prommer H, Bunney K, Jackson M, Austin P, Li J, Robinson D, Oram J, Rao A & Kuhar L

Austin Rebecca (2013) Experimental Evolution of Dissimilatory S Isotope Fractionation
Pellerin A, Mykyczuk N, Austin R, Zane G, Whyte L, Wall J & Wing B

Austin Robert (2014) Manganese Near-Surface Repartitioning and Delivery to Groundwater in North Carolina
Polizzotto M, Gillispie E, Austin R, Rivera N, Abraham J, Wang S, Bolich R, Bradley P, Duckworth O, Amoozegar A & Hesterberg D

Austin W. (2017) The Rusty Sink: Investigating the Importance of Iron to the Long-Term Storage of Organic Carbon in Coastal Sediments
Smeaton C, Schröder C, Wood D & Austin W
(2017) Geochemical Composition of Baltic Benthic Foraminifera Collected and Cultured over a Large Salinity Gradient
Filipsson HL, Groeneveld J, Austin W, Darling K, Quintana Krupinski N, Bird C, McCarthy D, Hathorne E & Schweizer M

Austin Hegardt E. (2004) Sm-Nd and Lu-Hf Dating Peak Metamorphic Assemblages in the Sveconorwegian Orogeny
Austin Hegardt E & Anczkiewicz R

Austin-Gidding W. (2013) In situ U-Pb Dating of Carbonate by LA-Icp-(MC)-MS and ID-TIMS
Parrish R, Horstwood M, Austin-Giddings W, Roberts N, Condon D & Rasbury T
(2013) U-Pb Dating of Carbonates and Fluorite: Prospects for Understanding Fluids from Deposition Through Burial
Rasbury T, Parrish R, Austin-Gidding W, Lanzirotti T, Tomascak P & Kyle R

Austrheim H. (2018) Quartz Dissolution and M-S-H Cement Precipitation in a High pH Ultramafic System
de Ruiter L, Austrheim H, Gunnæs AE & Dysthe DK
(2017) Cataclastic Fragmentation: A Prelude to Retrograde Metamorphism during Continental Collision
Putnis A & Austrheim H
(2017) Formation of Magnesium Silicate Hydrate Cement in the Weathering Zone of Ultramafites
de Ruiter L, Austrheim H & Dysthe DK
(2016) Fluid-Rock Interaction: Revisiting the Problem of Mineral Replacement and Density Change in Open and Closed Systems
Putnis A, Centrella S & Austrheim H
(2016) Mg Isotope Fractionation during Fluid-Ultramafic Rock Interaction
Beinlich A, Mavromatis V, Austrheim H & Oelkers EH
(2015) Zircon Coronas Around Fe-Ti Oxides: A Physical Reference Frame for Metamorphic and Metasomatic Reactions
Austrheim H, Putnis CV, Engvik AK & Putnis A
(2015) Stress, Fluids and Metamorphism
Centrella S, Austrheim H & Putnis A
(2015) Fracture Formation due to Growth of Hydrous Carbonates
Ulven OI, Beinlich A, Sun W, Austrheim H & Malthe-Sørenssen A
(2015) Reactions at Mineral-Fluid Interfaces: Specifically Coupled Dissolution and Precipitation
Putnis CV, Ruiz-Agudo E, Hövelmann J, King HE, Austrheim H & Putnis A
(2014) Fragmentation and Carbonation of Serpentinized Dunites
Ulven OI, Austrheim H, Hövelmann J, Beinlich A & Malthe-Sørenssen A
(2014) Subarctic Weathering and Carbonation of Serpentinized Dunites
Hövelmann J, Austrheim H, Beinlich A, Ulven OI & Jamtveit B
(2014) Mg Isotope Fractionation during Hydrothermal Ultramafic Rock Alteration – Implications for the Global Mg-Cycle
Beinlich A, Mavromatis V, Austrheim H & Oelkers EH
(2013) Mg Isotope Fractionation during Hydrothermal Carbonation of Serpentine
Mavromatis V, Beinlich A, Austrheim H & Oelkers EH
(2013) An EBSD Study of Textural Evolution Across a Shear Zone in the Bergen Arcs, Western Norway
Mukai H, Austrheim H & Putnis A
(2013) Forceful Carbonation of Serpentine
Ulven OI, Austrheim H & Malthe-Sørenssen A
(2013) An Example of CO2 Sequestration: Direct Nano-Scale Observations of Brucite [Mg(OH)<sub>2</sub>] Dissolution
Putnis CV, Hövelmann J-E, Ruiz-Agudo E & Austrheim H
(2012) Transient Porosity as an Integral Aspect of Microstructural Development during Fluid-Mineral Reaction
Putnis A, Putnis C & Austrheim H
(2012) From Partly Serpentinized Peridotite to Continental Crust Through Weathering and Recycling Processes
Austrheim H, Putnis A, Putnis C & Grguric B
(2011) On Carbonatization Fronts in Serpentinite: Implications for in situ CO2 Storage
Beinlich A, Plümper O, Hövelmann J, Austrheim H & Jamtveit B
(2011) The Legacy of Plastic Deformation and Pre-Existing Microstructures during Olivine Serpentinization
Plümper O, Austrheim H, Piazolo S & Jung H
(2011) The Interplay between Chemical and Textural Evolution Across a Shear Zone
Putnis A, Austrheim H & Putnis C
(2011) Halogen Concentrations and δ37Cl in Apatite as a Fluid Probe to Decipher Fluid-Rock Interaction
Layne G, John T, Whitehouse M, Austrheim H & Kusebauch C
(2011) The Evolution of a Serpentinizing Environment Inferred from Andradite Vein Networks
Plümper O, Beinlich A, Janots E & Austrheim H
(2009) The Role of Crystal-Plastic Deformation in the Serpentinization of Olivine
Plümper O, Austrheim H & Jung H
(2009) CO2 Sequestration and Extreme Mg Leaching in Serpentinized Peridotite Clasts of the Solund Devonian Basin, SW-Norway
Beinlich A, Austrheim H, Glodny J, Erambert M & Andersen TB
(2009) Guidelines for Experiments on CO2 Sequestration in Peridotites Based on a Natural Example
Hoevelmann J & Austrheim H
(2009) Metasomatic Crystallisation of Sapphirine during Mg-Enrichment of Gabbros
Engvik AK, Austrheim H & Putnis A
(2008) Mineral Textures as Indicators of Fluid-Driven Mineral Replacement Processes
Putnis CV, Austrheim H & Putnis A
(2008) Metasomatism of the UHP Svartberget Olivine-Websterite Body in the Western Gneiss Complex, Norway
Vrijmoed H, Austrheim H, John T & Podladtchikov Y
(2007) Interplay of Deformation, Fluid Infiltration and Eclogitization
John T, Austrheim H, Schmid D, Rüpke L & Podladchikov Y
(2007) Tracing Metasomatic Reactions Using Inert Zircon Coronas Around Ilmenite
Austrheim H, Putnis CV, Engvik AK & Putnis A
(2007) Intragranular Replacement of Chlorapatite by Hydroxyapatite during Scapolitisation
Engvik AK, Golla-Schindler U, Austrheim H & Putnis A
(2007) A Mechanism of Fluid Transport Through Minerals
Putnis C, Austrheim H & Putnis A
(2007) Compositional Gradient of Cpx Produced by Fluid Assisted Eclogitization
Casarin F, Austrheim H & Putnis A
(2007) Stress Induced Redistribution of Y and HREE in Garnet during High-Grade Polymetamorphism
Erambert M, Rohr T & Austrheim H
(2002) Rb/Sr Record of Fluid-Rock Interaction in Eclogites, Bergen Arcs, Norway
Glodny J, Kühn A & Austrheim H
(2001) Fracture Controlled Fluid Migration during Metamorphism
Jamtveit B, Malthe-Sørenssen A, Flekkøy E & Austrheim H
(2000) Retrogressive Metamorphism: Mechanisms of Fluid Introduction to Impermeable Rocks
Jamtveit B, Malthe Sörenssen A & Austrheim H
(2000) Dating of Subduction-Related Fluid Mineralizations: Constraints on the Life Span of a Paleozoic Subduction System in the Polar Urals, Russia
Glodny J, Austrheim H & Rusin A
(2000) An Analytical TEM Study on Complex Zoning Patterns in Garnets from Bergen Arcs Eclogites
Pollok K, Austrheim H & Putnis A

Austrins L. (2011) Analysis of Nanoscale Zero Valent Iron Particles Upon Arrival at a Monitoring Well
Kocur C, Chowdhury A, Boparai H, Sakulchiacharoen N, Krol M, Sleep B, Austrins L & O'Carroll D

Ausweger G. (2017) In situ Chemical Oxidation of Diesel-Contaminations in Silt Lenses
Höllen D, Philipp R, Bogolte BT, Staudigl A, Kulich M, Fehrer A, Grabmair J, Ausweger G & Pomberger R

Authier L. (2010) Disposable Sensors for [Zn2+], [Cd2+] and [Pb2+] Determination in Natural Samples
Parat C, Authier L, Aguilar D, Companys E, Galceran J & Potin-Gautier M

Auwerx J. (2017) An Isotope Metallomic Perspective on Aging
Sauzéat L, Jha P, Laurençon A, Auwerx J & Balter V

Auzende A-L. (2017) Interaction between Carbon- and H-Bearing Iron Phases in the Deep Earh
Boulard E, Guyot F, Menguy N, Corgne A, Auzende A-L, Perrillat J-P & Fiquet G
(2016) Deformation Mechanisms of Antigorite Serpentinite at Subduction Zone Conditions
Auzende A-L, Escartin J, Walte N, Guillot S, Hirth G & Frost D
(2015) Melting Criterion in Laser Heated Diamond Anvil Cell Experiments: Combined in situ and ex situ Methods
Morard G, Andrault D, Antonangeli D, Amichi L, Siebert J, Guyot F, Auzende A-L, Lord O, Bouchet J, Harmand M, Cochain B, Garbarino G, Kantor I, Torchio R, Boulard E & Mezouar M
(2013) Mineralogical Pathways Involved in the Formation of Hydrous Mg/Ni Silicate Ores (New Caledonia)
Fritsch E, Juillot F, Auzende A-L, Dublet G, Caner L & Beaufort D
(2013) Crystal Chemistry and Magnetism of Fe-Serpentines Based on XMCD
Elmaleh A, Arrio M-A, Juhin A, Sainctavit P, Tarantino SC, Zema M, Auzende A-L, Smekhova A & Rogalev A
(2011) Experimental Investigation of the Stability of Fe-Rich Carbonates in the Lower Mantle
Boulard E, Menguy N, Auzende A-L, Benzerara K, Bureau H, Antonangeli D, Corgne A, Morard G, Siebert J, Perrillat J-P, Guyot F & Fiquet G
(2011) Melting of Peridotite to 140 GPa
Fiquet G, Auzende A-L, Siebert J, Corgne A, Bureau H, Ozawa H & Garbarino G
(2008) New Constraints on the Pyrolitic Model Under Lower Mantle Conditions
Ricolleau A, Fei Y, Cottrell E, Watson H, Zhang L, Fiquet G, Auzende A-L, Roskosz M, Morard G & Prakapenka V
(2007) Iron Partitioning and the Self-Oxidation of the Lower Mantle
Auzende A-L, Badro J & Ryerson FJ
(2006) Element partitioning at ultra-high pressure: new insights on bulk lower-mantle geochemistry
Auzende AL, Badro J, Weber P, Fallon S & Ryerson F

Avagyan A. (2011) Geochemical and Age of Collision-Related Volcanism Following the Closure of the Neotethys Ocean (Lesser Caucasus, Armenia)
Sahakyan L, Bosch D, Sosson M, Bruguier O, Rolland Y, Galoyan G & Avagyan A

Avalos-Perez A. (2011) Nanoparticles in Aqueous Environments: Electrochemical, Nanogravimetric, STM and AFM Studies
Ciglenečki I, Bura-Nakić E, Margus M, Milanović I, Batina N, Avalos-Perez A & Krznarić D

Avant David A. (2018) Sorption of 137Cs onto a Muscovite-Rich Test Material from the Georgia Kaolins
Moses DS, Elliott WC, Wanpler JM, Powell BA & Avant DA

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