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Abu El-Ela A.S. (2016) Chemical Variation of Chromian Spinel Compositions in a Serpentinized Peridotites: Implications for Evolution of the Neoproterozoic Ophiolites
Gamal El Dien H, Morishita T, Hamdy M, Abu El-Ela AS, Hassan A & Soda Y
(2014) Metasomatic Signatures in Neoproterozoic Ophiolitic Serpentinites from Wadi Igla, South Eastern Desert of Egypt
Gamal El-Dien H, Hamdy M, Abu El-Ela AS & Hassan A

Abu Zeid N. (2013) Multidisciplinary Geophysical-Geochemical Analysis for Quantitative Renovation by Artificial Recharge of Aquifer (Warbo Life)
Nieto Yabar D, Abu Zeid N, Affatato A, Baradello L, Accaino F, Pepi S, Russo S & Vaccaro C

Abu-Jaber N. (2018) Hazardous Toxic Elements Mobility in Burned Oil Shale (BOS) Ash: The Means for Short and Long Term Solidification
El-Hasan T, Abu-Jaber N & AbdelHadi N

Abu-Zied R. (2000) Geochemical and Micro-Palaeontological Evidence of a Climatic Perturbation during Formation of the most Recent Eastern Mediterranean Sapropel
Thomson J, Mercone D, Abu-Zied R, Croudace I & Rohling E

Abubakar B. (2009) New Human Activities in Africa Affecting the Ozone Layer
Abubakar B, Rufai B, Oruonye ED, Muhammed M & Wakil AT

Abuharara A. (2016) Multi-Isotopic Study of the Fluid Circulation at Los Azufres Geothermal Field, Mexico
Shouakar-Stash O, Pinti DL, Castro CM, Lopez-Hernandez A, Abuharara A, Hall CM, Sandoval-Medina F & Nuñez-Hernandez S

Aburto F. (2014) Mineralogical and Geochemical Patterns in Soils on Tills in California’s Lake Tahoe Basin
Aburto F & Southard R

Abushkevich V. (2016) Zircon from Rare-Metal Li-F Granites: Magma Chamber Processes and Magma Source
Sagitova A, Badanina E, Syritso L, Abushkevich V & Volkova E
(2011) The Role of Volcano-Plutonic Complex for Simulation of Origin of Rare-Metal Granites from Transbaikalia, Russia
Syritso L, Abushkevich V, Badanina E & Volkova E
(2010) Quartz-Vein Wolframite Ore and Granitoid Magmatism: Spatial and Genetic Connection
Badanina E, Abushkevich V & Syritso L
(2009) About the Petrogenetic Connection of Quartz-Veined Ores (W, Sn, Be, Bi) with Massivs of Li-F Granites
Syritso L, Badanina E, Abushkevich V & Volkova E
(2007) Effusive and Subeffusive Rocks in the Area of Rare-Metal Ore Fields of Phanerozoic and their Petrogenetic Significance
Badanina E, Syritso L, Abushkevich V & Volkova E

Abyaneh M. (2017) A Nanoscale STXM Study of the Murchison CM2 Chondrite
Schofield P, King A, Kaulich B, Abyaneh M, Araki T & Russell S
(2015) I08-SXM – The Scanning X-Ray Microscopy Facility at the Diamond Light Source
Kaulich B, Abyaneh M & Araki T
(2015) Nanoscale Element Mapping and XANES Spectroscopy of Interplanetary Dust Particles
Flynn G, Wirick S, Keller L, Kaulich B, Araki T & Abyaneh M

Acar D. (2016) Sedimentary Record and Degree of Heavy Metals Contamination in Near Shore Area of Soutwestern Black Sea, Turkey
Sari E, Acar D, Çağatay N, Arslan TN, Kiliç Ö, Tutay A, Kurt MA & Belivermiş M
(2015) A High Resolution Elemental Record of Lake Bafa Sediments (Turkey)
Yalamaz B, Bulkan Ö, Çagatay MN & Acar D

Acar M.H. (2016) GIS Based Geotechnical Microzoning of Antalya – Kepez (Turkey) District
Acar MH & Akcal AN

Acaylar K. (2010) Developing Radiocarbon within California Mollusk Shells as a Proxy of Upwelling Intensity
Ferguson J, Meyer L, Johnson K, Santos G, Acaylar K & Tripati A

Accaino F. (2013) Multidisciplinary Geophysical-Geochemical Analysis for Quantitative Renovation by Artificial Recharge of Aquifer (Warbo Life)
Nieto Yabar D, Abu Zeid N, Affatato A, Baradello L, Accaino F, Pepi S, Russo S & Vaccaro C
(2009) A Crustal Seismic Profile Across Sicily: Preliminary Results
Accaino F, Catalano R, Di Marzo L, Giustiniani M, Tinivella U, Nicolich R, Sulli A & Valenti V
(2009) Gas Hydrate and Mud Volcanoes Offshore Antarctic Peninsula: A Geophysical Study
Tinivella U, Accaino F, Giustiniani M & Loreto MF

Accoe F. (2009) In situ Conditioning and Stabilisation of Dredging and Mineral Sludge
Van Roy S, Accoe F, Dejonghe W, Daems M, Ryngaert A, Diels L, Cichocka D, Springael D, Barbetti L, Van Impe P, Van Staeyen G, Meesschaert B, Duerinckx L, Vandekeybus J, Pieters A, Ide G, Seffelaar H, Pensaert S, Geeraert M, Ramdas R, Carpels B, Heylen A, Van Goylen E, Berteloot M & Dubois M

Accornero M. (2005) Chromium Isotopic Fractionation during Cr(VI) Reduction in Groundwaters
Petrini R, Slejko FF, Ottonello G, Marini L, Vetuschi Zuccolini M & Accornero M

Acero P. (2016) Trace Element Uptake in Aluminium Hydroxysulfates: Implications for Mining-Affected Environments
Acero P, Hudson-Edwards KA & Cibin G
(2015) Alunite and Basaluminite Dissolution: Comparison and Insights from Batch Experiments and Atomistic Computer Simulations
Acero P & Hudson-Edwards K
(2013) Assessment of Seasonal Variations in the Mineralogical and Geochemical Features of Sulfide Mine Tailings
Acero P, Pérez-López R, Ayora C, Quispe DL & Nieto JM
(2011) Hydrogeological and Geochemical Characterisation of a Mantled Evaporite Karst Based on Hydrogeochemical Data
Acero P, Francisco G, Jorge Pedro G, Maria Jose G, Luis Francisco A & Pedro L
(2011) Evaluation of Thermodynamic Data and Activity Coefficient Models for the Geochemical Modeling of CO2 Storage Systems
Gimeno MJ, Acero P, Gutierrez V, Auque LF, Asta MP & Gomez J
(2009) Arsenic Mobilization in Acid Mine Drainage from the Tinto Santa Rosa Mine, Iberian Pyrite Belt, Spain
Asta MP, Ayora C, Cama J, Román-Ross G, Gault AG, Charnock JM & Acero P
(2009) The Alhama-Jaraba System as a Natural Analogue for CO2-Geological Sequestration
Acero P, Auqué LF, Gimeno MJ & Gómez JB
(2008) Modeling the Interaction between Geochemical and Hydraulic Processes during Evaporation in Tailings
Acero P, Ayora C, Carrera J, Saaltink MW & Olivella S
(2006) Comparison between chalcopyrite and sphalerite dissolution kinetics under ARD conditions
Cama J, Acero P & Ayora C

Acevedo S. (2011) Arsenic Partition in Redox Gradients Systems with Iron and Sulfur Presence
Vega A, Acevedo S, Leiva E, Rios P, Pizarro G & Pastén P

Acha-Cordero D. (2017) Hg Transformations in Sediments and Biofilms from High Altitude Lakes
Bouchet S, Amouroux D, Goni-Urriza M, Monperrus M, Guyonneaud R, Fernandez P, Tessier E & Acha-Cordero D

Achal V. (2015) Biomineralization Based Heavy Metals Remediation from Soil
Qian X-Y, Kumari D, Pan X & Achal V

Acharya S.S. (2018) Large Stable Ca Isotopic (δ44/40Ca) Variation in Open Ocean Samples from the Bay of Bengal
Chakrabarti R, Acharya SS & Mondal S
(2017) Strontium Isotopic Evidence for Submarine Groundwater Discharge (SGD) in Bay of Bengal Water
Chakrabarti R, Mondal S, Acharya SS, Sreelekha J & Sengupta D

Acharyya S. (2007) Isotopic Composition of Methane and <Sigma>CO2 from Arsenic Affected Area of West Bengal, India
Ghosh P, Yamada K, Yoshida N, Acharyya S & Shah B

Achenbach L. (2005) Green Rust Formation Under Anaerobic Nitrate-Dependent Fe(II) Oxiding Conditions
Weber K, Thieme J, Larese-Casanova P, Scherer M, Achenbach L & Coates J

Achilles C.N. (2018) Crystallography on Mars with the CheMin XRD Instrument
Castle N, Rampe L, Morrison S & Achilles C
(2016) Mineralogical and Geochemical Trends in a Fluviolacustrine Sequence in Gale Crater, Mars
Rampe E, Ming D, Morris R, Blake D, Vaniman D, Bristow T, Chipera S, Yen A, Grotzinger J, Farmer J, Des Marais D, Morrison S, Gellert R, Achilles C, Downs R, Treiman A, Craig P, Fendrich K & Fairen A
(2016) Mineralogy of Eolian Sands at Gale Crater, Mars
Achilles C, Downs R, Vaniman D, Yen A, Blake D, Morris R, Ming D, Rampe E, Morrison S, Bristow T, Chipera S, Ehlmann B, Lapotre M, Fendrich K, Sarrazin P, Craig P, Crisp J, Grotzinger J, Des Marais D & Farmer J
(2016) MSL Chemistry and Mineralogy of the Bagnold Dunes, Gale Crater
Ehlmann B, Achilles C, Bridges N, Conrad P, Cousin A, Edgett K, Fraeman A, Johnson J, Lapotre M, Litvak M, Rowland S, Schroder S, Sutter B, Stein N, Thompson L, Vaniman D, Vasavada A & Yen A
(2016) Improving the Accuracy of Unit-Cell Parameters Obtained from the CheMin Instrument on Mars Through an Internally Calibrated Sample Cell Offset
Morrison SM, Downs RT, Blake DF, Vaniman DT, Ming DW, Rampe EB, Bristow TF, Chipera SJ, Yen AS, Morris RV, Treiman AH, Sarrazin PC, Achilles CN, Fendrich KV, Morookian JM, Crisp JA, Farmer JD, Des Marais DJ & Craig PI
(2015) Mineralogy of the Pahrump Hills Region, Gale Crater, Mars
Rampe E, Ming D, Vaniman D, Blake D, Chipera S, Morris R, Bish D, Cavanagh P, Achilles C, Bristow T, Morrison S, Treiman A, Downs R, Farmer J, Crisp J, Fendrich K & Morookian JM
(2014) Mineralogical Analysis of Drilled Mudstone at Yellowknife Bay, Gale Crater, Mars
Blake D, Vaniman D, Bristow T, Bish D, Rampe E, Morris R, Treiman A, Ming D, Chipera S, Morrison S, Downs R, Farmer J, Crisp J, Achilles C & Morookian J-M
(2013) Crystal-Chemical Analyses of Soil and Drilled Rock in Gale Crater, Mars
Morrison SM, Downs RT, Blake DF, Bish DL, Ming DW, Morris RV, Yen AS, Chipera SJ, Treiman AH, Vaniman DT, Gellert R, Achilles CN, Rampe EB, Bristow TF, Crisp JA, Sarrazin PC & Morookian JM

Achouak W. (2014) Nanotubular Alumino-Silicates and Analogues (Imogolites): Formation and Biological Interactions
Masion A, Avellan A, Levard C, Lui W, Auffan M, Achouack W, Doelsch E, Ziarelli F & Rose R
(2013) Natural Uranium Ores Host Iron-Reducing and Iron-Oxidizing Bacteria as Demonstrated by High Throughput Sequencing and Cultural Approaches
Mondani L, Benzerara K, Carriere M, Christen R, Fevrier L, Achouak W, Nardoux P, Berthomieu C & Chapon V
(2013) Environmental Fate and Impacts of Ceria Nanomaterials: Distribution, Transformation and Bioaccumulation within Aquatic Mesocosms
Tella M, Brousset L, Auffan M, Issartel J, Pailles C, Artells E, Thiery A, Santaella C, Achouack W, Massion A, Kieffer I, Rose J, Bottero J-Y & Espinasse B
(2006) Interactions between manufactured nanoparticles and individual cells
Rose J, Auffan M, Zeyon O, Decome L, Thill A, Orsiere T, Labille J, Achouak W, Flank A-M, Wiesner M, DeMeo M & Spalla O
(2000) The Tatahouine Meteorite: A Case Study of Life Under Extreme Conditions
Gillet P, Achouak W, Barrat J, Benzerara K, Guyot F, Heulin T, Lemelle L & Lesourd M

Achoundong G. (2011) Evaluation of Lake Biomarkers as Indicator of Environmental Changes along a Climatic Gradient in Cameroon
Schwab-Lavrič V, Garcin Y, Sachse D, Todou G, Séné O, Onana J-M, Achoundong G & Gleixner G

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