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Azim E. (2016) Environmental Impacts of the Largest Coal Slurry Spill in North America: The Obed Mountain Mine Release into the Athabasca River (Alberta, Canada)
Cooke C, Schwindt C, Davies M, Donahue B & Azim E

Azimov P. (2004) The Morphology and Sculpture of Natural Garnets: Growth Features
Azimov P & Shtukenberg A

Azimzada A. (2021) Use of Simple Collection Kits for Surface Water and Precipitation to Identify Engineered and Natural Nanoparticles Quickly and Simply Using an ICP-TOF-MS to Better Inform Risk Assessments for Impact to Human Health
Azimzada A, Hadioui M, Wilkinson KJ, Shaw P & Schlatt L

Azis H. (2020) Cation Release from Geothermal Reservoir Rocks
Belshaw G, Azis H, Sapiie B, Muljadi B & Vandeginste V
(2019) Rock-Fluid Interactions in Geothermal Reservoir Systems
Belshaw G, Gonciaruk A, Steer E, Alfiady A, Azis H, Muljadi B & Vandeginste V

Aziz F. (2003) A Multi-Element Approach to the Relative Dating of Bone Fossils
Kondo M, Matsu’ura S, Aziz F, Sudijono, Fujimori E & Sawatari H

Aziz Hasan M. (2015) A Comparison of As Biogeochemistry in Southeast Asian Aquifers
Datta S, Barua S, Vega M, Kulkarni H, Kibria MG, Mladenov N, Hossain M, Bhattacharya P, Matin Ahmed K, Aziz Hasan M & Johannesson K

Azizmohammadi S. (2016) Kinetic Geochemical Modelling of Brine-Water Chemistry as Consequences of Hydrogen Injection
Hassannayebi N & Azizmohammadi S
(2015) Modelling the Geochemical Impact of Hydrogen Interaction with Minerals and Aqueous Species Using GEM-Selektor Geochemical Modelling Package
Hassannayebi N & Azizmohammadi S

Azmy K. (2017) δ26Mg Record of Phanerozoic Oceans
Törber P, Farkas J, Rollion-Bard C, Wallmann K, Brand U, Azmy K, Tomasovych A, Lecuyer C, Vigier N, Saulnier S, Komarek M, Magna T, Simecek M, Francova M, Böhm F & Eisenhauer A
(2017) Deciphering the Carbonate Record of Mesoproterozoic Biospheric Oxygenation: Insights from Chromium and Uranium Isotopes
Gilleaudeau G, Frei R, Kaufman A, Luo G, Romaniello S, Zhang F, Klaebe R, Sahoo S, Kah L, Azmy K, Bartley J, Chernyavskiy P, Knoll A & Anbar A
(2015) REE Compositions of Modern Shelf and Deep-Water Articulated Brachiopods
Zaky A, Azmy K, Brand U & Logan A
(2015) Chromium Isotopes in Carbonates Constrain Mesoproterozoic Atmospheric pO2 Levels
Gilleaudeau GJ, Frei R, Kaufman AJ, Kah LC, Azmy K, Bartley JK & Knoll AH
(2014) Measuring Atmospheric and Marine Hydrospheric Gases of Earth & The Martian Subsurface
Blamey N, Brand U & Azmy K
(2014) Carbon Isotopes in Brachiopod Calcite: A Case of Equilibrium!
Brand U, Azmy K, Bitner MA, Logan A, Zuschin M, Ruggiero ET & Colin P
(2013) Magnesium Isotope Composition of Globally Distributed Modern Brachiopods: Implications for Paleo-Seawater δ26Mg Reconstructions
Farkas J, Brand U, Tomasovych A, Azmy K, Fietzke J & Eisenhauer A
(2012) Oxygen Isotopes & Mg Content in Brachiopod Calcite: Equilibrium Fractionation and a New Paleotemperature Equation
Brand U, Azmy K, Logan A & Bitner AM
(2010) Hydrothermal Diagenesis of Paleozoic Seamount Carbonates
Brand U, Azmy K, Tazawa J-I, Sano H & Buhl D
(2009) Is Paleozoic Ocean-Chemistry Coupled with Epeiric Seawater Isotope Records?
Brand U, Tazawa J-I, Sano H & Azmy K

Aznar J-C. (2014) Assessing Baseline Near-Surface Bedrock and Groundwater Geochemical Data Prior to Shale Gas Exploration and Development – The Case of the Utica Shale, Quebec, Canada
Lavoie D, Mort A, Haeri Ardakani O, Sanei H, Bordeleau G, Rivard C & Aznar J-C

Aznar R. (2015) Raman Spectroscopy of the Melanized Fungi from the Hyperarid Atacama Desert Gypsum Crust
Wierzchos J, Artieda O, Culka A, Jehlicka J, López-Ocaña L, Aznar R, Souza-Egipsy V, Casero MC & Ascaso C

Azodi M. (2017) Dissolution Behavior of Silver Nanoparticles and Formation of Secondary Silver Nanoparticles in Municipal Wastewater by Single Particle ICP-MS
Ghoshal S & Azodi M
(2017) The Impact of Coatings on the Sulfidation and Dissolution of Silver Nanoparticles
Azodi M & Ghoshal S

Azough F. (2004) Grain Boundary Diffusion of Mg and Ca in Synthetic Diopside Aggregates
Lawrence R, Azough F, Freer R & Leach C

Azquez J.A.V. (2001) “Plumbing” Zircon Inheritance in Young Rhyolites
Reid MR, Azquez JAV & Coath CD

Azrieli I. (2011) Low Molybdenum Isotope Compositions in Euxinic Sapropel S1
Azrieli I, Matthews A, Bar-Matthews M, Almogi-Labin A, Vance D, Archer C & Teutsch N

Azuhata M. (2016) Anorthite Megacrysts within the Basaltic Andesite of Hokiyadake Volcano, Central Japan: Geochemical and Mineralogical Constraints for their Generation
Arakawa Y, Azuhata M & Matsui T

Azuma N. (2014) Recrystallization and Micro-Inclusions in Polar Ice
Azuma N, Faria S, Weikusat I & Kipfstuhl S

Azumi Y. (2015) Determination of Trace Orthophosphate in Water of Lake Biwa (Japan) by Ion Chromatography
Maruo M, Ishimaru M, Azumi Y, Ohyama K & Obata H

Azzam F. (2021) Origin of Carbonate Cements in Deep Marine Siliciclastic Turbidites Revealed by SIMS and LA-ICP-MS Micro-Analyses
Azzam F, Blaise T, Brigaud B, Barbarand J, Patrier P & Portier E

Azzolini D. (2011) Surface Complexation Evidence that Amino Acids Prefer Special Sites on Oxide Surfaces
Sverjensky D, Hazen R, Azzolini D, Lee N & Klochko K
(2011) Surface Structures on Rutile Guide Organic Molecule Attachment
Livi K, Schaffer B, Azzolini D, Hardcastle T, Seabourne C, Scott A, Sverjensky D, Hazen R & Brydson R

Azzone R.G. (2019) Carbonatite-Alkaline Silicate Rock Complexes Reflect Highly Oxidized Conditions in their Upper Mantle Source
Braunger S, Marks MAW, Wenzel T, Chmyz L, Azzone RG & Markl G

Azzopardi B. (2016) Dynamic Effects of Magma Degassing at Open Vent Volcanoes
Pioli L & Azzopardi B

Azzouni-Sekkal A. (2017) U-Pb and Lu-Hf Isotopic Systems in Zircon within Ediacaran – Paibian Granitoid “Taourirt”* Ring-Complexes (Silet Terrane, Tuareg Shield, Algeria, West Africa): Implications for Tectonic Setting and Regional Correlation
Bonin B, Azzouni-Sekkal A, Bowden P, Belousova E, Greau Y, Griffin WL & Bechiri-Benmerzoug F
(2014) Ediacaran Granites in the Tuareg Shield, West Africa: Alkalinity and End-Gondwanan Assembly
Bowden P, Cottin J-Y, Belousova E, Gréau Y, Griffin W, O'Reilly S, Azzouni-Sekkal A, Remaci-Benouda N & Bechiri-Benmerzoug F
(2007) Spinel-Lherzolite Xenoliths from the Hoggar Swell: Evidence for Intracratonic Asthenosphere Upwelling and Lithosphere Rejuvenation
Beccaluva L, Azzouni-Sekkal A, Benhallou A, Bianchini G, Ellam RM, Marzola M, Siena F & Stuart F

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