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Aviles Jasso M. (2019) Rising Arsenic Concentrations in an Intensively Pumped Agricultural Basin in Central Mexico
Knappett P, Li Y, Majumder S, Huang Y, Loza I, Hernandez H, Aviles Jasso M, Mahlknecht J, Datta S & Nordstrom DK

Avino R.
(2011) 1998-2010 More Than Ten Year of Soil CO2 Flux Measurement at Solfatara of Pozzuoli (Campi Flegrei, Italy)
Cardellini C, Chiodini G, Caliro S, Granieri D, Avino R & Frondini F
(2009) Carbon Dixide Emission in Italy: Shallow Crustal Sources or Subduction Related Fluid Recycling?
Chiodini G, Avino R, Caliro S, Cardellini C, Costa A & Frondini F
(2002) Monitoring Volcanic Fluxes Using Eddy Covariance at Solfatara Volcano, Naples, Italy
Werner C, Chiodini G, Voigt D, Avino R, Caliro S & Russo M

Avirmed E. (2011) Speleothem Record of Permafrost in Siberia and Aridity in Mongolia during the Last 450 kyr
Vaks A, Gutareva O, Breitenbach S, Avirmed E, Kononov A, Osinzev A & Henderson G

Avital S. (2017) Light Enhanced Calcification in Corals, Foraminifera and Clams and their Implications for Carbon Isotopes in their Shells
Erez J, Cohen I, Warter V, Avital S & Dobinsky Z

Avni Y. (2011) Fluid-Flow Controls of Low δ57Fe Hydrothermal Iron Mineralization
Matthews A, Erel Y, Stern D, Ryb U & Avni Y
(2006) Topographic- and density-driven fluids as sources of iron mineralization and dolomitization adjacent to the Dead Sea Transform
Matthews A, Erel Y, Listovsky N, Groscz S, Ayalon A, Avni Y & Ilani S

Avouac J-P. (2009) Continuous Thermal Histories from Muscovite 40Ar/39Ar Age Spectra
Harrison M, Heizler MT, Haviv I & Avouac J-P

Avrahamov N. (2013) Anaerobic Oxidation of Methane by Sulfate in Hypersaline Groundwater at the Dead Sea Aquifer
Avrahamov N, Antler G, Yechieli Y, Gavrieli I, Joye S & Sivan O

Avramenko I. (2013) Comparison of 2H, 18O, 3H and Radionuclides Migration in Groundwater Near the Liquid Waste Injection Site (Tomsk-7, Russia)
Avramenko I, Blazhennikova I & Tokarev I
(2013) The Study of the Ferruterous Mineral Water in Kareliya by Isotopic and Chemical Tracers
Blazhennikova I, Avramenko I & Tokarev I

Avramut C. (2010) Manganese Carbonates Formation during Long-Term Sorption of Mn2+ by Viable Shewanella putrefaciens
Chubar N, Behrends T, Avramut C & Van Cappellen P

Awadh S. (2020) Brine Chemistry Control Oil Reservoir Pressure in Giant Mishrif Reservoir, Southern Iraq
Awadh S

Awalt M. (2011) Using Opal and Organic Carbon as Proxies for Migration of the North African Monsoon
Bradtmiller L, Awalt M, McGee D & DeMenocal P

Awasthi N. (2011) Sr-Nd Isotopic Studies of Narcondam Volcanics, India: Constraints on Andaman-Indonesian Arc Magmatism
Bhutani R, Smitha RS, Ray J, Sheth H, Srinivasan B, Kumar A & Awasthi N

Awe J. (2014) Effects of Natural and Anthropogenic Aerosols on ITCZ Position
Ridley H, Asmerom Y, Baldini J, Breitenbach S, Aquino V, Prufer K, Culleton B, Polyak V, Lechleitner F, Kennett D, Zhang M, Marwan N, Macpherson C, Baldini L, Xiao T, Awe J & Haug G

Awid-Pascual R. (2015) Colloform Zn-S-O-Al-Pb-Si as a Precursor to Sphalerite in the Grieves Siding Peat, Tasmania
Awid-Pascual R, Kamenetsky V & Goemann K

Awonusi A. (2005) Ion-Substituted Apatites: Standards for Raman Analysis of Bone
Tecklenburg M, Awonusi A, Dennis S & Sirbescu M

Awramik S. (2003) Life in the Early Archean – Fossils from the Early Archean
Awramik S

Axe L (2005) Sequestration of Pb by Hydrous Manganese Oxide-Coated Clay
Boonfueng T, Axe L & Xu Y

Axe Lisa (2020) Determining the Speciation of Reactive Iron Mineral Coatings in Redox Transition Zones with Sequential Extraction
Yin X, Hua H & Axe L
(2018) Determining Reactive Iron Mineral Contributions in Redox Transition Zones with Sequential Extraction
Yin X, Hua H & Axe L
(2018) Reactive Iron Mineral Coatings in Redox Transition Zones
Hua H, Yin X & Axe L

Axel A. (2012) Veryfast Silicic Magma Genesis in Caldera and Rift Environments Based on Isotope Zoning in Zircons, Experiments, and Thermal Modeling
Bindeman I, Lundstrom C, Axel A, Simakin A, Seligman A & Drew D

Axelrad D. (2010) Development of a Dynamic Mercury Cycling Model for the Gulf of Mexico
Harris R, Pollman C, Landing W, Morey S, Dukhovskoy D & Axelrad D

Axelson G. (2013) Tracer Applications to Verify Carbon Mineralization in Icelandic Basalts
Stute M, Hall J, Matter J, Mesfin K, Gislason S, Sigfusson B, Gunnlaugsson E, Gunnarsson I, Aradottir E, Sigurdardottir H, Axelson G & Broecker W

Axelsson E. (2017) Rutile R632 – A New Natural Reference Material for in situ U–Pb and Zr Analyses
Axelsson E, Berndt J, Pape J, Corfu F, Mezger K & Raith MM
(2013) Polyphase Evolution of the Eastern Ghats Belt (India) – A Multi Mineral Approach Using Rb-Sr and U-Pb Ages
Axelsson E, Mezger K & Villa IM

Axelsson G. (2010) Mineral Seqestration of CO2 in Basalt – The CarbFix Project
Gislason S, Wolff-Boenisch D, Stefansson A, Alfredsson H, Oelkers E, Gunnlaugsson E, Sigurdardottir H, Sigfusson B, Aradottir E, Broecker W, Matter J, Stute M & Axelsson G
(2009) The Carbfix Project: Mineral CO2 Sequestration into Basalt
Gislason S, Broecker W, Oelkers E, Gunnlaugsson E, Sigurdardottir H, Stefansson A, Wolff-Boenisch D, Matter J, Stute M & Axelsson G

Axisa D. (2009) Individual Particles in Atmospheric Dust from Saudi Arabia
Pósfai M, Axisa D, Bruintjes R & Buseck PR

Ay F. (2013) Coal Petrography and Depositional Environments Relationship of the Tertiary Coals from Anatolides (Tokat Region – Turkey)
Yalcin Erik N & Ay F

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