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Auler Agusto (2014) The Internal Structure of Millennial-Scale Abrupt Climate Change Events; Insights from LAICPMS Sr/Ca and Mg/Ca Records
Bernal JP, Strikis N, Cruz FW, Catunda MC, Ortega C, Cheng H, Edwards RL & Auler A

Auler Augusto (2020) No Clear Correlation with Insolation in a Speleothem δ18O Record from Central Brazil
Wang X, Auler A & Edwards RL
(2020) Subsurface Microbial Iron-Reduction Processes in the Formation of Iron Ore Caves
Barton H, Parker C, Kawaichi S, Mulford M, Senko J, Auler A & Sasowsky I
(2016) Hydroclimate Changes Across the Amazon Lowland over the Past 45, 000 Years
Wang X, Edwards RL, Auler A, Cheng H, Kong X, Wang Y, Cruz F, Dorale J & Chiang H-W
(2012) On the Timing and Mechanisms of Heinrich Stadials: A Speleothem Study from Southern Brazil
Wang X, Rao Z, Cai Y, Kong X, Auler A, Cheng H & Edwards RL
(2008) Rapid Amazonian Moisture Changes during the Last Glacial Period
Wang X, Auler A, Edwards RL, Cheng H & Ito E
(2006) High-latitude forcing of interhemispheric anti-phased precipitation during the last glacial-interglacial cycle
Wang X, Auler A, Edwards RL & Cheng H
(2006) Timing and Nature of Late Quaternary Climate Change from Cave Deposits
Edwards RL, Yuan DX, An ZS, Wang YJ, Auler AS, Cheng H, Rowe H, Wang X, Kelly MJ & Dykoski C

Aulinas M. (2019) Deciphering Deception Island’s Magma Plumbing System: An Interdisciplinary Approach
Geyer A, Álvarez-Valero AM, Gisbert G, Aulinas M, Hernández-Barreña D, Lobo A & Martí J

Aulinas Meritxell (2019) Magmatic System Evolution Under the Active Volcano of Deception Island (Antarctica): Evidences from Stable Isotopes
Álvarez-Valero AM, Aulinas M, Geyer A, Gisbert G, Kereszturi G, Núñez-Guerrero E, Polo-Sánchez A & Sumino H
(2013) Green Color Chemical Recipes in Stained Glass Windows of NE Spain and N Italy (XIIIth to XVth Centuries)
Gimeno D, Bazzocchi F, Aulinas M, Gisbert G, Riccardi MP & Basso E
(2013) Mantle Source Heterogeneity beneath the Garrotxa Volcanic Field (NE Spain)
Gasperini D, Gisbert G, Gimeno D, Aulinas M, Macera P & Bosch D
(2013) Cannibalization of Previous Na-Rich Clinopyroxenes by Ascending Basic Magmas of the Garrotxa Volcanic Field (NE, Spain)
Aulinas M, Gisbert G, Gimeno D & Gasperini D
(2012) Subduction-Related Fluids Influence on the Oligo-Miocene Transitional Magmatism of the Sulcis Area (SW Sardinia, Italy)
Gisbert G, Gimeno D & Aulinas M
(2012) Heterogeneous Mantle Source for the Recent Magmatism of Gran Canaria
Aulinas Junca M, Gimeno D, Fernandez-Turiel JL, Font L, Perez-Torrado FJ, Rodriguez-Gonzalez A & Nowell G
(2012) Geochemical Characterization of the Initial Phase of El Hierro Eruption
Gimeno D, Aulinas M & Gisbert G
(2009) Thermobarometric Implications of Clinopyroxene Chemistry in the Plio-Quaternary Magmas of Gran Canaria (Canary Islands, Spain)
Aulinas M, Gimeno D, Fernandez-Turiel J-L, Perez-Torrado F-J, Rodriguez-Gonzalez A & Gasperini D
(2009) Archaeometric Evidence of Trade of Leucite-Bearing Volcanic-Made Roman Mills of Pompeian Style in NE Hispania (Spain)
Gimeno-Torrente D, Aulinas M, Fernandez-Turiel J-L, Pugès M & Novembre D
(2009) Evidence for Transition from the Roman to the Tuscan Magmatic Provinces in Mts. Cimini Olivinlatites
Gasperini D, Aulinas M, Gimeno D, Macera P, Fernandez-Turiel J-L & Cimarelli C

Aulinger A. (2015) The Impact of Shipping on Nitrogen Deposition in North Sea Coastal Areas
Matthias V, Aulinger A, Bieser J & Quante M

Ault Alexis (2017) Age, Emplacement Conditions, and Thermal History of a Neoproterozoic Clastic Dike by Hematite (U-Th)/He Dating and Fluid Inclusion Analysis
Jensen JL, Reiners PW, Steele-MacInnis M, Ault AK & Siddoway CS
(2017) Hematite Textures and (U-Th)/He Thermochronometry Inform Seismic and Aseismic Fault Zone Processes
Ault A, McDermott R, Moser A, Evans J & Reiners P
(2016) Constraining Time and Temperature from 4He/3He Thermochronometry of Polycrytalline Fe- and Mn-Oxides
Shuster D, Reiners P, Ault A, Deng X-D & Tremblay M
(2014) Direct Dating of Brittle Deformation with Hematite (U-Th)/He Chronology
Ault A, Reiners P, Evans J, Frenzel M & Woodcock N

Ault Andrew (2020) Determining the Source and Associated Fe Mineralogy of African Dust Transported to Cayenne, French Guiana
Gaston C, Barkley A, Pourmand A, Sharifi A, Oehlert A, Kukkadapu R, Bowden M, Panechou K, Prospero J & Ault A

Ault R. (2013) Guyana: The Lost Hadean Crust of South America?
Nadeau S, Wei C, Reece J, Lachhman D, Ault R, Faraco MT, Fraga LM, Reis NJ & Betiollo L

Ault T. (2016) Reexamining Disagreement between Simulated and Observed Climate Variability with Water Isotope Physics and Proxy System Models
Dee S, Parsons L, Loope G, Ault T & Emile-Geay J

Aumaître G. (2009) 10Be and 36Cl Interlaboratory Comparisons: Implications for Terrestrial Production Rates?
Merchel S, Bremser W, Alfimov V, Arnold M, Aumaître G, Benedetti L, Bourlès DL, Braucher R, Caffee M, Christl M, Fifield LK, Finkel RC, Freeman SPHT, Ruiz-Gomez A, Kubik PW, Rood DH, Sasa K, Steier P, Tims SG, Wallner A, Wilcken KM & Xu S

Aumont B. (2014) Dry and Wet Deposition of Gas-Phase Organics Mediates SOA Removal
Hodzic Roux A, Madronich S, Knote C, Kasibhatla P, Lee-Taylor J & Aumont B
(2013) A New Aqueous Phase Protocol for the Mechanism Generator GECKO-A Used for the CAPRAM Mechanism Extension
Bräuer P, Mouchel-Vallon C, Tilgner A, Wolke R, Aumont B & Herrmann H
(2011) CAPRAM Mechanism Development: Evaluation of Prediction Methods for Aqueous Phase Rate Constants and Model Results
Bräuer P, Mouchel-Vallon C, Tilgner A, Aumont B & Herrmann H

Aumont O. (2019) Estimating Thorium-234 Partition Coefficients by Inverse Modeling
Le Gland G, Aumont O & Mémery L
(2015) An Improved Particle Representation in Ocean Models by Differential Particle Remineralisation Rates, and its Effect on Pa-231/Th-230
Aumont O, van Hulten M, Roy-Barman M & Dutay J-C
(2015) Response of Marine Phytoplankton to Atmospheric Deposition of Anthropogenic Aerosols
Wang R, Balkanksi Y, Bopp L, Boucher O, Aumont O, Ciais P, Penuelas J, Ethe C, Hauglustaine D & Tao S
(2009) Biogeochemical Impacts of a Western Iron Source in the Pacific Equatorial Undercurrent
Murray J, Slemons L, Gorgues T, Aumont O & Menkes C
(2002) Dust Impact on Marine Biota and Atmospheric CO2 in Glacial Periods
Bopp L, Kohfeld K, Le Quéré C & Aumont O

Aunay B. (2014) Chemical and Multi-Isotope Fingerprinting to Constrain Groundwater Salinization of a Coastal Mediterranean Multilayer Aquifer (the Roussillon Basin, France)
Petelet-Giraud E, Négrel P, Aunay B, Ladouche B, Bailly-Comte V, Guerrot C & Dorfliger N

Aupiais J. (2012) Fingerprinting Uranium-Bearing Material: Development and Validation of Methods
Salaun A, Hubert A, Aupiais J, Pili E, Pointurier F, Diallo S, Faure A-L & Richon P

Auplat C. (2012) Current Regulatory Limitations for the Development of Products Containing Nanomaterials with a Life Cycle Perspective
Auplat C & Delemarle A

Auque Luis (2015) Modelling the Behavior of Natural U and Ra in Forsmark, Sweden
Krall L, Trezzi G, Garcia-Orellana J, Andersson P, Tullborg E-L, Auque L & Porcelli D

Auqué Luis F. (2020) Seasonal Tempearture Variability Recorded in the Carbonate Bands of Cyclothems in Lacustrine Stromatolites of Early to Mid Miocene(~14-21Ma.) Deposit from the Ebro Basin, North Spain
Banerjee S, Ghosh P, Banerjee Y, Martin-Bello L, Arenas C, Osácar C & Auque LF
(2017) Distribution Coefficient of Uranium in Aragonitic Travertines at Fitero Thermal Springs (Spain)
Blasco M, Auqué LF & Gimeno MJ

Auqué Luis Francisco (2011) Evaluation of Thermodynamic Data and Activity Coefficient Models for the Geochemical Modeling of CO2 Storage Systems
Gimeno MJ, Acero P, Gutierrez V, Auque LF, Asta MP & Gomez J
(2009) The Alhama-Jaraba System as a Natural Analogue for CO2-Geological Sequestration
Acero P, Auqué LF, Gimeno MJ & Gómez JB

Aurélie V-C. (2018) Microbial Alteration of Limestone from Monuments Exposed to an Urban Area
Balland-Bolou-Bi C, Saheb M, Vanessa A, Noureddine B, Abbad-Andaloussi S, Alexandre L, Aurélie V-C & Anne C

Auro Maureen (2020) Thallium Isotopes as Tracers of Subducted Hawaii-Emperor Ridge in Kamchatka Arc Lavas
Shu Y, Nielsen S, Blusztajn J, Auro M & Wörner G
(2019) Thallium Isotope Compositions of Subducted Eclogites: Constrains on the Origin of Ocean Island Basalts
Shu Y, Nielsen S, Marschall H, John T, Blusztajn J & Auro M

Auro Maureen E (2017) What the Flux? Isotopic Constraints on the Marine Barium Budget
Horner T, Auro M, Paytan A & Nielsen S
(2017) The Barium Isotopic Composition of the Global Groundwater Flux
Bitterwolf K, Horner T, Auro M, Peucker-Ehrenbrink B & Paytan A
(2014) Seawater Th Isotopes in the U. S. North Atlantic GEOTRACES Transect: Sources, Sinks and Cycling
Huang K-F, Robinson LF, Auro ME, Anderson RF, Hayes CT, Fleisher MQ, Edwards RL, Cheng H, Lu Y & Moran SB
(2013) Water Mass Mixing in the Drake Passage during the Last 40 kyrs
Struve T, van de Flierdt T, Robinson LF, Burke A, Crocket KC, Lambelet M & Auro M
(2012) Size-Fractionated Particle Mass and Composition during the U.S. GEOTRACES North Atlantic Zonal Transect
Lam PJ, Auro ME & Ohnemus DC
(2012) Sources, Sinks and Cycling of Seawater 232Th in the North and South Atlantic Basins
Robinson LF, Huang K-F, Auro ME, Anderson RF, Hayes CT, Fleischer MQ, Cheng H, Edwards RL, Moran SB & Saito M
(2011) Efficient Analysis of Seawater Thorium and Protactinium
Auro M, Robinson L, Anderson R, Fleisher M & Saito M
(2010) Boron Isotopes in Southern Ocean Deep Sea Corals
Robinson LF, Hoenisch B & Auro ME
(2009) The Distribution of 231Pa and 230Th in Paired Water Column and Surface Sediment Samples
Bradtmiller L, Robinson L, McManus J, Auro M & Bostock H
(2009) Measurement of 232Th, 230Th and 231Pa in Modern and Fossil Deep-Sea Corals
Robinson LF, McManus JF, Auro ME & van de Flierdt T

Ausin B. (2019) Mineral-Organic Carbon Interactions and their Control on Derived Proxy Signals from Marine Sediments
Ausin B, Haghipour N, Welte C, Bruni E & Eglinton T
(2017) An Additional Wrinkle in the Elderfield Proxy Development Curve
Ausin B, Magill C, Wenk P, Haug G, McItyre C, Haghipour N, Hodell D & Eglinton T

Ausset P. (2016) Si Isotopes to Investigate Mechanisms and Kinetics of Glass Alteration
Verney-Carron A, Sessegolo L, Saheb M, Ausset P, Losno R, Mangin D & Valle N

Austad T. (2009) "Smart Water" as Wettability Modifier in Carbonate and Sandstone: A Discussion of Similarities in Chemical Mechanism
Austad T

Austin E. (2020) Geology and Geochemistry of the VOLPA Seafloor Massive Sulfide Deposit, Niua Volcano, Tonga
Moum T, Anderson MO, Jamieson J, Parkinson R & Austin E

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