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Audinot J-N. (2019) Correlative Microanalysis of a Unique, Chondritic, Precambrian Impactor
Ball M, Taylor R, Einsle J, Audinot J-N, Johnson T & Harrison R

Audrey B. (2017) Nucleosynthetic Anomalies in Chondrites Relative to the Earth: The Debate over the 146Sm-142Nd Systematics
Maud B, Audrey B, Tahar H & Marion G

Audry S. (2020) New Insights on Cu Homeostasis in Vine Plants Through the Use of Cu Isotopes
Blotevogel S, Oliva P, Denaix L, Viers J, Audry S & Schreck E
(2018) Major and Trace Element Fractionation and Transfer in Humid Tropical Urban Hydro-Ecosystems: Mefou Watershed (Yaoundé, Cameroon)
Youego Sihon J-R, Braun JJ, Audry S, Ndam Ngoupayou JR, Bisso D, Viers J & Nguemou Tchado D
(2017) Controls on Si Isotopic Fractionations in the Forested Tropical Watershed of Mule Hole (Southern India)
Riotte J, Meunier J-D, Zambardi T, Audry S, Barboni D, Anupama K, Prasad S, Chmeleff J, Sekhar M, Poitrasson F & Braun J-J
(2016) The Fate of Cu-based Pesticides in Vineyard Soils: A δ65Cu Case Study on Contrasting Soil Types
Blotevogel S, Oliva P, Viers J, Denaix L, Audry S, Darrozes J, Courjault-Radé P, Orgogozo L, Prunier J & Schreck E
(2014) Biogeochemistry of Dissolved and Particulate Trace Elements in a Tropical Estuary, Southwestern India
Tripti M, Balakrishna K, Gurumurthy G, Audry S, Riotte J, Braun J-J & Chadaga M
(2014) Particulate Metal Geochemistry of Nethravati Estuary, Southwest Coast of India
Gurumurthy G, Udaya Shankara H, Balakrishna K, Tripti M, Riotte J, Audry S & Braun J-J
(2014) Use of Sr Isotopes as a Tool to Decipher the Soil Weathering Processes in a Tropical River Catchment, Southwestern India
Balakrishna K, Gurumurthy GP, Tripti M, Riotte J, Audry S, Braun JJ & Udayashankar HN
(2012) Iron Isotopic Fractionation in Tropical Soils
Akerman A, Poitrasson F, Oliva P, Boaventura G, Vieira L, Audry S & Seyler P
(2011) Organic Matter Mineralization and Trace Element Post-Depositional Redistribution in Western Siberia Thermokarst Lakes
Audry S, Pokrovsky O, Shirokova L & Kirpotin S
(2011) Assessing the Factors Controlling the Temporal Variations of Weathering Fluxes in a Tropical Watershed: Mule-Hole (South India)
Riotte J, Braun J-J, Maréchal JC, Violette A, Deschamps P, Ruiz L, Lagane C, Muddu S, Subramanian S, Kumar C & Audry S
(2010) Impact of Historical Mining Activities on Soils and Lacustrine Sediments in Oruro, Bolivian Altiplano
Tapia J, Audry S & Townley B
(2009) Influence of Vegetation on Chemical Fluxes in a Tropical Watershed: Mule Hole, South India
Riotte J, Maréchal J-C, Akerman A, Audry S, Oliva P, Ruiz L, Fraisse F, Pokrovsky O, Lagane C, Muddu S & Braun J-J
(2008) Contribution of Forest Fire Ashes to Weathering Fluxes in the Moole Hole Experimental Watershed (South India)
Akerman A, Audry S, Riotte J, Muddu S, Oliva P, Maréchal J-C, Fraysse F, Pokrovski O, Lagane C & Braun J-J
(2007) Historical Variations in Zinc Stable Isotope Compositions of Smelter Polluted Sediments
Sonke J, Sivry Y, Viers J, Audry S, DeJonghe L, Andre L, Aggarwal J, Schafer J, Blanc G & Dupre B
(2006) Use of Cd and Zn isotopic variations in a sedimentary core to trace anthropogenic contamination
Sivry Y, Dupré B, Sonke J, Viers J, Audry S, Schäfer J, Blanc G & Riotte J

Auer G. (2017) Indian Ocean Circulation Changes over the Middle Pleistocene Transition
Petrick B, Auer G, De Vleeschouwer D, Christensen B, Reuning L, Martinez-Garcia A, Gallagher S, Fulthorpe C, Bogas K & Haug G

Auer M. (2012) Wiring the Cell Wall: Surface Multiheme C-Type Cytochromes from Thermincola Potens and Implications for Dissimilatory Metal Reduction by Gram-Positive Bacteria
Carlson H, Iavarone A, Gorur A, Boon SY, Tran R, Melnyk R, Mathies R, Auer M & Coates J
(2011) Extracellular Electron Transport by the Gram-Positive Species Thermincola Potens
Wrighton K, Carlson H, Byrne-Bailey K, Thrash C, Bigi J, Remis J, Schichnes D, Auer M, Chang C & Coates J
(2010) Can Direct Extracellular Electron Transfer Occur in the Absence of Outer Membrane Cytochromes in Desulfovibrio vulgaris?
Elias D, Zane G, Auer M, Fields M, Wall J & Gorby Y

Auerbach D. (2016) Constraining the Evolution of Atmospheric O2 Levels Using the Isotope Geochemistry of Paleosols
Auerbach D & Planavsky N

Aufdenkampe A. (2016) Muddying the Waters: Using Sediment Fingerprints to Constrain POM Sources Under Diverse Hydrologic Conditions
Rose L, Karwan D & Aufdenkampe A
(2014) Organic Matter Compositions and Loadings in Soils and Sediments along the Fly River, Papua New Guinea
Goni M, Kurtz A, Aalto R, Lauer W & Aufdenkampe A
(2014) Holocene Carbon Sequestration Budgets for the Fly River, PNG
Aalto R, Goni M, Lauer W, Aufdenkampe A & Dietrich W
(2013) Feedbacks between Biological Retention of Nutrients, Carbon-Mineral Sorption, and Pore Space Generation along an Earthworm Invasion Chronosequence
Yoo K, Resner K, Lyttle A, Hale C, Aufdenkampe A & Sebestyen S
(2012) Biogeochemical Dynamics of Aqueous Fe and Mn in Soil Pore-Waters and Stream with Respect to Dissolved Organic Matter (DOM) Quantity and Quality
Lazareva O, Sparks DL, Pan W, Kan J & Aufdenkampe A
(2011) A 13C DOC Tracer Approach to Estimate the Contribution of Semi-Labile Dissolved Organic Carbon to Stream Ecosystem Metabolism
Kaplan L, Newbold JD & Aufdenkampe A
(2011) Role of Fe- and Mn- Redox Coupling on the Carbon Cycle in a Mixed Land Use Watershed: Christina River Basin Critical Zone Observatory
Lazareva O, Sparks DL, Aufdenkampe A, Yoo K, Hicks S & Kan J
(2011) Christina River Basin Critical Zone Observatory: Carbon-Mineral Interactions from Molecular to Basin Scales in the Anthropocene
Yoo K, Aufdenkampe A, Chen C & Sparks D
(2010) Thermal Analysis of Organo-Mineral Complexes with Increasing Carbon Loadings
Plante A, Fernandez J, Feng W, Aufdenkampe A & Six J
(2003) Isotopic (δ13C, δ15N) Fractionation of Organic Matter during Sorption to Minerals
Aufdenkampe A, Hedges J, Quay P & Richey J

Auffan Melanie (2017) Silver Nanoparticles Interactions with Solution/Biofilm/Mineral Interfaces
Gelabert A, Desmau M, Levard C, Auffan M, Ona-Nguema G, Vidal V, Eng P, Stubbs J & Benedetti MF
(2017) HERFD-Xas: A New Powerful Structural Tool in Environmental & Geochemistry Sciences
Lahera E, Bazarkina E, Del Net W, Kieffer I, Rovezzi M, Proux O, Testemale D, Irar M, Thomas S, Aguilar-Tapia A, Prat A, Tella M, Auffan M, Rose J & Hazemann J-L
(2015) Fate of Silver Nanoparticles at the Bacterial Biofilm/Mineral/Water Interface
Gelabert A, Levard C, Ona-Nguema G, Desmau M, Auffan M, Rose J, Labille J, Sivry Y, Eng P, Guyot F & Benedetti MF
(2014) Nanotubular Alumino-Silicates and Analogues (Imogolites): Formation and Biological Interactions
Masion A, Avellan A, Levard C, Lui W, Auffan M, Achouack W, Doelsch E, Ziarelli F & Rose R
(2014) Stability of SiO2-Coated Silver Nanoparticles Under Environmental Conditions – A Safer by Design Perspective
Levard C, Artells E, Auffan M, Thiéry A, Gelabert A, Sivry Y, Issartel J, Rose J, Labille J, Masion A & Bottero J-Y
(2013) Fate and Impacts of nano-CeO2 in an Activated Sludge Bioreactor
Barton L, Auffan M, Maison A, Santaella C, Olivi L, Roche N, Bottero J-Y & Wiesner M
(2013) Environmental Fate and Impacts of Ceria Nanomaterials: Distribution, Transformation and Bioaccumulation within Aquatic Mesocosms
Tella M, Brousset L, Auffan M, Issartel J, Pailles C, Artells E, Thiery A, Santaella C, Achouack W, Massion A, Kieffer I, Rose J, Bottero J-Y & Espinasse B
(2012) Mesocosms as an Essential Tool to Assess the Environmental Exposure to Nanomaterials during their Life Cycle
Tella M, Brousset L, Bottero J-Y, Auffan M, Espinasse B, Artells E, Thierry A, Santaella C, Rose J, Masion A & Wiesner M
(2012) Environmental Impacts of Nanomaterials: Physico-Chemical Evolution, Exposure Mechanisms and Mechanisms Disturbing the Biological Activity in Aqueous Environment
Bottero J-Y, Auffan M, Labille J, Masion A & Rose J
(2012) Speciation of Commercial CeO2 Nanocomposites during Aging
Masion A, Scifo L, Chaurand P, Diot MA, Labille J, Auffan M, Bottero JY & Rose J
(2011) Environmental Impact of Engineered Nanoparticles and Nanomaterials Through their Life Cycle
Rose J, Auffan M, Chaurand P, Labille J, Borschneck D, Masion A, Miche H, Botta C, Geantet C, Puzenat E, Afanasiev P, Leclerc E, Garric J, Manuela F, Vollat B, Noury P, Pielichowskiaze K, Njuguna J, Bottero J-Y & Abbaci K
(2011) Imogolites as a Tool for Evaluating the Hazard of HARN
Levard C, Liu W, Masion A, Thill A, Rose J, Chaurand P, Auffan M, Doelsch E, Proux O & Bottero JY
(2010) Mobility of Natural and Engineered Nanoparticles in Aquatic Media
Masion A, Levard C, Solovitch N, Diot M-A, Auffan M, Botta C, Labille J, Rose J, Chaurand P, Borschneck D, Doelsch E, Ziarelli F, Thill A & Bottero J-Y
(2010) Growth and Aggregation of ZnS Nanoparticles during Coprecipitation with Aquatic Humic Substances
Gondikas A, Deonarine A, Hsu-Kim H, Aiken G, Ryan J, Masion A & Auffan M
(2010) Sorption of Natural Organic Ligands to Silver and Zinc Sulfide Nanoparticles: Implications for Aggregation and Dissolution
Hsu-Kim H, Gondikas A, Deonarine A, Masion A & Auffan M
(2009) Impacts of Nanosilver on Microbial Activity in Wetlands and Streams
Colman B, Auffan M, Richardson C, Bernhardt E & Wiesner M
(2009) Physical-Chemical Characterization and Ecotoxicity of Residues from Alteration of Engineered Nanomaterials
Botta C, Labille J, Feng J, Rose J, Chaurand P, Auffan M, Garric J, Vollat B, Abbaci K, Noury P, Masion A & Bottero J-Y
(2006) Interactions between manufactured nanoparticles and individual cells
Rose J, Auffan M, Zeyon O, Decome L, Thill A, Orsiere T, Labille J, Achouak W, Flank A-M, Wiesner M, DeMeo M & Spalla O
(2005) Effects of Maghemite Nanoparticles on the Toxicity of Arsenic within Cultured Human Fibroblasts
Auffan M, Rose J & Bottero J

Auffan Mélanie (2019) Nanotechnologies Risk Assessment: Exposure and Product Life Cycle Driven Methodology
Rose J, Auffan M, Chaurand P, Labille J, Borschneck D, Masion A, Collin B & Levard C

Auffray B. (2012) Zinc Sorption on Carbonate Reservoir System, Implications on CO2 Geological Storage
Auffray B, Garcia B, Lienemann C-P & Cerepi A

Aufill M. (2010) Constraints on Sedimentation Rates from Uranium Diffusion
Cruse AM, Paxton ST & Aufill M

Aufmhoff H. (2009) Springtime Boreal VOCs: The Role of Monoterpenes in Selected Intense Nucleation Events (Source Inventory)
Eerdekens G, Sinha V, Yassaa N, Aalto P, Aufmhoff H, Arnold F, Kulmala M & Williams J

Aufort J. (2020) Stabilities of Calcium Carbonate and Calcium Phosphate Prenucleation Clusters: Insights from Free Energy Perturbation Calculations
Aufort J, Raiteri P, Garcia NA, Demichelis R & Gale JD
(2017) Oxygen, Carbon and Calcium Site-Specific Isotopic Fractionation in Apatite
Aufort J, Ségalen L, Gervais C, Paulatto L, Blanchard M & Balan E

Auger D. (2008) Seasonal Variations of Trace Elements in the Water Column of the Ligurian Sea, Western Mediterranean
Heimbürger L-E, Chiffoleau J-F, Dufour A, Migon C, Coppola L, Auger D & Cossa D
(2000) Experimental Approaches for Modeling of the Behaviour of Trace Metals and Radionuclides in Coastal Zones: Application to Cadmium and Cobalt in French Estuaries
Dange C, Charmasson S, Gonzalez JL, Thouvenin B, Boutier B, Chiffoleau JF, Auger D & Chartier E

Auger M. (2017) Atom Probe Tomography of Carlin Type Gold Mineralization
Gopon P, Auger M, Robb L, Moody M & Wade J

Aughterson R. (2016) Radiation Damage in Nuclear Waste Forms for Actinides
Lumpkin G & Aughterson R
(2013) Experimental and Modelling Studies of Nuclear Materials
Lumpkin G, Aughterson R, Gregg D, Kuo E, Middleburgh S, Qin M, de los Reyes M, Thorogood G, Zhang Y, Zhang Z, Robinson M & Marks N
(2013) Structure and Radiation Damage in Y<sub>2</sub>Ti<sub>2</sub>O<sub>7</sub> And Y<sub>2</sub>TiO5
Robinson M, Marks N, Carter D, Qin M, Middleburgh S, Thorogood G, Kuo E, Aughterson R & Lumpkin G

Augier R. (2020) 40Ar Behaviour and Dynamics of a Subduction Channel from High-Spatial Resolution 40Ar/39Ar Systematics
Laurent V, Scaillet S, Jolivet L, Augier R & Roche V
(2017) U/Pb and REE LA-ICPMS Analyses on Apatite and Scheelite as Tracers of Fluid Circulations for the Polyphased W-Au Salau Ore Deposit (France)
Poitrenaud T, Poujol M, Augier R & Marcoux E

Augland Lars (2020) Constraining the Activity of the North Atlantic Igneous Province Across the Paleocene-Eocene Boundary
Jones M, Stokke E, Augland L, Svensen H, Pogge von Strandmann P & Rooney A

Augland Lars Eivind (2019) Siberian Traps Expanded in Space and Composition Through New High Precision Geochronology
Augland LE, Ryabov VV, Vernikovsky V, Planke S, Polozov A, Callegaro S, Jerram D & Svensen H
(2018) Early Mid-Devonian Volcanism in the Orkney Islands, Scotland – Implications for Mid-Upper Devonian Chronostratigraphy
Augland LE, Lundmark AM, Brown JF & Bjerga AD
(2013) U-Pb ID-TIMS Zircon Ages and Coupled Lu-Hf S-ICP-MS Data – A Tool for Terrane Characterisation and Determination of Paleogeographic Affinities: An Example from the Caledonides
Augland LE, Andresen A & Steltenpohl M

Augustin C. (2013) Predictive Bayesian Models for Risk Modeling of Geologic Carbon Capture and Storage Leaks Using Natural Analogues
Augustin C, Swart P & Broad K

Augustin N. (2020) Oceanic Intraplate Volcanism 2.0: LAB Melt Lavas in the NW Atlantic
van der Zwan FM, Devey CW, Augustin N, Herrero TM, Pałgan D, Schade M, Böttner C & Almeev RR
(2019) A New Style of Oceanic Intraplate Volcanism
Augustin N, Devey CW, Herrero TM, Pałgan D, Schade M, van der Zwan FM & Böttner C
(2019) The Origin of the Bathymetrist Seamounts – A Geochemical and Morphological Study
van der Zwan FM, Long X, Augustin N, Geldmacher J, Le Saout M, Wölfl A-C, Hauff F, Hoernle K, Schade M, Hübscher C & Garbe-Schönberg D
(2017) AUV-Based Exploration of the TAG Segment at 26°N, Mid-Atlantic Ridge: Implications for Resource Assessment and Metal Fluxes
Petersen S, Yeo I, Jamieson J, Szitkar F, Graber S, Augustin N & Rothenbeck M
(2013) Assimilation of Hydrothermally Altered Crust at Slow Spreading Ridges
van der Zwan F, Devey C, Augustin N, Basaham A, Bantan R, Fietzke J & Almeev R
(2012) Hatiba to Port Sudan Deep (Red Sea) Imaging a Growing Ocean
Augustin N, Devey CW, Bantan R, van der Zwan FM, Feldens P & Kwasnitschka T
(2009) Ocean Sr-Budget from Paired δ88/86Sr and 87Sr/86Sr*-Ratios
Krabbenhoeft A, Eisenhauer A, Vollstaedt H, Augustin N, Fietzke J, Liebetrau V, Nolte N, Peucker-Ehrenbrink B & Hansen BT

Augustine S. (2020) Redox Conditions and Carbon Cycling of Mesoproterozoic Ocean: Clues from Trace Element and C-O-Sr Isotope Geochemistry of Carbonate Rocks of the Bhima Group, Eastern Dharwar Craton, India
Augustine S, Absar N, Managave S, Bhutani R & Balakrishnan S
(2017) Deciphering Redox Conditions, Solute Sources and Carbon Cycling of Mesoproterozoic Ocean from Trace Element, REE, C, O, Sr and Nd Isotope Proxies of Carbonate Rocks
Augustine S, Absar N, Managave S, Bhutani R & Balakrishnan S

Augusto L. (2000) Measure Soil Minerals Weathering Rate Using "Test Minerals" Method. Results Expected and Limits of the Method
Turpault M, Augusto L, Ranger J, Bonnaud P, Uterano C & Nys C

Augustsson C. (2016) Transportation and Diagenetic Controls in the Formation of Lower Cambrian Quartz Arenite on Baltica
Lorentzen S, Augustsson C, Jahren J, Nystuen JP, Berndt J & Schovsbo NH
(2016) Crustal Recycling vs. Mantle Input: The Crustal Evolution of South America from Hf Isotopes of Zircon
Augustsson C, Willner AP, Rüsing T, Niemeyer H, Gerdes A, Adams CJ & Miller H
(2008) Provenance of Early Paleozoic Siliciclastic Sandstones from NW Argentina – Results from an Ongoing Study on Detrital Zircons
Rüsing T, Augustsson C, Kooijman E, Berndt J & Zimmermann U
(2007) Detrital Zircons as Provenance Indicators: The Middle Ordovician Lower Turbidite System, NW Argentina
Augustsson C, Bahlburg H & Berndt-Gerdes J
(2002) Sedimentary Sources Revealed by Nd Isotopes: The Late Palaeozoic of Southern Andean Patagonia
Augustsson C & Bahlburg H

Aulbach S. (2019) Transformation of Continental Lithosphere Above the Afar Plume: PGE and Re-Os Isotopes in Mantle Xenoliths from Ethiopia
Alemayehu M, Guo F & Aulbach S
(2019) Hallmarks and Physical Effects of Ultramafic Melt Metasomatism in Mantle Eclogite
Aulbach S, Massuyeau M, Gerdes A, Heaman L & Viljoen KS
(2018) Redox State of Deeply Subducted Ancient Oceanic Crust
Aulbach S, Woodland AB, Vasilyev P & Viljoen KS
(2017) Evidence for a Cool and Depleted Archaean Convecting Mantle: Some Implications
Aulbach S
(2017) Intraplate Magmas as Expressions of Evolving Convecting Mantle P-T-X-Fo2
Aulbach S & Woodland A
(2016) A 2 Billion-Year Record of Cratonic Lower Crust Formation and Evolution
Aulbach S, Krauss C, Förster B, Gerdes A & Chacko T
(2015) Re-Os Study of Paleo-Archean Carbonaceous Siltstones
Rammensee P, Creaser RA, Montinaro A, Strauss H & Aulbach S
(2015) Mantle Redox Evolution Inferred from Eclogites: Implications for Volatile-Rich Magma Generation
Aulbach S & Stagno V
(2014) Mantle Carbon Mobilization during Supercontinent Break-Up: Evidence from Kimberlites and their Diamonds
Tappe S, Kjarsgaard B & Aulbach S
(2014) PGE-Re in Carbonaceous Siltstone from Barberton Drill Core: Sources and Palaeo-Environment
Rammensee P, Montinaro A, Strauss H & Aulbach S
(2014) Cratonic Eclogite Perspectives on Continental Crust Formation
Aulbach S & Viljoen F
(2013) Sulphides and Ti-Minerals in Granulite Xenoliths: Tracers of Cratonic Crust Formation
Aulbach S, Förster B & Chacko T
(2012) Siderophile Element Redistribution during Mantle Metasomatism
Aulbach S, Heaman L, Matjuschkin V, Hofmann J, Stachel T & Brey G
(2011) C- and S-Transfer in Subduction Zones: Insights from Diamonds
Aulbach S, Stachel T, Heaman L, Creaser R, Thomassot E & Shirey S
(2010) History of Lithospheric Mantle beneath Western Kaapvaal Craton: Signatures from Subcalcic Garnets
Shu Q, Brey G & Aulbach S
(2010) Formation of Cratonic Subcontinental Lithospheric Mantle from Hybrid Plume Sources
Aulbach S, Stachel T, Heaman L, Creaser R & Shirey S
(2009) Tracking Lower Crustal Events with Re-Os Isotopes of Granulite Sulfides
Aulbach S, Krauss C, Creaser R, Stachel T, Heaman L & Chacko T
(2008) Sulfides, Diamonds and Eclogites: Their Link to Peridotites and Slave Craton Tectonothermal Evolution
Aulbach S, Creaser R, Heaman L, Simonetti S, Griffin W & Stachel T
(2008) Lithospheric Mantle Sources within the East African Rift, Tanzania
Aulbach S, Rudnick R & McDonough W
(2007) Proterozoic Diamond Formation at the Kaapvaal Craton Edge: Re-Os of Jagersfontein Sulfide Inclusions
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(2006) Origins of non-equilibrium lithium isotope fractionation in xenolithic peridotite minerals
Aulbach S & Rudnick R
(2005) The Eclogite Mantle Reservoir: <+>176<$>Hf/177Hf, Nb/Ta and Zr/Hf of Rutile
Aulbach S, Griffin WL, Pearson NJ & O'Reilly SY
(2005) Os-Hf-Nd Isotope Constraints on Subcontinental Lithospheric Mantle Evolution, Slave Craton (Canada)
Aulbach S, Griffin WL, Pearson NJ, O'Reilly SY & Kivi K
(2002) Sulfides from the Lower Mantle?
Aulbach S, Griffin WL, O'Reilly SY & Kivi K
(2001) Age and Formation of Thick Cratonic Mantle, Slave Craton, Canada: Constraints from in situ Re-Os Analysis of Silicate-Hosted Sulfides
Aulbach S, Griffin WL, O'Reilly SY, Doyle BJ & Kivi K
(2001) Possible Link of Eclogitic and Websteritic Diamond Sources Via Slab Melting: An Example from the Venetia Mine, South Africa
Aulbach S, Stachel T, Viljoen KS, Brey GP & Harris JW

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