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Atudorei V. (2018) Triple Oxygen Isotope Fractionation of Calcite
Wostbrock J, Sharp Z, Brand U, Atudorei V & Coplen T
(2017) Triple Oxygen Isotopes of Carbonates: Calibration of the θ-T Relationship
Gibbons J, Sharp Z, Atudorei V & Brand U
(2011) Post-Collisional Magmatism during Variscan Orogeny: The Furcatura Pluton (Danubian Domain, Romanian Southern Carpathians)
Stremtan CC, Ryan J, Atudorei V & Cherata I
(2010) Assessing Capture of Atmospheric CO2 within Mine Tailings Using Stable Isotopes and 14C
Wilson S, Dipple G, Barker S, Power I, Atudorei V, Fallon S & Southam G

Atwah I. (2020) Petroleum Generation Kinetics of Mississippian Shales in Central Oklahoma: Implication to Refining the Oil Window
Atwah I

Atwood A.R. (2019) Tropical Climate Response to the Ocean Circulation Disruption 8200 yr ago from Lipid δ2H in Palau & Galápagos Lake Sediments
Sachs JP, Atwood AR, Wolhowe M & Battisti DS
(2018) A Coral Ensemble Approach to Reconstructing Mean Climate and Seasonality from the Central Pacific
Atwood AR, Cobb KM, Jones A, Grothe PR, Sayani HR, Chiang JCH, Hitt NT, Chen T, Deocampo DM, Southon JR, Edwards RL & Cheng H

Atwood R. (2020) Highly Explosive Basaltic Eruptions: Magma Fragmentation Induced by Rapid Crystallisation
Arzilli F, La Spina G, Burton MR, Polacci M, Le Gall N, Hartley ME, Di Genova D, Cai B, Vo NT, Bamber EC, Nonni S, Atwood R, Llewellin EW, Brooker RA, Mader HM & Lee PD
(2020) Suppression of Plagioclase and Clinopyroxene Nucleation in a Basaltic Magma: Insights from Real-Time Synchrotron Tomography
Le Gall N, Arzilli F, Cai B, Polacci M, Vo N, La Spina G, Hartley M, Atwood R, Di Genova D, Nonni S, Llewellin E, Burton M & Lee P
(2019) Highly Explosive Basaltic Eruptions: Magma Fragmentation Induced by Rapid Crystallisation
Arzilli F, La Spina G, Burton M, Polacci M, Le Gall N, Hartley M, Di Genova D, Cai B, Vo N, Bamber E, Nonni S, Atwood R, Llewellin E & Lee P
(2019) Crystallisation in Basaltic Magmas Revealed via in situ 4D Synchrotron X-Ray Microtomography and Implications for Lava Flows
Polacci M, Arzilli F, La Spina G, Le Gall N, Cai B, Hartley M, Di Genova D, Vo N, Nonni S, Atwood R, Llewellin E, Lee P & Burton M

Atwood T. (2020) Marine Animal-Sediment Interactions Under Climate Change – Biogeochemical Consequences in the 21st Century
Bianchi TS, Aller RC, Atwood T, Brown C, Batois L, Levin LA, Levinton JS, Middelburg JJ, Morrison ES, Regnier P, Shields MR, Snelgrove PVR, Sotka EE & Stanley RRE

Atzemoglou M. (2007) Evaluating Magnetic Suceptibility as a Rapid Scoping Tool for Assessing Trace Metal Contaminated Soils
Polya D, Zananiri I, Kondoloupou D, Atzemoglou M, Lythgoe P, Charnock J, McBeth J, Fraser S & Gault A

Au Yang D. (2017) Atmospheric SO2 Oxidation by NO2 in the Urban Atmosphere: A View Through Sulfur Multi-Isotope Compositions
Au Yang D, Bardoux G, Widory D, Assayag N & Cartigny P
(2015) Multiple Sulfur Isotope Analyses: Improvement and Application to Urban Aerosols
Au Yang D, Landais G, Assayag N, Bui TH, Wing B, Widory D & Cartigny P

Aubaud C. (2020) Efficient Carbon Recycling at the Central-Northern Lesser Antilles Arc: Implications to Deep Carbon Recycling in Global Subduction Zones
Li K, Li L, Aubaud C & Muehlenbachs K
(2012) Carbon Isotope Constraints on Degassing of MORB from the Southwest Indian Ridge (32-50°E)
Aubaud C, Guettler E & Cartigny P
(2012) On Overview of the Deep Carbon Cycle and its Isotope Heterogeneity
Cartigny P, Palot M, Clog M, Labidi J, Thomassot E, Aubaud C, Busigny V & Harris J
(2011) H Isotopes in Lavas from Loihi and Pitcairn: Primitive or Recycled Water ?
Clog M, Cartigny P & Aubaud C
(2010) An Isotopically Distinct Hydrogen Reservoir in the South Pacific Mantle
Clog M, Cartigny P, Aubaud C & Dosso L
(2009) Large Mantle Heterogeneities in H2O and δD Below the Southwest Indian Ridge (35-70°E)
Clog M, Aubaud C & Cartigny P
(2009) The Role of Degassing Processes on the Helium Paradox
Aubaud C
(2009) Chlorine Isotope Composition of Spring Waters from Martinique (Lesser Antilles)
Li L, Aubaud C & Agrinier P
(2008) Understanding Dehydration Melting of a Nominally Anhydrous Mantle: The Primacy of Partitioning
Hirschmann M, Tenner T & Aubaud C
(2007) ERDA of Hydrogen Content in Hydrous and Nominally Anhydrous Mantle Phases
Bureau H, Raepsaet C, Khodja H, Carraro A & Aubaud C
(2007) DIC Concentration and δ13C in Thermal Springs of La SoufriFre Volcano (Guadeloupe, FWI): Implications for Volcanic Surveillance
Aubaud C, Dessert C, Agrinier P, Crispi O & Beauducel F
(2006) Carbon Flux at Mid-Ocean Ridges and CO2/Nb Variability in the Mantle
Cartigny P, Pineau F, Aubaud C & Javoy M
(2005) A New Calibration of H Measurements by SIMS in Glasses and Nominally Anhydrous Minerals: Application to Experimental Determinations of H Partitioning
Aubaud C, Withers A, Hirschmann M, Guan Y, Leshin L, Mackwell S & Bell D
(2005) Experimental Determination of Hydrogen Partitioning between Melts and Nominally Anhydrous Minerals: Consequences for Melting and H Storage Capacity in the Upper Mantle
Aubaud C, Hirschmann M & Withers A
(2004) Water Partition Coefficients between Nominally Anhydrous Minerals and Basaltic Melts
Aubaud C, Hauri E & Hirschmann M
(2002) Carbon and Water in Pitcairn and Society Hotspots, French Polynesia
Aubaud C, Pineau F, Javoy M, Hékinian R & Cheminée J-L
(2002) Carbon in the Earth‚s Mantle: Neither Primordial nor Recycled but Simply „Mantle‰-derived
Cartigny P, Aubaud C, Jendrzejewski N, Harris JW, Pineau F & Javoy M
(2002) Carbon Isotopes in Basaltic Magmas, Processus or Source Signature ?
Pineau F, Jendrzejewski N, Aubaud C, Appora I, Shilobreeva S & Javoy M

Aubert D. (2017) A New Compilation of Element Concentrations in the Natural River Water Standard SLRS-6 (NRC-Cnrc)
Yeghicheyan D, Aubert D, Bouhnik-Le Coz M, Chmeleff J, Delpoux S, Djouraev I, Granier G, Lacan F, Piro J-L, Rousseau T, Cloquet C, Marquet A, Menniti C, Pradoux C, Freydier R, Vieira da Silva-Filho E & Suchorski K
(2005) Comparative Migration Behaviour of <+>137<$>Cs, <+>90<$>Sr, <+>241<$>Am and 239+ <+>240<$>Pu in Soils: Examples of Forest Soil of Vosges and Wetland of Mercantour Areas (France)
Solovitch-Vella N, Pourcelot L, Froidevaux P, Gauthier-Lafaye F, Stille P & Aubert D
(2004) Quantifying the Two Main Processes Managing the Pb Behavior in the Strengbach Basin (Vosges, France): Anthropogenic Input and Weathering
Quilici H, Loubet M, Aubert D & Probst A
(2004) Tracing of Atmospheric Pb, Sr and Rare Earth Elements in a Soilwater-Plant System of a Forested Silicate Catchment
Stille P, Gauthier-Lafaye F, Pourcelot L, Loubet M, Aubert D & Probst A
(2002) Origin and Migration of Atmospheric REE in Soils and Surface Waters
Aubert D, Stille P & Probst A
(2002) Sr Isotope Systematics in Two Glaciated Crystalline Catchments in the Swiss Alps
Arn K, Hosein R, Fˆllmi KB, Steinmann P, Kramers J & Aubert D
(2000) Evidence of Hydrological Conditions Influence on Sr Behaviour in Streamwaters. The Strengbach Catchment Case Study (Vosges Mountains, France)
Aubert D, Probst A, Stille P & Viville D
(2000) REE Fractionation during Granite Weathering and Removal by Waters and Suspended Loads
Aubert D, Stille P & Probst A

Aubert J. (2018) Magnesium Partitioning between Earth’s Mantle and Core and its Consequence on an Early Geodynamo
Badro J, Nomura R, Aubert J, Siebert J, Blanchard I & Hirose K

Aubert M. (2016) Use of 1012 and 1013 ohm Resistor Amplifiers for Uranium Isotopic Measurements by TIMS and MC-ICPMS
Isnard H, Aubert M, Nonell A & Chartier F
(2014) Coupling between Ionic Chromatography and Multi Collector Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry for Sm and Nd Isotopic Measurements
Isnard H, Gueguen F, Nonell A, Vio L, Aubert M, Bresson C, Vercouter T & Chartier F
(2013) Investigation on Neodymium Isotopic Fractionation Occuring during HPLC Separation
Guéguen F, Isnard H, Nonell A, Stadelmann G, Aubert M & Chartier F

Aubertin M. (2018) Pore Water Quality at an Abandoned Tailings Site after Reclamation: A Case Study of the Manitou Mine Site, Quebec, Canada
Ethier M-P, Bussière B, Pabst T, Plante B, Aubertin M & Broda S
(2012) Efficiency of Covers Made of Low Sulphide Tailings to Control AMD from Surface Impoundments
Bussiere B & Aubertin M

Aubet N. (2012) Yttrium and Rare Earth Element Composition of the Rapitan Iron Formation (Northwest Territories, Canada)
Aubet NR, Pecoits E, Ootes L & Konhauser KO
(2012) Geochemical and Textural Characterization of Fresh Water Microbialites of Laguna, Bacalar, Mexico
Castro-Contreras S, Pecoits E, Aubet N, Petrash D, Gingras M & Konhauser K
(2012) High-Resolution Chemostratigraphy of the 2.46 Ga Joffre Banded Iron Formation, Western Australia
Haugaard R, Pecoitss E, Lalnde S, Aubet N, von Kranendonk M & Konhauser K
(2012) First Record of Ediacaran Iron Formations: Origin and Paleoenvironmental Significance
Pecoits E, Aubet N, Gingras M, Poulton S, Bekker A, Veroslavsky G & Konhauser K

Aubinet M. (2013) Modelling Carbon Cycle and Major Cations Weathering Fluxes in a Young Temperate Forest
Violette A, Carnol M, Aubinet M, Godderis Y, Erpicum M, Heinesch B & François L

Aubrey A.D. (2005) Sulfate Minerals as Targets for Biomolecule Detection on Mars
Aubrey AD, Cleaves HJ, Chalmers JH & Bada J
(2004) Lightning Associated with Hot-Spot Island Arc Volcanoes and the Localized Synthesis of Prebiotic Compounds on the Primitive Earth
Aubrey A, Cleaves H & Bada J
(2004) Detecting Pyrolysis Products from Bacteria in a Mars Soil Analogue
Glavin D, Cleaves J, Schubert M, Aubrey A, Buch A, Mahaffy P & Bada J

Aubry C. (2012) Engineered Nanoparticle Sorption onto Mineral Surfaces
Gelabert A, Sivry Y, soares pereira C, Aubry C, Menguy N, Croue J-P & Benedetti MF

Auciello O. (2014) Atom-Probe Tomography of Cosmochemical Samples
Heck P, Isheim D, Auciello O, Davis A, Elam J, Hiller J, Larson D, Mane A, Pellin M, Rout S, Savina M, Seidman D & Stephan T

Auclair A-C. (2002) Carbon and Oxygen Isotopic Composition of Brachiopod Shell Calcite: Physiological and Environmental Controls
Auclair A-C

Auclair D. (2020) Deciphering Nd and Sm Isotope Composition in Chondrites
Frossard P, Boyet M, Bouvier A, Bonnand P & Auclair D
(2019) In situ Determination of Nd Isotope Ratios in Apatite
Doucelance R, Bruand E, Matte S, Bosq C, Auclair D & Gannoun A-M
(2019) The La-Ce Isotope Systematics in Gough Island Lavas: New Constraints on the Origin of the EM1 Component
Boyet M, Doucelance R, Israel C, Bonnand P, Auclair D, Suchorski K & Bosq C
(2019) 138La-138Ce and 147Sm-143Nd Isotope Composition of the Main Silicate Reservoirs and Implications for the Rare Earth Elements Pattern of the Bulk Silicate Earth
Israel C, Boyet M, Doucelance R, Bonnand P, Frossard P, Auclair D & Bouvier A
(2013) Development of the La-Ce Systematics: Application to Arc Magmas
Bellot N, Boyet M, Pin C, Chauvel C, Doucelance R & Auclair D

Aucour A-M. (2020) The Role of Cd Storage Forms on the Mobility of Cd in Soil-Rice Systems during Grain Filling Stage
Wiggenhauser M, Aucour A-M, Telouk P, Ma JF & Sarret G
(2019) Combined Cadmium Stable Isotope and Solid State Speciation Measurements in Contaminated Soil-Rice Systems
Wiggenhauser M, Aucour A-M, Telouk P, Campillo S, Bureau S, Ma JF & Sarret G
(2013) Dynamics of Zn in an Urban-Plant Soil System: Coupling Isotopic and EXAFS Approaches
Aucour A-M, Bedell J-P, Queyron M & Sarret G
(2009) Stable Zinc Isotope Fractionation between Plant and Growth Water
Aucour A-M, Macnair M, Oger P & Pichat S

Audemar M. (2015) Formation of Reduced Carbon Compounds Using Natural Catalysts in Hydrothermal Experiments
Martinez I, Vacquand C, Vigier de Oliveira K, Audemar M, Recham N & Brunet F

Audetat A. (2020) A Big Data Perspective on the Behaviour of Copper in Arc Magmas
Barber N, Edmonds M, Jenner F, Williams H & Audetat A
(2019) Experimental Constraints on the Composition of Subduction Zone Fluids
Rustioni G, Audetat A & Keppler H
(2019) Early Sulphide Saturation is not Detrimental to Porphyry Cu-Au Formation: Evidence from Tongling, China
Du J & Audétat A
(2017) FeTiMM: A New Oxybarometer Based on the Partitioning of Fe and Ti between Magnetite and Melt
Arató R & Audétat A
(2015) The Genesis of Climax-Type Porphyry Mo Deposits: Insights from Fluid and Melt Inclusions
Audétat A
(2014) Synthetic Fluid Inclusions in Opaque Ore Minerals as Standards for NIR-Light Microthermometry Experiments
Casanova V, Kouzmanov K, Audétat A & Fontboté L
(2014) Partitioning of Cu between Mafic Minerals, Magnetite and Intermediate-Felsic Melts
Liu X, Xiong X, Audétat A & Li Y
(2013) The Dependence of Siderophile Element Partitioning on Pressure, Temperature, fO2 and S-Content
Vogel AK, Rubie DC, Frost DJ, Audétat A & Palme H
(2013) New Experimental Data on TiO2 Solubility in Hydrous Rhyolite Melts: Implications for Titanium-in-Quartz Thermobarometry
Kularatne K & Audétat A
(2011) A Critical Look at the Titanium-in-Quartz (TitaniQ) Thermobarometer
Huang R & Audetat A
(2011) Preferential Partitioning of Copper into the Vapor Phase: An Artifact?
Lerchbaumer L & Audetat A
(2011) Silicon Self-Diffusion in Forsterite, Revisited
Fei H, Katsura T, Chakraborty S, Dohmen R, Hegoda C, Yamazaki D, Wiedenbeck M, Yurimoto H, Shcheka S, Pollok K & Audétat A
(2011) Solubility of Fluorine and Chlorine in Nominally Anhydrous Mantle Minerals: Implications for Mantle Metasomatism and Arc Magmas
Bernini D, Dolejs D, de Koker N, Audetat A, Keppler H & Wiedenbeck M
(2011) Nitrogen Speciation in Mantle Fluids
Li Y, Keppler H & Audetat A
(2009) Mobility of U and Th in Suduction Zone Fluids – A Synthetic Fluid Inclusion Study
Bali E, Audetat A & Keppler H
(2009) Source and Evolution of Mo in the porphyry-Mo(Nb) Deposit at Cave Peak, Texas
Audétat A
(2009) Partitioning of Cu between Vapor and Brine – An Experimental Study Based on LA-ICP-MS Analysis of Synthetic Fluid Inclusions
Lerchbaumer L & Audétat A
(2008) Precise and Accurate Lead Isotopic Analysis of Fast Transient Signals by Laser-Ablation MC-ICP-MS
Pettke T, Oberli F, Audetat A, Wiechert U, Harris C & Heinrich C
(2007) Synthetic Fluid Inclusions in Rutile: A New Technique to Study Mantle Fluids
Bali E & Audetat A
(2007) The Role of Fluid Immiscibility in the Formation of Magmatic-Hydrothermal Ore Deposits
Audétat A, Pettke T & Heinrich C
(2004) Viscosity of Fluids in Subduction Zones
Audetat A & Keppler H
(2004) Does Zircon Trace Element Chemistry Monitor the Magmatic-Tohydrothermal Crystallization History?
Pettke T, Audétat A, Schaltegger U & Heinrich C
(2003) Can Accurate Pb Isotopic Compositions be Determined on Single Fluid Inclusions?
Pettke T, Wiechert U, Audétat A, Günther D & Heinrich C
(2002) Magmatic Anhydrite in the Cu-Porphyry-Related Magma at Santa Rita, New Mexico (U.S.A.)
Audétat A, Pettke T, Dolejs D & Bodnar RJ
(2001) Microanalysis of Crystallized Melt Inclusions
Audétat A, Pettke T, Thomas R & Bodnar RJ
(2001) Characterization of the Magmatic-To-Hydrothermal Transition in Barren vs. Mineralized Granites
Audétat A, Pettke T, Thomas R & Bodnar RJ
(2001) Six Fluids in Ore-Forming Magmatic-Hydrothermal Systems
Heinrich CA, Halter WE, Pettke T, Audétat A, Ulrich T, Landtwing M & ̧nther DG

Audette-Stuart M. (2012) Microbial Characterization of Groundwater from Boreholes at CRL
Stroes-Gascoyne S, Beaton D, Audette-Stuart M, King-Sharp K, Festarini A, Hamon C, Rose S & Bellan L

Audifred A.I. (2013) Mineralogy, Geochemistry and Metals Content in Tailings, Sediments and Soils Next to Some Metallic Ore Deposits in East Central Mexico
Carrillo-Chavez A, Cruz N, Salas E, Monoz C, Audifred A & Levresse G
(2012) Environmental Geochemistry of Some Ore Deposits in the Sierra Gorda Nature Preserve, East-Central Mexico
Carrillo-Chavez A, Cruz N, Audifred AI, Salas E, Ayala E, Levresse G & Gerke T

Audigane P. (2017) Evaluation of Geochemical Reactivity of Hydrogen in Sandstone: Application to Geological Storage
Yekta A, Pichavant M & Audigane P
(2015) Evaluation of Reactive Migration of Hydrogen Through Sandstone: Application to Geological Storage
Yekta AE, Audigane P & Pichavant M
(2013) Impacts of CO2 Perturbation on Well Composite Samples: Experiments and Numerical Simulations
Tremosa J, Mito S, Audigane P & Xue Z

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