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Xu Zhixian (2018) Response of Soil Microbial Communities to Elevated Antimony and Arsenic Contamination Indicates the Relationship between the Innate Microbiota and Contaminant Fractions
Sun W, Häggblom M, Li B & Xu Z

Xu Zhiyu (2018) Effect of Carbonate Micro-Texture Types on Cambrian Reef-Flat Reservoir in Tarim Basin, Northwest of China
Shao H, Zhang J, Zhang Y, Feng Z, Li Q, Jia Q & Xu Z

Xu Zhongyuan (2014) Geological and Geochemical Characteristics of Late Pleistocene Volcanics of the Central Greater Xing’an Mountains, NE China
Li S, Xu Z & Zhang C

Xuan J. (2019) Enhancement of Mesopelagic Sinking Particle Fluxes due to Upwelling, Aerosol Deposition, and Monsoonal Influences in the Northwestern South China Sea
Zhang J, Li H, Xuan J, Wu Z, Yang Z, Wiesner MG & Chen J

Xuanluan T. (2016) Source of Arsenic in the Red River, Northern Vietnum, Estimated by Lead Isotopes
Masuda H, Inoue R, Nakano T, Shin K-C, Yonezawa G & Xuanluan T

Xue B. (2013) Biomarker Evidence for the Neoproterozoic Marine Redox Condition in South China
Wang C, Xiong X, Gai H, Liu Y, Li B, Zhou X & Xue B

Xue C (2006) Physical Chemistry Study on the Ore-forming Process of the Hetaoping Pb-Zn-polymetallic Deposit, Baoshan County, Yunnan Province, China
Xue C, Han R, Hu Y, Zou H & Zhu Y
(2006) Enrichment features and significances of Ag and dispersed elements in the ores in the Huize Carbonate-hosted Zn-Pb-(Ag-Ge) District, Yunnan, China
Han R, Xue C, Hu Y & Huang Z
(2006) The relationship between mineralization of some metals and accumulation of oil & gas in eastern GUIZHOU, CHINA
Hu Y, Han R & Xue C
(2006) Model of Fuzzy Comprehensive Adjudgement (FCA) of Geochemical Data and the Prognosis of Concealed Ores in the Huize Pb-Zn deposit, Yunnan, China
Zou H, Han R, Fang W, Liu M, Hu Y, Xue C & Wu P

Xue Chuandong (2018) New Insight into Reaction Iso–grades, Petrography, Mineral Chemistry of Metapelites and gem Bearing Marbles in Karakoram Metamorphic Complex (Aliabad – Karimabad), Central Hunza, NE Pakistan
Baig SS, Xue C, Yang T & Jan MQ
(2018) Constraints from Fluid Inclusions and S-H-O Isotope Systematics: Songliang Vein-Type Pb-Zn Deposit in Northeastern Yunnan, China
Wang J, Xue C & Huang Y

Xue Chun.Ji. (2013) Linkage between Gold Mineralization and Hydrocarbon Accumulation in the Youjiang Basin, South China: Petrographic Evidence
Gu XX, Zhang YM, Wu CY, Li BH, Dong SY & Xue CJ

Xue Chunji (2019) Cryogenic 2D Raman Mapping of NaCl and CaCl2 Hydrates in Synthetic Fluid Inclusions
Chu H, Chi G & Xue C
(2017) Microbial-Textures and in situ Sulfur Isotopic Analysis of Spheroidal and Zonal Sulfides in the Giant Jinding Zn-Pb Deposit, Yunnan, China
Xue C, Chi G & Fayek M
(2017) Copper and Molybdenum Seperation in the Dabate Porphyry Cu-Mo Deposit, Xinjiang, NW China
Liu C, Xue C, Zhao X & Li Y
(2017) Origin of Ni-Rich Olivines and It’s Implications for the Genesis of the Huangshannan Ni-Cu Sulfide Deposit, Northwestern China
Zhao Y, Xue C & Zhao X
(2017) Post-Collisional Porphyry-Related Mineralization Systems in the Hongshan Deposit, Southern Yidun Arc, SW China
Zu B, Xue C, Chi G & Zhao X
(2017) Zircon and Molybdenite Geochronology and Geochemistry of the Kalmakyr Porphyry Cu–Au Deposit, Uzbekistan: Implications for Mineralization Processes
Zhao X, Xue C & Nurtaev B
(2009) Studying Gold Solubilities Using Fused Silica Capillaries
Chi G, Chou I-M, Wang F, Shang L, Xue C & Liu X

Xue Gabe (2013) A New Model for Emerald Mineralisation and Boiling as a Mechanism for Emerald Zoning and Colouration
Marshall D, Loughrey L, Hewton M & Xue G

Xue Gabriel (2012) Bottom Water Redox Conditions and Sea Level Changes during Zn-Pb and Phosphate Mineralization, Howards Pass District, Yukon Territory
Slack J, Falck H, Kelley K & Xue G

Xue H. (2018) Levels and Sources of PAHs in Air-Borne PM2.5 of Hefei City, China
Hu R, Liu G, Zhang H, Xue H & Wang X
(2017) Elemental Composition, Morphology and Sources of Atmospheric Fine Particulates (PM2.5) in Tongling City, China
Liu G, Xue H, Zhang H & Hu R

Xue H. (2002) Complexation of Trace Metals, and Origin and Effects of Strong Ligands in Swiss Lake and River Waters
Xue H & Sigg L

Xue J (2006) Grazing incidence X-ray diffraction study of products formed on (100) crystal face of pyrite
Cai Y, Pan Y & Xue J

Xue Jiyue (2009) Comparative XPS Study between Experimentally and Naturally Weathered Pyrites
Cai Y, Pan Y, Xue J, Su G & Li X

Xue Q. (2018) Investigation of Shale Gas Adsorption Mechanism
Chen G, Lu S, Liu K & Xue Q

Xue R. (2015) Evanescent Weathering Surface Evidenced by 234U/238U Activity Ratios?
Xue R, West J, Li L, You C-F & Li G

Xue S.
(2016) The Ages of the Giant Bayan Obo Rare Earth Elements Deposit in China
Ling M-X, Fu B, Zhou H-S, Xue S, Liu Y-L & Sun W

Xue T. (2004) Nobel Gas Isotopes and Fluid Inclusion Studies of PGE-Polymetallic
Sun X, Wang M, Xue T & Ma M

Xue X (2003) The Dissolution Mechanism of Water in Alkaline Earth Silicate and Aluminosilicate Melts: One View from 1H MAS NMR
Xue X & Kanzaki M
(2003) The Effect of Sulfate Sulfur on the Structure of Na2O-SiO2 Glasses: A 29Si MAS NMR, Raman and FT-Ir Study
Tsujimura T, Xue X, Walter M, Yamashita S & Kanzaki M
(2001) Oxygen Triclusters, Non-Bridging Oxygens, and the Properties of Silicate Melts: The View from O-17 NMR
Stebbins JF, Oglesby JV, Kroeker S & Xue X

Xue Xianyu (2017) Hydrogen Incorporation Mechanism in Synthetic Katoite-Grossular and Natural Grossular: 1H Static and MAS NMR and First-Principles Calculation
Xue X, Kanzaki M & Geiger C
(2016) Hydrogen Incorporation Mechanisms in Forsterite: 1H NMR Measurement and First-Principles Calculation
Xue X, Kanzaki M, Turner D & Loroch D
(2014) CO2 Speciation in Ca- and Na- Aluminosilicate Glasses as a Function of Melt Polymerization: A Multi-Nuclear NMR Study
Xue X, Kanzaki M, Floury P & Tobase T
(2013) Crystal Structures of Two Oxygen-Deficient Calcium Aluminum Silicate Perovskites from NMR and Powder X-Ray Diffraction
Kanzaki M, Xue X, Wu Y & Nie S
(2013) Carbonate Speciation in Depolymerized Silicate Melts (Glasses): New Evidence from ab Initio Calculations and 13C MAS and Static NMR Measurements
Xue X & Kanzaki M
(2010) Water Speciation in Hydrous (Alumino)silicate Melts/Glasses and Quasi-Chemical Modeling
Xue X, Kanzaki M & Malfait W
(2002) The Dissolution Mechanisms of Forsterite and Enstatite: Constraints from 29Si and 1H MAS NMR
Xue X, Kanzaki M & Fraser D
(2002) NMR Evidence for a New Water Dissolution Mechanism in Alkaline Earth Silicate Melts
Kanzaki M & Xue X

Xue Xiaobin (2018) Fate of Iodine during the Microbial Transformation of Natural Iron Minerals
Li J, Xie X, Zhou H & Xue X

Xue Xuejun (2016) Two Black Carbon Pools Transported by the Yangtze and Yellow Rivers in China
Wang X, Xu C, Luo C, Xue X & Ge T

Xue Y (2005) Numerical Modeling of Land Subsidence in Shanghai
Ye S, Xue Y & Wu J

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