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von Ahn C.M.E. (2019) Dynamics in the Biogeochemistry of a SGD-Impacted Coastal Aquifer and the Impact of Storm Events
Jenner A-K, Westphal J, Liu B, Rach B, von Ahn CME, Schmiedinger I & Böttcher ME

von Allmen K. (2012) A New Look on the Barium Cycle: Stable Barium Isotope Fractionation in ODP Sediments and Calibration Experiments
Bottcher ME, von Allmen K, Paytan A, Neubert N, Brumsack H-J, Samankassou E & Nagler TF
(2009) Ca-Isotopes in Recent and Ancient Cements and Microbial Precipitates
von Allmen K, Nägler TF & Samankassou E

von Aulock F.W. (2013) Fast Hydration of Volcanic Glass at Low Temperatures
von Aulock FW, Lavallée Y, Hess K-U, Henton - De Angelis S & Kennedy BM
(2007) The Rheological Behavior of Samples from Tungurahua Volcano, Ecuador
von Aulock FW, Lavallée Y, Richard D, Hess K-U & Dingwell DB
(2007) Comparative Study of Geospeedometry Methods
Richard D, von Aulock FW, Hess K-U & Dingwell DB

Von Bargen J.M. (2010) Impact of Anthropogenic Bioturbation on Nutrient Chemistry of a Small Urban Pond
Von Bargen JM, Trierweiler AM, Goldsmith ST, Deuerling KM, Mondro CA, Stutz JE, Welch SA & Carey AE

von Bergen M. (2009) Protein-Stable Isotope Probing (Protein-SIP) for Simultaneous Identification of Bacterial Species and Determination of Metabolic Activity
Seifert J, Jehmlich N, Schmidt F, Taubert M, von Bergen M, Richnow H-H & Vogt C
(2009) SIP Goes Proteomics – Elucidation of Structure and Function of Microbial Communities
Jehmlich N, Schmidt F, Taubert M, von Bergen M, Richnow H-H & Vogt C

von Blanckenburg Friedhelm (2015) Denudation and Weathering Rates from Meteoric 10Be/9Be Ratios in the Amazon Basin
Wittmann H, von Blanckenburg F, Dannhaus N, Bouchez J, Gaillardet J, Guyot J-L, Maurice L, Llacer-Roig H, Filizola N & Christl M
(2015) Si Stable Isotope Evidence for Ecosystem Engineering as Driver for the Late Neoproterozoic Ocean Oxygenation
Tatzel M, von Blanckenburg F, Oelze M, Bouchez J & Hippler D
(2015) Simultaneous Determination of Chemical Composition and Stable Isotope Ratios of Weathered Mineral Phases by Fs-Laser Ablation
Frick DA, Schuessler JA, Buhk J & von Blanckenburg F
(2015) Iron Stable Isotopes as Markers of Human Iron Metabolism
von Blanckenburg F
(2015) Stable Weathering Fluxes into the Oceans over Glacial-Interglacial Cycles from 10Be/9Be Records and Global Runoff-Weathering Models
von Blanckenburg F, Bouchez J, Ibarra D & Maher K
(2015) IsoNose – Isotopic Tools as Novel Sensors of Earth Surfaces Resources – A New Marie Curie Initial Training Network
von Blanckenburg F, Bouchez J, Bouman C, Gaillardet J, Gorbushina A, James R, Kamber B, Oelkers E, Tesmer M & Ashton J
(2015) The Si Isotope Fingerprint along a Gradient in Weathering Regimes
Oelze M & von Blanckenburg F
(2014) Post-Glacial Topographic vs. Tectonic Forcings on Erosion in the Eastern Austrian Alps
Dixon JL, Legrain N, Von Blanckenburg F & Stüwe K
(2014) O2 Driven Weathering Feedback Controls Low Saprolite Production Rates in Sri Lankan Highlands
Behrens R, Bouchez J, Schuessler J, Wirth R, Dultz S, Hewawasam T & von Blanckenburg F
(2014) Is Metal Stable Isotope Geochemistry Kinetically Approaching Equilibrium?
von Blanckenburg F
(2014) Seawater and Sedimentary 10Be/9Be: A Quantitative Proxy for Present and Past Terrigenous Flux into the Oceans
von Blanckenburg F & Bouchez J
(2014) Quantifying the Weathering Fluxes of Mg from its Isotopes in the Critical Zone at Sierra Nevada, California
Uhlig D, Schuessler J, Bouchez J, von Blanckenburg F & Dixon J
(2014) Si Isotope Signatures from Two Small Catchments in the Black Forest
Steinhoefel G, Breuer J, von Blanckenburg F, Horn I & Sommer M
(2014) Si Isotope Fractionation Factors for Polymerization and for Fast Attachment onto Si-Al Surfaces
Oelze M, von Blanckenburg F, Bouchez J, Hoellen D & Dietzel M
(2013) River Denudational Transport to the Sea Using the Oceans 10Be(meteoric)/9Be Ratio
von Blanckenburg F & Bouchez J
(2013) How Mass Balance Affects Isotope Ratios in the Weathering Zone
Schuessler JA, Bouchez J & von Blanckenburg F
(2013) Rhizogenic C-Fe Redox Cycling: A Sleeping Couple No Longer
Richter D, Bacon A, Mobley M, Oelze M & von Blankenburg F
(2013) Measuring Denudation Rates with the 10Be(meteoric)/9Be Isotope Ratio in Catchments with Different Lithologies
Dannhaus N, von Blanckenburg F, Wittmann H, Kram P & Christl M
(2013) The Silicon Isotope Record of Early Silica Diagenesis
Tatzel M, von Blanckenburg F, Schuessler J & Bohrmann G
(2012) Do Mountains Withdraw CO2?
von Blanckenburg F & Dixon JL
(2012) Iron Isotope Signatures in Magnetite Formed by Marine Invertebrates
Emmanuel S, Vinther J, Schuessler JA, von Blanckenburg F & Matthews A
(2012) Modeling Stable Isotope Ratios of Metals in the Weathering Zone: Mass-Balance Controls
Bouchez J, von Blanckenburg F & Schuessler J
(2012) On the Competition between Kinetic and Equilibrium Isotope Fractionation during Low-T Silica Precipitation
Oelze M, von Blanckenburg F, Hoellen D, Dietzel M & Bouchez J
(2011) The 10Be(meteoric)/9Be Ratio as a Tracer of Weathering and Erosion
von Blanckenburg F, Wittmann H & Dannhaus N
(2011) Speed Limits to Soil Weathering and CO2 Withdrawal
Dixon J & von Blanckenburg F
(2011) Si Isotope Fractionation during Precipitation of Silica by Cyclic Freezing and Adsorption of Monosilicic Acid on Gibbsite
Oelze M, von Blanckenburg F, Höllen D & Dietzel M
(2011) Unconventional Matrices Prevent Novel Isotopes Turning Traditional
von Blanckenburg F, Bouchez J, Guelke-Stelling M, Oelze M, Ostertag-Henning C, Schuessler JA & Steinhoefel G
(2011) Isotope Fractionation during Fe Translocation in Plants Grown with an Artificial Chelate
Guelke-Stelling M & von Blanckenburg F
(2011) Si Isotope Signatures in Soils by UV Femtosecond Laser Ablation
Steinhoefel G, Breuer J, von Blanckenburg F, Horn I, Kaczorek D & Sommer M
(2010) Ocean 10Be/9Be Evidence for Stable Weathering Rates in the Last 10 My Explains Constant Atmospheric CO2
von Blanckenburg F & Willenbring J
(2009) Characterising the Si Isotope Signatures of Si Pools in Soils Using UV Femtosecond LA-ICP-MS
Breuer J, Chmeleff J, Steinhoefel G, Horn I, von Blanckenburg F & Sommer M
(2009) The History of Open Ocean Seawater Stable Fe Isotopes from the Carbonate Record
von Blanckenburg F, Kamber B, Bau M & Webb G
(2009) Iron Isotopes in Marine Anoxia
Staubwasser M, Schoenberg R, von Blanckenburg F, Krüger S & Pohl C
(2009) Determination of the 10Be Half-Life by Multi Collector ICP-Mass Spectrometry and Liquid Scintillation Counting
Chmeleff J, von Blanckenburg F, Kossert K & Jakob D
(2009) Precambrian Seawater Fe and Si Stable Isotope Signature in BIFs Revealed by UV Femtosecond Laser Ablation
Steinhoefel G, Horn I, von Blanckenburg F, Konhauser K, Beukes N & Gutzmer J
(2008) Micro-Scale Source and Diagenesis Detection in BIF Using Femtosecond Laser Ablation MS of Stable Fe and Si Isotopes
Steinhoefel G, Horn I & von Blanckenburg F
(2008) Denudation Rate Meters in Mountain Belts: Big Brush or Fine Tip?
von Blanckenburg F, Norton KN, Willenbring JK & Wittmann H
(2007) The Cr Isotope Label of the Solid Earth and Hydrothermal Pathways
Schoenberg R, Zink S, Staubwasser M & von Blanckenburg F
(2007) What Controls Iron Isotope Fractionation in an Acid Mining Pile?
Staubwasser M, von Blanckenburg F & Schippers A
(2007) How Fast do the Alps Erode? A Cosmogenic Nuclide Study on Central Alpine River Basins
von Blanckenburg F, Wittmann H, Tina K, Kevin N & Peter K
(2007) Transient Landscape Evolution Following Uplift in the Southern Ecuadorian Andes
Vanacker V, von Blanckenburg F, Govers G & Kubik P
(2007) Quantifying Accelerated Surface Denudation as a Result of External Forcing
Norton K, von Blanckenburg F, Schlunegger F, Schwab M & Kubik P
(2007) Iron Isotope Fractionation during Hydrothermal Ore Deposition and Alteration
Markl G, von Blanckenburg F, Wagner T & Horn I
(2007) UV-Femtosecond Laser Ablation MC-ICP-MS for in situ Analyses of Si Isotopes
Chmeleff J, Horn I, Steinhoefel G & von Blanckenburg F
(2007) UV Femtosecond Laser Ablation Applied to Stable Fe Isotopes in BIFs
Steinhoefel G, Horn I & v. Blanckenburg F
(2007) Modeling Cosmogenic Nuclide Accumulation during Sediment Transport in the Upper Amazon Basin
Wittmann H, von Blanckenburg F, Guyot J-L & Kubik PW
(2007) Stable Isotope Fingerprinting of Iron Metabolism in Higher Plants
Guelke M, Scheuermann E, von Blanckenburg F, von Wirén N & Schoenberg R
(2005) 196 nm Femtosecond Laser Ablation: Applications to Trace Element and Radiogenic Isotope Ratio Determinations
Horn I & von Blanckenburg F
(2005) The Links between Climate, Tectonics, and Denudation from Cosmogenic Nuclides in River Sediment
von Blanckenburg F
(2005) In situ-Fe Isotope Determination Using Femtosecond LA-MC-ICP-MS
Steinhoefel G, Horn I, Schoenberg R & von Blanckenburg F
(2005) Comparative Stable Fe Isotope Systematics of Terrestrial and Meteoritic Materials
Schoenberg R, Kamber BS & von Blanckenburg F
(2005) Stable Cr Isotope Ratio Measurements Using a Double-Spike Method and High-Resolution MC-ICP-MS
Von Blanckenburg F & Schoenberg R
(2005) Ferric Fe-Isotopes in the Early Marine Diagenetic Cycle
Staubwasser M & von Blanckenburg F
(2005) Preservation of Fe Isotope Compositions of Iron Formation during Contact Metamorphism
Frost CD, von Blanckenburg F, Schoenberg R, Frost BR & Swapp SM
(2005) Experimental Calibration of the Fe Isotope Fractionation between Pyrrhotite and Silicate Melt
Schuessler J, Schoenberg R, Behrens H & von Blanckenburg F
(2004) Low Redox-Level of Neoarchean Surface-Seawater: Evidence from Fe Isotopes and Rare Earth Elements
Bau M & von Blanckenburg F
(2002) Paleo-Erosion Rate Record in a 1.6 Ma Terrace Sequence of the Meuse River
Schaller M, von Blanckenburg F, Hovius N & Kubik P
(2002) Ancient Landscapes in Wet Tropical Highlands, Sri Lanka
Hewawasam T, Von Blanckenburg F & Kubik P
(2002) Iron Isotope Fractionation by the Human Body, Animals and Plants
von Blanckenburg F & Walczyk T
(2002) The Oceanic Mo Cycle over the Past 60Ma
Siebert C, N‰gler TF, von Blanckenburg F & Kramers JD
(2002) Cosmogenic Nuclide Budget in a Glaciated Mountain Range (W. Alps)
Perg L, von Blanckenburg F & Kubik P
(2002) Iron Isotope Variations in a Complete Natural Soil Catena with Lateral Iron Mobilization and Reprecipitation
Wiederhold JG & von Blanckenburg F
(2001) Iron Isotope Stratification of Late Archean Seawater: Evidence from Dolomites and Banded Iron-Formations
Bau M, von Blanckenburg F & Ohmoto H
(2000) Large-Scale, Long-Term Erosion Rates Determined from 10Be in European River Sediments
Schaller M, von Blanckenburg F, Hovius N & Kubik PW
(2000) Late Pleistocene to Holocene Erosion Rate Variations from Cosmogenic Nuclides in River Terrace Sediments
von Blanckenburg F, Schaller M, Veldkamp T, Kubik P & Hovius N
(2000) Iron Isotope Fractionation in Soils
von Blanckenburg F

von Blanckenburg Friedhelm (2017) The Dependance of Plant Nutrient Cycles on Rock Weathering
von Blanckenburg F, Schuessler J & Uhlig D
(2017) Matrix-Independent Baddeleyite U/Pb Geochronology by femtosecond-LA-ICP-MS?
Wohlgemuth-Ueberwasser CC, Schuessler JA, von Blanckenburg F & Möller A
(2017) The Heating Rate Controls Chert δ18O
Tatzel M, von Blanckenburg F, Herwartz D, Oelze M, Lünsdorf NK & Wiedenbeck M
(2017) Silicon Isotope Composition of Single Phytoliths
Frick DA, Schuessler JA, Sommer M & von Blanckenburg F
(2017) Sr Isotope Fractionation as a Function of the Denudation Regime
Bouchez J, von Blanckenburg F & Schuessler J
(2017) Exploring the Use of Silicon Isotopes as a (Palaeo)weathering Proxy
Frings P, Oelze M & von Blanckenburg F

von Blanckenburg Friedhelm (2018) Quantifying Terrestrial Weathering Across Oceanic Anoxic Event 2
Ibarra D, Jones M, Caves Rugenstein J, Sageman B, Graham S, von Blanckenburg F & Chamberlain P
(2018) Meteoric 10Be/9Be Ratios as Tracers of Coastal Trace Metal Exchange
Wittmann H, von Blanckenburg F & Bernhardt A
(2018) Does Nutrient Demand Control Rock Weathering? A Model Analysis
Maher K & von Blanckenburg F
(2018) Increasing Land Surface Reactivity from 10Be/9Be and 7Li/6Li Records Explains Late Neogene Cooling
Caves Rugenstein JK, Ibarra DE & von Blanckenburg F

von Blanckenburg Friedhelm (2019) Deposition and Retention of Meteoric 10Be in River Terraces of Taiwan Island during the Holocene
Deng K, Wittmann H, Hsieh M-L, Yang S & von Blanckenburg F
(2019) Interrogating the Paleocene Palaeoclimate Paradox
Henehan M, Barnet J, Planavsky N, Littler K, Hain M, Thomas E, Özen V, von Blanckenburg F & Hull P
(2019) Attachment of the Rock-Inhabiting Fungus K. Petricola A95 to Olivine Enhances Mineral Dissolution by Preventing the Precipitation of Iron (Oxyhydr)oxides
Gerrits R, Pokharel R, Breitenbach R, Feldmann I, Radnik J, Wirth R, Schuessler J, von Blanckenburg F, Gorbushina A & Schott J
(2019) Mg Isotope Fractionation in Organisms: Why Fractionation Factors Depend on Mg Uptake
von Blanckenburg F, Pokharel R, Uhlig D, Schuessler JA, Gerrits R & Gorbushina A
(2019) Interpreting Silicon Isotopes in the Weathering Zone
Frings P, Oelze M, Frick D & von Blanckenburg F
(2019) Why Would Plants Accelerate Weathering? An Eco-Geochemical Model
Maher K & von Blanckenburg F
(2019) Meteoric 10Be/9Be: A Versatile Tool for Weathering and Erosion Estimates from Small Creeks to Large Rivers of Varying Lithology
Wittmann H, von Blanckenburg F, Deng K, Yang S, Dannhaus N & Krám P

von Blanckenburg Friedhelm (2016) A New Method for Measuring Weathering and Erosion in Mafic and Ultramafic Rock
von Blanckenburg F, Dannhaus N, Wittmann H, Kram P & Christl M
(2016) Do Fungi Change the Rate and Mg Isotopic Composition during Mineral Dissolution?
Pokharel R, Gerrits R, Floor GH, Schuessler JA, Gorbushina AA & von Blanckenburg F
(2016) Deep Subsoil Tree Phosphorus Sources in Forest Ecosystems
Uhlig D & von Blanckenburg F

von Borany J. (2019) Halogen Analysis at the Ultratrace Level – First Applications of the Dresden Super-Sims
Renno AD, Akhmadaliev S, Belokonov G, Böttger R, von Borany J, Kaever P, Meyer M, Noga P, Rugel G, Tiessen CJ, Wagner N, Wiedenbeck M, Wu H & Ziegenrücker R

von Brömssen M (2009) Temporal and Seasonal Variation in Tubewell Water Arsenic Concentrations in Matlab, Bangladesh
Jakariya M, Rahman SN, Bhattacharya P, Rahman M, von Brömssen M, Persson L-Å & Vahter M

von Bromssen Mattias (2014) Sustainable Arsenic Mitigation Below the Redox-Chemocline by Using Sediment Color as a Tool for the Local Drillers of Bangladesh
Mozumder R, Hossain M, Bhattacharya P, Ahmed K, Hasan A, Rahman M, von Bromssen M & Datta S

Von Damm K. (2009) Temporal and Spatial Variations in Hydrothermal Budgets of Degassing Metals Across a Full Eruptive Cycle: 9°46’-9°50’N East Pacific Rise
Prado MF, Von Damm KL, Bryce JG, Lilley MD & Dibb JE
(2009) Sr Isotopic Evidence for Dissolution of Anhydrite in Hydrothermal Fluids at 9°50’N East Pacific Rise
McDermott J, Von Damm K, Kalnejais L & Bryce J
(2009) Thermobarometric Implications of Temporal and Spatial Variability in Hydrothermal Fluid SiO2-Cl Abundances Through a Full Eruptive Cycle at 9°50’N East Pacific Rise
Von Damm K, Meana Prado F, McDermott J, Lilley M & Bryce J
(2008) Constraining Reactions between MOR Vent Fluids and New Oceanic Crust: The Hydrothermal Upflow Zone beneath M Vent, 9°50’N EPR
Carmichael S & Von Damm K

Von Der Handt Anette (2011) Apatite Composition of Southern Germany Volcanoes: Clues to Origin and Magmatic Evolution
von der Handt A & Rahn M
(2009) Composition, Distribution and Properties of the Ultra-Depleted Mantle Component
Hellebrand E, von der Handt A, Johnson K, Snow J, Liu C-Z, Dick H & Hofmann A
(2007) Low Water Contents in Minerals from Gakkel Ridge Abyssal Peridotites, Arctic Ocean
Peslier A, Snow J, Hellebrand E & Von Der Handt A
(2004) Geochemistry of Plagioclase Peridotites from the Southwest Indian Ridge (63°to 65°E)
von der Handt A, Seyler M, Snow J & Hellebrand E
(2004) Comparative Melting Dynamics of Gakkel Ridge and Lena Trough, Arctic Ocean
Snow J, Hellebrand E, Von der handt A, Dick H, Michael P, Langmuir C & Goldstein S
(2002) Plagioclase Peridotites: Subsolidus Breakdown or Trapped Melt?
von der Handt A, Snow JE, Hellebrand E, Dick HJB & Michael P
(2002) Geochemistry of Abyssal Peridotites from Gakkel Ridge, Arctic Ocean
Snow JE, Dick HJB, Hellebrand E, Büchl A, von der Handt A & Langmuir C

von der Handt Anette (2013) Tracing the Time-Resolved Magmatic Evolution of the Hegau Volcanic Field (Southern Germany) Through Apatites
Rahn M & von der Handt A
(2013) Compositional Variation in Apatites from Alkaline Silicate Rocks and Associated Carbonatites: A Case Study of the Kaiserstuhl Complex, Germany
Wang L, Wenzel T, von der Handt A, Keller J, Marks MAW & Markl G

Von der Handt Anette (2018) Water Content of the Oceanic Mantle Lithosphere at Ridges
Peslier AH, Bizimis M, Snow J & Von der Handt A

Von der Handt Anette (2016) C/N Fractionation during Mantle-Core Differentiation
Dalou C, Hirschmann M, Mosenfelder J, Von der Handt A & Armstrong L

von der Heyden B. (2013) Quantification and Speciation Study of the Marine Solid-Phase Iron Pool
von der Heyden B, Roychoudhury A & Myneni S
(2011) Chemical Speciation of Fe-Rich Colloids and Nanoparticles in the Southern Ocean
von der Heyden B, Roychoudhury A & Myneni S
(2011) The Fe L3-edge as a Probe for Fe Oxide Speciation
Roychoudhury A, von der Heyden B, Frith M & Myneni S
(2010) Chemistry and Mineralogy of Fe-Rich Marine Nanoparticles, West Coast of South Africa
von der Heyden B, Myneni S & Roychoudhury A

von der Kammer F. (2017) TiO2 Nanomaterials Detection in Calcium Rich Matrices by spICPMS. a Matter of Resolution and Treatment
Tharaud M, Gondikas A, Benedetti M, von der Kammer F, Hofmann T & Cornelis G
(2017) Improvements in Sample Introduction and Calibration Approaches for Analysis of Engineered Nanomaterials by Single Particle ICP-MS
Tepe N, Laycock A, Hofmann T & von der Kammer F
(2017) Transformation of Copper-Based Nano Materials in Soils
Laycock A, Gerstmann B, Tepe N, Kah M, Hofmann T & von der Kammer F
(2015) Detection of Engineered Cerium Oxide Nanoparticles in Soils
von der Kammer F, Praetorius A, Grundlach-Graham A, Guenther D & Hofmann T
(2014) Hunting Nanoparticles in the Environment: The Case of Nano-TiO2 from Sunscreens
von der kammer F, Gondikas A, Reed R & Hofmann T
(2013) Colloid-Associated Iron and Arsenic Transport in Streams
Neubauer E, von der Kammer F, Knorr K-H, Peiffer S, Reichert M, Köhler SJ, Laudon H & Hofmann T
(2013) Bioavailability of Metals Associated with Aquatic Natural Organic Matter
Maurice P, Kuhn K, Neubauer L, Hofmann T & von der Kammer F
(2013) Detection of Engineered Cerium Oxide Nanoparticles in the Environment
von der Kammer F, Neubauer E, Reed R, Ranville J & Hofmann T
(2012) Development of Flow-Field Flow Fractionation Based Methods for the Characterization of Engineered Nanoparticles in a Complex Matrix
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(2012) Metal Speciation and Dynamics of Carrier Phases in a Boreal Forested Catchment Under Transient Chemical Conditions
Neubauer E, Koehler S, v. d. Kammer F, Laudon H & Hofmann T
(2011) Development of Methodologies Based on Field-Flow Fractionation for the Characterization of Engineered Nanoparticles in Complex Samples
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(2011) Size Dependent Element Interaction and Speciation in Environmental Nanoparticles
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(2010) The Role Nanoparticulate Oxides as Transporters of Toxic Trace Metals in Riverbed Sediment
Plathe K, von der Kammer F, Hassellöv M, Moore J, Murayama M, Hofmann T & Hochella M
(2010) Environmental Nanoparticles: Distribution and Behaviour of Main and Trace Elements at the Nanoscale
von der Kammer F, Hofmann T, Plathe K, Legros S, Neubauer E, Hochella M, Le Coustumer P & Hassellöv M
(2010) Testing Nanoparticles for their Environmental Behaviour
von der Kammer F, Ottofuelling S & Hofmann T
(2009) Determining Trace Metal-Nanoparticle Associations in Contaminated Sediment Using Analytical TEM and FFF Coupled to MALLS and HR-ICPMS
Haus K, von der Kammer F, Hassellov M, Moore J & Hochella M
(2009) Nanoparticle Facilitated Transport of Organic Contaminants
Hofmann T & von der Kammer F

von der Weid F. (2019) Enlightening Advances in Critical Raw Material Recovery from Industrial Wastes Using High Voltage Electric Pulse Crushers
Parvaz D, Bru K, Rossi P, Andrey P, Weh A & von der Weid F

Von Dreele R. (2010) Synchrotron Powder Diffraction Simplified: The High-Resolution Diffractometer 11-BM at the Advanced Photon Source
Suchomel M, Ribaud L, Von Dreele R & Toby B

von Eynatten Hilmar (2012) Fluorite (U-Th)/He Thermochronology
Wolff R, Dunkl I & von Eynatten H
(2012) Development of (U-Th)/He Geochronology of Columbite Ores
Dunkl I, Melcher F, Henjes-Kunst F & von Eynatten H
(2011) Composition of Error in LA-ICP-MS U/Pb Geochronology: Lessons from the Processing of Standard Measurement Series Performed in 10 Laboratories
Dunkl I, Tolosana-Delgado R & von Eynatten H
(2009) Anchizonal-Hydrothermal Growth and (U-Th)/He Dating of Rutile Crystals in the Sediments of Hawasina Window, Oman
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