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Valente S. (2011) Mantle Source Components of the Early Cretaceous to Paleogene Mafic Tholeiitic and Alkaline Magmatism in Rio and Related Mantle Metasomatism Processes
Valente S

Valente T. (2017) Mining Site Remediation: A Case Study
Valente T & Abreu E
(2013) Relation between Diatom Communities and the Degree of AMD Affection in Selected Water Dams in Iberian Pyrite Belt
Valente T, Almeida S, Rivera MJ, Delgado C, Gomes P, de la Torre ML, Santisteban M & Grande Gil JA
(2013) Definition of a Clean Energy System for Decontamination of Acid Mine Waters and Recovering their Metal Load
Grande Gil JA, de la Torre ML, Andujar JM, Valente T & Santisteban M
(2013) Mineralogical and Geochemical Properties of a Water Dam Receiving Historic AMD Contamination by Sulfide Tailings in the RioTinto Mine SW Spain
Grande Gil JA, Valente T, de la Torre ML, Borrego J, Sequeira Braga MA, Gomes P, Santisteban M & Fernandez JP

Valenti V. (2009) A Crustal Seismic Profile Across Sicily: Preliminary Results
Accaino F, Catalano R, Di Marzo L, Giustiniani M, Tinivella U, Nicolich R, Sulli A & Valenti V

Valentim B. (2011) The Use of Magnetic Susceptibility in Forensic Soils Analyses
Guedes A, Ribeiro H, Sant'Ovaia H, Rodrigues A, Valentim B, Leal S & Noronha F
(2011) The Variation of Magnetic Susceptibility with Grain Size: Its Implication on Forensic Studies
Ribeiro C, Guedes A, Valentim B, Sant'Ovaia H, Ribeiro H & Noronha F
(2011) Discrimination of Sediment Samples for Forensic Application Using REE
Rodrigues A, Guedes A, Ribeiro H, Valentim B & Noronha F
(2009) Determination of Nitrogen Functionalities by X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS) in FBC Chars
Valentim B & Guedes A
(2009) Discrimination of Sediment Samples for Forensic Applications
Guedes A, Ribeiro H, Sant'Ovaia H, Valentim B, Rodrigues A, Dória A, Ribeiro MDA & Noronha F
(2009) The Use of Magnetic Susceptibility and Colour on Dune Samples for Forensic Proposes
Rodrigues A, Guedes A, Sant'Ovaia H, Valentim B, Ribeiro H & Noronha F
(2007) X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy Study of Coals with Different Rank
Valentim B, Costa A, Guedes A, Boavida D, Marques M & Flores D
(2007) Micro-Raman Spectroscopy and Optical Reflectance Studies of Coals with Different Rank
Guedes A, Valentim B, Rodrigues S, Costa A, Marques M & Flores D
(2005) Characterization of Fly Ash by SEM/EDS and Raman Spectroscopy
Valentim B, Guedes A & Flores D

Valentim B. (2017) Distribution of Lanthanides, Yttrium and Scandium in Ashes from Coal-Fired Power Stations
Santos C, Abagiu TA, Białecka B, Cruceru M, Freire C, Guedes A, Martinez J, Popescu L, Predeanu G, Wagner N & Valentim B
(2017) Oltenia (Romania) Lignite Bottom Ash: A Secondary Raw Material of REE and Y (REY)
Valentim B, Abagiu AT, Anghelescu L, Flores D, Gonçalves P, Guedes A, Popescu LG, Predeanu G, Ribeiro J & Slăvescu V
(2017) Carbon Forms in Coal, Fly Ash and Bottom Ash
Guedes A, Abagiu TA, Białecka B, Cruceru M, Freire C, Martinez J, Predeanu G, Santos C, Wagner N & Valentim B

Valentin C. (2008) Do We Really Know Apex Chert? Newly Identified Micro- and Dubiofossils
Mineau R, Pinti DL & Valentin C

Valentin F. (2018) Monitoring Dairy Consumption in Humans Using Calcium Isotopes
Tacail T, Berthet D, Herrscher E, Valentin F, Clark G & Martin JE

Valentina B (2003) The Role of Sulfide Medium in Diamond Crystallization: Experiments at 6-8 GPa
Bobrov A, Yuriy L, Valentina B & Nastya S

Valentina Butvina (2009) Mantle Carbonatite Magma in Diamond Genesis
Litvin Y, Bobrov A, Kuzyura A, Spivak A, Litvin V & Valentina B

Valentine Ann (2017) Acyl Homoserine Lactones Complex Metal Ions, Altering Toxicity and Quorum Response
McGivney E, Jones K, Weber B, Valentine A, VanBriesen J & Gregory K

Valentine Ann M. (2018) Photochemistry of Ferrihydrite in the Protein Cage of Ferritin for Chromate Reduction
Cerkez E, Bruefach A, Alimohammadi F, Valentine A & Strongin D
(2018) Effects of Siderophore on Pyrite Oxidation
Cerkez EB, Dutton KG, Kukulka MA, Valentine AM & Strongin DR

Valentine C. (2017) Deposition of Rare Earth Elements and Indium from the Atmosphere to an Ombrotrophic Bog in the Northeastern United States
White SJ, Laitz M, Valentine C & Hemond H

Valentine D. (2017) A Biogenic Input of Heptadecane in Surface Waters Prior to and during the Anthropocene
Reddy C, Gosselin K, Nelson R, Sylva S, Aeppli C, Sharpless C & Valentine D

Valentine D.L. (2015) The Potential of Methane Clumped Isotopes to Constrain Formational Environments of Natural Gas Deposits
Stolper D, Eiler J, Sessions A, Valentine D, Martini A, Davis C, Formolo M, Lawson M, Ferreira A & Santos Neto E
(2014) Chasing Early Chemical Changes in Surface Oil Slicks
Kellermann MY, Lemkau KL, Reddy CM, Aeppli C, Nelson RK & Valentine DL
(2014) Clumped Isotopes of Methane: Applications to Both Low and High Temperature Natural Systems
Stolper D, Davis C, Eiler J, Ferreira A, Lawson M, Martini A, Santos Neto E, Schoell M, Sessions A, Shusta S, Tang Y, Valentine D & Ellis GS
(2013) Diagnosing Petroleum Fractionation Processes in Surface and Subsurface Environments Using GCxGC
Arey JS, Reddy CM, Nelson RK, Camilli R, Valentine DL, Wardlaw GD, Nabi D, Dimitriou-Christidis P & Gros J
(2013) Combined 13C-D and D-D Clumping in CH4: Preliminary Results
Stolper D, Shusta S, Valentine D, Sessions A, Ferreira A, Santos Neto E & Eiler J
(2009) Methane Oxidation Rates by AMS
Pack M, Heintz M, Reeburgh W, Trumbore S, Valentine D & Xu X

Valentine G.A. (2013) Mantle Source Characteristics and Petrogenesis in the Lunar Crater Volcanic Field
Rasoazanamparany C, Widom E, Cortes J, Smith E, Valentine G, Kuentz D & Johnsen R
(2012) The Petrogenesis of Monogenetic Volcanoes Inferred from Lunar Crater Volcanic Field, Central Nevada
Rasoazanamparany C, Widom E, Valentine GA, Smith EI, Cortes JA, Kuentz D & Johnsen R

Valentine J. (2018) Manganese Speciation in Modern Cyanobacteria and its Relationship to the Evolution of Photosynthesis
Magyar J, Lingappa U, Monteverde D, Valentine J & Fischer W

Valentino G.M. (2004) Geochemical and Mineralogical Constraints on Algal Distribution in Acidic Hydrothermal Environments: Pisciarelli (Naples, Italy) as a Model Site
Valentino G, Ciniglia C, Cennamo P, de Stefano M, Stanzione D, Pinto G & Pollio A
(2002) Geochemistry and Pollution of Groundwaters from North-Western Side of Campi Flegrei Caldera
Valentino GM
(2002) Interaction between Acidic Geothermal Waters and Algae Living in Pisciarelli (Naples, Italy)
Cennamo P, Ciniglia C, Valentino GM & Stanzione D
(2000) Behavior of Toxic Elements in Hydrothermal Systems: As and Hg in the Thermal Waters of the Phlegraean Fields (Italy)
Valentino GM

Valenzuela M. (2018) Tracing Meteorite Terrestrial Weathering Effects on Rare Earth Elements (REEs) Distribution: Implications for Meteorite Weathering Related to Climate
Pourkhorsandi H, D’Orazio M, Rochette P, Valenzuela M, Debaille V & Gattacceca J

Valer M. (2015) Insights into the Origin of Magmas from the Adventive Cones of Piton de la Fournaise Volcano (La Réunion Island)
Valer M, Schiano P & Bachelery P

Valera G.T. (2016) How to Form Picritic Basalts: An Example from Panay Island, Philippines
Payot B, Arai S, Valera GT & Dimalanta C
(2016) Hornblende-Rich Xenoliths from Sabtang Island, Batanes: Insights to the Subarc Conditions beneath the Luzon Arc
Valera GT, Payot B, Arai S, Ishimaru S & Takeuchi M

Valera P. (2013) Geochemical Atlas of Italian Soils
Cicchella D, Albanese S, Dinelli E, Giaccio L, Lima A, Valera P & De Vivo B

Valeria D.R. (2013) Pathways of Redox State and Sulfur Release Track the Shift from Low-Energy to Highly-Explosive Basaltic Eruptions at Mt. Etna
Moretti R, Metrich N, Patrick A, Alessandro A, Ilenia A & Valeria DR

Valerie M. (2005) In situ Determination of the Partitioning of Pb, Rb, Sr between Hydrous Melts and Aqueous Fluids at High Pressure and Temperature
Bureau H, Menez B, Valerie M, Somogyi A, Munoz M, Simionovici A, Massare D, Burchard M, Kubsky S & Shaw C

Valero-Garcés B. (2017) Triple Oxygen and Hydrogen Isotopes in Hydration Water of Lacustrine Gypsum for Quantitative Paleo-Humidity Estimates
Gazquez F, Morellon M, Bauska T, Herwartz D, Surma J, Moreno A, Staubwasser M, Valero-Garces B & Hodell DA
(2007) A High-Resolution Study of Diatom Oxygen Isotopes in a Late Pleistocene to Early Holocene Laminated Record from Lake Chungará (Andean Altiplano, Northern Chile)
Hernández A, Bao R, Giralt S, Leng MJ, Barker PA, Pueyo JJ, Sáez A, Moreno A, Valero-Garcés B & Sloane HJ

Valet J-P. (2015) Linking Isotopic Signatures and Magnetic Parameters as Tracers of Erosion in the Bay of Bengal over the Last 160 ka
Rojas V, Meynadier L, Valet J-P, Bassinot F & Colin C

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