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Edadasi L. (2013) Neoarchean Island Arc Magmatism and Gold Mineralization: Examples from Eastern Dharwar Craton, India
Chakravadhanula M, Chatterjee A, Edadasi L & Mutum RS
(2013) Geochemical Signatures of Volcanic Rocks from Kadiri Greenstone Belt, Dharwar Craton, India: Implications on Gold Mineralization
Chatterjee A, Edadasi L, Mutum RS & Chakravadhanula M

Edahbi M. (2018) Rare Earth Elements Release Potential from Waste Rocks of the Montviel Carbonatite Deposit
Plante B, Edahbi M, Benzaazoua M & Pelletier M

Edberg F. (2012) Metal Fractionation in the Water Column of a Former U Open Pit Mine
Edberg F, Waellstedt T, Borg H & Holmstroem S
(2010) Microbial Community Analysis and Connection to Iron Chemistry in a Former Uranium Mine – Lake Tranebärssjön
Edberg F, Andersson AF & Holmström SJ
(2009) Characterization of Chemistry and Microbial Community in Lake Tranebärssjön – A Former Uranium Open Pit Mine
Edberg F, Andersson A, Hägglund A & Holmström S

Edbrook S. (2004) Deep Biosphere in Terrestrial Systems (DEBITS): The New Zealand Coal Band
Horsfield B, Sykes R, Parkes J, Mangelsdorf K, Kallmeyer J, Dieckmann V & Edbrook S

Eddy M. (2018) The Tempo of the Deccan Traps Flood Basalts Relative to the End-Cretaceous Mass Extinction
Schoene B, Eddy M, Samperton K, Keller G, Adatte T & Khadri S
(2013) Natural Cu-Al-Fe Metallic Quasicrystals in the New CV3 Meteorite Find, Khatyrka
Hollister L, Andronicos C, Bindi L, Distler V, Eddy M, Eiler J, Guan Y, Kostin A, Kryachko V, MacPherson G, Steinhardt W, Yudovskaya M & Steinhardt P

Edelev A. (2018) Sulfur Gases Emission from Sulfidic Mine Tailings in Winter: Geochemical and Geophysical Evidence
Yurkevich N, Bortnikova S, Olenchenko V, Yurkevich N, Edelev A, Saeva O & Abrosimova N

Edenborn H.M. (2011) Origin of Dissolved Metals in Produced Water from the Devonian Marcellus Shale, USA: Sr Isotope Systematics
Stewart B, Chapman E, Capo R, Hammack R, Schroeder K & Edenborn H
(2010) Sr Isotope Quantification of Siderite, Brine and AMD Contribution to High TDS Well Discharges
Chapman E, Capo R, Stewart B, Hedin R, Weaver T & Edenborn H
(2010) Flux of CO2 from a Flooded Bituminous Coal Mine, Allegheny County PA, USA
Vesper DJ, Edenborn HM & Capo RC

Eder M. (2012) Evolutionary Pathways of Biomineralization Explored Using Transformed Dictyostelium
Weiss I, Eder M, Weber E & Schonitzer V

Eder W. (2001) Composition of Hydrothermal Vent Microbial Communities as Revealed by Analyses of Signature Lipids, Stable Carbon Isotopes & Aquificales Cultures
Jahnke LL, Eder W, Huber R, Hinrichs K-U, Hayes JM, Des Marais DJ, Cady SL, Hope JM & Summons RE

Edery Y. (2016) Characterization of Bimolecular Reactive Transport in Heterogeneous Porous Media
Edery Y, Porta G, Guadagnini A, Scher H & Berkowitz B
(2015) Reactive Transport in Porous Media: Visualization and Modeling
Edery Y, Naftaly A, Dror I, Scher H & Berkowitz B

Edgar C. (2005) Scales of Chemical Heterogeneity in Felsic Magmas: The Fasnia Member, Tenerife, Canary Islands
Olin P, Wolff J & Edgar C

Edgar K. (2017) Enhanced Basalt Weathering Response to Elevated Global Temperatures in the Middle Eocene
Pearce C, Edgar K, Henehan M, Li G & Foster G
(2017) Late Cenozoic Climate and Carbon-Cycle Dynamics from the Arabian Sea (IODP 355)
Newton K, Bendle J, Edgar K, Liddy H, Feakins S, Clift P, Tauxe L, Kulhanek D, Scardia G, Warny S & Anand P
(2017) A Solution to a Long-Standing Miocene Mystery: New Temperature Records to Resolve Enigmatic pCO2 Reconstructions
Badger M, Anand P & Edgar K

Edgar Kirsty (2015) Eocene Seawater pH – Atmospheric CO2 Reconstructions Using Boron Isotopes in Planktonic Foraminifera
Anagnostou E, John E, Edgar K, Pearson P, Ridgwell A, Inglis G, Pancost R, Lunt D & Foster G
(2015) Srching for Silicate Weathering Feedback in the Geological Record
Pearce C, Foster G, Sexton P, Henehan M, Edgar K & Parkinson I

Edgar Kirsty (2013) Eocene pCO2 Reconstructions Using Boron Isotopes in “Glassy” Planktonic Foraminifera
Anagnostou E, John EH, Edgar KM, Pearson PN, Lear CH, Pancost RD & Foster GL
(2011) Quantifying Biotic Responses to Past Abrupt Climate Change: Thresholds and Sensitivities
Gibbs S, Edgar K, Bown P, O'Dea S, Sluijs A, Murphy B & Zachos J

Edgar N.T. (2005) High-Resolution Deglacial Record of Climate Change in Central Florida from Fresh Water Ostracodes
Hastings D, Hollweg T, Flower B, Cronin T, Edgar NT & Quinn T

Edgcomb V. (2014) Nucleic Acid Insights into Present and Past Microbial Activities in Subseafloor Sediment
Orsi W, Biddle J, Edgcomb V & Coolen M
(2014) Microorganismal Distribution in the Iberian Margin Deep Biosphere
Russell J, Orsi W, Edgcomb V & Biddle J
(2013) Gene Expression in the Deep Biosphere
Orsi W, Edgcomb V, Christmann G & Biddle J

Edgerton E. (2010) Measurements of Halogen Oxides and Speciated Mercury at a Coastal Site in Pensacola, FL
Coburn S, Dix B, Sinreich R, Terschure A, Edgerton E & Volkamer R

Edgett K. (2016) MSL Chemistry and Mineralogy of the Bagnold Dunes, Gale Crater
Ehlmann B, Achilles C, Bridges N, Conrad P, Cousin A, Edgett K, Fraeman A, Johnson J, Lapotre M, Litvak M, Rowland S, Schroder S, Sutter B, Stein N, Thompson L, Vaniman D, Vasavada A & Yen A

Edinei K. (2011) Tectonic Evolution of a ~800-767 Ma Continental Arc-Back-Arc System in South Brazil
Lenz C, Porcher C, Fernandes L, Conceição R, Edinei K & Masquelin H

Edinger Evan (2015) Neodymium Isotopic Composition of Deep-Sea Corals from the Labrador Sea: Implications for NW Atlantic Deepwater Circulation during the Holocene, Bølling-Allerød, MIS 5c and 7a
Ménabréaz L, Maccali J, Blénet A, Ghaleb B, Poirier A, Edinger E & Hillaire-Marcel C

Edinger Evan (2012) Epsilon Nd Signatures of NW North Atlantic Water Masses and their Recording in Deep Corals from Orphan Knoll
Poirier A, Retailleau S, Blenet A, Ghaleb B, Hillaire-Marcel C & Edinger E
(2011) Osmium Isotopes in Manganese Nodules from the Labrador Sea
Poirier A, Hillaire-Marcel C, Meredyk S & Edinger E

Edkymish A. (2011) Lead(II) Sorption to Soil Materials – Binding Heterogeneity and Influence of Phosphate
Gustafsson JP, Tiberg C, Edkymish A & Kleja DB

Edlmann K. (2013) Investigating the Role of Noble Gases as Tracers for CO2 Storage
Kilgallon R, Gilfillan S, McDermott C & Edlmann K

Edmiston P. (2012) Highly Swellable Glass Composite Materials For in situ Groundwater Remediation and Organic Vapor Permeable Proppants
Edmiston P, Pickett D & Quenneville J

Edmonds Henrietta (2009) Export Fluxes from Submarine Venting to the Ocean: A Synthesis of Results from the Rainbow Hydrothermal Field, 36°N MAR
German C, Thurnherr A, Knoery J, Charlou J-L, Jean-Baptiste P & Edmonds H

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