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Cramer E. (2013) Which Age is the True Age? Unravelling within-Flow Ar/Ar Age Variations in Faroe Islands Basalt Lavas
Cramer E, Sherlock S, Halton A, Blake S, Barry T, Kelley S & Jolley D

Crampe E. (2017) Isotope Dendrochronology of African Mahogany (Entandrophragma Macrophyllum) from the Central African Republic as a Hydroclimate Proxy
Verheyden A, Crampe E, Gillikin D & Bouillon S

Crampon M. (2016) Nanoparticles and Bacterial Biofilm Interactions in Natural Groundwater: Implication for NPs Mobility and Toxicity for Bacteria
Crampon M, Hellal J, Michel C, Wille G, Mouvet C & Ollivier P

Crampond K. (2019) Links between Iron and Humic Substances Biogeochemistry in the Ocean
Dulaquais G, Crampond K, Waeles M, Gerringa LJA, Middag R, Rijkenberg M, Boye M & Riso R

Crampton J. (2017) Redox-Sensitive Metals in Red Shales: Exploring a New Archive for Palaeoceanographic Reconstruction
Gangl S, Stirling C, Moy C, Jenkyns H, Crampton J, Clarkson M & Porcelli D
(2016) High-resolution δ13Corg and TOC Records for the palaeo-Pacific Ocean during ‘OAE-2’: Insights into the Global Extent of Ocean Anoxia
Gangl S, Stirling C, Moy C, Jenkyns H, Crampton J, Clarkson M & Porcelli D

Cramwinckel M.J. (2018) A North Atlantic Sea Surface Temperature Reconstruction for the Middle Eocene Climatic Optimum
van der Ploeg R, Cramwinckel MJ, Kocken IJ, van der Meer AE, Müller IA, Ziegler M, Leutert TJ, Meckler AN, Sexton PF, Bohaty SM, Wilson PA, Peterse F, Schouten S, Reichart G-J, Middelburg JJ & Sluijs A

Crancon P. (2019) Molecular Composition and Dynamics of Dissolved Organic Matter from the Podzolic Soils of a Temperate Wetland
Maria E, Crançon P, Lespes G & Bridoux M
(2016) Thermodynamic and Kinetic Properties of U(VI) Sorption on Chalk Substrates
Gehin A, Markelov I, Crancon P & Charlet L

Crandall Dustin (2018) Investigation of Scaling in Marcellus Shale during a Laboratory Simulated Hydraulic Fracturing Fluid Flow and Shut-In Period
Xiong W, Moore J, Hakala JA, Crandall D & Lopano C
(2018) Mineral Paragenesis and Microtextures in Naturally Sealed Shale Fractures
Sheets J, Hajirezaie S, Swift A, Crandall D, Cole D, Peters C & Kornacki A

Crandall Dustin M. (2017) Geochemical and Structural Alterations by CO2-rich Brine Transport Through Mt. Simon Reservoir Core Under Supercritical CO2 Conditions
Davila G, Zahasky C, Benson SM, Crandall DM, Werth CL & Druhan JL
(2017) Characterization of Reaction Fronts Associated with Mineral Carbonation of Fractured Basalts
Menefee A, Giammar D, Crandall D & Ellis B

Crane Edward (2018) The Chemical and Biological Evolution of a Meromictic Lake, Washington USA
Gilhooly W, Harris J, Bosco-Santos A, Steinman B, Crane E, Shelton M, Picard C, O'Beirne M & Werne J
(2016) Characterization of Thiol, Disulfide and Persulfide Compounds for Environmental Studies Using Cyclic Voltammetry
To D & Crane EJ
(2016) Characterization of Forms of Sulfur that Predominate during S Reduction with Enzymes, in Microbial Cultures and in Sulfidogenic Environments
Crane E, To D, Zhu B, Li W, Kafantaris F & Druschel G

Crane Ej (2011) Potential for Widespread Microbial Liberation of Structurally-Coordinated Iron from Common Clay Minerals in Marine Sediments
Gaines R, Trang J, Scott S, Crane E, Prokopenko M & Berelson W

Crane R. (2016) Enhanced Leaching of Copper and Arsenic from Mine Tailings Using Biodegradable Acids for Resource Recovery and Remediation
Sapsford D & Crane R
(2014) Modelling Saline Water Intrusion Processes in Dual Porosity Media Using Centrifuge Permeameter Techniques
Crane R, Cuthbert M & Timms W

Crane S. (2009) Microbial Mercury Resistance in Geothermal Springs
Barkay T, Wang Y & Crane S

Crane, Iii E. (2014) Characterization of Forms of Zero-Valent Sulfur in the Microbial Metabolism of Sulfur and Thiosulfate and in Enzymatic Sulfur Reduction
Crane, Iii E, Zhu B, Li W, Kafantaris F & Druschel G

Crannell B. (2002) Use of Surface Analysis, Solid-State Spectroscopy, and Geochemical Modelling to Characterize Phosphate-Stabilized Wastes
Eighmy T, Crannell B, Eusden D, Butler L & Cartledge F

Crapster-Pregont E. (2018) Rare Earth Elements in CO and CV Chondrite Components
Ebel D, Crapster-Pregont E, Gemma M & Christoph J
(2014) Hierarchical Accretion, Melting by Short Circuits, and the Origins of Chondritic Planetesimals
Ebel D, Weisberg M, Hubbard A, Crapster-Pregont E, McNally C & Mac Low M-M
(2013) Cosmochemical Constraints on Asteroid Accretion
Ebel D, Weisberg M & Crapster-Pregont E
(2011) Intercalibration of Ar-Ar Standards and Samples at LDEO
Hemming S, Tsukui K, Mesko G, Ali G, Cai Y, Adler A, Campbell S, Crapster-Pregont E, Doherty C, Gombiner J, Russell J, Templeton J, Tremblay M & Vankeuren M
(2010) Lithium and Oxygen Isotopes and Oxidation State of Lower Oceanic Crust: Atlantis Massif, 30°N
Reynolds V, Crapster-Pregont E, Dyar D, Jawin E, McDonough W, Qiu L, Rumble D & Tucker J

Craven C. (2014) Vadose Zone Salinity Accumulation and Flushing in Aridland Regolith Aquifer, South Australia
Bestland E, Craven C, Custance H & Lewis S

Craven J. (2007) High Resolution Ion Microprobe Analysis of Sulphur Isotopes in Speleothem Carbonate
Wynn P, Fairchild I, Baker A, Frisia S, Borsato A, Miorandi R, Spotl C & Craven J

Cravo-Laureau C. (2017) Temperature-Dependent Bacterial Alkyl Glycerol Ether Lipid Composition: Towards New Tracers of Seawater Paleotemperature Changes?
Vinçon-Laugier A, Cravo-Laureau C & Grossi V

Cravotta C. (2018) Field Assessment and Modelling of Radium Co-precipitation in Western US Produced Water Streams
McDevitt B, Cravotta C, McLaughlin M, Blotevogel J, Borch T & Warner N
(2017) Cation Exchange as a Control on Coal Mine Drainage Geochemistry in the Appalachian Region, Eastern USA
Hedin B, Capo R, Stewart B, Cravotta C, Hawkins J & Hedin R

Craw Dave (2019) Graphitisation in the Shallow Mantle Wedge of a Fossil Subduction Zone
Menzies C, Muirhead D, Craw D, Boyce A, Roberts S & Kelemen P
(2016) The Role of Carbonaceous Material in Gold Deposition in Metasediment-Hosted Orogenic Gold Deposits
Hu S, Evans K, Craw D, Rempel K & Grice K

Craw David (2015) Supergene Gold Transformations Under Varying Redox Conditions, New Zealand
Kerr G, Craw D, MacKenzie D & Henderson S
(2015) Mineralogy and Chemistry along an Arsenic Attenuation Pathway Through an Orogenic Gold Mine, New Zealand
Craw D, Kerr G & Pope J
(2014) Organic Matter Distal to Macraes Gold Deposit, New Zealand
Hu S, Evans K, Rempel K, Craw D, Grice K & Dick J
(2013) Detection of Non-Stoichiometric Silicate Mineral Dissolution in Rivers Draining Alpine Glaciers Using δ44/40Ca
Moore J, Jacobson AD, Holmden C & Craw D
(2009) δ44Ca Traces Chemical Weathering of Hydrothermal Calcite in the Southern Alps of New Zealand
Moore J, Jacobson A, Holmden C & Craw D
(2009) Fluid Origins in Orogenic Au Mineralization Defined by Noble Gas-Halogen Systematics, Alpine & Otago Schists, New Zealand
Goodwin N, Burgess R, Craw D, Sumino H, Teagle D & Ballentine C
(2008) Combined Noble Gas-Halogen Study of Mesothermal Au Fluid Origin, Alpine & Otago Schists, NZ
Goodwin N, Ballentine C, Burgess R, Craw D, Sumino H & Teagle D
(2008) 40Ar/39Ar Geochronology and Pb Isotopic Evidence for the Role of Ridge Subduction in Generating Orogenic Gold Mineralization in the Otago Schist Belt, New Zealand
Mortensen JK, Craw D, MacKenzie DJ, Ullrich T & Gabites JE
(2007) Arsenic Mineralogy in high-As Wastes at Historic Gold Mine Sites, New Zealand
Haffert L & Craw D
(2007) A Noble Gas Approach to Fluid Origin in Mesothermal Gold Deposits, Otago & Alpine Schists, New Zealand
Goodwin N, Ballentine C, Burgess R, Craw D, Sumino H & Teagle D
(2006) Dating topographic evolution in New Zealand using mitochondrial DNA
Craw D, Burridge C, Norris R & Waters J

Crawford A. (2018) Thermodynamics of Exchange in Ion Adsorption Type Rare Earth Ore
Crawford A, Banwart S, Palumbo-Roe B & Kalka H
(2017) Anammox in Gulf of Alaska OMZ Nitrogen Cycling over Last ~60 ka as Revealed by BHT Isomer
Rush D, Zindorf M, Crawford A, Jaeger J, Schnetger B & März C

Crawford A. (2006) A Magmatic – Hydrothermal Origin for the Giant Broken Hill Pb-Zn Deposit
Crawford A & Stevens B
(2006) Extensive Basaltic Magmatism On The Naturaliste Plateau, Offshore SW Australia
Crawford A, Direen N, Coffin M, Cohen B, Paul B, Mitrovic L & Forbes C
(2006) Heterogeneous primary melts of the Emeishan picrites: contribution from eclogite to “plume” magmas
Kamenetsky M, Kamenetsky V, Chung S-L, Crawford A, Kuzmin D & Sobolev A

Crawford Ian (2016) The Magmatic Evolution of the Moon as Recorded by Pb Isotopes
Snape J, Nemchin A, Bellucci J, Whitehouse M, Tartèse R, Barnes J, Anand M, Crawford I & Joy K

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