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All abstracts by Derek Vance in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Controls on Nickel and Zinc Micronutrient Availability in Phanerozoic Oceans
Sweere T, Dickson AJ & Vance D

(2023) Coupled High-Resolution Ni and Mo Isotope Evolution of the Late Cretaceous Ocean
Sun M, Archer C, Scholz F, Sweere T & Vance D

(2023) Source Versus Weathering Processes as Controls on the Mackenzie River Uranium Isotope Signature
Charbonnier Q, Clarkson MO, Hilton R & Vance D

(2023) Nickel Cycling in the Ocean: Insights from Isotopes and Metagenomics
Lemaitre N, Faure E, Ellwood MJ, Hassler C, Maignien L & Vance D

(2023) Dominance of Benthic Fluxes in the Oceanic Beryllium Budget and Implications for Paleo-Denudation Records
Deng K, Rickli J, Suhrhoff TJ, Du J, Scholz F, Severmann S, Yang S, McManus J & Vance D

(2023) Investigating Paleo-Silicate Weathering at Lake Baikal Using Radiogenic Sr, Nd, Pb, and Meteoric Be Isotopes
Suhrhoff TJ, Rickli J, Christl M, Prokopenko A & Vance D

(2023) The Manganese Oxide Sink for Oceanic Trace Metals: Self-Consistent Budgets for Trace Metal Isotope Systems
Vance D, Fleischmann S & Sun M

(2023) The Nickel Output to Abyssal Pelagic Manganese Oxides: A Balanced Elemental and Isotope Budget for the Oceans
Fleischmann S, Du J, Chatterjee A, McManus J, Iyer SD, Amonkar A & Vance D

(2023) What Controls the Marine Zn Isotope Distribution? Insights from Data-Constrained Modelling
Eisenring C, de Souza GF & Vance D

(2023) Nickel Isotopes in Sediment and Porewaters from Highly Productive Upwelling Margins
Archer C, Sweere T, Kraal P, Scholz F & Vance D

(2022) Reconstructing Past Weathering Conditions at Lake Baikal Using Radiogenic Sr, Nd, and Pb and Meteoric Be Isotopes
Suhrhoff TJ, Rickli J, Christl M, Prokopenko A & Vance D

(2022) The Nickel Isotope Evolution of Seawater Through the Phanerozoic Eon
Sun M, Archer C, Sweere T, Shen Y, Algeo T, Dickson AJ, Gill B, Dahl TW & Vance D

(2022) Nickel and Zinc Cycling in the Southern Ocean: Insights from Isotopes
Lemaitre N, Planquette H, Jeandel C, Ellwood M, Hassler C & Vance D

(2022) Dominance of Benthic Process in Continental Shelf Rare Earth Element (REE) Cycling and Implications for the Oceanic REE Budget
Deng K, Yang S, Du J, Lian E & Vance D

(2022) Reactive-Transport Modeling of the Early Diagenesis of Neodymium and its Radiogenic Isotope in Deep-Sea Sediments: The Roles of Authigenesis, Silicate Weathering and Reverse Weathering
Du J, Haley BA, Mix AC & Vance D

(2022) The Benthic Flux of Ni from Reducing Environments: The Example of the Baltic Sea
Fleischmann S, Scholz F, Du J & Vance D

(2022) Multi-Dimensional Constraints on the History of Deep Ocean Oxygenation from Metal Isotope Systems
Vance D

(2021) Re-assessing the Role of Water-Column Sulphide Formation in the Marine Cd Cycle
de Souza G, Vance D, Sieber M, Conway T & Little SH

(2021) Nickel-Isotope Cycling on the Namibian Margin
Sweere T, Ungerhofer KA, Lemaitre N, Kraal P & Vance D

(2021) Studying the Cycling of Trace Elements and Isotopes at the Sediment-Water Interface Using a Diagenetic Model with Automated Code Generation for User Defined Problems
Du J(, Haley BA, Mix AC & Vance D

(2021) Magnesium and Uranium Isotope Composition of the Sturtian Jacoca Formation Cap Dolomite, Brazil
Clavijo Arcos RE, Clarkson MO, Vance D, Sial AN, Müller MN & Shalev N

(2021) Preconcentration and Determination of Beryllium and Rare Earth Elements in Small Volumes of Marine Pore-Water
Deng K, Du J(, Rickli J, Suhrhoff TJ & Vance D

(2021) The Oceanic Biogeochemistry of Nickel and its Isotopes
Lemaitre N, Archer C, de Souza G, Du J( & Vance D

(2021) Rare Earth Elements in the Pore Waters of Abyssal Sediments
Haley BA, McManus J, Du J( & Vance D

(2021) A Characterisation of Dolomitization in Triassic Dolomites of Ticino, Switzerland, Using δ26Mg and Clumped Isotopes
Dale DP, Bernasconi SM, Vance D, Rosskopf R & Shalev N

(2021) The Potential of GEOTRACES Zn Data for Constraining Biogeochemical Model Behavior
Eisenring C, de Souza G, Oliver S, Khatiwala S & Vance D

(2021) Constraining Sulphide Weathering in the Mackenzie Basin Using Molybdenum Isotopes
Charbonnier Q, Archer C, Bouchez J, Gaillardet J, Hilton RG & Vance D

(2021) Weathering and Denudation Fluxes in the Lake Baikal Watershed and their Delivery to the Lake: A Study of Major Ion Fluxes, 10Be/9Be Ratios and Radiogenic Isotopes (Sr, Nd)
Suhrhoff TJ, Rickli J, Christl M, Vologina E, Sklyarov E & Vance D

(2021) Insights into the Oceanic Zn Cycle Across the Paleocene-Eocene Transition
Müsing K, Clarkson MO & Vance D

(2021) The Oceanic Budget of Nickel: New Concentration and Isotope Data from Mn-Rich Pelagic Sediments
Fleischmann S, Chatterjee A, McManus J & Vance D

(2021) Nickel Isotope of Paleo-Seawater at the End-Ordovician
Sun M, Archer C, Li M, Shen Y, Algeo T & Vance D

(2020) Trace Element Budgets in Lake Baikal Question the Dominant Effect of Salinity in Estuarine Removal Processes
Suhrhoff TJ, Rickli J, Vologina EG, Pham V, Belhadj M, Sklyarov EV, Jeandel C & Vance D

(2020) Application of Multi-Element and Multi-Isotopic Approaches to the Study of Oceanic Anoxia
Sun M, Archer C, Vance D & Shen Y

(2020) Upper Limits on Oceanic Anoxia during the PETM: A Uranium Isotope Perspective
Clarkson M, Bagard M-L, Dickson A, Andersen M, Vance D & Lenton T

(2020) Tracing Anthropogenic Aerosol Trace Metal Sources in the North Atlantic Ocean Using Pb, Ni and Zn Isotopes
Zhang X, Lemaitre N, Rickli JD, Suhrhoff TJ, Shelley R, Benhra A, Jeyid MA & Vance D

(2020) Nickel Isotopes in the Ocean
Lemaitre N, Archer C, Zamora R & Vance D

(2020) Tracing Estuarine Metal Release from River-Borne Particulates in Iceland
Burton K, Archer C, Gislason S, Pogge von Strandmann P, McCoy-West A & Vance D

(2019) δ26Mg of Recent Dolomites – Dohat Faishakh Sabkha, Qatar
Shalev N, Bontognali TRR & Vance D

(2019) Understanding Molybdenum and Uranium Isotope Systematics in Continental Margin Sediments
He Z, Clarkson M, Andersen M, Archer C, Huang F & Vance D

(2019) Behavior of Beryllium in the Weathering Environment and its Delivery to the Oceans
Suhrhoff TJ, Rickli J, Crocket K, Bura-Nakic E & Vance D

(2019) Improved Ion-Exchange Procedures for Multiple Transition Metal Isotope Proxy Studies
Sun M, Archer C, Vance D & Shen Y

(2019) Ni and d60Ni Controls by Colloidal Complexation and Secondary Oxide Precipitation: New Insights from the Amazon Basin
Revels B, Rickli J, Moura C & Vance D

(2019) Trace Element Cycling in the North Atlantic
Lemaitre N, Planquette H, Dehairs F, Planchon F, Sarthou G, Lherminier P & Vance D

(2019) Uranium Isotope Constraints on Ocean De-Oxygenation during the PETM
Clarkson M, Bagard M-L, Dickson A, Vance D & Lenton T

(2019) Iron Cycling in the Upper Southern Ocean – Insights from Fe Isotopes
Sieber M, Conway T, De Souza G, Ellwood M & Vance D

(2019) Iron Sources and Cycling in the Peruvian Oxygen Minimum Zone Assessed Using Iron Isotopes
Rapp I, Sieber M, Scholz F, Hopwood M, Conway T, Xie RC, Frank M, Vance D & Achterberg EP

(2019) Biogeochemical Behaviour of Cd and Zn in Eastern-Boundary OMZs
de Souza G, Sieber M, Conway T & Vance D

(2019) Influence of Seasonal Variability on Zn Cycling in OGCMs with Different Spatial Resolutions
Eisenring C, de Souza G, Khatiwala S & Vance D

(2019) The Output of Nickel from the Ocean to Reducing Sediments
Chatterjee A, Ciscato ER, Little SH, Severmann S, Mcmanus J & Vance D

(2018) The Cycling of Zn and Cd Isotopes in Multiple Sectors of the Southern Ocean from the Antarctic Circumnavigation Expedition
Sieber M, Conway T, de Souza G, Ellwood M & Vance D

(2018) Zinc and Nickel Isotopes in the North Atlantic Ocean (GA01 Transect)
Lemaitre N, Archer C, Wang R-M, Planquette H, Cheize M, Boutorh J, Menzel Barraqueta J-L, Shelley R & Vance D

(2018) Reducing the Role of Contaminant Phases for Metal Isotopes in Carbonates
Clarkson M, Müsing K, Andersen M & Vance D

(2018) Ni Isotope Fractionation Associated with Phytoplankton Uptake in the Sth. Atlantic Ocean – Is it Significant?
Archer C, Vance D & Lohan M

(2018) Metal Isotope Signatures in Mn-Rich Pelagic Sediments: Implications for Oceanic Budgets
Little S, Chatterjee A, Ciscato E, McManus J & Vance D

(2018) The Role of Ridge-Flank (Low-T) Hydrothermal Circulation in the Oceanic Mg Budget – Mg Isotope Constraints
Shalev N, Wheat CG & Vance D

(2017) Experimental Confirmation of Isotope Fractionation in Thiomolybdates Using Ion Chromatographic Separation and Detection by Multi-Collector ICP-MS
Kerl CF, Lohmayer R, Bura-Nakic E, Vance D & Planer-Friedrich B

(2017) Incorporation and Preservation Potential of Boron Isotope Signals in Cold-Water Octocorals
Gutjahr M, Fietzke J, Rae JWB, Foster GL, Vance D, Hillenbrand C-D, Hoffmann DL & Kuhn G

(2017) An Experimental Study of Reductive Cleaning Procedures for Investigating Metal Isotopes in Ancient Carbonates
Müsing KD, He Z, Clarkson MO & Vance D

(2017) Phase Partitioning of Transition Metals and their Isotopes in the Particulate Load of the Amazon River
Revels B, Rickli J, Moura C & Vance D

(2017) Tracking Seawater Chemistry over the Last 3.2Ga: A Ni Stable Isotope Perspective
Ciscato ER, Vance D, Bontognali TRR & Poulton SW

(2017) Intensification of Antarctic Ocean Stratification at the End of the Mid-Pleistocene Transition
Hasenfratz AP, Jaccard SL, Martinez-Garcia A, Hodell DA, Vance D, Bernasconi S, Kleiven H(F, Sigman DM & Haug GH

(2017) Negligible Ni Isotope Fractionation Associated with Phytoplankton Uptake in the South Atlantic Ocean
Archer C, Vance D & Lohan M

(2017) The Role of Southern Ocean Processes in Controlling the Distribution of Cd Isotopes at Lower Latitudes in the South West Pacific
Sieber M, Conway T, Takano S, Sohrin Y & Vance D

(2017) Chemistry, not Biology, is the Main Control on Modern Ocean Transition Metal Isotope Budgets
Vance D, Archer C, Little S, Köbberich M, de Souza G & Ciscato E

(2017) First Zn Stable Isotope Results on Cultured Marine Cyanobacteria
Köbberich M & Vance D

(2017) Variations of Zinc and Nickel Isotopes in a Natural Iron Fertilized Region Around Kerguelen Island, Southern Ocean
Wang R-M, Archer C, Bowie AR & Vance D

(2016) Uranium and Mo Isotopes Record a Slowdown of the E. Mediterranean Overturning during the Last Interglacial Period (~125 ky)
Andersen MB, Matthews A, Vance D, Bar-Matthews M & Archer C

(2016) Phase-Specific Geochemistry of Trace Metals: Development of a Novel Biosignature
Ciscato ER, Vance D, Bontognali TRR & Poulton SW

(2016) Ligand Control on Zn Isotope Signatures of Marine Phytoplankton
Köbberich M & Vance D

(2016) Zinc and Nickel Isotope Systematics in the South Atlantic Ocean
Archer C, Vance D & Lohan M

(2016) The Role of the Polar Oceans in Controlling the Distribution of Cd Isotopes at Lower Latitudes in the South West Pacific
Sieber M, Conway TM, Takano S, Sohrin Y & Vance D

(2016) Studying High-Latitude Silicon Cycling in the Sea Using Si Stable Isotopes
de Souza G, Maden C, Wetzel F, Carter B, Obata H & Vance D

(2016) Trace Metal and Iron Isotope Cycling in the Meromictic Lake Cadagno
Hassler C, Vance D, Moisset S, Pascal L & Ellwood M

(2016) Rapid-Throughput MC-ICPMS Techniques for Analysis of Multiple Transition Metal Isotope Ratios in Seawater, and Case Studies from Recent GEOTRACES Cruises
Conway TM, Archer C, Rosenberg AD, Adkins JF, John SG & Vance D

(2016) Distribution of the Dissolved Load of Transition Metals and their Isotopes in the Amaon River
Revels B, Rickli J, Moura C & Vance D

(2016) The Continent-Ocean Flux of Transition Metals and their Isotopes
Vance D

(2015) Molybdenum and Uranium Isotopes in a Euxinic Lake
Bura Nakic E, Andersen MB, Archer C & Vance D

(2015) Constraints on the Incongruent Weathering of Hf Isotopes in the Leverett and Russell Catchments, West Greenland
Rickli J, Hindshaw R, Leuthold J, Burton K & Vance D

(2015) Organic-Bound Trace Metals and Geosphere-Biosphere Co-evolution: Development of a Novel Biosignature
Ciscato ER, Vance D, Bontognali TRR, Little SH & Poulton SW

(2015) Coupled Organic & Inorganic Tracers of Particle Flux Processes in the Western Arctic Ocean
Schwab M, Rickli J, Blusztajn J, Manganini S, Harvey R, Vance D, McIntyre C & Eglinton T

(2015) Evolution of Export Production, SST and Seawater δ18O in the Antarctic Southern Ocean Across the MPT
Hasenfratz AP, Martinez-Garcia A, Jaccard SL, Hodell DA, Vance D, Bernasconi S, Greaves M, Kleiven HF & Haug GH

(2015) Mineralogy and Geochemistry of the Bikoula Banded Iron Formations in the Ntem Complex, Southern Cameroon
Teutsong T, Bontognali T, Ndjigui P-D, Vrijmoed J, Teagle D & Vance D

(2015) Particulate Riverine Inputs of Metals and their Isotopes to the Oceans
Revels B, Rickli J & Vance D

(2015) Iron Limited Diatoms do not Fractionate Zinc Isotopes: Culturing Evidence
Köbberich M, Ritscher A, Cox AD & Vance D

(2015) Particulate Metal Stable Isotopes in the South Atlantic
Little S, Vance D & Milne A

(2015) The Oceanic Biogeochemical Cycle of Zinc and its Isotopes: The Dominance of Diatoms and the Southern Ocean
Vance D, Little S, De Souza G, Köbberich M, Zhao Y, Cullen J & Lohan M

(2014) Modelling Reactive Iron Species as a Proxy for the Spatial Distribution and Intensity of Ocean De-Oxygenation Events in an Earth System Model
Death R, Ridgwell A, Arndt S, Monteiro F, Sherman D & Vance D

(2013) Nickel Isotopic Composition of Modern Seawater and Rivers
Cameron V & Vance D

(2013) Boundary Addition of Hf and Nd in the Southern Ocean
Rickli J, Gutjahr M, Vance D, Hillenbrand C-D, Kuhn G & Fischer-Gödde M

(2013) Uranium Isotopes in Anoxic Sediments
Andersen M, Vance D, Little S, Herdsman R, Matthews A, Lyons T & Romaniello S

(2013) Calculation of Mass (Im-)balance in the Oceanic Cycling of Cu and Zn Isotopes
Little S, Vance D, Lyons T & McManus J

(2013) The Oceanic Cycles of the Transition Metals and their Isotopes
Vance D, Cameron V, Little S & Archer C

(2013) Higher Oxygenation Level after Sturtian Glaciation Meltdown Despite Varying Local Redox in Nanhua Basin
Ling H-F, Chen X, Li D, Shields G, Vance D & Och L

(2013) Surface Ocean δ11B-pH Reconstructions and Insights into the Ocean-Atmosphere Carbon Exchange during the Last Deglaciation
Martínez-Botí MA, Marino G, Foster GL, Ziveri P, Henehan MJ, Mortyn PG & Vance D

(2013) Zinc Isotopes as a Tool to Study Zinc Uptake by Marine Phytoplankton
Köbberich M, Cox A & Vance D

(2013) Interpreting Molybdenum Isotopes as a Proxy for the Spatial Distribution and Intensity of Ocean De-Oxygenation Events in an Earth System Model
Death R, Ridgwell A, Arndt S, Monteiro F, Sherman D & Vance D

(2013) Mo Isotope Signature of OAE 2
Westermann S, Vance D, Cameron V, Archer C & Robinson S

(2012) The Isotopic Mass Balance of Zinc in the Oceans
Little S, Vance D, Sherman D & Lyons T

(2012) Isotopic Tracers of Metal Cycling in the Oceans and Sediments
Vance D, Little S, Cameron V, Sherman D, Westermann S, Matthews A & Lyons T

(2012) Controls on Mo Isotope Fractionations
Goldberg T, Poulton S, Archer C, Vance D & Thamdrup B

(2012) Fluctuations in Ocean Anoxia: Evidence from Cretaceous OAEs
Westermann S, Vance D, Archer C & Robinson S

(2012) Zinc Isotopic Data from the NE Pacific Reveals Shallow Recycling
Vance D, Zhao Y, Cullen J & Lohan M

(2011) Redox Evolution of the Late Neoproterozoic to Early Cambrian Ocean on Yangtze Platform, China
Chen X, Vance D, Ling H, Archer C, Shields G & Och L

(2011) Abiotic and Biotic Control of the δ65Cu and δ66Zn Composition of Seawater
Little S, Vance D & Sherman D

(2011) Causes and Consequences of Isotopically Heavy Dissolved Molybdenum in Rivers
Vance D, Keech A, Matthews A & Archer C

(2011) Low Molybdenum Isotope Compositions in Euxinic Sapropel S1
Azrieli I, Matthews A, Bar-Matthews M, Almogi-Labin A, Vance D, Archer C & Teutsch N

(2011) Testing the 'Post-Glacial Weathering Peak' Hypothesis – A Lacustrine Record of 87Sr/86Sr
Keech AR, Vance D, Archer C & Lund SP

(2011) The Relase of Hf Isotopes during Weathering
Rickli J, Keech A, Archer C & Vance D

(2011) Nickel Isotopes, BIFs and the Archean Oceans
Cameron V, Vance D & Poulton S

(2011) Mo Isotope Signature of OAE 1a: New Insights from the Western Tethys
Westermann S, Vance D, Archer C & Robinson S

(2011) Lack of a Late Deglacial Carbonate Compensation Signal in the Intermediate Depth Amundsen Sea
Gutjahr M, Vance D, Rae JWB, Foster GL, Hillenbrand C-D & Kuhn G

(2011) Surface δ11B-pH Reconstructions and Insights into the Dynamics of the Oceanic Carbonate System during the Last Deglaciation
Martínez-Botí MA, Foster GL & Vance D

(2011) Zinc Isotopes in the Southern Ocean – A Tracer of Biogeochemical Cycling ?
Zhao Y, Vance D & Abouchami W

(2011) U-Series Disequilibria during Soil Weathering
Andersen MB, Vance D, Keech AR, Rickli J & Hudson G

(2010) Copper Isotope Fractionation in Seawater: The Role of Scavenging by Ferromanganese Crusts
Little S, Vance D, Sherman D & Hein J

(2010) Isotopic Fractionation of Mo, Cu and Zn during Weathering: The Record from Soils and Rivers
Keech AR, Vance D, Archer C, Foster GL, Hudson G & Blum JD

(2009) Validating the Use of Scleraxonian Southern Ocean Deep-Sea Corals for Radiocarbon Ventilation Age Dating
Gutjahr M, Vance D, Hoffmann D, Hillenbrand C-D & Kuhn G

(2009) Controls on Mo Isotope Fractionations in Modern Anoxic Marine Sediments – A Key to Paleoredox Research
Goldberg T, Poulton S, Archer C, Vance D & Thamdrup B

(2009) Mo Isotope Proxy for Ancient Anoxia: Insights from a Modern Anoxic Basin
Archer C, Vance D, Goldberg T, Poulton S, Thamdrup B & Acuna G

(2009) Trace Metal Proxies for Ancient Oceanic Anoxia: Perspectives from Modern Biogeochemical Cycles
Vance D, Archer C, Goldberg T & Poulton S

(2009) The Zn Isotopic Composition of Diatom Frustules, a Proxy for Zn Availability in Ocean Surface Seawater
Andersen MB, Vance D, Archer C, Ellwood M, Allen C, Hellenbrand CD & Anderson RF

(2009) Chemical Weathering Rates in an Icehouse World: Insights from the Isotopic Record in Soils
Keech AR, Vance D, Archer C, Foster GL & Blum JD

(2009) Deep Water Production in the GIN Seas: The Nd Record from Feni Drift
Crocket K, Gutjahr M, Foster G, Richards D, Vance D & Tranter M

(2008) Transition Metal Isotopes in Rivers and the Weathering Environment
Archer C & Vance D

(2008) Antarctic Circumpolar Current Nd Isotope Variability Recorded in Amundsen Sea Deep Sea Corals
Hoffmann DL, Gutjahr M, Vance D & Hillenbrand C-D

(2008) The Marine Pb Isotope Response to Ice Sheet Growth and Decay
Crocket KC, Foster GL, Richards DA, Vance D, Tranter M & Wadham JL

(2008) Quaternary Weathering Rates and Marine Geochemical Budgets
Vance D, Teagle D & Foster G

(2008) Neodymium Boundary Exchange in Two North East Atlantic Water Profiles
Carter P, Vance D & Schmidt D

(2008) 143Nd/144Nd and 87Sr/86Sr Ratios in Speleothems from Israel as Tracers for Dust Provenance in the Eastern Mediterranean, and NE Sahara
Bar-Matthews M, Gutjahr M, Vance D, Vaks A & Hawkesworth C

(2008) Modeling Oxygen Isotopes in the Mediterranean
Osborne A, Valdes P & Vance D

(2008) Towards a Mechanistic Understanding of Mo Isotope Fractionations
Goldberg T, Archer C, Vance D & Poulton S

(2008) The Zn Isotopic Composition of Diatom Frustules: An Archive of Past Trace Metal Depletion in HNLC Zones?
Andersen MB, Vance D, Archer C, Ellwood M, Hillenbrand C-D, Allen C & Anderson R

(2007) Nickel Stable Isotopes as Biogeochemical Tracers
Cameron V, Vance D, Archer C & House C

(2007) Benthic Foraminifera as a Novel Substrate for Deep-Water Nd Isotopes
Carter P, Vance D & Schmidt D

(2007) Nd Isotope Records of the Deep South Atlantic and the Intepretation of Neogene δ13C Gradients
Klevenz V, Vance D, Schmidt D & Mezger K

(2007) Pb Isotopes and Glacial/Interglacial Weathering Intensity
Crocket K, Richards D, Foster G & Vance D

(2007) The Mo Isotopic Composition of Rivers Suggests Complete Euxinia in the Proterozoic Ocean
Archer C & Vance D

(2007) The Consequence of Quaternary Changes in Chemical Weathering Rate for Ocean Chemistry
Vance D, Foster G & Teagle D

(2007) Breaching the North African Watershed: Driver for Mediterranean Anoxia?
Osborne A, Vance D & Rohling E

(2006) Zn isotopes as a new tracer of metal micronutrient usage in the oceans
Vance D, Archer C, Bermin J, Kennaway G, Cox E, Statham P, Lohan M & Ellwood M

(2006) Bioavailability of Mo in the Palaeoproterozoic ocean
Archer C, Poulton S, Vance D, Johnston D & Canfield D

(2004) Transition Metal Isotope Fractionation on Metal Sulfide Precipitation
Butler I, Archer C, Ehrlich S, Vance D, Matthews A & Rickard D

(2004) Combined High Precision Cu, Zn and Fe Isotopes in Mice Brains
Büchl A, Archer C, Brown D, Hawkesworth C, Leighton E, Ragnarsdottir K & Vance D

(2004) Abiotic Zn Isotope Fractionations Associated with ZnS Precipitation
Archer C, Vance D & Butler I

(2004) A Technique for the Separation and Isotopic Analysis of Fe and Zn in Seawater
Bermin J, Vance D & Statham P

(2003) Fe Isotope Fractionation during Fe(II) Monosulfide Precipitation from Aqueous Solutions at pH 8 and Ambient Temperatures
Butler I, Archer C, Rickard D, Vance D & Oldroyd A

(2002) Isotopic Constraints on the Origin of Heinrich Event Precursors
Vance D

(2002) Large Fractionations in Fe, Cu and Zn Isotopes Associated with Archean Microbially-Mediated Sulphides
Archer C & Vance D

(2002) Nd Data for the Nile, Eastern Mediterranean and Forams Document Nile Outflow Increases during S1 and S5
Scrivner AE, Vance D & Rohling EJ

(2002) Nd in Sedimentary Planktic Foraminifera Located in a Phase that Records the Nd Isotopic Composition of Surface Seawater
Beney P, Vance D, Staubwasser M, Henderson G & Slowey N

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(2000) Cosmogenic Isotope Measurements of Erosion Rates in the Himalayas
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