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All abstracts by Xing Ding in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Lost Iron during Serpentinization and Implications for the Origin of Life
Chen C, Sun W & Ding X

(2020) Effect of pH on the Kinetics of Peridotite Serpentinization: An Experimental Study
Huang R, Sun W & Ding X

(2020) Hydrothermal Processes Facilitate Rare Metal Fractionation and Mineralization
Zhang Z, Ding X, Ling M & Sun W

(2020) First Experimental Investigation of Hydrolysis Behaviour of Potassium Chloroplatinate in Aqueous Solutions at 200-600℃ and 100MPa
Yan H & Ding X

(2019) Stability of Sn(IV)-F Complex at Magmatic-Hydrothermal Conditions
Ding X & He J

(2019) Contrasted Effect of Pyroxene and Spinel on the Production of Molecular Hydrogen (H2) during Serpentinization of Olivine
Huang R, Sun W & Ding X

(2018) The Formation of the Continental Crust, a Nb/Ta Perspective
Sun W, Ding X, Li C & Li H

(2018) Mobility of Titanium in F-Rich Fluids: Clues from Experiments and Thermodynamic Calculation
Ding X, He J & Sun W

(2017) The Production of Molecular Hydrogen and Methane during Serpentinization: Influence of Pyroxene and Spinel
Huang R, Sun W, Ding X & Zhan W

(2017) Trace Element Characteristics of Fluids Derived from Lherzolite Serpentinization
Ding X

(2016) Hydrolysis of Fluorine-Rich Titanium Complex in Hydrothermal Fluids: Implications on Mobility and Fractionation of the High-Field-Strength-Element in Subduction Zones
Ding X, He J & Sun W

(2014) The Close Association between Oxidized Magmas and Porhyry Deposits
Sun W, Li H, Huang R, Ding X, Ling M, Li C & Liang H

(2014) Hydrolysis of Niobium and Tantalum Fluoride Complexes: Implication on Nb/Ta Fractionation
Ding X, Wang Y & Sun W

(2013) Destruction of the North China Craton Induced by Ridge Subductions
Ling M, Sun W, Teng F, Li Y, Ding X, Yang X, Fan W & Xu Y

(2013) Sub-Continental Nb/Ta and Zr/Hf Amphibolites: Implications on Subduction Metamorphism
Ding X & Sun W

(2010) Slab Melting and its Implications for Copper Ore Mineralization and Future Exploration
Sun W, Ling M, Chung S-L, Ding X & Yang X

(2009) Porphyry Cu (Au) Deposit Promoted by Redox Decoupling during Magnetite Alteration in Yulong
Liang H-Y, Sun W, Ling M-X, Ding X & Yang X

(2009) The Formation of the Continental Crust: Constraints from Nb/Ta Fractionation during Subduction
Sun W, Ding X & Liang J

(2009) Mesozoic Geological Events in Southeastern China and Pacific Subduction
Wang F, Sun W, Ling M-X, Ding X & Yang X

(2007) Different Mobility of Nb and Ta along a Thermal Gradient
Ding X, Sun W, Huang F, Lundstrom C & Li J

(2007) The Coupling between Plate Subduction and Intraplate Evolution in Eastern China
Sun W, Ding X, Hu Y & Li X

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