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All abstracts by Xiaoyong Yang in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Geochronology and Petrogenesis of the Bronze Fox Porphyry Cu-Au Deposit: Implications for Geodynamic Evolution of the Gurvansaykhan Island Arc, Southern Mongolia
Bayaraa G, Dashdorjgochoo O, Yang X, Dorjgochoo S, Faisal M, Enkhtur M & Naidansuren T

(2022) Large Iron Isotope Fractionation during Mantle Wedge Serpentinization
Sun W, Deng J, Zartman R, He Y & Yang X

(2020) Geochemical Characteristics and Significances of Rearranged Hopanes in Jurassic Source Rocks in the Center Sichuan Basin
Lu X, Li M, Tang Y, Hong H, Zhang J & Yang X

(2018) Preliminary Study on the Mass-Independent Fractionation Signature of Sulfur Isotope from Huoqiu BIF in the North China Craton
Lee I, Yun J, Moon I, Kim Y, Choi Y, Yang X & Liu L

(2016) Chronology and Geochemistry of Zhuqing Fe–Ti–V Oxide Deposits, Sichuan Province, SW China
Liu W, Yang X & Sun Z

(2015) Geochemical Implications for the Genesis of Algoma Type Banded Iron Formation in Yishui County, Western Shandong Province, China
Moon I, Lee I & Yang X

(2014) The Permian-Triassic Granitoids in Bayan Obo, China: A Geochemical and Geochronological Study
Ling M, Zhang H, Li H, Liu Y, Li C, Yang X & Sun W

(2014) Age and Tectonic Setting of the Huoqiu BIF in Southeastern Margin of the North China Craton
Liu L & Yang X

(2013) Porphyry Deposits and Oxidized Magmas
Sun W, Liang H, Ling M, Zhang H & Yang X

(2013) Destruction of the North China Craton Induced by Ridge Subductions
Ling M, Sun W, Teng F, Li Y, Ding X, Yang X, Fan W & Xu Y

(2012) The Formation of the Giant Bayan Obo REE Deposit: Constraints from Mg Isotopes
Sun W, Ling M, Liu Y, Yang X & Teng F

(2010) Slab Melting and its Implications for Copper Ore Mineralization and Future Exploration
Sun W, Ling M, Chung S-L, Ding X & Yang X

(2010) Geochemical Study on the Bayan Obo Enormous Fe-Nb-Ree Deposit: New Proofs to its Genesis
Yang XY, Lai XD & Zhang YX

(2010) Studies on the Sujiadian Porphyry Cu-Au Deposit in the Tongling Orefield, Anhui Province
Cao XS, Yang XY & Lai XD

(2010) Extremely Higher Gallium Content of the Xuanwei Black Shale in the Upper Permian, West Guizhou, China
Zhang Z, Yang X, Li S & Zhang Z

(2009) The Association of Adakite with Cu (Au) Deposits
Ling M, Sun W, Chung S-L & Yang X

(2009) Porphyry Cu (Au) Deposit Promoted by Redox Decoupling during Magnetite Alteration in Yulong
Liang H-Y, Sun W, Ling M-X, Ding X & Yang X

(2009) Mesozoic Geological Events in Southeastern China and Pacific Subduction
Wang F, Sun W, Ling M-X, Ding X & Yang X

(2008) Cretaceous Magmatism along the Lower Yangtze River, China Controlled by Ridge Subduction
Ling M, Sun W, Wang F & Yang X

(2008) Metallogenic Controlling Factors for Metamorphic-Sedimentary Mn-Deposits in Hougou-Dapingshan Area, South Qinling Orogenic Belt
Yang Z, Yang X, Li Z, Qiao G, Huang H & Song Z

(2008) Re-Os Dating from Dongou Molybdenum Ore Deposit in East Qinling Orogenic Belt, North China
Lu XX, Yang XY, Du XW & Li ML

(2008) Occurrence of Uranium Minerals from Sandstone-Type Uranium Deposits, Ordos Basin
Yang X, Ling M, Lai X & Liu C

(2008) Geochemical Study of Uranium-Enriched Tuff in Ordos Basin: The Geological Significance
Lai X & Yang X

(2007) Study on Fluid Inclusions of Cu-Au Skarn Deposits in the Tongling Region, Anhui Provice
Xie J & Yang X

(2007) Geochemical Study of Sandstone-Type Uranium Deposits in the Ordos Basin
Luo X & Yang X

(2007) The Geochemical Characteristics of Molybdenum Ore Deposits in East Qinling Orogenic Belt, North China
Du X & Yang X

(2007) Geochemical Constraints on Shaxi Porphyry Cu-Au Deposit: A Possible Link to Adakitic Genesis?
Lan X & Yang X

(2007) The Characteristics of Tungsten Mineralization in Nanling Metallogenic Province, South China
Liu S, Yang X, Wei S, Jia B & Zen Q

(2007) Study on Fluid Inclusions of Volcanic Rocks in Songliao Basin: The Significance for Natural Gases
Yang X

(2007) Laser Raman-Spectroscopy Study on Fluid Inclusions of Sandstone-Type Uranium Deposits in the Ordos Basin, Northwest China
Ling M & Yang X

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