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All abstracts by Vincent Balter in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Isotopic Metallomics of Aging Mice
Morel J-D, Sauzéat L, Jha P & Balter V

(2019) Iron Isotopic Compositions of Wild Types and Hemochromatosis Murine Models
Albalat E, Cavey T, Ropert M, Balter V & Loréal O

(2019) Geochemistry and Health Sciences: The Added Value of Stable Isotopes
Balter V

(2017) A Comprehensive Box-Model for Calcium Isotopes in Humans
Tacail T, Balter V, Pelletier S, Barbesier M, Hernandez J-A, Jaouen K, Lafage-Proust M-H, Lamboux A, Soulage C, Télouk P, Wegrzyn J, Albarède F & Fouque D

(2017) An Isotope Metallomic Perspective on Aging
Sauzéat L, Jha P, Laurençon A, Auwerx J & Balter V

(2015) Copper and Sulfur Isotope Variations in Liver Cancer
Balter V, Nogueira da Costa A, Bondanese V, Jaouen K, Lamboux A, Vincent N, Fourel F, Télouk P, Gigou M, Lécuyer C, Bréchot C, Albarède F & Hainaut P

(2015) Precise Analysis of Ca Isotopes Natural Variations in Biological and Igneous Apatites Using LA-MC-ICPMS
Tacail T, Télouk P & Balter V

(2011) An Animal Model (Sheep) for Fe, Cu and Zn Isotopes Cycling in the Body
Balter V & Zazzo A

(2009) Natural Zinc Isotope Variations in Mammals
Balter V, Moynier F, Pons M-L, Zazzo A, Kearney T, Moloney A, Schmidt O, Thackeray F & Albarède F

(2008) Zn Stable Isotope Variability up the Kruger Park Trophic Chain
Balter V, Moynier F, Pichat S, Pons M-L, Thackeray F & Albarède F

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