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All abstracts by Philippe Van Cappellen in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) What are the Thermodynamic Controls on Methanogenesis?
Smeaton C & Van Cappellen P

(2018) Does Carbon or Energy Limit Chemosynthetic Mixotrophic Microbial Growth?
Slowinski S, Smeaton C & Van Cappellen P

(2018) Tetrahedral Fe Promotes Atom Exchange between Aqueous Fe(II) and Structural Fe(III) in Clay
Shi B, Van Cappellen P, Liu K & Smeaton C

(2018) Flavins, Redox Potentials and Reactive Oxygen Species
Pi K, Markelova E & Van Cappellen P

(2017) Does Silica Control the Mobilization of Phosphorus from Fe(III)-(hydr)oxides?
Sabur MA, Parsons C & Van Cappellen P

(2017) Nutrient Silicon Cycling and Seasonal Silicon Limitation in a Eutrophic Coastal Embayment
Ridenour C, Parsons C & Van Cappellen P

(2017) Diagnosing Anthropogenic Nutrient Enrichment in the Mediterranean Sea: 1950-2030
Powley H, Krom M & Van Cappellen P

(2017) Biogeochemical Kinetics Under Redox Dynamic Conditions
Van Cappellen P

(2017) Linking Water Table Dynamics to Soil Biogeochemistry in a Column Incubation Experiment
Pronk G, Mellage A, Milojevic T, Smeaton C, Rezanezhad F & Van Cappellen P

(2017) Benthic Nitrite Fluxes in the Seine River (France): Insights from Early Diagenetic Modeling
Akbarzadeh Z, Laverman A, Raimonet M, Viollier E, Shafei B & Van Cappellen P

(2017) Food, Fodder and Phosphorus: A Quantification of Long-Term Nutrient Legacies in Human-Impacted Watersheds
Van Meter K, Van Cappellen P & Basu N

(2017) Global Modification of Riverine Nitrogen Fluxes by Damming
Akbarzadeh Z, Maavara T, Slowinski S & Van Cappellen P

(2017) Soil Biogeochemical Processes Under Freeze-Thaw Cycles Using a Process-Oriented Experimental Approach
Rezanezhad F, Milojevic T, Oh D, Parsons C, Smeaton C & Van Cappellen P

(2016) Damming Drives Global Shift from Heterotrophy to Autotrophy in River Systems
Maavara T, Lauerwald R, Regnier P & Van Cappellen P

(2016) Exploring Nitrogen Legacies and Time Lags: A 200-Year Longitudinal Study of the Mississippi and Susquehanna Watersheds
Van Meter K, Basu N & Van Cappellen P

(2016) Predicting Lake Anoxia Using a Coupled Water Column-Sediment Diagenesis Model
Markelov I, Van Cappellen P & Couture R-M

(2016) Predicting Growth Yields in Low Energy Environments
Smeaton C & Van Cappellen P

(2016) Interplay between As, Sb, Cr and N in Argillaceous Suspensions Under Redox Oscillating Conditions
Markelova E, Couture R-M, Parsons C, Markelov I, Made B, Van Cappellen P & Charlet L

(2016) Geochemical Controls of Competitive Inhibition of Microbial Uranium Reduction by Iron Oxides
Belli K, DiChristina T, Van Cappellen P & Taillefert M

(2016) Unsteady Sulfur Diagenesis in Freshwater Sediments Under Changing Oxygenation Conditions
Couture R-M, Gobeil C & Van Cappellen P

(2015) Comparative Im/Mobilization of As, Cr, Sb in Argillaceous and Soil Suspensions
Markelova E, Couture R-M, Parsons C, van Cappellen P, Made B & Charlet L

(2015) New Thermodynamic Approach to Represent the Redox Sequence of Oxidant Utilization during Organic Matter Decomposition
Markelov I & Van Cappellen P

(2015) Can Retention by Dams Counterbalance Anthropogenic Phosphorus Loading to Rivers?
Maavara T & Van Cappellen P

(2015) Are Microbes Better at Thermodynamics Than Geochemists?
Van Cappellen P

(2015) Direct Inputs of Nutrients via Groundwater to Near-Shore Zones of Large Water Bodies: Regional Scale Approaches and Impact
Dürr H, Moosdorf N & Van Cappellen P

(2015) Domestic Wastewater Inputs of Phosphorus and Nitrogen to the Mediterranean Sea
Powley H, Dürr H, Lima A, Krom M & Van Cappellen P

(2014) Biogeochemical Model Complexity, or There and Back Again
Van Cappellen P, Maavara T, Stojanovic S & Dürr H

(2014) Phosphorus Retention in Sediments of an Artificially Fertilized Boreal Lake
O'Connell DW, Ansems N, Orihel D, Wiklund J, Behrends T, Chessel H, Schlinder D & Van Cappellen P

(2013) Heavy Metal Contamination in the Semi-Urbanised Laurel Creek Watershed, Waterloo (Ontario), Canada
Lima A, Geller G, Jones J, Van Cappellen P & Dürr H

(2013) Influence of Different Organic Carbon Substrates on Denitrification Rates in Riparian Sediment
Hollingham M, Couture R-M, Rezanezhad F & Van Cappellen P

(2013) Where Groundwater Meets Surface Water
Van Cappellen P

(2013) Dependence of Sulfur Cycling and Mobility in Peat Soil on the Water Table Regime
Rezanezhad F, Couture R-M, Parsons C, Kovac R, O'Connell D & Van Cappellen P

(2013) Soil Respiration – A Wetlands Perspective
Van Cappellen P

(2013) Phosphorus Retention in Sediments of a Eutrophied Lake: Role of Organic Phosphorus
Ansems N, O'Connell D, Wiklund J, Behrends T & Van Cappellen P

(2013) Competition between Microbial and Abiotic Fe(II) Oxidation: A Kinetic Modeling Approach
Seto M & Van Cappellen P

(2012) Si Isotope Fractionation during Silica Precipitation in Flow-Through Experiments
Geilert S, Van Bergen M, Vroon P & Van Cappellen P

(2012) Calcite Growth Kinetics and Solution Stoichiometry
Wolthers M, Nehrke G & Van Cappellen P

(2012) Arsenic Sequestration during Early Diagenetic Sulfur Redistribution
Couture R-M, Rose J, Wallschlaeger D & Van Cappellen P

(2012) Arsenic Bioremediation by Biogenic Iron Oxides and Sulfides
Omoregie E, Couture R-M, Van Cappellen P, Corkhill CL, Charnock J, Polya DA, Vaughan DJ, Vanbroekhoven K & Lloyd JR

(2012) Electro-Osmostic Removal of PAHs: A Journey from the Lab to the Field
Lima A, van Cappellen P & Loch JPG

(2012) Isotope Fractionation of Selenium during Sorption to Iron Oxide and Iron Sulfide Minerals
Mitchell K, Couture R-M, Johnson T, Mason PRD & Van Cappellen P

(2011) Environmental Controls on Potential Nitrate and Sulfate Reduction Rates in a Range of Aquatic Sediments
Pallud C, Laverman A, Gu C & Van Cappellen P

(2011) Selenium Adsorption and Associated Selenium Isotope Fractionation
Mitchell K, Couture R-M, Johnson T, Mason P & Van Cappellen P

(2011) Geochemical Behavior of (Thio)arsenates with Fe-Minerals
Couture R-M, Wallschläger D, Mitchell K & Van Cappellen P

(2011) Near Neutral Seawater pH 3.45 Billion Years ago
Lemarchand D, Van Bergen M, Jeambrun M, Karpoff A-M & Van Cappellen P

(2010) Manganese Carbonates Formation during Long-Term Sorption of Mn2+ by Viable Shewanella putrefaciens
Chubar N, Behrends T, Avramut C & Van Cappellen P

(2010) Arsenic Sorption in Aquatic Sediments: Equilibrium, Kinetic and Mixed Modeling Approaches
Shafei B, Couture R-M & Van Cappellen P

(2010) Modeling Horizontal Gene Transfer in Porous Media: Implications for Contaminated Ground Waters
LaRowe D, Shafei B & Van Cappellen P

(2010) Silica Cycle: The Land-Ocean Connection
Van Cappellen P, Loucaides S & Laruelle G

(2010) Carbon Burial and Benthic Fluxes in Coastal Marine Sediments: Model Study and Sensitivity Analysis
Krumins V, Van Cappellen P & Regnier P

(2010) Arsenic Dynamics in Lake Sediments
Couture R-M, Gobeil C, Tessier A, Shafei B & Van Cappellen P

(2010) Calcite Growth Rate and Solution Composition
Wolthers M, Nehrke G & Van Cappellen P

(2010) Selenium Isotope Fractionation during Oceanic Anoxic Events
Mitchell K, Mason P, Johnson T, Lyons T & Van Cappellen P

(2009) Sources and Fate of Nitrate and Sulfate in a Sandy Aquifer: A Multi-Isotope Study
Zhang Y-C, Slomp C, Broers HP, Passier H, Böttcher M & Van Cappellen P

(2009) Anaerobic Organic Carbon Oxidation Rates Through Nitrate and Sulfate Reduction in Littoral Sediments
Laverman A, Pallud C & Van Cappellen P

(2009) Nitrate Reduction and Fermentation Access Different Carbon Sources in Anaerobic Degradation Experiments
Abell J, Laverman A & Van Cappellen P

(2009) A Thermodynamic-Kinetic Model for Organic Matter Degradation in Marine Sediments
LaRowe D, Arndt S & Van Cappellen P

(2009) Methane Efflux from Marine Sediments: Kinetic, Microbial and Bioenergetic Controls
Regnier P, Dale A, Larowe D, Arndt S, Mogollon J & Van Cappellen P

(2009) Kinetics of Neutrophilic Iron Oxidation by Leptothrix cholodnii
Vollrath S, Behrends T & Van Cappellen P

(2009) Dynamic Response of Microbial Activity to Intermittent Stress: Effects of Dormancy in Biogeochemical Simulations
Stolpovsky K, Van Cappellen P & Thullner M

(2009) Controls on Microbial Sulfur Isotope Fractionation in Littoral Sediments
Stam M, Mason P, Laverman A, Pallud C & Van Cappellen P

(2009) Reaction of U(VI) with Iron Sulfides
Alexandratos V, Behrends T & Van Cappellen P

(2008) Bacterial Cell Walls – Promoters and Inhibitors of Mineral Nucleation
Behrends T, Scheinost A, Shaw S, Benning L & Van Cappellen P

(2008) Modeling Phosphorus Cycling and Carbon Burial during Cretaceous Oceanic Anoxic Events
Tsandev I, Slomp C, Kraal P & Van Cappellen P

(2008) Fate and Transport in Environmental Systems: Integrating Experiments, Theory and Reactive Transport Modeling
Van Cappellen P

(2008) Denitrification Coupled to Pyrite Oxidation and Changes in Groundwater Quality at Oostrum, the Netherlands
Zhang Y-C, Slomp C, Broers HP, Passier H & Van Cappellen P

(2007) What Controls Sulfur Isotope Fractionation in Modern Estuarine Sediments?
Stam M, Mason P, Laverman A, Pallud C & Van Cappellen P

(2007) Influence of Reductive Dissolution of Iron Oxides by S(II) on Uranium Mobility
Alexandratos V, Behrends T & Van Cappellen P

(2007) Particularities of Mn(II) Uptake by Living and Dead Shewanella putrefaciens
Chubar N, Behrends T & Van Cappellen P

(2007) Interrelations between Fe(II)/Fe(III) and U(IV)/U(VI) Redox Couples
Behrends T & Van Cappellen P

(2007) Surface Charge and Potential at Carbonate Mineral Surfaces
Wolthers M, Van Cappellen P & Charlet L

(2006) Does sulfur isotope fractionation in natural sediments record sulfate reducing activity?
Stam MC, Mason PRD, Laverman AM, Pallud C & Van Cappellen P

(2005) Quantitative Interpretation of pH Distributions in Aquatic Sediments: A Reaction-Transport Modeling Approach
Jourabchi P, Regnier P & Van Cappellen P

(2005) Transformation of Hematite into Magnetite – How do Bacteria Contribute?
Behrends T & Van Cappellen P

(2005) Incorporating Complementary Ecological and Biogeochemical Information into Quantitative Bioirrigation Models
Koretsky C, Meile C & Van Cappellen P

(2005) Representing Geomicrobial Processes in Subsurface Reactive Transport Models (RTMs)
Van Cappellen P

(2005) Heterogeneity in Aquatic Sediments: 1D Representations of a 3D Environment
Meile C, Berg P, Van Cappellen P & Tuncay K

(2005) Irrigation in Early Diagenetic Models: From One-Dimensional Mass Transfer Coefficients to Multi-Dimensional, Ecologically-Based Models
Van Cappellen P, Meile C & Koretsky C

(2005) Unravelling the Effects of Macrofauna, Macrophytes and Microbes on Iron and Sulfate Reduction in Saltmarsh Sediments
Koretsky C, Moore C, DiChristina T & Van Cappellen P

(2004) The Surface Chemistry of Carbonates
Wolthers M, Charlet L & Van Cappellen P

(2004) Microbial Activity in Anoxic Estuarine Sediments: Kinetic Studies Using a Flow-Through Reactor Approach
Pallud C, Laverman A & Van Cappellen P

(2004) Biogeochemical Process Identification in Aquatic Sediments: A Model Approach
Jourabchi P, Van Cappellen P & Regnier P

(2004) Biogeochemical Dynamics in Sediments of a Coastal Fresh Water Lake
Canavan R, Slomp C, Van Cappellen P & Regnier P

(2004) Acid-Base Activity of Live Cells, Dead Cells and Cell Wall Components
Claessens J, van Lith Y, Laverman A & Van Cappellen P

(2003) Competition between Enzymatic and Abiotic Reduction of Uranium(VI) Under Iron Reducing Conditions
Van Cappellen P & Behrends T

(2002) Application of Reactive Transport Modelling to the Interpretation of pH Changes in Sediments
Jourabchi P, Van Cappellen P & Regnier P

(2002) Seasonal Oscillations in Microbial Iron and Sulfate Reduction in Saltmarsh Sediments
Koretsky C, Moore C, Meile C, DiChristina T & Van Cappellen P

(2002) Global Benthic Fluxes: Importance of Enhanced Solute Transport in Marine Sediments
Meile C & Van Cappellen P

(2002) From Process-Oriented Laboratory Experiments to the Modelling of Complex Natural Systems: Incorporation of Microbial Dynamics in a Biogeochemical Reaction Network Simulator Based on the Concept of a ‘Knowledge Base’
Regnier P, Laverman A, Pallud C, Van Lith Y & Van Cappellen P

(2002) Reactive Transport in Complex Biogeochemical Systems
Van Cappellen P & Regnier P

(2002) Surface Chemistry of a Gram-Negative Bacterium
Claessens J, Behrends T & Van Cappellen P

(2002) Composition and Chemical Reactivity of an Iron-Phosphorus-Manganese Phase in a Freshwater Estuarine Sediment
Hyacinthe C, Hyacinthe C & Van Cappellen P

(2002) Arsenic Association with Iron Sulphides, Adsorption and Incorporation
Wolthers M, van der Weijden CH, Rickard D, Van Cappellen P & Charlet L

(2002) Abiotic vs. Microbial Reduction of Uranium (VI)
Behrends T & Van Cappellen P

(2002) Trace Metal Dynamics in Freshwater Sediment: The Haringvliet
Canavan R, Slomp CP & Van Cappellen P

(2000) Surface Catalysed Reduction of uranium(VI) by Iron (II) in the Presence of Carbonate
Behrends T & Van Cappellen P

(2000) The Effect of Colonization by Spartina alterniflora on Pore Water Redox Geochemistry at a Saltmarsh on Sapelo Island, GA
Koretsky C, Meile C, Curry B, Haas J, Hunter K & Van Cappellen P

(2000) Experimental Determination of Low-Temperature Dissolution Kinetics of Silicate Glasses
Utzmann A, Van Cappellen P, Schmincke H & Garbe-Schönberg D

(2000) Reactivity of Marine Biogenic Silica: Reconciling Water Column and Sediment Data
Van Cappellen P & Dixit S

(2000) Role of Detrital Matter in the Benthic Silica Cycle
Dixit S & Van Cappellen P

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