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All abstracts by Felix Kaminsky in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Major Problems Concerning the Mineralogy, Petrology and Geochemistry of the Earth’s Lower Mantle
Kaminsky F

(2015) TEM Investigations of Nano-Inclusions in Milky Diamonds from Juina, a Super Deep Source
Rudloff J, Brenker F, Schmitz S, Kaminsky FV & Wirth R

(2015) Oxidation Potential in the Earth’s Lower Mantle
Kaminsky F, Ryabchikov I, McCammon C, Longo M, Abakumov A, Turner S & Heidari H

(2013) New Minerals in the Primary, Deep-Seated Carbonatitic Association
Kaminsky F & Wirth R

(2011) Real Composition of the Earth’s Lower Mantle
Kaminsky F

(2010) Large Exchange Through the 660km Discontinuity: Evidence from C- and N- Isotopes in Super-Deep Diamonds
Palot M, Cartigny P, Harris J, Stachel T & Kaminsky F

(2009) Carbonate and Halide Inclusions in Diamond and Deep-Seated Carbonatitic Magma
Kaminsky F, Wirth R & Matsyuk S

(2008) U-Pb Age, Hf-Isotope and Trace-Element Composition of Zircon Megacrysts from the Juina Kimberlites, Brazil
Belousova E, Kaminsky F & Griffin W

(2007) The First Record of Oceanic Kimberlite within the Batain Nappes, Eastern Oman
Nasir S, Alkhirbash S, Alsayigh A, Alharthy A, Mubarek A, Rollisnon H, Lazki A, Belousova E, Griffin W & Kaminsky F

(2006) CO2-recycling to the deep convecting mantle
Brenker FE, Vollmer C, Vincze L, Vekemans B, Szymanski A, Janssens K, Szaloki I, Nasdala L, Joswig W & Kaminsky F

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