Journal of Conference Abstracts

Volume 1 Number 1

Lists of Symposia

Talks and Posters in Order of Presentation

Plenary and Awards Sessions
Symposium 1: Cosmochemistry
Symposium 2: Mantle Plumes, Blobs and Hot Lines
Symposium 3: Geochemistry of Re and Os
Symposium 4: Element Partitioning in Experimental and Natural Systems
Symposium 5: Trace Elements in Igneous Petrology
Symposium 6: Geochemistry of Mantle and Crustal Xenoliths
Symposium 7: Chronometry of Geological Processes
Symposium 8: Coupled Mass and Heat Transfer
Symposium 9: Chemostratigraphy and Events
Symposium 10: Proxies in Paleooceanography and Paleoclimatology
Symposium 11: Terrestrial Aquatic Systems
Symposium 12: Environmental Geochemistry
Symposium 13: Organic Geochemistry, Including Molecular and Isotopic Signals, in Paleoenvironmental Reconstruction
Symposium 14: Advances in Analytical Geochemistry
Symposium 15: Metamorphic Fluids
Symposium 16: Structure and Reactivity of Mineral Surfaces
Open Sessions

Plenary Lectures

C. J. Allègre: The Chemical Structures of the Earth and Their Evolution: Arguments and Debate

W. S. Broeker: What Caused the Glacial to Interglacial Change in Atmospheric CO2?

C. H. Langmuir: Mantle Melting, Melt Extraction and Source Heterogeneity: Issues and Constraints

K. H. Wedepohl: The Importance of the Pioneering Work by V.M. Goldschmidt for Modern Geochemistry

Awards Session

Claude J. Allègre

President, European Association of Geochemistry (EAG)

Alexander N. Halliday

President, Geochemical Society (GS)

1996 GS-EAG Geochemistry Fellows

Introduction: Stanley R. Hart

Presentations: Claude J. Allègre and Alexander N. Halliday

F. W. Clarke Award

Introduction: Teresa S. Bowers, Gradient Corporation, USA

Acceptance: Patricia M. Dove, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

V. M. Goldschmidt Award

Introduction: Claude J. Allègre, Institut de Physique du Globe, Paris, France

Acceptance: Albrecht W. Hofmann, Max-Planck-Institut für Chemie, Mainz

Symposium 1:


Conveners: E. Jessberger and M. E. Lipschutz

Grün E: Dust in the Solar System

Lee D-Ch & Halliday AN: 182Hf-182W Chronometry and the Evolution of the Early Solar System

Floss Ch et al.: Elemental and Isotopic Fractionations Produced Through the Evaporation of Hibonite

Greshake A et al.: Mineralogy, Chemistry, and Oxygen Isotopes of Refractory Inclusions from Antarctic Micrometeorites

Schirmeyer S et al.: Occurrence of Li in CM-Chondrites: Indication of Nebular Alteration of Ca,Al-Rich Inclusions

Lipschutz ME Volatile Trace Elements in Kaidun, A Polymict Breccia From Hell

& Wang M-S:

Arndt P et al.: Mass and Multielement Analyses of Interplanetary Dust Particles Using PIXE and STIM with the Heidelberg Proton Microprobe

Deloule E & Robert F: Origin of Water in the Solar System: Ion-Probe Determinations of D/H Ratios in Chondrules

Halliday A et al.: Hf-W Isotope Geochemistry, Core Formation, the Lead Paradox and the Origin of the Moon

Coffee Break

Holzheid A & Palme H: Siderophile Elements in the Earth's Mantle and Implications for the Early History of the Earth

Schmidt G & Palme H: The Late Veneer Hypothesis for the Origin of Highly Siderophile Elements in the Mantle of the Earth

Ballhaus Ch: Sulfides Under Upper Mantle Conditions - Experiments Under Controlled Sulfur Fugacities

Meshik AP et al.: CFF-Xenon: An Alternative Approach to Terrestrial Xenology

Symposium 1: Poster

Nkusi G et al.: Occurrences and Partial Chemical Characterization of Halogenated Organic Compounds in Carbonaceous Chondrites

Symposium 2:

Mantle Plumes, Blobs and Hot Lines

Conveners: S. Goldstein and T. Elliott

White WM: Chemical Insights on Mantle Plumes

O'Connell RJ : Models of Plumes and Hotspots in a Convecting Mantle.

& Steinberger B

Goldstein SL et al.: Trace Element Budgets of OIB, MORB, and Primitive Mantle Reservoirs

Allègre CJ: Where Do Hot Spots Come From?

O'Nions RK Closure and Isolation of Mantle Reservoirs and the Role of Plumes

& Tolstikhin IN:

Zindler A et al.: Plumes and Plums in the MORB Mantle

Morgan JP & Morgan WJ: Two-stage Melting of a Mulit-component Mantle: A Proposed Link Between the Chemistry of Ocean-Island and Mid-Ocean Ridge Basalts

Ballentine Ch et al.: Hafnium Isotope Geochemistry of the Cameroon Line: Initial Results From MC-ICPMS

Stein M et al.: From Subduction to Intraplate Magmatism in the Arabian-Nubian Shield: Metasomatic Transformation of Plume Related Source to Heterogeneous Subcontinental Lithosphere and Implications for Formation of Mantle Reservoirs

Wilson M: HIMU Mantle Plumes, Hot Lines and Hot Blobs: Sr-Nd-Pb Isotopic Constraints for the Mesozoic-Cenozoic Evolution of Their Mantle Source

Hoernle K et al.: The Geochemistry of Basalts from the Iblean Hills (Sicily) and the Island of Linosa (Straits of Sicily): Evidence for a Plume from the Lower Mantle?

George RM & Rogers NW: Temporal Variations in Magmatism in the Southern Ethiopian Rift: Plumes, Lithosphere and Melt Production Rates

Bell K & Simonetti A: Nd, Pb and Sr Isotopic Systematics From Oldoinyo Lengai Carbonatite Volcano (Tanzania): Carbonatite Magmatism and Lithosphere-Plume Interaction

Griselin M & Arndt N: Plume-Lithosphere Interaction and Crustal Contamination during Formation of Coppermine River Basalts, Northwest Territories, Canada

Hauri EH: What's New About Hawaii? Constraints on Magma Pathways, Structure, and Bulk Composition in a Classic Mantle Plume

Eiler JM et al.: Oxygen Isotope Constraints on the Sources of Hawaiian Volcanism

Hofmann AW et al.: Trace Element Evidence for Gabbroic Source Components in Hawaiian Magmas

Morgan WJ & Morgan JP: Why the Kolbeinsey Ridge Differs from the Reykjanes Ridge

Fitton JG & Saunders AD: Thermal and Chemical Structure of the Iceland Plume During Break-up of the North Atlantic

Taylor RN et al.: Influence of the Iceland Plume Along the Reykjanes Ridge: Geochemical and Isotopic Constraints

Nowell GM & Kempton PD: Hafnium Isotope Constraints on Depleted MORB Versus Depleted Plume Components

Hawkesworth CJ et al.: U-Th Isotope Studies in Selected Ocean Island Basalts

Sims KWW & DePaolo DJ: Porosity of the melting zone beneath Hawaii and Mid-Ocean Ridges: Inferences from 238U-230Th-226Ra Disequilibria

Claude-Ivanaj Ch 238U-230Th-226Ra Disequilibria in Volcanics of Karthala Volcano: Evidences of Plume-Lithosphere

& Allègre CJ: Interactions in the Source of the Volcanism

Class C et al.: Significance of Lower Mantle Entrainment or Plume-Lithosphere Interaction in Oceanic Island Basalts. Helium Isotope Evidence from Grande Comore

Sarda Ph et al.: Rare Gases in Deep Mantle Hot Spots on the South Atlantic Ridge

Kunz J et al.: Terrestrial Xenology Revised

Richard D et al.: Primitive Helium in Depleted Archean Komatiite

Symposium 2: Posters

Haase KM & Goldstein SL: Mixing Processes Between the Easter Plume and SE Pacific MORB

Hauff SF et al.: Origin of the Central American Ophiolites Through Plume/Ridge Interaction?

Belyatsky BV et al.: Isotope Sources of Alkaline Magmatism of the Clarion Fracture Zone (Pacific Ocean)

Gee M et al.: Plume Signature: Melting vs Source

Holm PM et al.: Tertiary Picrites From the Faroe Islands CFB Province: Implications for MORB-type Components in the Icelandic Mantle Plume

Larsen LM & Pedersen AK: Earliest Tertiary Break-up Volcanism in West Greenland: Mg-rich Volcanics from Nuussuaq and Disko

Hemond Ch & Devey CW: The Foundation Seamount Chain, Southeastern Pacific: First Isotopic Evidence of a Newly Discovered Hotspot Track

Koppers AAP et al.: 40Ar/39Ar Ages and Isotope Geochemistry of Vlinder Guyot and Adjacent Seamounts (W-Pacific Plate): From Altered Submarine Basalts to Mantle Source Characteristics

O'Connor JM et al.: Broad Zones of St. Helena and Tristan Plume Volcanism Linked to a Stationary Region in the Mantle

Bureau H et al.: Volatiles: Mantle Source Characterization and Degassing Process for Hot Spot Volcanism - The Piton de la Fournaise (Reunion Island) Example

Moreira M & Allègre C-J: Rare Gas Signature of the Azores Archipelago

Niedermann S et al.: A Plume-like Noble Gas Component in MORB Glasses From the East Pacific Rise, 14°-23°C

Polyak BG et al.: Helium Isotopes and Major Volatiles in "Zero-age" Basaltic Glasses From 10°N of the EPR

Babbs T et al.: Composition of the Lower Mantle: The Plateau Paradox

Barry T et al.: Cenozoic Alkali Basalts From the Gobi Desert, Mongolia: Products of a Mantle Plume?

Ntaflos Th et al.: The Early Cretaceous Continental Flood Basalts from Franz Josef Land, Arctic Russia

Patterson R et al.: The Temporal Evolution of the European Asthenospheric Reservoir: Trace Element and Sr-Nd Isotopic Constraints from the Upper Rhine Graben, Germany

Vrevsky AB et al.: Geochemical and Isotopic Evidence of Archaean Mantle Plume Action on the Baltic Shield

Symposium 3:

Geochemistry of Re and Os

Conveners: L. Reisberg and S. Shirey

Ravizza G: Extending the Marine Os Isotope Record

Burton KW et al.: Variations in the Osmium Isotope Ratio of Seawater

Marcantonio F et al.: Extraterrestrial Dust Flux to the Seafloor: Constraints from Osmium and Helium Isotopes

Reisberg L Diagenesis of Himalayan-Derived Sediments: A Source of Radiogenic Os to Seawater

& France-Lanord Ch:

Williams G et al.: Osmium Concentration and 187Os/186Os in Surficial Sediments of Long Island

Helz GR et al.: Osmium and the History of Anoxia in Chesapeake Bay

Yin Q & Rocholl A: Negative 187Os/186Os vs. 143Nd/144Nd Correlation Observed in the Continental Crust

Birck JL & Allègre CJ: The Re-Os System in Planetary Bodies

Shirey SB & Walker RJ: Re-Os Isotopic Evolution of the Earth's Mantle, Archean to Present

Schiano P et al.: Re-Os Isotope Systematics of Mid-Ocean Ridge Basalt Glasses

Snow JE: Os-Nd Isotopic Systematics of the MORB Mantle

Hauri EH: Osmium Isotopes in the Convecting Mantle: Constraints on Magma Transport, Slab Recycling, and Core-Mantle Interaction

Chesley JT et al.: Re-Os Isotope Systematics of the Columbia River Basalt Group

Frick LR et al.: Re-Os Isotopic Evidence for a Subcontinental Lithospheric Mantle Source for the Scourie Dykes

Pearson DG et al.: Re-Os isotope constraints on the sources of kimberlites and lamproites

Burnham OM Re and Os in Peridotite Massifs: Implications for Models of Continental Lithospheric Mantle Evolution

& Rogers NW:

Hassler DR & Shimizu N: The Osmium Isotopic Composition of Peridotitic Xenoliths From the Northeastern Kerguelen Islands

Meisel Th & Walker RJ: Osmium Isotopic Comparison of the Upper Mantle

Saal AE et al.: Os Isotopic Composition of Lower Crustal Xenoliths from Northern Queensland, Australia

Stein HJ et al.: New Tools, New Interpretations: A Re-Os Revelation at the Skarn Deposits of Pitkäranta, Russia

Suzuki K et al.: Study on Molybdenite Alteration and its Re-Os Fractionation by N-IR Microscopy and Micro-X-Ray Diffraction

Symposium 3: Posters

Ruiz J et al.: Re-Os Isotopes and Sulphides in Hydrothermal Ore Deposits

Frick LR et al.: Re-Os Dating of Metamorphism in the Lewisian Complex, NW Scotland

Ravizza G & Pyle D: PGE and Os Isotopic Analyses of Single Sample Aliquots with NiS Fire Assay Preconcentration

Hanski EJ et al.: Decipering the Os Isotopic Evolution of the Mantle: The Pechenga Ferropicrites of NW Russia

Symposium 4:

Element Partitioning in Experimental and Natural Systems

Conveners: S. Foley and E. Hauri

Righter K et al.: Predicting Siderophile Element Metal-Silicate Partition Coefficients

Agee CB & Li J: Pressure Effect on Partitioning of Nickel, Cobalt, and Sulfur During Mantle-Core Formation

Kelley SP et al.: Crystal-Melt Partitioning and Diffusion Profiles in Experimental Basalt Systems

McCammon CA et al.: Partitioning of Ferric Iron Between Lower Mantle Phases: Results from Natural and Synthetic Samples

Hauri EH et al.: Trace Element Partitioning at High Pressures: New Ion Probe Results and Implications for Differentiation of a Terrestrial Magma Ocean

Redfern SAT et al.: Kinetics of M1/M2 Ordering in Olivine: a Measure of Cooling Rates

Seitz H-M & Altherr R: Partitioning of Transition Metal Elements Between Mantle Minerals: Empirical Geothermobarometers

Heinrich W et al.: Monazite-Xenotime Thermometry: An Empirical Calibration of the (LREE-HREE)PO4 Solvus

Bau M: Controls on the Fractionation of Isovalent Trace Elements: Distinguishing Between Melts and Aqueous Fluids

Stalder R et al.: Experimental Trace Element Partitioning Between Solid Phases and Aqueous Fluid Phases Under Upper Mantle Conditions

Klein M et al.: Experimental Partitioning of Selected Rare Earth and High Field Strength Elements Between Amphiboles and Tonalitic Melts

Grochau B & Johannes W: Influence of the Melt Composition on the Fe-Mg Partitioning between Garnet and Granitic Melts

Streck MJ: High-silica Rhyolite Differentiation Processes in the Light of Mineral Partition Coefficients From the Rattlesnake Tuff, Oregon

Appora I & Javoy M: Carbon and Oxygen Isotopic Fractionations Between CO2 and Carbonated Liquids

Fett A: Partitioning of Ti Between Garnet and Clinopyroxene in High Pressure Experiments and High Pressure Rocks - A Comparison

Heuss-Aßbichler S Intercrystalline Exchange of Al-Fe3+ Between Grossular-Andradite and Clinozoisite-Pistazite Solid

& Fehr KT: Solutions

Bouch J et al.: Partitioning of High Field Strength and Rare Earth Elements Between Sector Zones in Diagenetic Titanite

Green TH: Experimental Versus Natural Two-mineral Partition Coefficients - a "High-Tech" Controversy

Rocholl A et al.: Experimental Partitioning of Trace Elements Between Clinopyroxene, Garnet and Basanitic Melts Studied by Ion Microprobe

Harte B et al.: Clinopyroxene-garnet Trace Element Partition Coefficients for Mantle Peridotite and Melt Assemblages

Zack T et al.: A Consistent Partition Coefficient Set of 21 Trace Elements for Clinopyroxene, Amphibole and Garnet Through Laser Ablation Microprobe Analysis of Garnet Pyroxenites From Kakanui, New Zealand

Salters VJM & Longhi J: Partitioning of Trace Elements During Primary Melting of MORB Mantle

Bartels KS & Furman T: Crystal Chemical Controls on Element Partitioning Between Clinopyroxene and Mafic Alkalic Liquids: Implications for Mantle Source Signatures

Symposium 4: Posters

Amossé J & Allibert M: Thermochemical Behaviour of Pt, Ir, Rh and Ru vs. fO2 and fS2 in a Basaltic Melt. Implications for the Differentiation of the Elements

Tschauner O et al.: Partitioning of Ni and Co Between Metal and Magnesiasilicate-Perovskite Under Conditions of the Lower Mantle

Geßmann CK & Rubie DC: Valence States of Siderophile Elements at High Pressure and Temperature - Experiments, Results, Restrictions

Akinfiev NN: New Mechanism of Element Partitioning in the Mixed Natural Fluids: Account of Dielectric Permittivity

Harms E et al.: Influx of SO2 into the Atmosphere During the Plinian Eruption of Laacher See Volcano (East Eifel, Germany) and Magmatic Halogen Fractionation

Schreiber U et al.: Melt/Melt Diffusion in Globule-bearing Alkaline Magmas: Origin of the Alkaline Series?

Zeeh S & Walter U: Element Partitioning in Epithermal Environments: An Example From Burial Calcite Cements of the Alpine Realm (Austria, Germany, Slovenia)

Andreeßen T et al.: Experimental Determination of Trace Element Partitioning Between Amphibole and Melt

Ashchepkov IV & Andre L: Calculated Partition Coefficients Mineral/Melt for Garnets, Phlogopite and Orthopyroxenes

Schmidt KH et al.: Trace Element Partitioning Between Phlogopite and Leucite Lamproite Melt

Sassi R et al.: Trace Element Distribution in Titanite-bearing Ultra-high Pressure Eclogite

Podlesskii KK: Distribution of Fe and Mg Between Sapphirine and Other Minerals in Aluminous Granulites

Singh J & Johannes W: Role of K-feldspar during partial melting in the continental crust

Franz G et al.: Rare Earth Element Distribution in Zoisite and Epidote From High Pressure Pegmatites and Hydrothermal Segregations

Chevychelov V Partitioning of Ore Components Between Melt and Aqueous Fluid in the Systems Granodiorite (Granite,

& Chevychelova T: Leucogranite)-H2O-NaCl-HCl

Gramenitskiy EN The Ore Components Concentration at the Magmatic Stage in the Granite System

& Shchekina TI:

Symposium 5:

Trace Elements in Igneous Petrology

Conveners: G. Wörner and M. Wilson

Albarède F et al.: Buffered Differentiation of Piton de la Fournaise Lavas (Réunion): Magma Percolation Through a Mush Zone

Cebriá JM & Wilson M: Trace Element Composition of the European Asthenospheric Reservoir as Inferred From Partial Melting Modelling

Zou H & Zindler A: Constraints on the Degree of Dynamic Partial Melting and Source Composition Using Concentration Ratios in Magmas

Davidson JP et al.: Constraining Magma Differentiation Histories Through Crystal Isotope Stratigraphy

Bach W et al.: Basalt Sources and Chemical Fluxes in the Lau and North Fiji Basins

Rapp RP & Shimizu N: Arc Magmatism in Hot Subduction Zones: Interactions Between Slab-derived Melts and the Mantle Wedge, and the Petrogenesis of Adakites and High-Magnesian Andesites (HMA)

Petrova T et al.: Cenozoic Shoshonites of the Eastern Sikhote-Alin

Sobolev AV: Primary Melts at Mid-Ocean Ridges, Mantle Plumes and Subduction-Related Plate Margins: Constraints on Mantle Melting

Fitton JG et al.: The Chemical Distinction Between Depleted Plume and N-MORB Mantle Sources

Chung S-L & Wang K-L: Trace Element Characteristics of Absarokites in the Arc-Continent Collision Zone of Taiwan: Implications for the Genesis of Orogenic Potassic Lavas

Becker H & Wenzel Th: Glimmerite Veins in High-pressure Rocks from Lower Austria - Clues for the Origin of High-K Magmas in Orogenic Belts

Linnen RL & Keppler H: Ta/Nb Fractionation in the Earth's Crust: Evidence from Columbite Solubility Experiments

Weinstein Y et al.: Veined Lithosphere as a Mixed Source for Continental Alkaline Mafic Magmas

Peltonen P et al.: Petrogenesis of EMORB- and OIB-like Metabasalts from the 1.95 Ga old Jormua Ophiolite (Finland): Trace Element and Sm-Nd Isotope Results

Brügmann GE et al.: Noble Metal Contents in Ferropicritic Magmas and Associated Ni-Sulfide Deposits of the Pechenga Complex, Kola Peninsula

Kononova VA et al.: Geochemical Constraints on the Petrogenesis of the High-K Rocks of the Southern Sakun Massif, Aldan Shield, Siberia

Stolz AJ et al.: Fluid-related Enrichment in the Mantle Source Regions of Lamproites From the Aldan Shield, Siberia

Devey CW et al.: Geochemistry of Young Submarine Lavas From the Juan Fernandez Chain (SE Pacific)

Meen JK & Elthon D: Anatomy of a Mid-Cayman Rise Gabbro

Weiss M & Müntener O: Crystal Chemistry of Titanian-Clinhumite: Implications for Storage of HFSE in the Mantle

Suhr G & Seck HA: Origin of Strong Positive Zr Anomalies in Clinopyroxenes from Ophiolitic Dunite

Foley SF et al.: Major and Trace Element Compositions of Melts From Mica Clinopyroxenite in the Lower Cratonic Lithosphere - Results of Experiments on Mantle Vein Assemblages

Elliott T et al.: Element Transport Processes Beneath the Mariana Arc

Turner S et al.: U-Th Disequilibria Along the Tonga-Kermadec Island Arc

Wendt JI et al.: Petrogenesis of Subduction Related Rocks From the Tonga-Kermadec Arc Based on Pb Isotopes and U-Th Disequilibrium

Sigmarsson O et al.: Oceanic Crust of Sub-arc Mantle Melting: 238U-230Th Disequilibria in the Austral and Southern Volcanic Zone, Chile

Thirwall MF et al.: Isotopic and Trace Element Effects of Crustal Assimilation and Slab Contributions in Island Arc Magmas, Grenada, Lesser Antilles

Van Soest MC et al.: Helium-Carbon Systematics of the Lesser Antilles Magmatic Arc System (LAMAS)

Pedroni A et al.: Helium, Neon and Argon Isotope Systematics of Geothermal Fluids from the Lesser Antilles Island Arc

Symposium 5: Posters

Adam J: Volatiles in Magmas and the Primary Mantle

Bogatikov OA et al.: Geochemical Discrimination Between Magmatic Sources of a) Paleozoic and b) Mesozoic High-K Complexes in the Aldan Schield, Russia

Borisova AYu: Continental Lithospheric Source for Oceanic Island Magmas Depleted by Ta, Nb, Th, and U

Jung S & Masberg P: Geochemistry and Trace Element Systematics of Cenozoic Mafic Volcanic Rocks From the Vogelsberg (Central Germany) - Constraints on the Origin of Continental Alkaline and Tholeiitic Basalts and Their Sources

Liebsch H et al.: Unmixing and Mixing of Carbonatite and Silicate Magma - Evidence from Laacher See Carbonate-bearing Xenoliths

Nikogosian IK & Sobolev AV: Ultra-depleted and Ultra-enriched Primary Melts in Hawaii Plume: Evidence From Melt Inclusions Study

Neumeier G The Volcanic Rocks From the Rhön Mountains: Geochemical and Petrological Investigations

& Huckenholz HG:

Patterson R et al.: Dissolved Disks: A Rapid ICP-MS REE Analysis Technique Used to Map Regional Variations in Mafic Magma Chemistry in the Massif Central, France

Tribuzio R et al.: Trace Element Variations in Minerals from Tholeiitic Gabbros (Northern Apennine Ophiolites, Italy)

Tsamerian OP & Sobolev AV: The Evidence for Extremely Low Degree of Melting Under Mid-Atlantic Ridge at 14°N

Verma SP: Error Propagation in Trace Element Modelling of Some Igneous Processes

Joron JL et al.: Geochemical Mantle Heterogeneities Revised According to Hygromagmaphile Element Distributions in Basaltic and Basic Volcanic Rocks Related to Different Geotectonic Setting

Treuil M et al: A New Set of Isoter and the Differentiation of the Earth

De Hoog JMC Zirconolite in K-rich Calc-alkaline Lavas from Lewotolo Volcano (E. Indonesia): Late-stage Mobility of

& van Bergen MJ: HFSE and REE in Arc Magmas

Hoch M et al.: Geochemistry of Calc-alkaline Lamprophyres From the Schirmacher Oasis, East Antarctica

Mason PRD et al.: Trace Element and Sr-Nd-Pb-O Isotopic Behaviour During the Final Stages of Arc Magmatism in the East Carpathians, Romania

Münker C: Nb/Ta Fractionation in Cambrian Island Arc and Back Arc Basalts

Ioudintsev SV: Uranium Solubility in Model Granitic Melts

Petrova T: High-magnesian Magmas of the Eastern Sikhote-Alin

Robert U & Streck MJ: Divergent Trends Towards Trachyte and Rhyolite From a Common Basalt at the Bodrum Igneous Complex, SW Anatolia

Robert U & Agrinier P: Oxygen partitioning in felsic rocks and cumulate minerals in potassic magmatic series (Bodrum Igneous Complex, SW Anatolia)

Streck MJ & Grunder AL: Strong Local Trace Element Variability in a Tholeiitic Suite From Oregon: Dominance of Intra-suite Interactions vs. Mantle or Crustal Processes

Volynets ON et al.: Isotope Characteristics of Withinplate Geochemical Type Basalts From Kamchatka Island Arc System: Evidence of Composite Magma Source

Wai KM et al.: Mantle heterogeneity in eastern Papua New Guinea: Implications for Plate-tectonic Evolution of the Southeast Asia and Southwest Pacific Regions

Wittenbrink R Variation in Time and Space of Magma Genesis of Neogene to Recent Volcanic Rocks in the Southern

& Kraemer B: Central Volcanic Zone (CVZ) of the Andes (24°-26°S, 67°-69°W)

Barling J et al.: Geochemistry of Early Proterozoic Calc-alkaline Intrusives of the Inari Terrain, Northern Baltic Shield: Geochemical Evidence of Tectonic Events

Breiter K et al.: Geochemistry of Extremely Fractionated P-rich Granites: An Example From Podlesí, Czech Republic

Förster H-J et al.: Post-collisional A-type Silicic Magmatism in the Variscan Erzgebirge

Gerdes A et al.: Mantle Sources in the Hercynian Granitoids? A Trace Element and Isotope Study

Gottesmann B et al.: Geochemistry and Mica Composition of the Gottesberg Subvolcanic A-type Suite (Saxony, Germany)

Jennings JA The Evolution of Granitic Magmas: Evidence From Their Accessory Phases

& Rowbotham G:

Krause O et al.: First Petrogenetical Conclusions on Megacrystic S-type Granitoids From the Eastern Ghats Belt (India)

Robu IN et al.: REE Content Variation in the Rezezat Granitoid Body From the Southern Carpathians (Romania)

Robu L: REE Content in the Furcatura and Petreanu Granitoid Bodies From the Southern Carpathians (Romania)

Seltmann R et al.: The Altenberg-Teplice Caldera: Reversed Zonation of a Stratified Magma Chamber

Vellmer C & Koller F: Petrogenesis of Gabbros of the South Bohemian Batholith: Geochemical Evidence for the Presence of Mantle-derived Magmas During Batholith Formation

Rahn M et al.: Evidence for an Extended Post-Collisional Calc-Alkaline Volcanic System along the Alpine Belt: The Characterization of Volcanism through Clinopyroxene and Amphibole Composition

Polozov AG: The Behaviour of Rare Earth Elements During the Alteration of the Siberian Platform Basalts

Symposium 6:

Geochemistry of Mantle and Crustal Xenoliths

Conveners: H.-G. Stosch and R. L. Rudnick

Pearson DG: Constraints on Lithospheric Mantle Evolution From Re-Os Isotope Studies of Xenoliths

McBride JS et al.: Re-Os and Sm-Nd Isotopic Evidence for a Multi-stage Evolution of the Subcontinental Lithsopheric Mantle, Southeastern Australia

Chesley J & Rudnick RL: Growth and Modification of the Tanzanian Lithospheric Mantle: Preliminary Re-Os Results

Cohen AS et al.: Re-Os Isotope Systematics of Peridotite Xenoliths From Dreiser Weiher and Gees, Eifel, Germany

Lorand JP & Pattou L: Platinum-group Element Contents of Mantle Peridotite Xenoliths from France

Hartmann G: Noble Metals in the Primitive Mantle and Their Behaviour During Various Mantle Processes

Shimizu N et al.: Comparative Trace Element Geochemistry of Peridotite Xenoliths from Siberian and Kapvaal Craton Roots

Spetsius Z: Trace Elements in Mafic and Ultramafic Xenoliths From Kimberlites of Yakutia

Jagoutz E et al.: Chemical Equilibrium Between Garnet and Clinopyroxen in Eclogitic Xenoiths from Kimberlites

Jacob DE et al.: Isotopic Analysis (Sm/Nd, Rb/Sr and U/Pb) of Single Subcalcic Garnet Grains From Yakutian Kimberlites

Ottolini L Geochemistry of Lithium and Boron in the Mantle: Results from Studies of Peridotites

& McDonough WF:

Bedini RM Evolution of LILE-enriched Small Melt Fractions in the Lithospheric Mantle Beneath the East African

& Bodinier J-L: Rift: an ICP-MS Study of Spinel Peridotite Xenoliths

Ionov D: Distribution and Residence of Lithophile Trace Elements in Minerals of Garnet and Spinel Peridotites: An ICP-MS Study

Shi L et al.: Trace Element Constraints on the Nature of Metasomatizing Agents in the Lithospheric Mantle Beneath the Northern Canadian Cordillera

Carignan J et al.: The Isotopic Composition of the Subcontinental Mantle Lithosphere in Yukon, Canada, as Inferred by Ultramafic Nodules and Alkaline Lavas

Downes H & Vaselli O: Contrasting Styles of Interaction between Asthenospheric Melts and Shallow Manlte Lithosphere - is there a Geodynamic Control?

Witt-Eickschen G Unusually Geochemical and Isotopic Signatures in Diopsides From Mantle Xenoliths From the Rhön

& Kramm U: (Germany): Evidence for Mantle Upwelling Beneath Central Europe

Kelemen PB & Hart SR: Silica Enrichment in the Continental Lithosphere via Melt/rock Reaction

Wiechert U & Hoefs J: Oxygen Isotope Heterogeneities in Peridotite Xenoliths

Wirth R: Amorphous Intergranular Layers in Xenoliths: Indicators for the Early Stage of Partial Melting?

Pretorius W Crustal Evolution Under the Central Zone of the Limpopo Belt, South Africa, Based on the Geochemical

& Barton Jr JM: Characteristics of Crustal and Upper Mantle Xenoliths in the 530 Ma Venetia Kimberlite Pipes

Kempton PD Granulite Xenoliths From the Pannonian Basin: Evidence for the Composition and Evolution of the Lower

& Downes H: Crust Beneath Alpine Europe

Zhou X et al.: Granulite Xenoliths vs. Terrains in an Archean Craton: A Case Study of Lower Crust Beneath North China

Deines P & Harris JW: The Complex Nature of Diamond Growth: Evidence From 13C/12C Ratios, Nitrogen Content and Aggregation State and Inclusion Chemistry of Diamonds From Jwaneng, Botswana

Cartigny P et al.: Nitrogen Isotopic Composition of Diamonds from Fuxian, China

Akagi T & Masuda A: Carbon Isotope of Fluid Inclusions in Zairean Fibrous Diamonds

Fitzsimons ICW et al.: Two Generations of Growth Within Diamonds From George Creek, Colorado

Symposium 6: Posters

Roden MF et al.: Proterozoic Lithosphere Composition beneath the Colorado Plateau

Garrit D et al.: Processes in Archean and Proterozoic Mantle in West Greenland

Rosenbaum JM Two-stage Enrichment of the Eifel Mantle: New Evidence

& Wilson M:

Zinngrebe E et al.: Gt-Spl-Plag Clinopyroxenite and Lherzolite Xenoliths From Bayuda, Sudan: First Insights Into NE African Lithospheric Mantle

Brumm R et al.: Geothermobarometry in High-Fe3+ Garnet Clinopyroxenites From the Bayuda Main Volcanic Field, Sudan

Bonadiman C et al.: Alkali-rich Carbonatitic Metasomatism in the Grande Comore Oceanic Mantle

Gregoire M et al.: Petrology of Kerguelen Mantle Xenoliths: Evidence of a Strongly Refractory Oceanic Mantle Percolated by Basaltic Melts

Bau M et al.: Trace Element Characteristics of Mantle Metasomatism in Subduction Zones: The Batan Xenoliths, Philippines

Petrova T & Esin S: Alkaline Volcanism and Xenoliths of Sikhote-Alin

Ashchepkov IV et al.: Phlogopite in Vitim Mantle Xenoliths and its Significance for Mantle Melts

Ashchepkov IV Vein System Beneath Vitim Plateau: Mechanism of Fractionation and Relationships with Basaltic

& André L: Magmatism

Wittenberg A et al.: Kyanite eclogites from Siberia - Influenced by Kimberlitic Melt?

Bagdasarov EA et al.: Evolution of Yakutian Kimberlite Eclogite Pargeneses Compositions

Gueddari K et al.: Evidence for Geochemical Behaviour of Platinum-group Elements (PGE) in Upper Mantle: Spinel Peridotites From Orogenic Massifs and Xenoliths

Zanetti A et al.: Geochemistry and Crystal Chemistry of Mantle Amphiboles from the Carpatho-Pannonian Region and their Petrological Implications

Mc Dade P & Harris JW: Multiple Diamond Sources at the Kalahari Craton Margin: Letseng-la-terai, Lesotho

Hart R et al.: Refractory Trace Elements in Diamonds and Their Bearing on the Origin of Ancient Cratons

Stachel Th & Harris JW: Syngenetic Mineral Inclusions in Diamonds From Ghana - Unique Samples From the Base of the Peridotitic Mantle Lithosphere

Sharkov EV: Two Main Types of the Early Precambrian Lower Crust

Franz L et al.: Xenoliths From the Mid-German Crystalline Rise: Lithospheric Evolution Indicated by Phase Relations and Geochemistry

Jakes P et al.: Petrology and Geochemistry of Lower Crust in Bohemian Massif: Two Contrasting Lithologies

Klügel A et al.: Magma Ascent Chronology Constrained by Diffusion Rates Between Mantle Xenoliths and Their Host Melt

Symposium 7:

Chronometry of Geological Processes

Conveners: K. Mezger and D. Vance

Oberli F et al.: 230Th/238U Disequilibrium Systematics in U-Th-Pb Dating: Nuisance or Powerful Tool in Geochronometry?

Friedl G & Finger F: U-Pb Monazite Dating in Orthogneiss Terrains - Some Potential Problems and Possible Solutions

Pidgeon RT et al.: Inherited and Disturbed U-Pb Ages in Zircon and Titanite from an Archean Syenite: Implications for the Stability of U-Pb Systems in these Minerals

Grauert B et al.: Metamorphic Mineral Ages in Conflict with a Simple Closure Temperature Concept

Kamber BS et al.: Granulite Chronometry - how Accuratly can we Interpret Precise Ages?

Nägler ThF et al.: What Dominates the Nd and Pb Characteristics of Garnet?

Zhu XK et al.: Chemical and Isotopic Zonation in Metamorphic Monazite

Chavagnac V Coesite-bearing Eclogites From the Bixling Complex, Dabie Shan Mountains, China: Sm-Nd Ages,

& Jahn B-m: Geochemical Characteristics and Tectonic Implications

Thöni M & Miller Ch: Sm-Nd Isotope Systematics in Metamorphic and Magmatic Garnets: Age and P-T Constraints on the Eo-Alpine Subduction/Exhumation History (Koralpe-Saualpe, Austria)

Vance D et al.: Pre-Tertiary Metamorphic Ages From the Zanskar Himalaya

Willner AP et al.: Time of Formation, Peak of HP-HT Metamorphism, and Cooling History of Quarz-Feldspar Rocks in the Central Erzgebirge, Saxony, Germany

Vavra G et al.: Zircon Chronometry of Lower Crustal Processes: Magmatism, Anatexis and Metasomatism in the Ivrea Zone

Corfu F: Patterns and Significance of Titanite U-Pb Ages in Western Superior Province, Ontario

Inger S & Freeman S: Rb-Sr Fabric Ages Constrain Tectonic Processes in the Alps and Himalaya

Freeman SR et al.: Geochronological and Chemical Constraints on Deformational Fabrics

Schaltegger U & Corfu F: Dating Short-lived Late-orogenic Extensional Events in the Variscan Belt of Central Europe

Dodson M et al.: The Multi-standard Approach to Accuracy in 40Ar-39Ar Dating

Pickles CS et al.: Investigations Into the Behaviour of Argon Isotopes During Metamorphism: Reaction Fronts and Diffusion Profiles

Villa IM: The Influence of Irradiation and Heating Schedule on Ar Diffusion in Gem-quality Orthoclase from Madagascar

Shukolyukov YuA et al.: XeS-XeN Dating of Uranium-bearing Minerals

Christensen JN Sr and Nd Isotopic Studies of Melt Inclusions in Quartz: Evidence for Multiple Age Components in the

& Halliday AN: Bishop Tuff, California

Moorbath S Long-Delay Resetting of the Sm-Nd Whole-Rock System Negates Use of Initial *Nd for Tracing Crust and

& Whitehouse MJ: Mantle Evolution

Eisenhauer A et al.: U-series Ages of a Last Interglacial Coral Core from the Abrolhos Islands, W. Australia

Rasbury ET et al.: 238U/207Pb-206Pb/207Pb Isochron Age of Exposure Surfaces in Rapidly Deposited late Paleozoic Cycles

Richards DA et al.: U-Pb Dating of Quaternary Age Spaleothems and Peats

Symposium 7: Posters

Meffan-Main S & Cliff RA: Chronlogy of Deformation in Basement Gneisses Using Rb-Sr Microsampling

Glodny J & Grauert B: Metapegmatites and Their Use for Dating Thermal and Deformational Events in Metamorphic Terranes: The Western Bohemian Massif

Müller W et al.: Dating of Deformation Across the Brittle-Ductile Transition: High Spatial-Resolution Rb/Sr and 40Ar/39Ar Data from the Periadriatic Fault System (Alps)

Wodicka N & Card KD: U-Pb and 40Ar/39Ar Constraints on the Tectonothermal History of the Levack Gneiss Complex, Southern Superior Province, Canada: Implications for the Exhumation of Deep-Crustal Rocks

Zreda MG et al.: Cosmogenic Dating of Fault Faces - A New Tool for Paleoseismology

Dunkl I et al.: Two Types of Tectonic Denudation: Record of Rate in the Fission Track Age of Sediments

De Jong K et al.: 39Ar Recoil as Cause for HT Disturbance of 40Ar/39Ar Age Spectra of Actinolitised Hornblende From Gneisses of the Early Proterozoic Lapland-Kola Orogen, W. Kola Peninsula (Russia)

Pushkarev YuD: The Nature of the 40Ar/39Ar Plateau-like Spectra Corresponding to Apparent Ages: A Combination of Stepwise Crushing and Stepwise Heating Methods as a Basis for the Problem Solution

Chernyshev IV et al.: 39Ar Losses Control in the 39Ar-40Ar Method: Case of Oceanic Basalts Study

Sharp WD et al.: 40Ar/39Ar and K-Ar Dating of Mauna Kea Lavas From the Hilo 1-km Corehole, Hawaii Scientific Drilling Project

Singer BS et al.: Inherited Argon in Pleistocene Andesite Lavas: 40Ar/39Ar Incremental-heating and Laser Fusion Analyses of Plagioclase

Lips ALW et al.: First 40Ar/39Ar Laserprobe ages of the Pelagonian Zone, Internal Hellenides, Greece

Kraml M et al.: Spot Fusion and Incremental Heating of Single Crystals From Kaiserstuhl Volcanic Rocks With the BGR 40Ar/39Ar Laser Probe

Dahlgren S et al.: U-Pb Isotopic Time Constraints, and Hf and Pb Source Characteristics of the The Larvik Plutonic Complex, Oslo Paleorift. Geodynamic and Geochemical Implications for the Rift Evolution

Siebel W et al.: Rb-Sr, K-Ar geochronology and Nd isotopic study of contrasting granite massifs in western Bohemia

Todt W et al.: Pb Isotope Studies of Indian Carbonatites

Nemchin AA Dating of Internal Structures of Zircons as Constraints on the Timing of Granite Genesis and

& Pidgeon RT: Crystallization: Granites from SW Australia

Liebetrau V et al.: Comparison of Zircon Dating Methods for S-type Granitoids: Cathodoluminescence Documented Dating vs. Standard Techniques

Kosler J et al.: U-Pb Geochronology of Granulite Facies Rocks: Implications From BSE Study of Zircons

Bezmen NI et al.: Distribution of 206Pb and 238U Between Zircon and Hydrothermal Fluids

Frei R et al.: Single Mineral Pb-Pb Stepwise Leaching: Assessing the Mechanisms

Mezger K et al.: Thermal History of the Eastern Ghats Belt (India) Deduced from U-Pb and 40Ar/39Ar Dating of Metamorphic Minerals

Simien F: Formation and Evolution of a Crustal Segement - The Montagne Noire Area

Roberts MP & Finger F: Significance of Zircon Ages for Southern Bohemian Granulites: Evidence for Late Zircon Growth as a Consequence of Long-Term Melt Residence During Retrograde Metamorphic Evolution

Tikhomirova M et al.: Geochronological Investigations on Grey Gneisses From the Freiberg Region (Eastern Erzgebirge)

Baumann N et al.: Datings on Minerals as Contributions to Clearing up the Geological History of the Saxonian Granulite Complex

Gehmlich M et al.: 207/206Pb Single Zircon Evaporation Ages From Ordovician Sections of the Saxothuringian Zone (Germany)

Hofmann B & Hölzl S: The Crustal Profile of the KTB Main Borehole: Isotopic Characterisation and Time Marks

Köhler R et al.: Rb-Sr Isotopic Systematics on a Profile Through a Granite Contact (Ehrenfriedersdorf, Germany)

Siebel W et al.: Early-Paleozoic Acid Magmatism in the Fichtelgebirge, NE Bavaria

Irber W et al.: Leaching of Rb and Sr (87Sr/86Sr) of Hercynian Peraluminous Granites with Application to Age Determination

Shatagin KN: Time and Nature of Rb-Sr Isotopic System Disturbance in North Kazakhstanian Granites

Böhm ChO & Sergeev SA: Amphibolites as Milestones of Pre-Permian Volcano-Sedimentary Cycles in Penninic and Ultrahelvetic Basement Domains (Central Swiss Alps)

Biino GG & Meisel TC: Re-Os Dating and Isotopic (Re-Os, Ar-Ar, Rb-Sr, Sm-Nd, and U-Pb) Evidence for Crustal Contamination of a Triassic Alkaline Mineralized Ultramafic Pipe (Ivrea Verbano Zone, Italy)

Linner M et al.: Eo-Alpine Eclogites in the Austroalpine Basement S of the Tauern Window: Geochemistry of Eclogites and Interlayered Metasediments

Cliff RA & Inger S: U-Pb Systematics in Accessory Minerals form Alpine Metasediments

Rhede D et al.: Th-U-Pb Dating of Accessory Minerals by Electron Microprobe

Mundil R et al.: Chronological Control on Questionable Orbital Cycles Recorded in Middle Triassic Platform Carbonates

Mankopf NR Usability of Hematite for Dating Ore Formation

& Lippolt HJ:

Pravdivtseva OV et al.: Xenon-Xenon Geochronological Records of Hydrothermal Redeposition in the Shlema-Aberoda Pitchblende

Symposium 8:

Coupled Mass and Heat Transport

Conveners: P. Möller and L. Rybach

Clauser Ch et al.: Crustal Dynamics and Advective Heat Transport in Continental Rift Zones

Balyshev SO: Relationship of Heat Transfer and Decompression Processes in Fault Zones

Holzbecher E: Convective Heat and Mass Flow in Porous Media

Aquilina L et al.: Water-rock Interaction Processes in the Triassic Sandstone and the Granitic Basement of the Rhine Graben: Geochemical Investigation of a Geothermal Reservoir

Johansen H et al.: Controls on CO2 Budget in Deep and Ultradeep Sedimentary Basins: Importance of Mineralogy and Diagenetic Reactions for Gas Composition, Carbonate Cementation and for the Preservation of Porosity at Great Depths

Lesniak PM: Deep Crustal Fluid Advection and Exchange of Oxygen-18: Application to Carpathians

Kohl T et al.: Evaluation of Convectively Driven Heat Flow by Quantitative Gas Flow Analysis Near the KTB Location

Pedersen T et al.: Fluid Flow in Sedimentary Basins: Flow Along Fractures

Möller P & Ondrak R: Heat and Mass Transport in Hydrothermal Mineralizations

Mäder U & Engi M: Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage: A Quantitative Geochemical Model for Long-term Cyclic Storage and Recovery

Symposium 9:

Chemostratigraphy and Events

Conveners: J. Veizer and S. B. Jacobsen

Melezhik V & Fallick AE: Organic Carbon Recycling in the Early Precambrian: How Much Do We Know About It?

Lahtinen R: Palaeoproterozoic Metasedimentary Rocks in the Tampere-Hämeenlinna Area, Southern Finland: Chemostratigraphical Division into Arc- and Basement-related Groups

Gorokhov IM et al.: Lead and Strontium Isotopes in Ancient Carbonates From the Urals and Siberia: Evolution of Seawater 87Sr/86Sr Over the Late Proterozoic

Kuznetsov AB et al.: Carbonate Diagenesis of the Karatau Group Rocks, the South Urals: Chemical and Sr Isotopic Evidence

Schidlowski M et al.: Carbon Isotope Stratigraphy of the Phosporite-bearing Precambrian-Cambrian Transition Series of the Lesser Himalaya (Uttar Pradesh, India)

Jacobsen SB et al.: The record of Nd Isotopes in Neoproterozoic Sediments: Implications for Atmospheric Evolution, Ocean Mixing and Global Tectonics

Kaufman AJ Neoproterozoic Variations in the C and Sr-Isotopic Composition of Seawater: Stratigraphy and

& Jacobsen SB: Biogeochemical Implications

Derry L et al.: *13C Anomalies in Neoproterozoic Glacial Cap Carbonates: What Can They Tell Us About the Neoproterozoic Oceans and Climate?

Schramm A et al.: U-Th Isotopes and Trace Element Ratios in Late Pleistocene Aragonitic Sediments From Lake Lisan (Paleo-Dead Sea)

Yakovleva OV Glauconite feasibility to Numerical Stratigraphic Studies: 57Fe Mössbauer Evidence

& Gorokhov IM:

Pokrovsky BG: C-, O-, S-, and Sr-Isotope Variations in the Carbonate Successions of Siberian Platform and Events on the Precambrian/Cambrian Boundary

Mingram B et al.: Geochemical Correlation of Metamorphic Rocks: Evidences for Repetition of Early Paleozoic Rocks in High Grade Metamorphic Units of the Erzgebirge

Calanchi N et al.: Inorganic Geochemistry of two Cores From the Meso-Adriatic Depression (MAD): Trace Elements as Geochemical Indexes of Paleoenvironmental Changes in the Late Quaternary

Veizer J et al.: Oxygen Isotope Evolution of Phanerozoic Seawater

Veizer J et al.: Strontium Isotope Stratigraphy: Potential Resolution and Event Correlation

Ebneth S & Veizer J: Strontium Isotope Record of the Cambrian System

Carden GAF et al.: A Global Correlation of Carbon and Oxygen Stable Isotopic Changes Across the Ordovician-Silurian Boundary

Diener A et al.: High Resolution Sr Isotope Stratigraphy: Middle and Upper Devonian of Central Europe

Bruckschen P et al.: Oxygen, Carbon and Strontium Isotope Stratigraphy of the European Lower and Middle Carboniferous - Criteria for Evaluation of Original Signal and New Data

Dolenec T et al.: Stable Isotope Variations in the Permian - Triassic Boundary Sedimentary Rocks from the Karavanke Mountains (Slovenia)

Podlaha OG et al.: Revisiting High-Resolution Isotope Stratigraphy of the Jurassic/Early Cretaceous: Limitations in Resolution of Secular Variations

Strauss H: The Sulfur Isotopic Composition of Seawater as Deduced From Trace Sulfate in Carbonates

Kampschulte A The Sulfur Isotopic Composition of Jurassic and Cretaceous Seawater as Deduced From Trace Sulfate in

& Stauss H: Belemnites

Symposium 9: Posters

Gareev EZ: Sedimentary Geochemistry of the Riphean Stratotype (Meso/Neoproterozoic) in the South Urals, Russia

Maslov AV Paleosalinity of Riphean Sedimentary Basins on the Eastern Edge of Russion Craton (C/S Method, First

& Krupenin MT: Results)

Symposium 10:

Proxies in Paleooceanography and Paleoclimatology

Conveners: E. Suess and M. A. Arthur

Wolf-Gladrow DA et al.: Carbon Isotopic Fractionation in Marine Plankton: Paleobarometer for PCO2

Bijma J et al.: Effects of Seawater Carbonate Chemistry on the Stable Isotopic Composition of Foraminiferal Calcite

Freeman KH et al.: Molecular Proxies for PCO2 From Marine Surface Waters

François R et al.: Bulk Sediment *15N as a Tool in Paleoocenography

Hemming NG et al.: Boron Isotopes in Carbonates as a Proxy for Paleo-pH: Applications and Limitations

Sywall MA & Hoefs J: Lithium Isotope Composition of Quaternary and Tertiary Planktonic Foraminifera: Consequences for the Lithium Budget of the Ocean

Schmid M et al.: Oxygen Isotopes in Marine Diatoms (Opal-A)

Yu E-F et al.: Radiochemical Constraints on Ocean Circulation During the Last Glacial Maximum

Frank M et al.: Biogenic Particle Flux in the Eastern Atlantic Sector of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current: Spatial and Temporal Variations During the Late Quaternary Deduced From 230Th, 10Be and 231Pa Sediment Profiles

Chabaux F et al.: 238U-234U-230Th Disequilibrium in Fe-Mn Crusts: Study of Seawater Th Isotope Ratios

Frank N et al.: A New Proxy of the 230Th/231Pa Fractionation in the Pacific Water Column During the Past?

Von Blanckenburg F Advection Lengthscales of Seawater Be, Pb, and Nd and Implications for Secular Variations in Their

& O'Nions RK: Isotopic Compositions

Abouchami W et al.: Temporal Changes in Pb Isotope Composition and Concentration Recorded by a Mn Crust from the Central Pacific and Their Relationship to Climate

Ling H-F et al.: Nd and Pb Isotope History of Central Pacific Seawater

Simonetti A et al.: Inferences on Atlantic Deep Water Circulation from Pb and Nd Isotopes in Atlantic Fe-Mn Deposits

Peucker-Ehrenbrink B The Influence of Silicate Weathering on the Marine Os and Sr Isotope Records

& Blum JD:

Oxburgh R Pleistocene variations in the osmium isotopic composition of sea water as indication of controls on

& Shackleton NJ: continental weathering processes

Nagender Nath B et al.: Cerium Anomalies in the Arabian Sea Sediments Beneath and Beyond Oxygen Minimum Zone (OMZ)

McDermott F et al.: Late Glacial Climate in S.W. Ireland: The Cave Calcite Record

Hladíková J et al.: Holocene Climatic Record in the Calcareous Tufa Mound in Svaty Jan pod Skalou (Bohemian Karst, Czech Republic)

Colin C et al.: Detritic Record of Chemical Weathering / Physical Erosion Characteristics of the Himalaya During the Two Last Glacial-Interglacial Cycles

France-Lanord Ch The Seawater Sr Record and Processes of Erosion and Weathering in Himalaya

& Derry LA:

Rutsch H-J et al.: The Global Barium Cycle: Experiments With a Zonally-averaged Global Ocean Ciculation Model

Schaller T & Wehrli B: Concentration Patterns of Redox Sensitive Metals in Lake Sediments - Indicators for Wind and Temperature Regimes

Brumsack H-J et al.: High-resolution Major and Minor Element Geochemistry of Sedimentary Sequences from the Lower Cretaceous (NW German Basin)

Hofmann PM et al.: Processes Controlling the Accumulation of Organic Matter-rich Sedimentary Sequences of Albian Age in the North Atlantic

Henderson GM et al.: Direct Dating of Oxygen-Isotope Substage 5e by Measurement of U and Th Isotopes in Marine Sediments From the Bahamas

Antonow M: Geochemistry of Central Greenland Sea Sediments and Isotopic Characterization of Surface Water Masses of the Past 250 ky

Mangini A et al.: Evaluation of Glacial Deep Water O2 Content From Authigenic Uranium in Sediments

Gallet S & Jahn B-m: Geochemical and Isotopic Characterization of the Luochuan Loess-Paleosol Sequence of China and its Paleoclimatic Implications

Symposium 10: Posters

Stein R et al.: Late Cenozoic Organic-Carbon Flux and Paleoenvironment in the Arctic Ocean Gateway Area (ODP-Leg 151 and Polarstern Cruise ARCTIC '91)

Gingele FX Comparison of Independent Proxies in the Reconstruction of Deepwater Circulation and Productivity

& Schmiedl G: Changes in the Southeast Atlantic

Knies J & Stein R: Organic Carbon, Biomarker and Paleoenvironment of the Northern Barents and Kara Sea During Glacial/Interglacial Periods: First Results of an Organic Geochemical and Sedimentological Study

Müller PJ et al.: Late Quaternary PCO2 Variations in the Angola/Benguela Current System Inferred From Bulk Organic Carbon and Alkenone *13C and Alkenone Temperatures

Specht J et al.: Carbonate Dissolution and Lysocline Variations in the Western Equatorial Atlantic

Vogler S et al.: Scavenging of 230Th, 232Th and 231Pa in the North-East Atlantic Ocean

Walter H-J Fractionation of 230Th and 231Pa in the Southern Ocean - The Effects of Particle Composition and Particle

& van der Loeff MR: Flux

Williamowski C et al.: Benthic *13C and CD/CA Records of Mid-depth Ventilation from the Upper Portuguese Continental Margin

Bollhöfer A et al.: Growth Rates and Manganese/Iron Variations in Two Manganese Nodules From the Peru Basin

Haese R & Schulz HD: Reconstruction of Aeolian Input to the Equatorial Atlantic: A One Million Year Record

Heiss GA et al.: Stable Isotope Signal in Corals From the Indian Ocean

Kunzendorf H Tracing and Use of Radiometric Signals in Baltic Sea Surface Sediments

& Christiansen Ch:

Hemming SR et al.: 40Ar/39Ar Age Constraints on the Sources of Ice-rafted Hornblende Grains in the Heinrich Layers

Van Os BJH et al.: Climate Induced Geochemical Variations in Dutch Overbank Deposits During the Lower Pleistocene and Pliocene

Staudigel H et al.: Biologically Mediated Alteration of Volcanic Glass in Seawater: Implications for Earliest Basalt Diagenesis, Seawater Chemistry and Origin of Cherts

Mundil R et al.: Chronological Control on Questionable Orbital Cycles Recorded in Middle Triassic Platform Carbonates

Peucker-Ehrenbrink B Continental Runoff of Osmium Into the Baltic Sea

& Ravizza G:

Dolenec T & Faganeli J: Rare Earth Element Geochemistry of the Surficial Sediments from the Adriatic Sea

Dubinin AV: Paleoevents in Sedimentation Recorded by Authigenous Mineralization

Symposium 11:

Terrestrial Aquatic Systems

Conveners: F. H. Frimmel and A. I. B. Zehnder

Pawellek F: *13C of Dissolved Inorganic Carbon in Major River Systems: Sources and Processes in Watersheds

Barth J et al.: Spatial and Seasonal Biogeochemistry of the St. Lawrence River System

Chudaev OV et al.: The Mineral Waters of the Russion Far East

Kirchner JW: Long-term Acidification Resulting From Catchment Base Cation Depletion: Geochemical Theory and Field Observations

Roy S et al.: Sr Isotope Geochemistry of the Large Chinese Rivers. Implication for Weathering Rate

Hohmann R et al.: Tritium-Helium-3 Water Ages in Lake Baikal

Lindemann J et al.: Contribution of Redoxchemical Processes in Spring Peat Bogs to the Neutralization of Atmospheric Acidification, Frankenwald (Northeast Bavaria)

Winckler G: Elemental and Isotopic Abundance of Helium and Argon in Mediterranean Brine Basins. Evidence of a Radiogenic Component Derived from the Subsurface

Buergisser ChS et al.: Reductive Dissolution of Co(III)- and Mn(III)-hydrous Oxide Minerals by Chelating Agents

Tricca A & Stille P: Rare Earth Elements and Sr Isotope Determination on Alsatian River and Groundwaters

Petelet E et al.: A Global Geochemical Approach to a Hydrological Problem: Major, Trace, Isotopic (H2O, Sr, Pb) Constraints on the Surficial/Ground Waters Interaction in the Herault Watershed (S France)

Hirt M et al.: Too Much Air in Ground Water?

Pinti DL et al.: The use of Atmospheric Noble Gases for Evaluating Groundwater Movement in Deep Sedimentary Aquifers

Eggenkamp HGM et al.: Variations in Chlorine Isotope Compositions in Water and Sediment Related to Oil

Symposium 11: Posters

Ben Othman D Geochemical Constraints on the Short-time Scale Water Movements in a Small Watershed During an

& Luck J-M: Autumn Flood: Major, Trace Elements and Sr Isotopes

Diener A & Veizer J: Sulfate 34S/32S in the River Elbe and its Tributaries

Eikenberg J et al.: U and Th Series Disequilibrium Studies in Ground and River Waters of the Upper Rhine Valley

Friese K: Geochemistry of Sediments in Acid Mining Lakes

Louvat P & Allègre CJ: Chemical Weathering and Erosion Rates from the Rivers of Reunion Island

Pinti DL & Matsuda J: Noble Gas Signature in Australian Cherts and Banded Iron Formations [2.5-3.5 Ga]. An Attempt to Detect Earth's Paleoatmosphere

Chudaeva VA Surface Water Composition of Kamchatka, Russia

& Lutsenko TN:

Pauwels H et al.: Denitrification in a Shaly Aquifer: The Coet-Dan Drainage Basin (Brittany, France)

Staudacher Th et al.: Comparison of Erosion Rates at Reunion Island, Determined by Cosmogenic Noble Gases and by Rivers Geochemistry

Gautelier M et al.: Dissolution Kinetics of Dolomite in Hydrochloric Acid

Helz GR et al.: Mechanism of Removal of Mo from the Sea and its Concentration in Black Shales: EXAFS Evidence

Roostai AH et al.: Hydrogeochemistry in Relation to Water Acidification in the Brocken Area (Harz Mountains, FRG)

Sullivan AB & Drever JI: Inorganic Sunlight-Induced Dissolution of Amorphous MnO2

Jedrysek MO et al.: *13C and *34S in Peat Profiles as a Possible Record of Global Changes

Jedrysek MO et al.: Mechanisms of Methanogenesis in Various Tropical Freshwater Sediments

Nikolaenko AN: Mathematical Model of Mulit-ion-salt Migration in Soils and Pore Solutions

& Skurlatov YuI:

Ernestova LS Terrestrial Aquatic Systems Under Human Impact

Stipp SLS: In situ, Real-time Observations of the Adsorption and Self-assembly of Macromolecules From Aqueous Solution onto an Untreated, Natural Surface

Symposium 12:

Environmental Geochemistry

Conveners: U. Förstner and W. Salomons

Schulte U et al.: The Isotopic Compositions of Dissolved and Solid Sulfur and Carbon Species in a Deep Confined Tertiary Aquifer

Mörth C-M et al.: Interpretations of *34S and Sulfate Concentration Variations Over the Year in Runoff and Groundwater in a Small Forested Catchment in Western Sweden

Novak M: *34S Signals in Forest Soils of Central Europe

Mayer B et al.: A Sulfur Isotope Tracer Technique for the Assessment of the Environmental Consequences of K2SO4 Applications During Amelioration Procedures in Forests

Buzek F et al.: Impact of Atmospheric Sulphur on Mosses and Stone Monuments: *34S Monitoring in Belgium and Czech Republic

Heinrichs H Source Attribution of Urban Particulates Using Receptor Models

& Brumsack H-J:

Reimann C et al.: Geochemical Mapping of the Environmental Impact of Ni-Smelting and Mining in the Arctic Terrain of the Kola Peninsula (NW Russia)

Steinmann M & Stille P: Speciation of Rare Earth Elements in a Heavy Metal Contaminated Soil Using Geochemical and Isotopic Methods

Van Cappellen P: Biogeochemical Dynamics of Metals in Surface Sediments

Huisman DJ et al.: Natural Heavy-Metal Contents in Late Cenozoic Dutch Sediments

Ingri J & Widerland A: Uptake of Trace Elements on Suspended Matter in the Kalix River

Cundy AB et al.: A High-resolution Chemical Record of Anthropogenic Influences in SE Sicily

Müller G et al.: Heavy Metals in Aquatic Sediments of the Oka River Drainage Area (Russia)

Albrecht A et al.: Anthropogenic Radionuclides as Tools to Study Exogenic Geochemical and Aquatic Processes

Walraven N et al.: Stable Lead Isotopes and Concentrations in Overbank Deposits as Tracers of Industrial Pollution in Limburg, The Netherlands

Matschullat J: Trace Element Fluxes to the Baltic Sea: Problems of Atmospheric and Fluvial Input Budgets

Hansmann W et al.: Pb-Isotopes as Tracers of Pollutants in Soils

Kralik M et al.: The Dust We Breath: Mineralogy, Lead-isotope and PAH-composition of Viennese Dust Samples

Andersson PS et al.: Particulate Transport of 234U-238U in the Kalix River and the Baltic Sea

Porcelli D et al.: Sources and Colloid Transport of 234U-238U in the Baltic Sea and Kalix River Watershed

Viers J et al.: Role of Humic Substances on the Transport of Major and Trace Elements in Surficial Drainage Basins (Nsimi-Zoetele, Cameroon)

Deissmann G & Kistinger S: Effects of pH and Eh on Contaminants in Acid Mine Waters from the Ronneburg Uranium Mine

Ljungberg J & Öhlander B: Geochemical Field Study of Water Covered Mine Tailings

Boyd R et al.: Anthropogenic Noble-Metal Enrichment of Topsoil in the Monchegorsk Area, Kola Peninsula

Wittbrodt PR Reduction of Cr(VI) by Soil Humic Substances

& Palmer CD:

Loch JPG & Keijzer ThJS: Chemical Osmosis in Contaminated Clayey Materials

Rammlmair D: The Role of Gels in Self Organisation of Slagheaps From the Arsenic Production Site, Muldenhütten, Freiberg, Saxony, FRG

Helz GR et al.: Mechanism of Removal of Mo from the Sea and its Concentration in Black Shales

Manceau A & Hazemann JL: Direct Determination of the Speciation of Heavy Metals in Soils and Wastes by EXAFS Spectroscopy

Sarret G et al.: Direct Determination of Pb and Zn Speciation in Contaminated Lichens by EXAFS Spectroscopy

Bruno J et al.: The Development and Application of Coprecipitation/Solid Solution Models to Describe Low Temperature Trace Element Geochemistry

Prieto M et al.: Crystallization Behaviour in the System CdCO3-CaCO3-H2O: Zoning in (Cd,Ca)CO3 Single Crystals

Baron D & Palmer CD: Iron-Chromate Precipitates in Cr(VI)-Contaminated Soils

Böttcher ME et al.: Synthesis of a Complete BaCO3-SrCO3 (Witherite-Strontianite) Solid-Solution Series From Aqueous Solutions at 25°C: Characterization of Ba-Sr and 13C-12C Substitution by FTIR Spectroscopy

Kersten M: Aqueous Solubility Diagrams for the C-H-S Solid-Solution System in Cementitious Waste Stabilization Technology

Förstner U & Salomons W: Geochemical Concepts for Long-term Strategies of Contaminated Sites

Wüst W & Dahmke A: Reductive Dehalogenation of Chlorinated Aliphatic Hydrocarbons (CAH) by Zero-Valent Metals and Bimetals in Groundwater Remediation

Ward RS & William GM: Biogeochemical Changes in Landfill Gas During Sub-Surface Migration

Symposium 12: Posters

Dulski P & Bau M: Anthropogenic Gadolinium in Natural Surface Waters and Drinking Water

Böttcher M et al.: Black Spots in the German Wadden Sea: 34S/32S Effects Associated With Intense Sulfate Reduction

Piboule M & Amossé J: The Oklo Natural Reactor (Zone 10): Platinum Group Element Behaviour

Pourcelot L Oxygen Isotopes and U, Pb, REE Data on Clays and Uraninites of the Oklo Natural Reactors:

& Gauthier-lafaye F: Temperatures, Water Radiolysis and Weathering Effects

Pilot JD et al.: *34S and *18O Investigations of Industrially Contaminated Freiberg Soil (W-E-Transect), Lake Water, Lake Sediment Profiles and of Freiberg Mining Water

Schäfer J et al.: Traffic-related Noble Metal immissions in South-West Germany

Land M: Seasonal Variations of Groundwater Chemistry Due to Changing Flow Paths

Rochelle CA et al.: Fluid-Rock Interactions Resulting From the Underground Disposal of Carbon Dioxide

Klaver GTh The Geochemical Composition of Dutch Subsurface Sediments

& Huisman DJ:

Mycke B & Burwood R: High Resolution Stratigraphic Analysis of Pre-Salt Source Rocks in West Africa

Koster J et al.: Trace Element Concentrations and Stable Lead Isotopes in Soils as Tracer of Lead Pollution in Graft-De Rijp, The Netherlands

Ansari AA et al.: Parabolic Distribution of Heavy Metals in Grain Size Fractions of Sediments of Gangetic Plain Near Kanpur-Unnao Industrial Region, U.P., India

Bateman K et al.: Column Experiments: Results of Experiments and Modelling

Ebert M et al.: Chromium Transport in a Reduced Aquifer System - A Column Experiment

Zeferino J et al.: Seasonal Mercury Abundances in Stream Sediments Contaminated by Gold Processing in Quadrilatero Ferrífero, Minas Gerais, Brazil

Heitzmann Jr JF et al.: Heavy Metals in Soils in the Vicinity of Municipal Landfills in the Piracicaba River Basin, São Paulo, Brazil

Kasimov NS et al.: Mobile Forms of Heavy Metals in Forest and Forest-Steppe Soils of the Russian Plain Landscapes

Bortnikova SB et al.: Behaviour of Heavy Metals in Weathering of Intermediate Sulfide Tailings of Dzhida Plant (Transbaikal Region)

Mejeed SY: Heavy Metal Concentrations in Some Slovakian Agricultural Soils

Dietz E & Roßner R: Description of the Cd-Uptake of Epipactis helleborirne (Orchid) Using Transferfactors

Lange L & Matschullat J: Trace Elements in Precipitation from the Eastern Erzgebirge, Black Triangle

Barth S et al.: Boron Isotope Systematics in Groundwater from a Solid Waste Disposal Site (Switzerland): A New Tracer for Anthropogenic Contamination

Sobolev IA et al.: Polymineral Matrix for Nuclear Wastes Immobilization

Sobolev IA et al.: Geochemical Properties of Zirconolite in the Light of Nuclear Wastes Immobilization Problem

Sulovsky P: The Behaviour of Potentially Hazardous Elements in Fluidized Bed Combustion Fly Ash

Kraemer SM Ligand Controlled Dissolution of Aluminium Oxide: Influence of pH and Solution Saturation State

& Hering JG:

Aswathanarayana U: Biogeochemical and Socio-economic Consequences of Katina-P Oil Spill Disaster in Maputo Bay, and its Lessons

Grantham MC Biogeochemistry of Subsurface Environments: Investigation of Bacterial Effects on Iron Oxyhydroxide

& Dove PM: Coatings by Fluid Tapping ModeTM Atomic Force Microscopy

Hoogewerff JA et al.: Geochemical Fingerprints in Human Bones: Can We Trace the Stuff that We are Made off?

Taraskevicius R: The Problems of Biogeochemical Analysis of Municipal Wastes Landfill

Peinerud E: The Sedimentary Si/Al Ratio as an Indicator of Diatom Productivity Changes

Friedl G et al.: Solid Phases of Manganese in Sediments

Wolff-Boenisch B et al.: Sr-isotopic Composition in Wine as Fingerprints for its Origin: First Approach by Conventional Thermal-Ionization-Mass-Spectrometry

Luck J-M Sources and Mobilization Processes of Metals in a Small Anthropized Watershed: Trace Metals and Pb

& Ben Othman D: Isotopes in the Dissolved and Particulate Loads

Labonne M et al.: Heavy Metal Concentrations and Radiogenic Isotopes (Pb, Sr) in Recent Molluscs and Ancient Shells From a Coastal Pond (Thau, South France)

Rezaie Boroon MH Leaching Behaviour of Contaminated Building Waste Material

& Tobschall HJ:

Zinkute R: Identification of Contamination Sources Using Chemical Elements Associations in Topsoils

Ellminger F & Matschullat J: Overbank Sediments and Slags - Witness for Medieval Mining Phases

Gennadiev AN et al.: Fluxes of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in the Environment

Kasimov NS et al.: Biogeochemistry of Aquatic Systems in the Volga Delta

Symposium 13:

Organic Geochemistry, Including Molecular and Isotopic Signals in Paleoenvironmental Reconstruction

Conveners: D. Leythäuser and J. R. Maxewell

Volkman JK et al.: Changes in Phytoplankton productivity and Sea Surface Temperature Across the Subtropical Convergence East of New Zealand Since the Last Glaciation Based on Biomarker Compositions

Schulte S et al.: Preservation and Early Diagenesis of Organic Matter in Sediments From the Continental Margin off Pakistan

Schouten S et al.: Paleoenvironmental Significance of Methanogenic Bacterial Lipids in Marine Sediments

Melé AR et al.: Recognition of Photic Zone Anoxia in Paleo Water Columns From Chlorophyll-Derived Pigment Distributions

Sinninghe Damsté JS: Sedimentary Derivatives of a Carotenoid of Green Sulphur Bacteria as a Molecular Proxy for Photic Zone Anoxia

Grice K et al.: Biological Markers from Hypersaline Environments with Unusually heavy *13C Contents

Van Kaam-Peters HME Paleoenvironmental Reconstruction of an Upper Jurassic Lagoonal System Using Free and Sulphur-

et al.: Bound Biomarkers

Mongenot T et al.: Study of the Different Facies in Laminated Organic-rich Kimmeridgian Sediments of Orbagnoux (Jura, France). Source Organisms and Depositional Environments

Höld IM et al.: A Molecular Level Investigation of Kerogens Using Stable Carbon Isotopic Compositions of Pyrolysis Products

Mycke B & Burwood R: High Resolution Stratigraphic Analysis of Pre-Salt Source Rocks in West Africa

Schwark L et al.: Impact of Volcanic Ash Flows on the Biological Communities in an Oligocene Lacustrine Environment - An Organic Geochemical Approach

Hemmann AG et al.: Organic Matter in Sediments of Lake Holzmaar: Evidence From Stable Carbon Isotopes

Symposium 13: Posters

Gröcke DR: Carbon-Isotope Shifts Recorded in Megafaunal Dietary Niches of C3 and C4 Plants in the Late Pleistocene of South Australia: Correlation with Paleofloral Reconstructions

Kok MD et al.: Abiotic Incorporation of Sulphur Into Algal Biomass

Burk T et al.: Anaerobic Methane Oxidation in Tidal Flat Sediments of North Germany

Naylor ChC & Keely BJ: Sedimentary Purpurins: Possible Intermediates in the Formation of Aetioporphyrins

Flügge A: Diagenetic Degradation of Long-Chain Alkenones: Implications for Uk37 Paleo-Thermometry

Niedan VW & Schöler HF: Natural Formation of Chlorobenzoic Acids

Fahl K & Stein R: Late Quaternary Organic Carbon Flux and Biomarker in the Laptev Sea and the Adjacent Continental Margin

Stax R: Marine vs. Terrigenous Organic Matter Accumulation in the Irminger Basin (ODP-Leg 152): Paleoenvironmental Implications During Cenozoic Times

Mann U: Organic Matter Enrichment an Anoxic Conditions in Cretaceous Black Shales from the Upper Magdalena Valley (Colombia): Latest Results of an Ongoing Sedimentological and Organic Geochemical Study

Ogrinc N & Lojen S: Stable Carbon Isotopes in Marine Pore Water

Hemmann AG et al.: Stable Isotopes in the Organic Carbon Cycle of Lakes

Lojen S et al.: Stable Isotope Fractionation in Recent Lacustrine Sediments (Lake Bled, Slovenia)

Kríbek B et al.: Weathering of Algae and Humic-type Organic Matter in the Spoil Banks of Brown-Coal (Miocene, Sokolov Coal-Mining Area, Czech Republic)

Symposium 14:

Advances in Analytical Geochemistry

Conveners: A. Eisenhauer and L. Turpin

Jackson SE et al.: The Application of Laser Ablation Microprobe (LAM)-ICP-MS to in Situ U-Pb Zircon Geochronology

Horn I et al.: Breaking the PPB Detection Limit Barrier Using Laser Ablation Microprobe ICP-MS

Jochum KP et al.: Improvements in Multi-Element Analysis by Multi-Ion-Counting Spark-Source Mass Spectrometry (MIC-SSMS)

Blichert-Toft J et al.: Progress Report on the Magnetic-Sector ICP-MS (Plasma 54)

Pearce NJG et al.: Application of Laser Ablation ICP-MS to the Microanalysis of Volcanic Glasses and Minerals

Perkins WT & Pearce NJG: Problems and Progress in the Determination of Trace and Ultra Trace Elements by ICP-MS and the Application to Petrogenetic Studies of Igneous Rocks

Rehkämper M Development of New Isotope-Dilution MC-ICPMS Techniques for the Determination of Platinum-Group

& Halliday AN: Elements in Geological Samples

Hallbauer DK: Determination of Rare Earth Elements and Certain Rare Metalls in Small Samples by Capillary Ion Analysis

Poller U et al.: Cathodoluminescence and Conventional U-Pb Single Zircon Dating on the Same Grain Applied to S-type Granitoids

Verma SP: Evaluation of Accuracy in Analytical Geochemistry

Mauser K: Standardless XRF Analysis in Geochemistry - Future or Reality?

Bourdon B et al.: 231Pa/235U Measurements in Volcanic Rocks by Thermal Ionization Mass Spectrometry

Frei R et al.: Single Mineral Pb-Pb Stepwise Leaching: Assessing the Mechanisms

Hinton RW: Comparison of Yttrium and Holmium Concentrations: Natural vs Analytical Variability

Symposium 14: Posters

Bruhn F et al.: PIXE Trace Element Analysis in Sedimentary Geochemistry: Bochum Proton Microprobe

D'Orazio M & Tonarini S: Simultaneous Determination of Neodymium and Samarium in Igneous Rocks by Isotope Dilution Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry

Habermann D et al.: Quantitative Analysis of Mn2+ in Sedimentary Calcite Using Cathodoluminescence Spectroscopy

Godelitsas A et al.: Investigation of Natural Prehnite Using Spectroscopic and Nuclear Reaction Techniques

Leipprand I et al.: Systematic Evaluation of Instrumental Parameters for Organotin Compound Speciation Using a GC-MIP-AED

Kühn M et al.: Trace Matrix Separation With Cedex®100 in Highly Saline Thermal Waters. Enrichment of 12 Different Trace Metals

Rüde Th: Determination of Arsenic Species Using Flow Injection - Hydride Generation Technique

Symposium 15:

Metamorphic Fluids

Conveners: W. Heinrich and A. M. van den Kerkhof

Mavrogenes JA et al.: Mixing Relations in the System H2O-CO2

Lüttge A et al.: A New Method to Investigate Supercritical Fluid Phases Under "Quasi in situ" Conditions

Loucks RR et al.: Experimental Solubility of Gold in Sulphidic Brine at Amphibolite and Greenschist-facies Conditions

Gottschalk M et al.: Na-K Richterite Solid Solutions as a Sensor for NaCl/KCl Ratios in Metamorphic Fluids

Baker J et al.: Preservation of Extreme Pre-metamorphic Isotopic Gradients in the Ultrahigh-pressure Metamorphic Terrain, Dabie Shan, China

Bickle MJ et al.: Fluid-flux and Reaction Rate from Advective-diffusive Carbonation of Mafic Sill Margins in the Dalradian, S.W. Scottish Highlands

Vennemann TW et al.: Oxygen Isotope Exchange During Extreme Deformation of Quartzite Clasts in Conglomerates of the Tyson Formation, Vermont

Landwehr D et al.: Stable Isotope Evidence for Closed System Fluid Evolution in KTB Rocks

Simon K: Does *D from Fluid Inclusion in Quartz Reflect the Original Hydrothermal Fluid?

Rammlmair D et al.: Mixing of Two Carbon Sources Controls the Spread in *13C (-20‰ to -60‰) in Sediments and Tuffites of the Sukumaland Greenstone Belt, NW Tanzania

Mingram B et al.: Nitrogen Isotope Compositions of Metasedimentary Rocks of Different Tectonometamorphic Units

Baumgartner LP et al.: Fluid-rock Interaction in Contact Aureoles

Jamtveit B: Contact Metamorphism Around Shallow Level Granitoid Plutons: The Role of Magmatic Fluids

Hein UF et al.: Generation of Volatiles During very Low-grade to Low-grade Metamorphism: Examples from the Ardennes Mts. (Belgium)

Cesare B Devolatilization-generated Veins in the Lower Crust: The Synmetamorphic Veining Model

& Connolly JAD:

Glebovtsky VA et al.: Distribution of Fluid Inclusions in some Metamorphic Complexes and their Connection with P-T Parameters Evolution

Johnson EL et al.: Fluid Mobility in Metamorphic Rocks During Deformation: Controls on Fluid Inclusion Distribution and Mineral/fluid Equilibria

Eichhorn R et al.: Metamorphic Fluids From Mica-breakdown - A Source for Primary Tungsten Enrichment?

Mullis J et al.: Fluid immiscibility in the central Alps

Prospert C & Biino GG: Fluid Dynamics During Namurian-Westphalian Anticlockwise Path in the Silvretta Thrust Sheet (Eastern Alps)

Raith JG: Scapolite Rocks from the Saualpe, Austria - A Monitor of Fluid Composition During Metamorphism

Philippot P: During Subduction Zone Metamorphism, Could the Transition from Aqueous Solutions to Silicate-rich Hydrous Fluids (or Melt) be Supercritical in Nature?

Scambelluri M et al.: Fluid-Rock Interaction and Seawater Recycling in Eclogite-Facies Serpentinite

Moree M et al.: Evidence for Continuous Fluid Flow in Subduction Zone Settings: Low-grade Phyllosilicate-Carbonate Assemblages and Fluid Chemistry

Vanko DA: Metamorphic Fluids of the Deep Oceanic Crust: Petrological and Fluid Inclusion Evidence on P-T-X Conditions

Frezzotti M-L et al.: Fluid Regime in North Victoria Land (Antarctica) During Ross Orogeny: Evidence from Fluid Inclusions

Perchuk LL et al.: Role of Alkalies and Ca2+ Mobility During Formation of Patchy Charnockites

Touret JLR: Fluids in Granulites: The Quest Continues

Van den Kerkhof AM Retrograde Fluid Activity in High-grade Metamorphic Rocks as Indicated by Cathodoluminescence

& Behr H-J:

Van Reenen DD Large Scale Fluid Infiltration, Metasomatism and the Late-Archean Exhumation of Limpopo Belt

& Smit CA: Granulites

Symposium 15: Posters

Agard P et al.: Blueschist Facies Fluids in Metapelites: Behaviour versus Tectono-metamorphic Evolution

Bakker RJ et al.: Computerised Clathrate Stability Model: Specification of Metamorphic Fluids in Inclusions

Brunsmann A et al.: Zoisite-Quartz Segregations in Garnet Amphibolites and their Significance for Fluid Flow

Chapman HJ et al.: Characterisation of Nd, Sr, and O Isotope Systematics Due to Ultrahigh-pressure Metamorphism of Hydrothermally Altered Eclogites, Dabie Shan, China

Kozlowski A et al.: Metasomatic Fluids in the Metamorphic Izera Area, Poland

Leslie K: Fluids and Cordierte "Melts" Within the Nanga Parbat - Haramosh Massif, Northern Pakistan

Simakov SK: Estimation of Kokchetav Eclogite Fluid Compositions

Neumann U & Luettge A: Parameters Controlling the Composition and the Mobility of the Fluid Phase in Hydrothermal Experiments

Pleshakov AM et al.: Helium in Diamond-bearing Metamorphic Rocks, Northern Kazakhstan

Roselle GT et al.: Focused Fluid Flow in Contact Aureoles: A Case Study from Ubehebe Park, California, USA

Skelton ADL et al.: The Mechanism of Cross-layer Metamorphic Fluid Flow - An Isotopic and Petrological Case Study of a Dalradian Greenschist Facies Metabasite Sill at Port Ellen, Islay, SW Scottisch Highlands

Török K: High-salinity Retrograde Fluids in the High Pressure-low Temperature Gneisses of the Sopron Area (W Hungary)

Vanko DA et al.: Fluids in Equilibrium with Low-Temperature Vein Minerals (Zeolites, Calcite, Quartz, and Sulfates) in the Southeast Piedmont, U.S.A.

Symposium 16:

Structure and Reactivity of Mineral Surfaces

Conveners: A. Putnis and D. Vaughan

Eggleston CM: Mineral Surfaces in Geochemical and Environmental Processes: Direct Observation of the Microscopic Machinery

Jordan G Dissolution Rates and Activation Energy for Dissolution on the Brucite (001) Surface Obtained by

& Rammensee W: Scanning Force Microscopy

Nagy KL et al.: Heterogeneous Nucleation and Growth of Clays: Gibbsite and Brucite on Muscovite

Bosbach D: Precipitation and Dissolution of Sulfate Minerals: Mechanisms and Kinetics Studied with Scanning Force Microscope

Dove PM & Dixit S: Controls of Solvent-Surface Interactions in the Kinetics of Quartz Dissolution

Stipp SLS: Spontaneous Segregation of Monovalent Trace Elements (Na, K, Cl, F) out of Iceland Spar Calcite at Ambient Conditions

Vaughan DJ et al.: Studies of Mineral Surface Chemistry Involving Copper and Iron

Manceau A et al.: Stucture and Surface Reactivity of the Phyllomanganate, Birnessite

Becker U & Quantum Mechanical Treatment of Gold Adsorption/Reduction on Galena: Calculations of the

Hochella Jr. MF: Thermodynamics, Surface Diffusion, XPS and STS Spectra

Lasaga AC: New Concepts on Surface Chemistry From Ab Initio and Monte Carlo Methods

Putnis A et al.: What can Crystal Growth Experiments Tell us About Natural Mineral Surfaces?

Hall Ch: Mineral Surface Chemistry in Critical Oilfield Operations

Wogelius RA Surface Oxidation and Hydroxylation of Olivine Produced by Reaction with Aqueous Solutions: An Ex

& Fraser DG: Situ XAS (REFLEXAFS) and ERDA Study

Bebié J et al.: Surface Chemistry and Reactivity of Pyrite: I. Electrophoresis Studies

Stubert I & Peiffer S: Oxidation Kinetics of Pyrite in the Presence of Iron(III)-reducing and Non-reducing Organic Ligands

Symposium 16: Posters

Chaturvedi S et al.: Surface Chemistry and Reactivity of Pyrite II: Surface Science Investigations

Fellows RA et al.: Structure of a (0001) Surface of an Ilmenite (FeTiO3) Single Crystal Following Argon Ion Sputtering and Annealing in Oxygen Partial Pressures

Kammerer G et al.: The Identification of Sulfate-containing Solid-phases on Mineral Surfaces by Means of Spectroscopic Methods

Schosseler PM et al.: Complexation of Copper(II) with Carbonate Ligands in Aqueous Solution as Studied by Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR)

Vaughan DJ et al.: Electrochemistry of pyrite (FeS2) in Aqueous Electrolytes

Widler AM Adsorption of Gold(I)-Hydrosulphide Complexes by Pyrite

& Seward TM:

Valsami-Jones E et al.: Heavy Metal, REE and Actinide Exchange with Calcium in Apatite

Open Session:

Mantle Geochemistry

Lewin E & Allègre CJ: The Isotopic State of the Sampled Earth's Mantle

Galer S: Strontium Isotope Tracers of Mixing and Overturn in the Mantle

Kramers JD et al.: Pb and Nd Modelling and the Histories of the Continental Crust and Depleted Mantle

Javoy M: Volatile Budgets in the Upper Earth (Upper Mantle, Crust, Ocean, Atmosphere)

Trieloff M et al.: Resolving Multiple Fluid-Rock Interactions in the Mantle: Trapped Noble Gases and Their Hosts in Peridotitic Rocks From Zabargad Island, Red Sea

Woodland AB et al.: The Ferric Iron Budget of Orogenic Lherzolite Massifs and Implications for the Mantle Redox State

Lattard D: Is " logfO2 (FMQ)" a Key to the Oxidation State of the Mantle?

Kadik AA: The redox state and C-H-O fluid composition of the Earth's upper mantle

Open Session:

Ophiolites, Oceanic Ridges, and Greenstones

Puchtel IS et al.: 2.8-Ga Komatiite-Basalt Sequence Within the Kostomuksha Greenstone Belt, Baltic Shield: A Remnant of an Archaean Oceanic Plateau Obducted Onto an Ancient Continental Margin

Peltonen P et al.: Petrogenesis of E-MORB and OIB-like Metabasalts From the 1.95 Ga Old Jormu Ophiolite (Finland): Trace Element and Sm-Nd Isotope Results

Rampone E et al.: Isotopic Contrasts Within N-MORB Ophiolite

Marchig V & Burgath KP: Chemical Variations in Mantle Peridotite from Mid Atlantic Ridge (MARK area, ODP Leg 153)

Orberger B et al.: Platinum-Group Elements as a Tracer for Melt-rock Interactions in Peridotites. Example: The Nan-Uttaradit Ophiolite, NE Thailand

Open Session:

Metamorphism and Crustal Evolution

Köhler H Age and Origin of Enderbites From the Nilgiri Hills Massif, South India

& Srikantappa C:

Widmer J & Metz P: Non-equilibrium Reaction-paths During Metamorphism of Siliceous Dolomites in the Ballachulish Aureole, Scotland

Zheng Y-F et al.: Isotopic Evidence for Preservation of Meteoric Water Signature in Eclogite from the Dabie-Sulu Terranes in East China

Abart R et al.: Pervasive Versus Channalized Material Transport During Metamorphism, Evidence from Stable Isotope Signatures

Teklay M et al.: Geochemistry, Pb-Pb Single Zircon Ages and Nd-Sr Isotope Ratios of Precambrian Rocks From Southern and Eastern Ethiopia: Implications for Crustal Evolution in East Africa

Open Session:

Experimental Aqueous Geochemistry

Knowles-van Cappellen VL The Effects of Ionic Strength and Aggregation on Crystal Growth Kinetics

et al.:

Oelkers EH & Schott J: An Experimental Study of Enstatite Dissolution as a Function of Solution Composition and Temperature

Diakonov I et al.: Hematite Solubility in NaOH Solutions (110-300°C) and the Thermodynamic Properties of Fe(OH)4- and Fe(OH)3- Aqueous Species. Application to the Solubility of Minerals in the System Fe(III)-O-H

Pokrovski G et al.: Experimental Study of Aluminium-Silica Complexing in Crustal Fluids

Ragnarsdottir KV et al.: EXAFS Investigation of Aqueous Complexes of Yttrium, Antimony and Tin to 340°C at Psat

Wilkin RT & Barnes HL: Solubilities of Na- and K-clinoptilolite in Hydrothermal Solutions

Open Session:

Igneous Petrology

Christensen JN Sr and Nd Isotopic Studies of Melt Inclusions in Quartz: Evidence for Multiple Age Components in the

& Halliday AN: Bishop Tuff, California

Mason PRD et al.: Trace Elements and Sr-Nd-Pb-O Isotopic Behaviour During the Final Stages of Arc Magmatism in the East Carpathians, Romania

Van Soest MC et al.: Helium-Carbon Systematics of the Lesser Antilles Magmatic Arc System (LAMAS)

Pedroni A et al.: Helium, Neon and Argon Isotope Systematics of Geothermal Fluids from the Lesser Antilles Island Arc

Meen JK & Elthon D: Anatomy of a Mid-Cayman Rise Gabbro

Koppers AAP et al.: 40Ar/39Ar Ages and Isotope Geochemistry of Vlinder Guyot and Adjacent Seamounts (W-Pacific Plate): From Altered Submarine Basalts to Mantle Source Characteristics

Salvi S Natural Synthesis of Hydrocarbons in Alkaline Intrusive Rocks

& Williams-Jones AE:

Sindern S & Kramm U: Isotopic Constraints on Metasomatic Mass Transfer in the Iivaara Alkaline Complex, Finland

Schleicher H et al.: Enriched Subcontinental Mantle Beneath Southern India: Evidence from Nd, Sr, Pb and C-O Isotopic Studies on Tamil Nadu Carbonatites

Loth G & Höll R: Cathodoluminescence Investigation of the Evolution of Zircon Crystal Shapes Applied to Supplement Geochemical Studies

Simakin AG: Magma Cyrstallization With Crystal Settling in Upper Boundary Layer: Mixed Approach

Schmidberger S et al.: Petrogenesis of Late Carboniferous Calc-alkaline Volcanics from an Extensional Setting, Saar-Nahe Basin, SW Germany

Open Session:


Hellman R et al.: Deformation of Chalk by Pressure Solution

Landenberger H et al.: Simulation of Organic Matter Diagenesis in Marine Sediments With the Computer Model CoTAM

Bailey AM & Roberts HH: Diagenesis in Modern Mississippi and Mahakam Deltaic Sediments

Durand C et al.: Mass Balance of Silicon, Aluminium and Potassium: A Touchstone for Diagenesis Modeling in North Sea Reservoir Sandstones. Application to Greater Alwyn

Gaillardet J et al.: Chemical and Physical Weathering in the Amazon River Basin

Drescher J et al.: Noble Gases in The Continental Deep Drilling Project KTB

Open Session:

Economic Geology

Brauns M & Haack U: Pb and Sr Isotope Studies on Ores and Rocks of the Siegerland-Wied District

Larsen RB et al.: Fluorine-rich Biotites and Alkali-metasomatism as Guides to Massive Sulphide Deposits: An Example From the Bleikvassli Zn-Pb-Ag-(Cu) Deposit, Norway

Schneider J & Haack U: New Lead Isotopic Data from Pb-Zn Ore Deposits in the Northern Eifel, Germany

Hallbauer DK The Bulk Fluid Compositions of Inclusions in Quartz from Selected Rare Metal Pegmatites in Siberia

& Zagorsky VYe:

Melcher F & Grum W: Fluid-induced Formation of Podiform Ophiolitic Chromitite: Implications From Inclusions and Isotope Systematics, Kempirsai Massif, Urals

Polozov AG: The Rare Earth Elements in Apatites and Calcites From Iron Ore Deposits of Angara-Illim Type (Siberian Platform)

Förster B & Haack U: Multistage Evolution of the Aue-Niederschlema Uranium Vein Deposit (Erzgebirge, Germany): Evidence from Pitchblende Dating

Open Session:

Stable Isotopes

Steele DF: Theoretical Determination of Isotope Fractionation Factors in Sedimentary Carbonates

Driesner Th Fractionation of Oxygen and Hydrogen Stable Isotopes Between Aqueous Salt Solutions and Water

& Seward TM: Vapour at Elevated Temperatures

Vennemann TW et al.: Mechanism of Hydrogen Isotope Exchange Between Hydrous Minerals and Molecular Hydrogen: Ion Microprobe Study of D/H Exchange and Calculations of Hydrogen Self-Diffusion Rates

Hoefs J et al.: The Stable Isotope (H, O) and Chemical Composition of Individual Precipitation Events

Hoernes S & Krylov D: Stable Isotope Reminiscence of Repeated Fluid-rock Interaction: Case Studies from Rayner Complex (East Antarctica) and the Limpopo Belt (South Africa)

Open Session: Posters

Simakov SK: Kimberlite and Lamproite Eclogite Paleogeotherms: Evidence of the Mantle Plume Formations

Svetov SA: Geochemistry of Mantle Sources (Evidence From the Peridotitic Komatiites)

Zheng Y-F: Oxygen Isotope Layering of the Mantle as Deduced from Isotopic Partitioning in Mantle Minerals

Draper DS & Green TH: PT Phase Relations of Silicic, Alkaline, Aluminous Glasses Trapped in Mantle Xenoliths

Werner O & Lippolt HJ: Simulation of Variscan and Mesozoic Regional Lead Mixing and Fractionation in Central Europe

Belous AE et al.: Zircon Alterations During Hydrothermal Treatment in 2M Na2CO3 at Elevated P-T Parameters

Makeev AF et al.: The Use of Unit-cell Parameters of Crystalline Residue of Zircon in Geochronology (Radiation Age of Zircon)

Shcherban IP Sodium and Potassium Role in Natural Metasomatic Processes

& Scherban DI:

Tagirov B & Zotov A: Standard Ferric-Ferrous Electrode Potential at 20.8-90°C

Tagirov B & Zotov A: Experimental Study of the Solubility of Magnetite in HCl Solutions at 300-450°C and 500-1000 Bars

Shikina ND & Zotov AV: Stoichiometry and Stability of the Sb Hydroxocomplex at Elevated Temperatures (Experimental Study)

Gautier J-M et al.: An Experimental Study of Quartz Precipitation and Dissolution Rates at 200°C

Shcherbakov YuG: Geochemical Factors of Non-volatile Element Concentration

Irber W et al.: Experimental Leaching with Cation Exchange Resin: A Method to Estimate Element Availabilities in Geological Samples

Böttcher ME et al.: Synthesis of a Complete BaCO3-SrCO3 (Witherite-Strontianite) Solid-Solution Series From Aqueous Solutions at 25°C: Characterization of Ba-Sr and 13C-12C Substitution by FTIR Spectroscopy

Karsten LA et al.: The Geodynamic Nature of the Middle Riphean Mashak Formation of the South Urals - Trace Element Evidences

Akopova GS et al.: Assessment of Hydroecologikal State in the Areas of Gas Transfortation and Gas Storage Objects

Akopova & GS et al.: Experimental Estimation of Environmental Pollution by Carcinogenic Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons in the Gas Industry

Andronikov AV: The Origin of Alkaline Trachybasalts of the Manning Massif (East Antarctica)

Andronikov AV Isotopic Characteristics of K-rich Trachybasalts of the Manning Massif (East Antarctica)

& Beliatsky BV:

Kramm U & Sindern S: Rheomorphism - A Possible Origin of Alkaline Silicate Rocks

Mühe R & Haase K: Geochemical Constraints on the Magmatism Along the Rift Axis of the Northern Red Sea

Milos R: Geochemistry and Petrology of Greisenization at the Slavkovsky les Mts. (Bohemian Massif)

Petrova AYu et al.: Evolution of Sr and O Isotopic Composition During Two Different Granite Types Formation Within Sangilen Highland (South-East Tuva, Russia)

Tchameni R et al.: Geochemical and Nd-Sr Isotope Composition of the Archean Ntem Granitoids (Sud-Cameroon): Evidence for Rapid Crustal Growth

Meen JK & Elthon D: High-pressure Experimental Studies in Hydrous Systems Including Boron

Grevel Ch & Schertl H-P: Geochemistry and Possible Protoliths of Coesite-bearing Pyrope Quatzites and Related Rocks of the Southern Dora-Maira Massif, Western Alps

Kumar APP et al.: Reaction Textures and P-T-Fluid Evolution of Clinohumite, Humite, and Chondrodite Marbles in the Kerala Khondalite Belt, Southern India

Strekopytov S: Comparative Behaviour of Molybdenum and Tungsten in Ferromanganese Nodules

Vorontsov AE et al.: The Rocks of Phoscorite Group in Iron Ore Deposits of Angara-Ilim Type (Siberian Platform)

Dobrovolskaya MG: Geochemistry of Alkali Metals in Sulfides

Evstigneeva TL: "Heavy" and "Light" Platinum-Group Elements in Sulfoarsenides

Bortnikova SB et al.: Behaviour of Heavy Metals in Weathering of Intermediate Sulfide Tailings of Dzhida Plant (Transbaikal Region)

Shikina ND Red Muds - A New Material for High-sorptive Engineering Barriers for Sr

Kolonin GR Thermodynamic Model of Oxidised Solubility of Arsenopyrite and Arsenic Mobility Under Surface

& Palyanova GA: Conditions

Moralev GV Rb-Sr Study of Au-Ag Shkol´noe Deposit (Kurama Mountains, North Tadjikistan): Age of Mineralization

& Shatagin KN: and Time Scale of Hydrothermal Processes

Mineev SD The Pressure Influence on Hydrogen Isotopes Fractionation in the Serpentine-Water System

& Grinenko VA:

Rasulov A: Oxygen-Isotopic Differences in the Carboniferous Sedimentary and Diagenetic Carbonates From the Urals

Driesner Th et al.: Molecular Dynamics Simulations of an Aqueous NaCl Solution from 300 to 770 K, Ab initio Calculations of Hydration Complexes and their Geochemical Implications

Kämpf H et al.: Multistage Deposition of Fluorite in Pseudocarstic Cavities at Jilove-Sneznik/CZ: A Comparative Study of REE, Sr and Nd Behaviour in Fluorine-rich Hydrothermal Fluids

Krupenin MT et al.: REE in Fluorite and Country Rocks of Low Riphean (S Urals)

Zimmermann H The Evaporation of Caribbean Seawater: Components of Brines, Precipitates and Fluid Inclusions

& Wehebrink Ch:

Mann U: Organic Matter Enriched and Anoxic Conditions in Cretaceous Black Shales from the Upper Magdalena Valley (Colombia): Latest Results of an Ongoing Sedimentological and Organic Geochemical Study

Faber E et al.: Fate of Sedimentary Methane - Isotopic Tracing of the Path to the Atmosphere

Goldschmidt Conference
31st March - 4th April 1996
Heidelberg, Germany

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