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All abstracts by Barbara Dutrow in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Garnet Coronas Formed by Mineral – Melt Interactions
Dutrow B, Foster CT & Hoffmann AA

(2017) Fibrous Tourmalines as Indicators of Fluid Compositions
Dutrow B & Henry DJ

(2017) Developing Spatial and Penetrative Thinking Skills Through Technology
Dutrow B & Ormand C

(2015) Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy as a Basis for Enhanced Provenance Studies
Dutrow B, McMillan N, Curry J & Henry D

(2014) Tourmaline: The Perfect Accessory
Dutrow B & Henry D

(2013) Deciphering Crustal Evolution from Metamorphic and Geochemical Signatures in Calc-Silicate Gneisses
Fukai I, Dutrow B, Henry D, Mueller P & Foster D

(2012) Monopolar and Highly Asymmetric Nucleation at Low Temperatures: Insights from Tourmaline
Henry D & Dutrow B

(2011) B-Bearing Fluids: Caught in the Act
Dutrow B, Henry D, Gable C, Travis B & Foster T

(2010) Time-Dependent 3-D Modeling of Contact-Regional Metamorphism Suggests Reactions Occur in < 1 Ma
Dutrow B, Foster CT, Gable CW & Travis BJ

(2010) Course-Embedded Projects in Undergraduate Geoscience Education: Research Experience, Communication Skills and Programmatic Assessment
Henry D & Dutrow B

(2007) Tourmaline in Evaporites and Metaevaporites: Perspectives from Namibian Metasediments
Henry D, Sun H, Dutrow B & Slack J

(2007) Keynote Introduction to Symposium S40
Maresch WV & Dutrow BL

(2005) Heat and Mass Transport Modeling and Rates of Metamorphic Processes
Dutrow B, Foster CT, Gable CW & Travis BJ

(2004) Heating Rates and Mineral Textures as Indicators of Fluid Flow during Metamorphism
Dutrow B, Foster C, Gable C & Travis B

(2001) The Influence of Meta-Stable Reactions on Textures during Regional-Contact Metamorphism
Foster Jr. CT & Dutrow BL

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