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All abstracts by Mehmet Arslan in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2017) Sr-Nd-Pb Isotope Geochemistry and U-Pb Zircon Geochronology of Post-Collisional Adakitic Intrusion in the Southwest of Samsun, N Turkey
Temizel İ, Arslan M, Abdioğlu Yazar E, Kaygusuz A & Aslan Z

(2017) U-Pb Zircon Dating and Sr-Nd-Pb Isotope Systematics of Post-Collisional I-Type Monzonitic Intrusions in the Gölköy (Ordu) Area, NE Turkey
Arslan M, Temizel İ, Abdioğlu Yazar E, Aslan Z & Kaygusuz A

(2015) Petrochemistry, Petrology, Geochronology and P-T Estimation of the Devrekani (Kastamonu, N Turkey) Massif
Gücer MA & Arslan M

(2014) U-Pb Zircon Ages and Sr-Nd-Pb Isotopic Compositions of Carboniferous Magmatism in the Eastern Pontides, NE Turkey
Kaygusuz A, Si̇pahi̇ F, Arslan M, Temizel I & S. Eker C

(2011) Building Stone Potential of the Eastern Black Sea Region, NE Turkey
Ersoy H, Yalcinalp B & Arslan M

(2011) Facies and Petrochemical Characteristics of the Tertiary Aged Tekkeköy (Samsun) Area Volcanics, NE Turkey
Dursun T & Arslan M

(2011) Whole-Rock Chemostratigraphy of Diverse Magma Series in the Tertiary Alkaline Volcanics of Trabzon-Giresun Area, NE Turkey
Yücel C, Arslan M, Temizel İ & Abdioğlu E

(2011) Mineral Paragenesis and Textural Features of Gneisses and Amphibolites from Daday-Devrekani (Kastamonu, Turkey) Massif: Preliminary Results
Gucer MA & Arslan M

(2011) 39Ar-40Ar Dating on Plagioclases of Metabasic and Metagranitic Rocks in the Yoncayolu Metamorphics, NE Turkey
Aslan Z, Gucer MA & Arslan M

(2007) Platinum Group Element Contents of the Kop Chromitites and its Possible Sources, (NE Turkey)
Kolayli H, Arslan M & Cifci E

(2007) Crystallization of Orbicular Rocks from Camlikaya, NE Turkey
Kolayli H, Arslan M, Lindh A & Ciftci E

(2007) Petrochemical and 40Ar/39Ar Geochronogical Evidence of Post-Collisional Tertiary Calc-Alkaline Volcanism in the Ulubey (Ordu), Eastern Pontide, NE Turkey
Temizel I, Arslan M & Ruffet G

(2007) 40Ar/39Ar Geochronology and Sr-Pb Isotopic Evidence of Post-Collisional Extensional Volcanism of the Eastern Pontide Paleo-Arc, NE Turkey
Arslan M, Boztug D, Temizel I, Kolayli H, Sen C, Abdioglu E, Ruffet G & Harlavan Y

(2004) Low Temperature Alteration of the Kop Ultramafic Massif, Eastern Turkey, and Cr Mobility
Kolayli H, Hoskin P, Grapes R & Arslan M

(2004) Mineralogical and Geochemical Characteristics of the Tirebolu (Giresun) Bentonite Deposits, NE Turkey
Abdioglu E, Arslan M, Kolayli H & Kadir S

(2004) Oxygen and Strontium Isotopic Variations in the Meydan Volcanic Rocks, Eastern Anatolia, Turkey
Arslan M

(2002) Petrographical and Geochemical Features of the Mafic Microgranuler Enclaves in the Upper Cretaceous Aged Torul (Gümüşhane) and Sarıhan (Bayburt) Granitoids, NE Turkey
Aslan Z, Kaygusuz A, ŞEN C & Arslan M

(2000) Constraints on Petrology and Petrogenesis of Tertiary Volcanism in the Eastern Pontide Paleo-Arc System, NE Turkey
Arslan M, Aslan Z, Sen C & Hoskin PW

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