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All abstracts by Owen Duckworth in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Effects of Compost on PFAS Uptake by Lettuce
Li Y, Zhi Y, Broome S, Knappe D & Duckworth O

(2019) Cryptic Iron Cycling in Biogenic Iron Oxide Deposits
Rieb E, Whitaker A, Henson J, Amor M, Pena J & Duckworth O

(2018) Sediment Manganese Oxide Content as an Indicator of Groundwater Arsenic Pollution Potential
Polizzotto M, Gillispie E & Duckworth O

(2018) Biotic and Abiotic Contributions to the Reduction of Environmental Bacteriogenic Fe-Oxides at Circumneutral pH
Rieb E, Koeneke M, Whitaker A & Duckworth O

(2017) Assessing Mycogenic Manganese Oxides Reactivity
Uster B, Duckworth O, Henson J, Mitchell E, Sombers L & Pena J

(2017) Structure and Sorption Reactivity of Biogenic Iron Oxides
Whitaker A, Sowers T, Thompson A, Peak D, Michel M & Duckworth O

(2015) Mn(II) Oxidation and Remediation in Polluted Environments
Santelli C, Chaput D, Hansel C, Burgos W, Duckworth O & Gardner T

(2014) Mobilization and Bioaccumulation of Trace Elements from Coal Fly Ash
Rivera N, Duckworth O, Buchwalter D, Scheibener S & Hesterberg D

(2014) Manganese Near-Surface Repartitioning and Delivery to Groundwater in North Carolina
Polizzotto M, Gillispie E, Austin R, Rivera N, Abraham J, Wang S, Bolich R, Bradley P, Duckworth O, Amoozegar A & Hesterberg D

(2014) Siderophore Production by Mn-Oxidizing Fungi
Andrews M, Holmstr√∂m S, Santelli C & Duckworth O

(2012) Trace Metal Complexation and Dissolution by the Triscatecholate Siderophore Protochelin
Duckworth O, Harrington J, Akafia M, Bargar J, Jarzecki A, Roberts J & Sombers L

(2012) Solubilization of Trace Elements from Coal Fly Ash in Relation to Chemical Speciation
Kaur N, Hesterberg D, Duckworth O, Buchwalter D & Ward C

(2010) The Structure and Reactivity of Cobalt-Siderophore Complexes
Duckworth O, Bi Y, Jarzecki A & Bargar J

(2009) Synergistic Effects of Siderophores and Small Organics at Manganese Oxide Surfaces
Duckworth O & Saal L

(2008) Sorption of Iron from Siderophore Complexes by Mn Oxides
Duckworth O, Bargar J & Sposito G

(2005) Formation of Manganese-Desferrioaxime B Complexes by Dissolution of Manganese Oxides
Duckworth O & Sposito G

(2005) Nucleation and Growth of Manganese Oxide Films
Martin S, Jun Y, Kendall T & Duckworth O

(2001) Hematite Dissolution Promoted by Carboxylate Ligands
Martin ST, Duckworth OW & Samson SD

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