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All abstracts by Viet Pham in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) The Fate of Phosphorus in Groundwater Systems
Neidhardt H, Shao W, Li Y, Rudischer S, Eiche E, Schneider M, Pham T, Pham V, Biswas A, Berg M, Guo H & Oelmann Y

(2022) The Iberian Margin: A Source of Dissolved Rare Earth Elements for the Subpolar North Atlantic (GEOVIDE Cruise)
Jeandel C, Lagarde M, Pham V, Belhadj Senini M & Lherminier P

(2022) Rare Earth Element Partition Coefficients in the North Atlantic (GEOVIDE Cruise, GEOTRACES GA01)
Lagarde M, Pham V, Belhadj Senini M, Lherminier P & Jeandel C

(2021) Arsenic Mobilization by Anaerobic Iron-Dependent Methane Oxidation
Kappler A, Glodowska M, Stopelli E, Schneider M, Rathi B, Straub D, Vu D, Pham T, Pham V, Lightfoot AK, Kipfer R, Berg M, Jetten M & Kleindienst S

(2020) Trace Element Budgets in Lake Baikal Question the Dominant Effect of Salinity in Estuarine Removal Processes
Suhrhoff TJ, Rickli J, Vologina EG, Pham V, Belhadj M, Sklyarov EV, Jeandel C & Vance D

(2019) Rare Earth Elements Scavenging in the North Atlantic (GEOVIDE Cruise)
Lagarde M, Lema├«tre N, Planquette H, Grenier M, Belhadj M, Pham V & Jeandel C

(2018) Ocean Circulation and Land-Ocean Exchanges off the North Eastern Canadian Coasts as Told by Dissolved Geochemical Tracers
Grenier M, Francois R, Soon M, Baconnet I, Pham V & Jeandel C

(2017) Land-Ocean Processes Traced by Rare Earth Elements in the Solomon Seas (Pandora, GEOTRACES Cruise GP#12)
Pham V, Catherine J, Belhadj M, Nachez Y & Grenier M

(2015) Rare Earth Elements in the Coral and Solomon Seas (Pandora-GEOTRACES)
Pham V, Jeandel C, Leleu T, Grenier M, Rousseau T, Ganachaud A & Eldin G

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