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All abstracts by Emilie Le Roy in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Barium Excess as Remineralization Proxy in the Southern Ocean – Indian Sector (SWINGS-Gs02)
Le Roy E, Jacquet S, Baudet C, Dufour A, Cardinal D, González-Santana D, Liao W-H, Hamelin B, Vorrath M-E, Piejus M, Jeandel C & Planquette H

(2023) Prominent Regions of Enriched 228Ra along the U.S. GEOTRACES Pacific Meridional Transect (GP15)
Moore WS, Charette MA, Henderson PB, Le Roy E, Hammond D, Kemnitz N & Hult M

(2022) Characterizing Fe Sources on the Alaska Margin and Tracing their Influence Through the North Pacific along the GEOTRACES GP15 Section
Sieber M, Lanning N, Bullock EJ, Kong KP, Lee J-M, Mateos K, Laubach A, Bian X, Yang S-C, Weiss G, Hult M, Henderson PB, Le Roy E, Hatta M, Moore W, Charette MA, Lam PJ, Fitzsimmons JN, John SG & Conway TM

(2021) Controls on Barium and Radium-226 Distributions along GEOTRACES GP15
Le Roy E, Charette MA, Henderson PB, Shiller A, Moore W, Lawrence R, Shrikumar A, Casciotti KL, van Beek P, Souhaut M, Auro M & Horner TJ

(2017) Patterns of N2 Fixation Across the Northern North Atlantic
Fonseca-Batista D, Deman F, Li X, Le Roy E, Ingeniero R, Mariez C, Roig S, Lemaître N, Fripiat F, Chou L & Dehairs F

(2017) N2-fixation Footprint on Nitrate Isotopic Composition in Temperate Northeast Atlantic Ocean
Deman F, Fonseca-Batista D, Fripiat F, Le Roy E, Thilakarathne D, Lemaitre N, Roukaerts A & Dehairs F

(2017) Distribution of Radium-226 along the GA01-GEOTRACES Section in the North Atlantic
Le Roy E, Sanial V, Charette MA, Henderson PB, Lacan F, GarcíaI-ibáñez MI, Pérez FF, Jacquet SHM, Lherminier P, Souhaut M, Jeandel C & van Beek P

(2015) Isotopic Composition of Nitrate from the Temperate and Sub-Polar North Atlantic
Le Roy E, Fonseca-Batista D, Roukaerts A, Fripiat F, Deman F, Brion N & Dehairs F

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